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(2003) (Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J) (R)

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Bad Attitude
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Romantic Comedy: Several men hire a ladies man to distract and get their meddlesome and perfectionist sister-in-law out of their lives by making her fall for him.
Tim (MEL JACKSON), Darrell (DARTANYAN EDMONDS) and Mike (DUANE MARTIN) may have good tastes in women, but their marriages and engagement to the Dandridge sisters -- Kareenah (ESSENCE ATKINS), Jacqui (MEAGAN GOOD) and Bethany (ROBINNE LEE) respectively - are not as fulfilling or enjoyable as they'd like.

That's because the women's older sister, Eva (GABRIELLE UNION), is as uncompromising with her opinion of those men as she is with her job as a restaurant health inspector. Accordingly, the men hire delivery driver and near legendary ladies man Ray Adams (LL COOL J) to make Eva fall for him and thus get her out of their lives.

Ray is reluctant, but needs the money and thus agrees to the $5,000 arrangement. Yet, as he puts his plan into motion, little does he or anyone else realize the ramifications of getting involved with Eva and having her fall for him and vice-versa.

If they're fans of anyone in the cast or racy romantic comedies, they might.
For sex-related dialogue.
  • GABRIELLE UNION plays a health inspector who's uncompromising at work and in her opinion of what's right (in her mind) for her sisters. She has a bad attitude toward various people, uses some profanity, and eventually softens and loosens up a bit when she falls for Ray.
  • LL COOL J plays a ladies man who agrees to be paid to make Eva fall for him and then dump her. Along the way, however, he begins to develop feelings for her. He also drinks some.
  • MEL JACKSON plays a married man who wants to have a baby with his wife and is upset that Eva has influenced Kareenah's opinion about that. He also drinks.
  • ESSENCE ATKINS plays his wife who isn't sure she wants to have a baby.
  • DARTANYAN EDMONDS plays Jacqui's husband who similarly isn't happy about Eva and her influence over her sisters. He uses some profanity and drinks.
  • MEAGAN GOOD plays his wife.
  • ROBINNE LEE plays Michael's fiancée who isn't crazy about the idea of him moving in with her.
  • DUANE MARTIN plays her cop boyfriend who wants to move in with her and is upset that Eva is behind Bethany's decision not to allow that. He also drinks some.
  • KIM WHITLEY plays a flamboyant beautician who's preoccupied with sex and always talks about it.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this R-rated romantic comedy. Profanity consists of at least 9 "s" words and various slang terms for sex, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered.

    All sorts of sexually related dialogue is present covering a variety of topics, while we see the non-explicit ending of a sexual encounter (after some passionate kissing and fooling around in another scene). Other sexually related fooling around also occurs. A male hairdresser is noted as being gay (with various gay remarks), while various women wear varying amounts of revealing clothing and some brief and non-explicit, partial nudity is seen.

