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(2003) (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: Three beautiful and sexy detectives try to find and retrieve two rings -- that contain the names of everyone on the Federal Witness Protection Program -- before they fall into the wrong hands.
Natalie Cook (CAMERON DIAZ), Dylan Sanders (DREW BARRYMORE) and Alex Munday (LUCY LIU) are three private investigators who work for Charlie Townsend (voice of JOHN FORSYTHE), a reclusive figure they've never met who delivers their assignments to them via speakerphone. Their intermediary contact is Bosley (BERNIE MAC), who's new to the job.

Their latest assignment involves freeing U.S. Government employee Ray Carter (ROBERT PATRICK) from a Mongolian cell. Unfortunately, they're unable to retrieve one of two rings that contain the complete lists of everyone under the Federal Witness Protection Program. Realizing that could mean big trouble if they fell into the wrong hands - such as that of Dylan's ex-beau, Seamus O'Grady (JUSTIN THEROUX) who's just been released from prison and has revenge on his mind - the Angels set out to accomplish their goal.

Along the way, they run into former Angel Madison Lee (DEMI MOORE) as well as the mysterious Thin Man (CRISPIN GLOVER). At the same time, Natalie contemplates marriage with her boyfriend Pete (LUKE WILSON), while actor Jason (MATT LeBLANC) tries to explain Alex's real job to her father, Mr. Munday (JOHN CLEESE), but only ends up confusing and worrying him.

Facing repeated run-ins with O'Grady and his thugs, and the switching of an alliance, the Angels do what they can to retrieve the encoded rings.

If they're fans of the first film or anyone in this one, it's a good bet they will want to see it.
For action violence, sensuality and language/innuendo.
  • CAMERON DIAZ, DREW BARRYMORE and LUCY LIU play the three Angels who are proficient at investigation work, the use of disguises and fighting off attackers, as well as having a good time.
  • BERNIE MAC plays Charlie's new front man and the Angels' new boss.
  • JUSTIN THEROUX plays Dylan's ex-boyfriend who's just been released from prison and his hell-bent on getting revenge on those who he believes wronged him.
  • DEMI MOORE plays a former Angel who's turned bad and kills or attempts to kill others.
  • CRISPIN GLOVER plays the mysterious Thin Man who has a hair fetish and briefly smokes.
  • LUKE WILSON plays Natalie's boyfriend who may be ready to propose to her.
  • MATT LeBLANC plays an actor who tries to explain to Alex's father what she really does for a living.
  • JOHN CLEESE plays that confused and worried father who misunderstands the nature of her job.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this action/adventure film that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 2 "s" words, while other expletives, religious terms and colorful phrases are also uttered. Sexually related dialogue is present, as are various instances of sexual innuendo.

    Various women are seen in varying degrees of revealing attire, including small bikinis and some skimpy stripper type outfits in a strip club sequence (including a brief lap dance). In one scene, the three Angels are briefly nude, but due to the positioning of their bodies and the lighting, no details are seen.

    Violence consists of several people being murdered (by guns, stabbing and smothering), while all sorts of brutal fighting (including martial arts style material) is present, including a man hitting a woman. Other attempts on people's lives and property damage are also present. Some of those scenes have bloody results. They might also be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers (but most are played for action), while all of the villains obviously have bad attitudes.

