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(2020) (Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell) (R)

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Horror: Following their mother's suicide, two siblings find themselves snowed in at a remote home with their father's new girlfriend who they don't like.

It's been six months since their mom, Laura Hall (ALICIA SILVERSTONE), committed suicide and her kids, Aiden (JAEDEN MARTELL) and Mia (LIA McHUGH), still really haven't forgiven their father, Richard (RICHARD ARMITAGE). After all, his announcement to Laura that he wanted their divorce finalized so that he could propose to his new girlfriend, Grace Marshall (RILEY KEOUGH), is what pushed their mother over the edge.

Now that time has passed, Richard proposes that they have Grace join them for a Christmas vacation at their remote house, something that doesn't sit well with Aiden and Mia. That not only stems from the tragedy, but also that Grace was the lone survivor of a cult-based mass suicide in the past led by her father, and the kids don't feel safe around her. Nonetheless, Richard wins out, but once they get to the nearly snowed-in house, he's called away for work, with Grace assuring him she'll be fine with the kids.

But once Richard has left and heavy snows set in, strange things start happening in the house that bring back memories of her fateful last day in the cult while also making her question her sanity and existence.

OUR TAKE: 6.5 out of 10

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Reviewed February 24, 2020 / Posted February 28, 2020

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