    Various characters drink, some have varying degrees of bad attitudes, while some brief struggling and a lone punch constitute the violence that's present. Some comedy style tense family moments occur as does some brief crude humor.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Tim, Darrell and Mike have beer or drinks while watching a game on TV.
  • Tim, Darrell and Mike have drinks in a bar where others drink.
  • As Tim has a drink, Eva comments on his father having a drinking problem. Accordingly, Kareenah then goes and takes the drink from him.
  • Tim, Darrell, Mike and Ray have drinks or beer.
  • Eva and others drink.
  • Ray and Eva have wine with dinner, as do others.
  • Ray has a drink, as do others.
  • Ray has a beer and the guys have drinks in a bar.
  • Various people have champagne and Eva asks for a white wine spritzer.
  • Ray and the four sisters have drinks.
  • Various people drink during a montage.
  • We see the side of Darrell's bare butt as he sits on the toilet and Jacqui waves her hand in response to the smell when she walks in on him.
  • Bethany comments on Mike being a little irregular (and Telly, who's gay, says he has something to fix that if others can't). Eva mentions he should have a colonic and we then see an imagined scene at the doctor's for a rectal exam that then quickly segues to a person stuffing their hand up inside a chicken or turkey (as in working on it before cooking it). He later comments that thanks to Eva's doctor, "My colon is a freeway."
  • Eva comes off as cold, demeaning and elitist toward the guys (and others) and butts into their business and relationships with her sisters.
  • The guys hire Ray to get Eva to fall for him (and then for him to dump her) so that she's out of their hair.
  • Mike keeps trying to pressure Bethany to move in together, but she doesn't want to (due to what Eva has told her).
  • Eva is such a perfectionist that she even tells an older pastor how to do her job.
  • Ray appears to be choking on something he's eating, but he then turns out just to be faking it.
  • One of the guys jokes that Eva's horse is probably "retarded."
  • Eva's former boyfriend has somewhat of a condescending attitude toward her.
  • The guys kidnap Ray and then inform Eva that he's dead (even allowing her to attend his funeral) all so that she'll move away.
  • Ray appears to be choking on something he's eating, but he then turns out just to be faking it.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "Ball" and "Nuts" (testicles), "Sister-in-law from Hell," "Oh, hell no," "Freak," "Ugly ass," "Get your ass out," "Bitch," "Bad ass," "Funky ass," "Like hell he ain't," "What the hell /was that/went wrong?" "Screwing us" (nonsexual), "Big ass baby," "Smart ass," "Excuse the hell out of me," "Damn right," "Retarded," "You can have a rain check on kissing my ass," "Sucker," "Let's get freaky," "Big ass," "Screw" (nonsexual), "Booty" (for a woman, her rear-end or sex) and "Pain in the ass."
  • Some of the women wear cleavage and/or midriff-revealing tops.
  • Ormandy (a beautician) has multi-colored hair.
  • Ray appears to be choking on something he's eating, but he then turns out just to be faking it.
  • Ray has a tattoo on his arm.
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of such music plays late in the film.
  • None.
  • At least 9 "s" words, at least 9 slang terms for sex ("do it," "hit or hitting that," "boning" and "getting any"), 2 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck" and "Johnson"), 17 asses, 17 damns, 15 hells, 1 S.O.B., 17 uses of "Oh my God," 2 of "Oh God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "God" and "Good God" as exclamations.
  • We briefly see a group of clothed people dancing in a somewhat sexual fashion.
  • We see some women in revealing clothing and throughout the film women wear cleavage and/or midriff-revealing tops.
  • Darrell states that the sisters' father's "Johnson" should be bronzed (for producing them). He then states that they could get Ray to seduce Eve since "all she really needs is some…" and he then makes some sexual sounds and movements to represent sex. There's also a comment about "hit that ass until she starts speaking in tongues."
  • Darrell tells Jacqui that he wants to do it and she agrees, but says that she has to study. He's then upset that Eva has informed her about how to act and thus says that Jacqui's cut off. She then playfully comes on to him in a seductive fashion and passionately kisses him on the mouth and neck. She then hops up and wraps her legs around his waist as he stands and they end up on the bed with her on top of him. Her top comes off (we see her in her bra and small shorts) and he kisses her bare belly and mouth, but Eva walks in and nothing else happens. Darrell then complains about that, stating they were having sex. Eva sarcastically asks if she should come back in two minutes.
  • There's talk about the biological clock and a guy having "baby fever" like a woman.
