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(2017) (Annette Bening, Lucas Jade Zumann) (R)

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Drama: A divorced, 55-year-old woman asks two young women -- a 24-year-old photographer and a 17-year-old neighbor -- to help her figure out the best way to raise her 15-year-old son.
It's the summer of 1979 and Dorothea Fields (ANNETTE BENING) is a divorced, 55-year-old woman living in Santa Barbara, California with her 15-year-old son, Jamie (LUCAS JADE ZUMANN). She wants her boy to grow up happier than she is, and while there's a male figure around in the form of handyman William (BILLY CRUDUP) who's renovating her old house, Dorothea realizes Jamie spends most of his time with certain women. Accordingly, she asks 24-year-old Abbie (GRETA GERWIG), a photographer who's renting a room from her, and 17-year-old neighbor Julie (ELLE FANNING) to help her figure out the best way to raise her son so that he'll end up as a well-adjusted man.

While that's asking a bit of them -- especially Abbie who's just gotten through the ordeal of cervical cancer but is more than happy to help educate the teen about the ways of the world including feminism -- little does she know that Julie sneaks over most nights and platonically sleeps with Jamie. As they do what they can, the boy tries to come to grips with varying emotions, urges and such that come along with being a 15-year-old boy with young women around, all while also trying to figure out his mom and understand the reason she behaves the way she does.

OUR TAKE: XX out of 10
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Reviewed January 19, 2017 / Posted January 20, 2017

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