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(2002) (Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant) (PG-13)

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Romantic Comedy: After taking a job for the playboy real estate developer she despises, a legal activist realizes that she might actually like him after she gives her two weeks notice.
Lucy Kelson (SANDRA BULLOCK) is a single lawyer who inherited her community activist mindset from her ultra-liberal parents Ruth (DANA IVEY) and Larry (ROBERT KLEIN). Accordingly, she isn't above trying to prevent the demolition of various landmark buildings in New York with her friends, Meryl (HEATHER BURNS) and Tom (JONATHAN DOKUCHITZ), although their actions are unsuccessful and land them in jail.

Once out, Lucy is determined to confront millionaire developer George Wade (HUGH GRANT) and give him a peace of her mind. A selfish but good-natured playboy who really lets his brother Howard (DAVID HAIG) run most of the business, George needs a new Chief Counsel and decides on the spot that Lucy would be perfect for the job.

She's naturally hesitant as he's the antithesis of everything she believes in, but his lucrative offer and promise not to tear down the Long Island Community Center changes her mind. Besides, she'll also have his company's resources at her disposal to help other charitable causes.

Yet, George is more interested in her decision-making regarding what are otherwise trivial matters in his life and eventually treats her like his personal assistant. She puts up with that for a rather long while, but eventually becomes fed up and announces her two weeks notice.

He's shocked and dismayed as he's come to rely on her tastes and opinions, but she proceeds to interview various potential replacements for her job, including June Carter (ALICIA WITT) who's fresh out of law school. As the days count down toward her departure, Lucy and George soon realize that terminating their relationship where they've grown to know each other so well might not be the best thing for either or both of them.

If they're fans of either star, anyone else in the cast or romantic comedies, it's a good bet they might.
For some sex-related humor.
  • SANDRA BULLOCK plays a liberal social lawyer who works for the little guy and tries to preserve older building from being torn down. She ends up taking a job for George so that she has more access to funds for charitable causes, but ends up pretty much just being his personal assistant. That eventually causes her to give her two weeks notice, although she obviously has feelings for him. She gets drunk and passes out in one scene.
  • HUGH GRANT plays a self-absorbed and selfish but amiable playboy millionaire who hires Lucy as his Chief Counsel at his real estate development firm. Known for his roving eye, he gets divorced from his wife and briefly fools around with June, but really has his heart set on Lucy, even if that means a falling out with his business partner brother.
  • ALICIA WITT plays the young lawyer brought in to replace Lucy who briefly fools around with George.
  • DANA IVEY and ROBERT KLEIN play Lucy's ultra-liberal and activist parents who aren't crazy about her working for the "enemy" (that's particularly true for the mom).
  • HEATHER BURNS plays Lucy's best friend who participates in a demolition protest and later gives her some advice.
  • DAVID HAIG plays George's ruthless brother and business partner who doesn't care what promises George may have made to Lucy.


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    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this romantic comedy that's been rated PG-13. Various instances of non-explicit, sexually related dialogue are present, while a woman's head accidentally becomes stuck at a man's clothed crotch (played for laughs so that when a person comes into the room, he mistakenly believes he's seeing something sexual). Some brief, passionate making out occurs, while we see a partially disrobed man and woman (she in her bra and slip) during some "strip chess."