  • Tim imagines himself standing nude behind a counter (we don't see anything explicit) and Eva then raising and slamming down a cleaver toward his crotch (we don't see anything).
  • We see the side of Darrell's bare butt as he sits on the toilet.
  • A comment is made about a woman looking up at her feet and banging her head on the headboard every night.
  • Ormandy, a beautician, talks about ending up in bed with some guy and she comments on him dropping his pants and her asking where the rest is.
  • Bethany grabs Mike's clothed butt.
  • Bethany comments on Mike being a little irregular (and Telly, who's gay, says he has something to fix that if others can't). Mike then says he's not going his way.
  • A woman comments on Eva's sexual experience with a man and talks about "pop that cherry" and then repeats, "pop." Eva then says that the man was her first and she was his. Ormandy replies that the best way to get over a man is "to get under a new one."
  • Telly comments on the thing that someone wants being the "soul pole" and then does a pelvic thrust with that.
  • Tim kisses on Kareenah's toes while saying he wants to have a baby. She later gets mad at him and says that he's just a "handyman with a penis."
  • Ormandy comments on a person being like a "d*ck with a lottery number on it" when mentioning having someone to take care of her "business."
  • A person jokes (sexually) that another person can't keep her legs together.
  • A comment is made about "hitting it" and one of the guys says that Ray has to sleep with Eva and "you have to have sex with her." Ray says that's not the answer and one of guys then says that Ray doesn't like women (he says he does).
  • One of the women comments on feeling all tingly (in a sexual fashion).
  • Celebrating that Eva is now mostly out of their lives, Tim states that he believes he's growing another penis.
  • A comment is made that in some countries dipping during dancing was forbidden as it was considered a form of foreplay.
  • We hear heavy breathing and then see passionate kissing on the sofa between Eva and Ray. Eva wants to get some clothing off and Ray says no, which excites her as she thinks he wants to "do it" with them on (saying, "I'm into that"). She then offers to hike up her clothes, but he again declines. She then says that the "bulge in your pants" didn't get that memo. She then comments that the average American couple has sex on their third date, but he says he doesn't want to mess things up and thus wants to wait a while. That turns her on even more and she says that she's going to start saying all kinds of hot, nasty and dirty things.
  • Moments later, they passionately kiss again (with some other sexual sounds) and we then later see her getting off from on top of him when done having sex (under the sheets and on the floor, but there's no explicit nudity). Both are sweaty, she's out of breath, and she asks if she hurt him and he playfully says yes. A comment is then made that it was good.
  • Someone asks what's gotten into Eva (due to her appearing to "glow"), but another says, "Not what, but who?" Ormandy then comments on "boning" and "salad tossing" and Eva mentions dancing pelvis to pelvis. She then says that they had a respectable evening until they burned a hole in the floor (meaning sex and said enthusiastically at the end).
  • Darrell informs Jacqui that Eva and Ray are not "boning" or "having sex." She then says that they are actually having sex and comments that Ray "hit that." She also adds that Darrell could take some advice from him.
  • Tim tells Kareenah that they should play doctor and that he's thrown all of his condoms out. She then says that she can buy him some more, but he says that he's so full that if she kissed him she'd get pregnant.
  • A guy does some pelvic thrusting after commenting on "you embezzled the booty."
  • A comment is made about love being a justification for sex.
  • Ormandy says that she needs a real man and says to give her a hard rock and not a soft little toy.
  • A person comments about the anger in another person being due to him "not getting any."
  • Mike tells Bethany that maybe they can have makeup sex and that he has plenty of protection. She tells him not to worry about that.
  • None.
  • We hear that the sisters' parents died when they were young (and that Eva took care of them when she was 18).
  • We hear that Ray was an orphan.
  • Although played for comedy, there are some tense family moments between Eva and her brothers-in-law.
  • Meddlesome people.
  • Trying to deal with interpersonal problems without confronting the other person.
  • Men known as "players."
  • Moving in together.
  • Food inspectors.
  • Eva slaps Ray on the head after he fakes choking just to get a hug from her.
  • The guys jump Ray while abducting him and throw him into the back of a truck. We later see that they have him tied up (to something above him with his hands free) in a warehouse and he briefly struggles with them before they leave.
  • Eva punches Ray and knocks him to the floor.

  • Reviewed January 22, 2003 / Posted February 7, 2003

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