    Various instances of imitative behavior (such as the fighting and stunts, etc.) are present, as is some brief crude humor. Meanwhile, various characters drink or smoke. If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Miscellaneous men drink in a Mongolian bar.
  • Dylan does a shot, while others drink in a bar where a man passes out and falls to the floor.
  • Various men drink at a strip club.
  • Some champagne is poured as part of a test and Dylan then carries off another bottle when that's done.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a bar.
  • A man has some blood from his nose.
  • We see Natalie birthing a calf and having her arms way up inside the mother cow. She then ends up flinging birth goo onto a person and the new calf has goo all over it.
  • We see an internal graphic representation of a knee ligament snapping and then healing with a scar.
  • We see a glob of bird excrement that Natalie then runs her finger through (to analyze its contents).
  • O'Grady has a tiny bit of blood on his lip following a fight.
  • Natalie says, "It's just number one" as she goes to the ladies room (that's locked, prompting her to go into a men's room stall). We hear her urinating, and we then see two men standing at urinals and hear them urinating. She ends up accidentally knocking down the stall walls and then landing butt first in a toilet.
  • A woman shoots a man dead (we see bloody bullet holes in his shirt).
  • Natalie pulls a bloody shard of glass from her body, while she has some other blood on her as well.
  • A villain has some blood on their head.
  • O'Grady, Madison and the other villains all have extreme cases of bad attitudes.
  • We see many stolen goods in a shipyard.
  • A guy in a bar slaps Dylan on the butt when she walks by him.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" (such as narrow escapes and brutal fighting) might also be unsettling, tense or suspenseful to some viewers.
  • Alex rides down a steep road lying on her back on a skateboard of sorts, trying to catch up to a car ahead of her. She eventually gets there and attaches herself to it, but then must contend with rocks in the road and not being able to let loose of the car (that races toward a crossing guard and stops within inches of hitting him).
  • Handguns/Machine Guns/Knife-sword/Tank/Rocket launcher: Used to threaten, wound or kill others or cause property damage. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "This is some bullsh*t," "Piece of sh*t," "Get off the babysitter, daddy's home," "What the hell /is this/is going on?" "Hell, yeah," "Gals" (women), "Freak show," "Scumbag," "Bring it on, bitch," "Nuts" and "Balls" (testicles), "Hot damnit," "How the hell did you know that?" "Your boss sucks," "Ass kicking pose," "What a be-atch," "Shut up," "Go to hell," "Why be an angel when I can play God?" and "I was never good, I was great."
  • Various kids might be enticed to imitate all of the fighting and/or various stunts that are on display.
  • The three angels playfully run up onto a sofa and then have it turn over backwards (in a sort of synchronized dance move).
  • Natalie and other women occasionally show bare midriffs.
  • Various characters have tattoos (including Natalie when she poses as a surfer).
  • A character repeatedly cuts locks of various women's hair (as something of a sexual fetish).
  • Alex holds a gas pump that's then ignited, causing a flamethrower effect.
  • Alex rides down a steep road lying on her back on a skateboard of sorts, trying to catch up to a car ahead of her. She eventually gets there and attaches herself to it.
  • None.
  • A moderate amount of suspenseful music (including some from the remake of "Cape Fear") plays in the film.
  • A song has the repeated lyrics "My angel is a centerfold."
  • At least 2 "s" words, 9 asses, 5 hells, 3 damns, 1 slang term for breasts ("knockers"), 2 uses of "Oh my God," and 1 use each of "G-damn," "God" and "My God" as exclamations.
  • Many uses of "ass" are said in reference to a character's name formerly being "Helen Zaas" (sounding like "Helen's ass") as well as terms such as "As-inine" and "Best Butties."
  • A general comment is made (not about what's occurring on the screen at the time), "Get off the babysitter, daddy's home."
  • Natalie shows a great deal of upper thigh in a short outfit while posing as a Swede who somewhat seductively rides a mechanical bull in a Mongolian bar.
  • We see a close-up of Natalie's clothed butt as she starts to dance to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This."
  • When Dylan spots a hunky guy, Alex says that Dylan is broke and horny.
  • Jason asks Alex, "We can't fool around at all?"
  • Alex shows some cleavage.
  • A comment is made that sex wax (for surfing) is "for your stick."
  • We see many women in bikinis at the beach, including Natalie and Madison who are in very small ones. We also see a male surfer with just a low-riding towel around him.
  • Natalie drops a few bits of surfing lingo to a male surfer that's played for sexual innuendo, including her saying that when it's big like that, she can ride it for hours and that when she's getting pounded like that, she's going to be wet for hours.
  • A character repeatedly cuts locks of various women's hair (as something of a sexual fetish).
  • We see a flashback to a young Dylan and her boyfriend licking each other's tongues.
  • Dylan says that her former boyfriend "was my first," causing Bosley to say that he thought she had never done it. She then says she was talking about her first bust.
  • We see some young boys looking through Playboy Magazine (we don't see anything), and one of the boys says, "Look at those knockers."
  • One of the angels quotes a line "Make a little love" and another says "Get down tonight" from a KC and the Sunshine Band song.
  • In a club called the "Treasure Chest" we see the angels (and other women) doing a provocative dance in skimpy leather outfits with fishnet stockings and Alex whips a whip. Their shorts are very short (and show parts of their butts), one slaps another's butt, they show cleavage, sashay around the stage and several lie on the floor and spread their legs during the performance. Alex twice flicks her whip at Natalie, knocking off her top (she partially covers her bare breasts with her hands -- we see part of them) and her bottom (we see her in very small panties). Dylan then does a lap dance on a man (to steal the rings from him), while Natalie squeezes a sponge to have its water drop down onto her in a sensuous manner (all prompting the men there to cheer them on).
  • All three angels emerge from a large piece of art and appear to be nude as they crouch down (we see the side of them in the dark, but no details).
