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(2002) (Jay Chandrasekhar, Brian Cox) (R)

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Comedy: Some wild and crazy Vermont state troopers try to prevent their department from being closed and their jurisdiction being given to the local police force.
Thorny (JAY CHANDRASEKHAR), Foster (PAUL SOTER), Mac (STEVE LEMME) and rookie Rabbit (ERIK STOLHANSKE) are all Vermont state troopers known for their wild and crazy antics that include messing around with drivers they pull over.

Their behavior doesn't sit well with fellow trooper Farva (KEVIN HEFFERNAN), who's usually on suspension from Captain O'Hagan (BRIAN COX), or the local police force, run by Chief Grady (DANIEL VON BARGEN), that wants them shut down and control of their jurisdiction.

When they get word that their latest stunt will cause Governor Jessman (LYNDA CARTER) to order that to happen, the men try to figure out how to prevent that, all while Foster becomes involved with the enemy in the name of Officer Ursula Hanson (MARISA COUGHLAN), a desk jockey for the local police.

If they're fans of goofy/zany comedies, they might be drawn to it, but the lack of any major recognizable performers may keep this one off most kids' radar screens.
For language, sexual content and drug use.
  • JAY CHANDRASEKHAR plays a state trooper who enjoys comically messing with those he encounters. He also smokes pot, drinks to the point of being drunk and apparently engages in sexual behavior with those he's arrested.
  • PAUL SOTER plays another trooper who also sets out to mess around with people, smokes pot, drinks and fools around with Ursula.
  • ERIK STOLHANSKE plays the rookie trooper who joins the others in their shenanigans and smokes pot and drinks.
  • STEVE LEMME plays the loose cannon of the bunch who does the above and uses some strong profanity.
  • KEVIN HEFFERNAN plays the one trooper that the rest of the unit despises. He uses strong profanity, gets drunk and is a jerk to others.
  • BRIAN COX plays their veteran captain who tries to keep them in line, but gets drunk with them when their unit is shut down.
  • DANIEL VON BARGEN plays his professional arch nemesis who leads the local police force.
  • MARISA COUGHLAN plays the local cop who becomes involved with Foster and wants to be something more than just a desk jockey.
  • LYNDA CARTER plays the state's Governor who briefly shows up for a visit.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity consists of at least 58 "f" words and many other expletives, as well as a great deal of colorful phrases. Various instances of sexually related dialogue are also present (some of it explicit), as is sexually related behavior (including a German couple sexually coming on to various troopers and vice-versa with some groping; a trooper masturbating in his car; a couple fooling around in various places; and a man acting like he's having sex with a bear - that's fake).

    Meanwhile, a blow-up sex doll is briefly seen, as is male full frontal nudity, while various instances of male rear nudity are present, and a bare-breasted woman is seen in person while another is seen in a photo. Other scantily clad women and one man are also seen, while an occasionally seen cartoon monkey holds a banana at its crotch that's shaped like a penis.

    Various characters smoke pot (and in one instance eat it and hallucinogenic mushrooms), others drink (several to the point of being quite drunk and one vomiting as a result), and a few smoke. Various instances of imitative behavior are present, as are some bad attitudes (although everything is played for intended laughs). Violence consists of various characters fighting and/or striking others (also played for comedy with some mild, bloody results), while a dead woman is briefly seen (but we don't know what happened to her).