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (most played for laughs), while they and others drink (one to the point of being drunk and then passing out). Profanity consists of a handful of mild expletives, while some colorful phrases and other imitative behavior is present. There's a brief bit of scatological humor, while there's also some brief struggling and slapstick style material.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Various people have wine at a reception.
  • George has a beer.
  • George has drinks with a woman in a club.
  • George has a beer next to him.
  • Lucy and George have wine on his yacht and she's drunk (and George mentions she's had huge quantities of alcohol). After coming on to him, she eventually passes out and he carries her back to her place. She has a hangover the next day.
  • George says he took June out for a drink.
  • People have drinks.
  • People have drinks at a reception.
  • George asks June if she wants something from the mini-bar and she requests a beer.
  • People have champagne at a going away party.
  • There's a long scene where Lucy begins to have intestinal pains while in a car with George. They then hit gridlock and she says she won't make it (he tells her just to go in the car and she says she won't). He then spots an RV and carries her to it (as she holds newspaper over her clothed rear end), asking the owners if she can use it. They agree and she hurries into the bathroom where we hear some pained straining sounds from her.
  • Some may view Lucy and her friends trying to stop the legal demolition of a building (by lying on the street in front of the wrecking ball) as having bad attitudes (they're arrested), while others could view the developers as having the bad attitudes for tearing down old buildings.
  • George says that when he was under anesthesia for an operation, he supposedly proposed to every nurse in the hospital, including the better looking male ones (played for laughs that might offend some viewers).
  • George is somewhat of a selfish playboy who admits to cheating on his wife (and we then learn that she cheated on him) who takes advantage of Lucy (not sexually) and her position with his firm.
  • Lucy, who's in Meryl and Tom's wedding, leaves the ceremony when she receives a call/page from George (although it says it's an emergency).
  • Trying to get herself fired, Lucy spits out her gum so that it lands under Howard's shoe as he steps down (after being late for their meeting).
  • George congratulates a large woman on her pregnancy, but the non-pregnant woman becomes indignant about that.
  • Howard pressures George into reneging on an earlier promise (or else he'll fire him).
  • Howard's wife isn't happy to be at a benefit and wonders why they can't just give money and leave.
  • George and June start passionately making out in front of an older couple on an elevator.
  • Referring to Lucy, George says that no one wants to live with a saint since saints are boring.
  • None
  • None
  • Phrases: "Stupid bimbo," "Jerk," "Moron," "Jeez," "Schmuck" and "Freaking."
  • Lucy and her friends are community activists who attempt to stop the legal demolition of a building by lying on the street in front of the wrecking ball (they're arrested).
  • George flushes the toilet while Howard showers to change the water temperature.
  • A woman has a ring in her pierced nostril.
  • Trying to get herself fired, Lucy spits out her gum so that it lands under Howard's shoe as he steps down.
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • At least 2 hells, 1 ass, 1 damn, 1 S.O.B., 6 uses of "Oh my God," 2 each of "God" and "Oh God" and 1 use each of "Jesus" and "My God" as exclamations.
  • A woman shows some cleavage.
  • When making Lucy a business offer, George tells her that he wants something else from her. She says she's aware of his reputation (sexual) and that "there's no way you're getting that." He asks what she's talking about, she says sex and he says that would be nice, but what he really needs is a new chief counsel. She then says she'd prefer the sex.
  • Not happy that George has called her early in the morning from a club, Lucy tells his "date" about George and his mysterious rash (which causes the woman to look at his clothed crotch and then leave).
  • During George's divorce proceedings, the opposing lawyer wants more money for George's infidelity. The wife then says that George had sex with another woman in their bed and he says he thought she was worried about making a mess on the sofa. Lucy then brings up the fact that wife had a fling (some "couch time") with someone at work.
  • We see George with just a towel around him.
  • Lucy's head ends up getting stuck at George's clothed crotch in the men's room (after she takes him in there to discuss her job and when she bends down to pick up her earring). Howard then comes in and sees them that way (with her head sideways at his crotch) and George then yanks his belt out to release her (after they otherwise try to act professionally).
  • While drunk, Lucy talks about her past romantic life or lack thereof. She says that in high school, some guy took her parking and all she talked about was Nelson Mandela. George then jokes that he would have found that erotic. She then says that maybe she's not good in bed. He agrees and she then says that she is, that "I am really good in bed." She says that he should be so lucky, and that her lawyer exterior should not fool him as deep down, she's a complete animal, like a bobcat. She also adds that she's extremely flexible and can bend like a pretzel, and adds, "Like a twisty kind." She then says that she could give him a twisty, bobcat kind of pretzel and that's what he wants. She then plants a kiss on him, but then passes out.
  • The next day, she wonders if anything happened between them the night before when he took her home while she was passed out. She says, "We didn't, uh...last night. Did we?" He then jokes that it was magical and that she made sounds he never heard a woman make before (referring to her snoring). He then adds not physically, but spiritually she was the best he ever had.
  • Lucy shows a little cleavage.
  • We see Howard with just a towel around him.
  • George and June start passionately making out in front of an older couple on an elevator. He then takes her into his place where she mentions that the thing she likes better than chess is strip chess. Moments later, we see her in her bra and slip, while he's in his boxers. Nothing happens, however, as Lucy lets herself into his place and interrupts them. She then says that it's okay and that she was going to go off and "have sex myself." She then adds not by herself, but with somebody else (and makes up that she has Barry in her bed).
  • The next day, Lucy runs into June and mentions being with Brian. June says she thought it was Barry, and so Lucy lies that first it was Barry, then Brian, and then it was just crowded.
  • George tells Lucy that he didn't sleep with June and then says he wants to discuss the above bobcat pretzel thing (she says the bobcat part is out, but that she can do the pretzel). The two then passionately kiss.
  • None.
  • Howard briefly mentions that his and George's father has been dead for 10 years.
  • We hear that George is about to get divorced and we then briefly see the divorce proceedings (all played for laughs).
  • Lucy and her friends are community activists who attempt to stop the legal demolition of a building by lying on the street in front of the wrecking ball (they're arrested).
  • Developers and their plans vs. conservationists.
  • Constitutional rights of free speech.
  • How opposites attract.
  • Keeping one's promise.
  • George's soon-to-be divorced wife throws water in Lucy's face and then tries to go across the table at her, only to be held back by her lawyer.
  • June hits a tennis ball that strikes Lucy on the head, dropping her to the court.
  • Lucy accidentally runs into a truck door that opens in front of her, sending her falling to the street.
  • Lucy and June briefly struggle over control of a stapler.

  • Reviewed December 16, 2002 / Posted December 20, 2002

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