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(2018) (Jason Momoa, Amber Heard) (PG-13)

At-A-Glace Content Summary

Alcohol/Drugs Heavy
Blood/Gross Stuff Moderate
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude Extreme
Frightening/Tense Scenes Heavy
Gun/Weapons Extreme
Imitative Behavior Heavy
Jump Scenes Moderate
Music (Scary/Tense) Heavy
Music (Inappropriate) None
Profanity Moderate
Sex/Nudity Mild
Smoking None
Tense Family Scenes Heavy
Topics to Talk About Moderate
Violence Extreme

Superhero Action: A half-human, half-Atlantean man must contend with his half-brother, the current king of an underwater realm, who wants to reunite the kingdoms of Atlantis and wage war against those who live on land.
Decades in the past, lighthouse keeper Tom Curry (TEMUERA MORRISON) rescues a young woman from the rocky shores of Maine, unaware that she's Atlanna (NICOLE KIDMAN), the queen of Atlantis who's fled an arranged marriage. The two fall in love and have a child, Arthur, but those from her underwater realm won't let her live in peace. Thus she returns there and leaves Tom to raise their boy and her friend, Vulko (WILLEM DAFOE), to teach young Arthur all about his amphibious ways.

Now in the present, Arthur (JASON MOMOA) is a hulking man who acts in heroic ways when needed, such as thwarting the pirating of a nuclear sub by mercenaries. But his action turns one of those men, David Kane (YAHYA ABDUL-MATEEN II) -- who will eventually become the super-villain Manta -- as his sworn enemy. But Arthur discovers he has bigger fish to fry due to developments below the sea.

It turns out his half-brother, King Orm (PATRICK WILSON), is desirous of reuniting the fractured kingdoms in Atlantis to wage war against those who live on land. And he's already convinced another such ruler, King Nereus (DOLPH LUNDGREN), to join him. But that man's young adult daughter, Princess Mera (AMBER HEARD) -- who's betrothed to Orm -- wants no part of that and goes to warn Arthur, who's become known as Aquaman, of those plans.

Arthur doesn't want to get involved or follow her suggestion that he could be the leader to have both worlds live in peace. But when one of Orm's actions nearly costs Tom his life, Arthur sets out for the underwater world to confront his half-brother and put an end to his nefarious plan.

If they're into superhero movies they probably will.
For sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language.

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