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(2002) (Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal) (Not Rated)

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Drama: Two young men accompany a married woman on a road trip to a secluded beach after she discovers that her husband has had an affair and they all learn something about themselves and each other on the way.
Tenoch Iturbide (DIEGO LUNA) and Julio Zapata (GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL) are best friends despite their familial differences. While Tenoch comes from a privileged background and famous family, Julio has not. Nevertheless, the two enjoy each other's company and imagine they're going to have some wild times now that their girlfriends, Ana Morelos (ANA LÓPEZ MERCADO) and Cecilia Huerta (MARÍA AURA), are traveling abroad.

Goofing off and spending time doing drugs with their friend Diego "Saba" Madero (ANDRÉS ALMEIDA), the two spot Luisa Cortés (MARIBEL VERDÚ) at a wedding. Married to Tenoch's cousin, Alejandro "Jano" Montes de Oca (JUAN CARLOS REMOLINA), Luisa enjoys the attention the young men pay to her and their invitation to join them in traveling to a beach, "Heaven's Mouth," that they've made up.

She has no intention of doing that until Jano drunkenly calls her one night, informing her that he's had an affair. Distraught at this news, Luisa decides she'll join Julio and Tenoch on their trip. The two are excited about this, and once they get directions from Saba about where to go, the three head off on an extended road trip.

During that, the three learn things about each other, while Luisa decides to sow her wild oats with both men. That, and several unexpected revelations lead to turmoil and dissent in the group. As they continue on their trip and eventually run into Jesús "Chuy" Carranza (SILVERIO PALACIOS) and his wife, Mabel Juárez (MAIRA SÉRBULO) and their family, the three try to sort out their relationships with each other.

Unless they're fans of someone in the cast or Mexican films, it's probably not very likely unless they're drawn to the sexual scenes in the film.
Although not rated, the film is the equivalent of a hard R due to graphic sexual situations, nudity, language and drug use.
  • DIEGO LUNA plays a young man who decides to pursue Luisa when his girlfriend travels abroad. He has sex with the girlfriend and Luisa, has some sort of homosexual encounter with Julio, and smokes, drinks, does drugs and uses strong profanity.
  • GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL plays his best friend who does all of the above as well.
  • MARIBEL VERDÚ plays Tenoch's cousin's wife who decides to have a fling with the two young men when her husband announces he's had an affair. She has sex with both Tenoch and Julio, drinks, smokes, and uses drugs and strong profanity.
  • ANA LÓPEZ MERCADO and MARÍA AURA play the guys' girlfriends with whom they have sex before traveling abroad.
  • ANDRÉS ALMEIDA plays the guys' friend who does drugs with them.
  • JUAN CARLOS REMOLINA plays Luisa's husband who admits to have an affair with another woman.
  • SILVERIO PALACIOS and MAIRA SÉRBULO play a married couple that befriends and spends time with Tenoch, Julio and Luisa.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this un-rated drama. Profanity consists of at least 57 "f" words and various other expletives (in Spanish with English subtitles), while a great deal of sexually explicit dialogue and discussions are also present, covering many topics.

    Various casual and relationship-based sexual encounters are seen with graphic movement, nudity and sounds (and one includes the beginning of three-way sex that shows two men kissing), while two men are seen (from a distance) individually masturbating with graphic results. Nonsexual nudity (male full frontal and rear, female bare breasts) is also present.

    The three main characters (and others) smoke pot, drink and/or smoke, and occasionally appear stoned and/or inebriated, while other references to drug use are also present. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (including those cheating on other's significant others), while some tense family material is present. Some characters are seen urinating and a dead body with a pool of blood next to his head is briefly seen.

