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  Newmarket Films did not screen "The Passion Recut" (the edited version of the original, R-rated "The Passion of the Christ") for critics before it was released, and we will NOT be providing another review of the film.

Our general policy is not to re-review director's cuts, special editions and the like of previous releases, unless such films are specifically targeted at kids (the only such amended film we've ever reviewed was "E.T.").

We made a written request for specific information regarding what was cut and/or changed from the original R release, but only received the following blanket press statement from the studio that DID NOT address our questions:

"The goal was to try and reach toward a PG-13 level, but the MPAA felt it still was an R due to the overall intensity of the film, so we are going out unrated and perhaps itís ultimately somewhere in between. The end result is a shift in tone and balance that makes the film more accessible to a wider audience, particularly those that had concerns about some of the extreme moments in the original version."

We recommend that you proceed with caution since the MPAA still views this film's material as deserving an R rating.

We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. Our review of the original, R-rated film can be found here.

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