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(2018) (Taylor James, Jackson Rathbone) (PG-13)

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Drama: A super-strong man struggles with the responsibility of having been prophesized to deliver his people from their oppressors.
It's 1170 BC in Gaza and the Hebrew people have been subjugated by the Philistines, namely King Balak (BILLY ZANE) and his adult son, Prince Rallah (JACKSON RATHBONE). But prophecy has foretold of a Hebrew being born who will one day overthrow the Philistines and that man is Samson (TAYLOR JAMES), the young adult son of Manoah (RUTGER HAUER) and Zealphonis (LINDSAY WAGNER) and brother to Caleb (GREG KRIEK). Yet, despite his great strength, Samson has not raised a hand against his oppressors, except in self-defense, much to the dismay of his people, including Caleb.

Things change when Samson meets and falls for Taren (FRANCES SHOLTO-DOUGLAS), a Philistine who works as the personal servant for Delilah (CAITLIN LEAHY). When Rallah learns of the prophecy involving Samson and his romantic interests in Taren, the prince manipulates the Hebrew strongman to nip any sort of rebellious tendencies in the bud. All of which ultimately results in various acts of violence as Samson calls on God to summon the strength for him to deal with Rallah, Balak and the rest of their Philistine oppressors.

OUR TAKE: 3 out of 10
This section will be fleshed out, but in short summary, this is a subpar film featuring acting that ranges from mediocre to bad and generic action scenes.

Reviewed February 7, 2018 / Posted February 16, 2018

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