    If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • One of the guys says that once they're stoned, they'll drop "a little E" (ecstasy). We see that Tenoch, Julie and Saba have beer in front of them while Saba rolls and then smokes a joint. We then see all three outside smoking pot. The narrator then comments on them using marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol.
  • Some people at a party drink, including Tenoch and Julio who appear drunk and/or stoned.
  • Tenoch and Julio drink at a wedding, as does Luisa and Jano. During this, Julio asks for a rum and Coke and to go light on the Coke. They mention to Luisa that if they go to the beach, they could bring some "forties" (large bottles of beer).
  • We see Luisa talking on the phone to Jano (who we don't see) and hear him comment on being drunk.
  • Julio and Tenoch buy beer in a store
  • A woman at Saba's does some bong hits.
  • A comment is made about taking a trip, with one of the guys sarcastically adding "On acid."
  • Julio and Tenoch describe the set of rules they try to live by that include getting high everyday.
  • After some other sexual talk, Luisa mentions that she was "wasted" (drunk) when she first had sex with Jano.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa drink beer.
  • The guys share a joint.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa share a joint while driving down the road.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa have beer.
  • Julio says that he and Ana were "wasted" when they had sex.
  • Chuy and Mabel have beer.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa share a joint on the beach.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa drink shots of liquor and then beer, and appear rather intoxicated.
  • Luisa has a beer for breakfast and Mabel brings one over for one of the guys.
  • The guys react to the smell of each other farting while driving (we don't hear anything).
  • The guy drive past an accident scene where we see a dead body on the side of the road with a pool of blood next to the victim's head (he was hit by a bus - we don't see that).
  • We see Julio's urine stream as he urinates.
  • We see Luisa - from a distance - standing up after squatting down to urinate.
  • We see a urine stream.
  • We see one of the guys vomiting.
  • Julio and Tenoch immediately set out to have sexual encounters once their girlfriends have left, and eventually do so with Luisa.
  • She thus cheats on her husband, although he admits to having an affair.
  • Tenoch and his girlfriend make some disparaging ethnic slurs about different people (such as "Chinaman") after having sex.
  • The guys go to spy upon Luisa in her motel room, but stop when they see her crying.
  • Julio admits to sleeping with Tenoch's girlfriend, and Tenoch later admits to sleeping with Julio's girlfriend.
  • None.
  • Some miscellaneous soldiers carry what look like machine guns.
  • Phrases (in English subtitles): "F*ck you," "No f*cking way," "F*ck off," "You f*cking pig," "You lazy f*ck," "F*cked," "F*ckin (right),'" "F*cker," "That's f*cked up," "(You can) Go f*ck yourself," "F*cking peasant," "What the f*ck?" "Get the f*ck out of here," "Don't bullsh*t me," "Dog sh*t," "You're full of sh*t," "Sh*tload," "Piece of sh*t," "Lazy sh*t," "Sh*t-faced" (drunk), "(That's) bullsh*t," "I felt like sh*t," "Holy sh*t," "No sh*t," "Those pr*cks can suck my d*ck," "You little pr*ck," "What a pr*ck," "Whack off" and "Spanking the monkey" (masturbate), "Gringo," "Fag(got)," "Pissed," "Freaked," "You're an idiot," "Chicks" and "Babe" (women), "Slutty," "Shut up," "Bastards," "(That) Sucks," "Get your ass moving," "Ball breaker," "Piss," "Skanks," "Whores," "Idiots," "My ass" and "Kiss my ass."
  • The various characters occasionally engage in casual sex.
  • Julio purposefully acts like he's going down to tie his shoe so that he can stand up and bump into Jano to make him spill his wine all over his suit.
  • When Luisa comments about playing hooky, one of the guys misinterprets that and thinks it means oral sex (and then makes the gesture for that with his hand and mouth).
  • Tenoch gives Julio "the finger" after the latter spits on a window.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None that we heard.
  • The following occurs in English subtitles: At least 57 "f" words (1 used with "mother," 24 used sexually as are the terms "get laid," "bang" and "screw"), 29 "s" words, 7 slang terms for/using male genitals ("pr*ck," "d*ck," "weenie" and "woody"), 1 slang term using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 5 slang terms for breasts (variations of "t*t"), 31 asses (24 used with "hole"), 1 damn and 1 hell used as exclamations.
  • We see Tenoch and Ana having sex (missionary position) with graphic movement, sounds and nudity (his bare butt, her bare breasts, part of her bare butt). When they're done, he makes her promise that "You won't f*ck any Italians" (on her trip). She then playfully climbs on top of him (more nudity) and additional explicit sexual dialogue follows (about who they won't "f*ck").
  • The narrator explains that Ana's mother didn't mind Tenoch sleeping with her daughter.
  • Cecilia pulls her pants down in her bedroom and we see her lower frontal nudity. Julio then pulls his pants down and we see his bare butt as he gets on top of her, she puts her hand down toward their crotches and they then have hurried sex (missionary position) on her bed (with graphic movement and sounds). A comment is made about a "nice good-bye" (since she's leaving). He has his hand up her shirt but then tries to stop when he hears her mom approaching, but Cecilia says she wants to "take a little of you with me."
