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(2018) (Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan) (R)

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Comedy: A group of previously fired misfits are rehired as Vermont State troopers in order to help facilitate the transfer of a border town from Canada over to the U.S.
Having been previously fired for an incident that went badly involving actor Fred Savage, a small group of former Vermont State troopers -- Arcot "Thorny" Ramathorn (JAY CHANDRASEKHAR), Jeff Foster (PAUL SOTER), MacIntyre "Mac" Womack (STEVE LEMME), Robert "Rabbit" Roto (ERIK STOLHANSKE), and Rodney "Rod" Farva (KEVIN HEFFERNAN) -- work odd jobs to make ends meet. But when it's discovered that a small chunk of land in Canada actually belongs to the U.S., the state's Governor (LYNDA CARTER) reinstates the men and their commander, Captain John O'Hagen (BRIAN COX), as full-fledged troopers to help facilitate the land transfer.

That includes a small town run by former hockey star turned mayor Guy Le Franc (ROB LOWE), with cultural attaché Genevieve Aubois (EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI) present to help maintain relations between the locals and the country of which they'll soon find themselves citizens. That doesn't sit well with them or a trio of Canadian Mounties -- Bellefuille (TYLER LABINE), Archambault (WILL SASSO) and Podien (HAYES MACARTHUR) -- who aren't particularly happy they're about to be transferred up north and clearly don't like the American troopers who are going to take their place.

As those Mounties try to undermine the Americans, the troopers, when not trying to retaliate against them. resort to their old behavior of pulling pranks and generally acting like idiots.

OUR TAKE: 1 out of 10
Back in 2002, moviegoers were "treated" to two films that really weren't much more than ninety or so minutes of sketch comedy moments stitched together. I didn't think much of either at the time -- a least in consideration of being traditional movies -- but I can say that for its purposeful episodic nature, "Jackass" was far, far better -- in terms of goofy and often shocking entertainment value -- than the two-point "Our Take" spread above "Super Troopers" would indicate.

Since then, I've seen "Jackass" in full multiple times and laughed myself silly with friends, but not once have I ever considered watching the other film again. And that's simply because it not only was (and still is) one of the worst things I've ever seen put on film, but also because it felt like a lame rip-off of "Jackass" (including but not limited to featuring friends pulling pranks on each other and strangers) when that was just a TV show.

In the intervening years, a number of "Jackass" sequels have come and gone (and made increasingly impressive amounts of money at the box office -- the last one north of $171 million in 2010 dollars), but the cast members have likely grown too old to continue their quite real and physically taxing shenanigans. But despite some chatter about making a sequel to "ST," it never happened (most likely due to it being bad and only making $23 million worldwide).

That is, until now. After distributor Fox Searchlight said they'd need to raise the production funds themselves, the Broken Lizard troupe turned to their fans and used crowdsourcing to get the wheels turning on "Super Troopers 2" which now hits theaters.

And moviegoers over the head with the same sort of insipid, patience-trying and likely cognitive damaging humor that might have diehard fans squealing and laughing in delight, but will leave everyone else completely dumbfounded. That's because while the "Jackass" movies didn't worry about plot and instead just showed one prank and stunt after another (and thus my low artistic rating since it wasn't a real movie-movie), the brain trust at Broken Lizard tries to encompass the pranks and dumb humor in an actual story once again.

Alas, there's not much thought, imagination, creativity or laughs to be found in the script penned by the BL crew -- Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske and Jay Chandrasekhar -- or the way in which Chandrasekhar has directed everything. Granted, the level of ganja that one might have inhaled or ingested could have an impact on the degree of finding any of this humorous, but going in completely sober results in 100 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

The story is simple. It seems survey markers incorrectly have some American land north of the Vermont border owned by Canada and it's set to be returned. So who better to police over that then a bunch of state troopers who were previously fired? Yes, you guessed it, and before you can try your best at a Canadian accent you know all of the Canuck jokes and bashing are about to be unleashed.

As well as other gags, pranks and so on as our un-trusty troopers take on a trio of Canadian Mounties (Will Sasso, Hayes MacArthur, and Tyler Labine) while bushy-haired Rob Lowe appears as the mayor of a small town where he runs a bordello that serves both sexes.

If the thought of him playfully whacking around one such patron or employee's penis, a bear chasing a man into a porta-potty or a trooper using a machine gun to blast a bald eagle out of the sky (among a host of other idiotic bits) sounds funny to you, well, more power to you I guess.

Me? I can only hope another sixteen years pass before "Super Troopers 3" arrives so hopefully I'll be well into retirement and won't have to suffer additional brain and funny bone damage. Worth a meager laugh or two but nothing more, installment part deux rates as just a 1 out of 10.

Reviewed April 17, 2018 / Posted April 20, 2018

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