  • During a brutal fight, O'Grady tells Dylan that he never wanted her more.
  • Looking back at their high school years and the mascots they played, Natalie realizes that Pete was "the cock" (a rooster) and that she was the "beaver." She then says that she knew they were made for each other.
  • Jason tries to tell Alex's father what she does for a living, eventually causing the father to think that she's some sort of hooker. During this, Jason talks about "the job" and the outfits she wears. He later says that Alex is as good as it gets. Alex then believes her father knows she's an agent (with him still thinking she's a hooker) and tells him that helping people that way (he thinks sex) makes her feel alive. She then tells him that she and the other angels are a team, that they just took on 12 sailors and wishes he could watch her work. There's a blow by blow comment and she then says that she needs to take a shower (after the 12 sailor bit), adding that he can imagine what's she covered in.
  • A guy in a bar slaps Dylan on the butt when she walks by him.
  • We see Madison in her bra and panties.
  • Dylan and the Thin Man do some brief, passionate kissing (that includes a hair fetish on his part where he cuts off part of her hair to smell).
  • Alex shows cleavage.
  • In another bit of mistaken innuendo, Alex tells her father that this time she and the girls had a woman who they had to triple team, but that they finally got the woman on her back.
  • There's a brief passionate kiss between Alex and Jason.
  • In the end credits there's brief footage of the angels (showing cleavage) washing a car with one snapping another's rear with a wet towel.
  • Several minor or miscellaneous characters smoke in a few scenes.
  • A fifteen-year-old says that O'Grady killed his parents some time in the past.
  • The way the Angels behave and get the job done.
  • The federal witness protection program.
  • A man hits another man with a stick.
  • Alex punches a man and kicks him in the crotch.
  • A man opens fire on the angels with a machine gun but they jump and spin out of the way. They then come blasting out through several windows and tumble down a hill, but are okay.
  • The angels try to escape in a truck, but have a tank in front of them and a man with a missile launcher behind them. Both fire at them and they purposefully drive off a dam to avoid them (the missile hits the tank and the tank's shot hits a truck that explodes). The angels and their rescued man then fall down the side of the dam and manage to get inside a helicopter that was in the truck, start it and fly away before hitting the water.
  • We see a flashback of Dylan in a pro wrestling type match where she jumps and lands hard on her male opponent. We later see her driving a monster truck over parked cars.
  • We see some people hit during roller derby.
  • One of the angels lassos a man who falls to the street.
  • A car explodes.
  • A Federal official discovers that his bodyguards are dead or unconscious in a hanger. He goes to get a gun, but an unseen person holds a gun to his head. We then hear a gunshot and later hear that man was murdered.
  • Natalie trips over a sofa that she tries to jump over (but is okay).
  • Alex flips over Jason when he surprises her.
  • Bosley accidentally zaps himself with some sort of zapper.
  • We see a dead man and then see a brief flashback of someone smothering him from behind.
  • Bosley accidentally whacks a surfer with his surfboard and then smacks a surfer on the stomach.
  • During a motocross type race, a racer wipes out, while another crashes and his bike explodes. Another biker kicks at others while flying through the air on their bikes. Natalie crashes on hers, but is okay. A man then opens fire on the three angels as they fly through the air on their bikes (and hits one bike that explodes, but the angels are okay). That man then uses a blade in his boot to stab another rider in the chest, killing him (no blood) and the victim and his bike tumble down a hill. Another bike crashes into a concrete abutment and explodes.
  • A man shoots and kills another man (no blood).
  • Various men walk in with chains, bats, crow bars, guns and the like, preparing to fight the angels. A fight scene then breaks out with machine gun fire and a great deal of brutal punching, kicking, tripping and otherwise striking others. O'Grady tries to cut Dylan with two large swords and then slams her around. He then grabs and lifts her by the neck and later comes at her with a hatchet. The two of them exchange many severe blows to each other.
  • Alex holds a gas pump that's then ignited, causing a flamethrower effect. Something then explodes.
  • Dylan apparently throws a man into a jukebox (we just see him crash into it).
  • A woman shoots a man dead (we see bloody bullet holes in his shirt) and he falls over the edge of an observatory.
  • Dylan tries to kick Madison, but Madison catches her foot and then kicks her backwards.
  • A person shoots and hits all three angels. They fall to the ground and appear to be dead (but later are okay as we see that they're wearing bulletproof vests).
  • A person shoots a speaker phone.
  • A car explodes and knocks all three angels backwards where they land on the ground in an intertwined heap.
  • O'Grady holds a shotgun to a man.
  • Authorities hold guns on some criminal types.
  • Several guys shoot a rooftop sign that then partially collapses.
  • Various fights break out with punching and kicking. One man stabs another with a long knife/sword. He then attempts to stab another person, but that man catches the blade between his hands. The first then kicks that man from the rooftop.
  • A person is stabbed with a knife/sword and falls from a rooftop.
  • O'Grady picks up and throws Dylan during a fight. She's then hanging from a sign high above the street and he then takes a lighter to her fingers to try to make her fall.
  • More fighting occurs between various people.
  • After having something go into his eyes, a person falls to his presumed death.
  • There's a big explosion.
  • Bosley hits an incoming bomb like a baseball and it harmlessly explodes in the air.
  • The angels hang onto a car and punch the driver. They and the car end up flying through the air and crashing through a building. All appear to be injured and Natalie pulls a bloody shard of glass from her body.
  • Natalie fights a villain and they exchange kicks and other blows until the villain holds a gun to her head. The other angels come to her rescue, and kick and trip the villain. Another kick sends the villain falling through a floor and into an explosion.

  • Reviewed June 19, 2003 / Posted June 27, 2003

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