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(2021) (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cricket Brown) (PG-13)

At-A-Glace Content Summary

Alcohol/Drugs Moderate
Blood/Gross Stuff Moderate
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude Extreme
Frightening/Tense Scenes Extreme
Gun/Weapons None
Imitative Behavior Mild
Jump Scenes Heavy
Music (Scary/Tense) Extreme
Music (Inappropriate) None
Profanity Heavy
Sex/Nudity Minor
Smoking Minor
Tense Family Scenes Heavy
Topics to Talk About Heavy
Violence Heavy

Horror: A washed-up journalist thinks he's found the story of the century in a small town where religious miracles appear to be happening but evil lurks just around the corner.

Gerry Fenn (JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN) is a once-prominent journalist whose career derailed after it was discovered he fabricated some of his stories. He now works as a cheap freelancer and has arrived in the town of Banfield, Massachusetts following the lead about "unholy orgies'' with cattle.

When he learns there's nothing there, but discovers an old corn dolly in the hollowed-out section of an old tree, he decides to break that and use it as part of another made-up story. But he drops that when he nearly drives over 18-year-old Alice (CRICKET BROWN) who's out in the middle of the road in a trance. After crashing his car to avoid her, he follows Alice to that same tree where he hears her speak to an invisible entity before collapsing unconscious.

Both her uncle/guardian, Father Hagan (WILLIAM SADLER), and Dr. Natalie Gates (KATIE ASELTON) don't believe Gerry's story as Alice has never spoken a word in her life. Thus, they're shocked when they later hear that for themselves, with Alice stating she was visited by Mary who healed her, something that then also happens to a young boy with muscular dystrophy who can suddenly walk after an encounter with Alice. That not only draws the attention of everyday faithful folks in the area, but also Bishop Gyles (CARY ELWES) and Monsignor Delgarde (DIOGO MORGADO), the latter an inquisitor from the Vatican who's arrived to rule out any other explanations before deeming such events as miracles.

While that draws worldwide attention, Gerry begins experiencing odd events that eventually have him digging deeper into the town's past. All of which leads him to believe the cautionary words from the likes of Father Hagan and Monsignor Delgarde in that wherever God shows up, Satan isn't far behind. That causes him to be concerned about Alice's safety and that of those who've now flocked to the town in hopes of experiencing their own miracles.

They might if they're into supernatural-based horror films.
For violent content, terror, and some strong language.

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