  • Some guys make sexual related comments, such as "Slip it into her," they refer to a woman as "slutty" and mention her "t*tties."
  • We briefly see a miscellaneous couple making out at a party and the narrator then mentions one of the young men having his first experience with group sex (we briefly see some people fooling around, but it's too brief and without enough detail to tell what was occurring).
  • The guys come out of separate showers, one comments on the other having an "ugly d*ck" (saying it looks like a deflated balloon, with the other then adding, "So blow it up"). The two then run out and we see both full frontal and rear nudity for both Julio and Tenoch as they try to hit each other with towels.
  • From a distance, we see Julio and Tenoch lying on separate diving boards above a pool masturbating (we see their hands rhymically moving at their crotches as they mention various things and women to fantasize about). We then see them react to climaxing (we don't see the actual orgasms, but do see some seminal fluid land in the pool).
  • We see Luisa lying on her bed in her panties (and a shirt) when she receives a call from Jano who confesses to sleeping with another woman while drunk.
  • We see Julio is his briefs.
  • Julio and Tenoch buy condoms in a store (before their trip with Luisa), with one asking the other his size and the response being something about giant salamis.
  • We see Luisa - from a distance - standing up after squatting down to urinate (we may see lower frontal nudity, but it's too far away to tell).
  • Julio and Tenoch describe the set of rules they try to live by that include "whacking off rules" and never marrying a virgin.
  • Tenoch mentions that he "de-virginized" Ana and that he's the only one she wants. After some more sexual talk, Luisa mentions that she was "wasted" (drunk) when she first had sex with Jano.
  • A comment is made about "f*cking any Italians" and whether Luisa "wants to get laid."
  • Luisa comments on knowing that Tenoch and Julio spied on her in her motel room. She then asks if they were trying to see her naked so that they could go "whack off." She then asks if they've had sex with any girls besides their girlfriends and the guys respond that they have. One then jokes that the other "blew your load" putting on the condom. More sexual comments are made and the guys then ask Luisa, "Did you f*ck a lot of guys before Jano?" They then think she was a virgin but she replies that she had a boyfriend before him and one of the guys mentions some guy giving it to her "wham, bam." She then mentions going to a factory with this guy thinking he wanted to kiss her, but that he "deflowered me." She then adds that it hurt so bad she didn't want to do it again, but then did so every time they saw each other.
  • When Luisa comments about playing hooky, one of the guys misinterprets that and thinks it means oral sex (and then makes the gesture for that with his hand and mouth). When she says she was in love with this other guy, one of the guys makes a hand gesture for penis size (holding his hands apart).
  • Luisa looks back at Tenoch in the backseat and mentions, "Look who just woke up" (referring to him and the erection in his pants that we see). He then replies that it must be the heat and some comments are made about one of the guys being barely shorter than the other (with a comment made about a "woody") and one having "an ugly one."
  • Luisa asks the guys how they make love to their girlfriends. One mentions passionately with another saying lots of "abra" (as in abracadabra). She then asks how they turn them on, and one mentions foreplay to "heat up the oven," kisses on the "t*tties" and a couple of "love bites." Luisa then asks, "And then" and one replies, "Then I ram it home." One then says "I bang her" until she begs for mercy, but add that's in a good way. They then mention positions, including missionary, standing and doggie, as well as on top and sitting down, and one mentions "69" and the whole "Kama Sutra." She then asks if they even "wiggle your finger up the ass."
  • Tenoch walks into Luisa's room wrapped in just a towel, wondering if he can borrow some shampoo. She's crying, but then stops and tells him to take off his towel. He's a bit embarrassed, but she repeats her request and he nervously complies (we see his bare butt, she sees his bare front that we don't). She then tells him not to cover it (his penis), so he removes his hands from there and she comments that he gets excited quickly and that it curves in a different direction than he had earlier mentioned. She then asks him to stroke it after saying it's everything she had imagined. She then removes her top to entice him (we see her in her bra) after asking if he wants to see "my t*ts." He says he does, but she says only if he touches himself. He then walks closer to her and she does something to him that we can't see (oral sex is implied), although we see her free hand caressing his bare butt. She then says, "I'm so wet" and asks if he wants to feel her. After some groping, she tells him to eat her and so he pulls up her skirt and puts his head down to her crotch. She tells him to remove her panties and so he does and then performs oral sex on her (we see and hear her reaction). They then have sex (in the missionary position and after her hand is down at their crotches) with graphic movement, nudity and sounds. He then climaxes very quickly and we see that Julio observed some if not all of this encounter.
  • Julie and Tenoch strip down and go skinny-dipping in a pool where they race underwater. Accordingly, we see various shots of full frontal and rear nudity.
  • Julio admits to Tenoch, "I f*cked Ana." He then adds, "You heard me, I f*cked your girlfriend."
  • We see Julio in his underwear and he asks Tenoch, "You're not sleeping with Luisa?" Tenoch then asks many questions of Julio about his sexual encounter with Ana, including, "How many times did you f*ck her? (he replies just once) and a comment is made about "popped her cherry." He also asks "Did she blow you?" and "Did you eat her out?" He then asks, "Did she come?" and Julio replies, "How should I know?" and then continues that it happened so fast. Tenoch then asks if she and/or he liked it. He then says "You f*cked my girlfriend" and adds, "You don't f*ck a girl by accident."
  • Luisa looks back into the backseat and tells Julio that it looks like he got hot as well (referring to the erection in his pants as well as an earlier scene). She then crawls into the backseat with him and Tenoch stops the car and storms away, although he then tries to get a look at what's happening. We then see Luisa climb onto Julio's lap facing him, kissing him and removing her shirt (we see her in her bra). We then see him pulling off her pants and then panties as she lies on the seat (we can't see her). She then climbs back onto him, tells him to give it to her, and we see her reaction as they start to have sex. She then starts to move (we don't see the actual act due to the backdoor blocking our view), he feels her bra-covered breast, and she pulls her bra down, revealing her bare breast. She then tells him to wait, but he climaxes too soon for her.
  • Luisa then goes over to Tenoch who's mad and asks if his plan was to "Take me away and screw me?"
  • Tenoch admits to Julio, "I f*cked your girlfriend too."
  • Mad at the two young men, Luisa tells them they can "f*ck each other," adding that's what they seem to want (she later tells them they can "screw" each other). She then adds who cares "who you two f*cked" adding that they "come" that fast. More sexual talk follows, including Julio asking, "How many times did you f*ck her?"
  • We see Luisa's bare breasts as she sunbathes.
  • Luisa tells Julio and Tenoch that Jano tried things on her that he learned from being with other women (with one of the guys mentioning the "fingers in the ass" and she replies yes). She then says that such a move has to be done with finesse and that you don't just jam it up there.
  • Julio, Tenoch and Luisa drink shots of liquor and appear rather intoxicated. As they do so, they talk about more sexual matters, including them asking her which one of them "f*cks better." She laughs and they then ask which one of them made her feel better. She then says that when one of them "comes," he says "mamacita," while the other crosses his eyes. She then tells them that they need to stop "whacking off" and build up some resistance. They say they can't, adding that it's in their manifesto. A comment is made about "spanking the monkey" (masturbating) and Luisa then says that they don't know how to "f*ck properly" and adds that "these boys don't know how to get down on a girl."
  • She then goes on that they need to be gentle with oral sex (comparing one's actions to licking a lollipop). She then adds that they need to make the clitoris their best friend, prompting one to ask what kind of friend is always hiding, and a comment is made about "feel the clit." The three then toast "the clitoris."
  • The guys then comment on their sexual encounters with the others' girlfriends, with one stating that the girl "bites a little" (with oral sex) and a comment is about "she did blow you." One says a girl gives nice "head," but only the tip and "missed the main course." One then asks, "Don't blow jobs rule?" (which they then toast). Tenoch then says, "I f*cked Ceci a few times" and Julio replies the same about his girlfriend, with one then saying, "Yuk, I've been stirring your vanilla." Luisa then tells them that their girlfriends are probably "screwing ten Italians as we speak." One then admits to having sex with the other's mom.
  • After a great deal of drinking, Luisa sensuously dances with the two guys at the same time and we then see them back in their room. She then makes out with one who feels her clothed breast, while the other lifts up her dress. They then remove their tops (we see her bare breasts and their bare chests), a great deal of caressing and kissing follows (including a hand at her crotch) and she sounds and looks rather aroused as they remove her panties (we see her bare butt). They caress her completely nude body and she then pulls down their pants, but we can't see what she's doing to them as the camera zooms in a bit to the two men reacting to what she's doing. The two men then passionately kiss each other.
  • The next morning, the two men wake up in bed together nude (we see brief full frontal and rear nudity), but quickly get up once they realize where they are.
  • Tenoch and Julio each smoke more than 5 times, while Luisa smokes a few times.
  • We hear that Luisa lost her parents in a car accident when she was ten and that Julio has not seen his father since he (Julio) was five.
  • Luisa reacts to hearing Jano confess that he slept with another woman. In response, she then heads off with Julio and Tenoch to have sex with them (when not crying about her failed marriage).
  • Unprotected sex and cheating on one's significant others.
  • Life in the Mexican countryside.
  • The guy drive past an accident scene where we see a dead body on the side of the road with a pool of blood next to the victim's head (he was hit by a bus - we don't see that).
  • Julio pushes Luisa aside when trying to get at Tenoch.

  • Reviewed April 29, 2002 / Posted May 3, 2002

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