    Should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Three college students smoke joints while driving down the highway. When they see the troopers approaching, they get the guy in the backseat to eat the pot as fast as he can. One of them then wants him to eat their hallucinogenic mushrooms as well (which he does) and then throws more drugs out the window. Before the troopers walk up, the driver asks the passenger if he looks high and the passenger says he does. After a few moments, the guy who consumed all of the drugs says he's starting to freak out.
  • Thorny and Rabbit then tell the guys that they're going to sit there as the college students smoke the entire bag of pot they threw from the car (but they're interrupted by something else so that never happens).
  • Mac drinks several shots of liquor in a bar and then races out and acts like he's stealing one of the patrol cars and drives off.
  • The troopers learn that a man was transporting "reefer" in his truck.
  • We see that Rabbit has some confiscated pot in his pocket.
  • The troopers pose for pictures with the Mayor in front of confiscated drugs.
  • We see all of the troopers (except for Farva) smoking joints.
  • Foster has a beer.
  • Some people have drinks at a reception where Farva shows up and is excited about there being an open bar. He then orders many beers and guzzles down one of them. We then see him and others drinking more, with Farva then being drunk (and vomiting from that).
  • The troopers drink beer and their captain brings out shots of liquor for them. They then drink more while driving (in one car) and are all intoxicated.
  • Various college students drink at a party where some former troopers deliver a keg. One student there smokes a joint, while someone runs out saying he loves acid.
  • In the outtakes, more people drink and chug beer.
  • Thorny loudly belches after chugging an entire bottle of maple syrup.
  • The police find a dead woman in a trailer (but we don't know how she died and she's not bloody or gory).
  • Various characters are a bit bloody after a fight.
  • We see Farva vomiting into a toilet from being drunk.
  • While drunk, O'Hagan urinates on a car that's been pulled over (we don't hear it or explicitly see it).
  • The actions of the troopers are often in bad taste or judgment, particularly when they break the law.
  • The local cops and the troopers have bad attitudes toward each other.
  • Farva is mean to Rabbit and others.
  • A man locks two of the troopers in the back of his truck.
  • One of Ursula's fellow cops has a bad/condescending attitude toward her.
  • The guys learn that Farva ratted them out to the local cops (about their plan).
  • The troopers do various bad things (urinating on a car, driving over a mailbox and simply drive) while drunk.
  • Some cops turn out to be working with drug dealers.
  • Some college students have bad attitudes toward former troopers who now deliver a keg to a party they're having.
  • None.
  • Handguns: Drawn by the troopers while pursuing a wild driver into a bar. We then hear several shots being fired, but it turns out to be a prank the troopers are pulling on some college kids. In addition, Farva briefly holds his handgun on the other troopers who are drunk.
  • Shotgun/Rifle: Held by the mayor in a photo and held by Ursula on Foster as a joke.
  • Phrases: "(This sh*t is) F*cked up," "You f*cker," "He f*cking started it," "What the f*ck /is this?" "Oh, f*ck it," "There's no f*cking way that's going to happen," "Yippee-ki-yay, m*therf*cker," "Freeze, m*therf*cker," "Chicken f*cker," "Sick m*therf*cker," "F*ck you, d*ckhead," "F*ckers," "F*ckhead," "Oh sh*t," "Sh*t list," "Holy sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "Don't bullsh*t me," "Who gives a sh*t?" "Never sh*t a shitter," "No sh*t," "Dumb sh*ts," "We look like a bunch of p*ssies," "D*cking around," "Screwing" (sexual), "Hell raisers," "Be-atch" (bitch said in exaggerated fashion), "I'll be damned," "Watch your ass," "Hell, yeah," "What the hell /is this/has gotten into you guys/is he doing/is it all about?" "Chick" (woman), "You wanna tell me what bug crawled up your ass?" "Sorry ass," "Shut your pie hole," "Nuts" (crazy), "Pull your head out of each other's asses," "Shut up," "How the hell should I know?" "Douche bag," "Crappy," "Scumbag," "Balls" and "Nut" (testicles), "You big idiot," "Sucks," "Boners" (erections), "Whore house," "Screwed up," "Oh, hell yeah," "Ass kissing," "You crapped on my heart," "Get your ass out here," "You screwed us over," "Screw up," "Nut case," "What the crap?" and "Loser."
  • The characters' wacky/zany behavior, attitudes and dialogue might be enticing for some kids to imitate.
  • Some college students get one guy to eat their drugs as fast as possible when the troopers pull them over.
  • A person purposefully speeds by and then attempts to elude the troopers, but it turns out to be Mac just having fun in disguise. After a few moments in a bar, we hear some gunshots and he then races out (as if having just shot the troopers) and "steals" their patrol car (to scare the college students).
  • Thorny and Rabbit have a drinking contest to see who can down an entire bottle of maple syrup first.
  • Mac gives "the finger" to the local cops. This happens again later.
  • Farva puts a bar of soap in Rabbit's coffee.
  • We see a woman with a tattoo of a cartoon monkey figure.
  • We see Rabbit step out of a locker after the guys have covered him with what looks like whipped or shaving cream.
  • Realizing he's just short of the minimum ten galloon fill-up at the gas station to get a free hot dog, Farva pumps the remaining amount into a nearby trashcan.
  • Farva spits on a car's side view mirror to clean it.
  • There's a brief running joke about workers at a fast food place spitting in Farva's burger (we don't see it, but there are repeated references to it).
  • As the troopers do some target shooting, Mac comes in wearing just a jock strap with a metal cup (his bare butt is exposed). He then gets others to shoot him in the crotch with real bullets to test the cup, and the ensuing shoots knock him down.
  • Two local cops answer a call about a man having sex with a bear and then see what looks like just that (a man standing behind a bear in the woods moving behind it as if having sex with it, and making related sounds and comments). We eventually see, however, that it's one of the troopers in a combination suit of fake human legs and a bear mock-up designed to look like the above.
  • While drunk, O'Hagan urinates on a car that's been pulled over.
  • None.
  • Some action-oriented suspense music plays in one scene.
  • At least 6 "f" words are heard in a song in the closing credits, while other songs had lyrics that couldn't be understood, thus offering the possibility of them containing further potentially objectionable material.
  • At least 58 "f" words (4 used with "mother," while 3 are used sexually as are the terms "humping" and "screwing"), 43 "s" words, 2 slang terms using male genitals (variants of "d*ck"), 2 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*t"), 22 asses (7 used with "hole"), 14 hells, 8 damns, 4 craps, 1 S.O.B., 17 uses of "G-damn," 6 of "Oh my God," 2 each of "Christ" and "Oh God," and 1 use each of "God," "Jesus," "Swear to God" and "Mother of God" as exclamations.
  • A barbed comment is made among some law enforcement officers about them multiplying, and one person then commenting on them "figuring out what hole to stick it in."
  • In several scenes we see an emblem that has a cartoon monkey turning around to look in our direction, with his pants partially down (showing part of his cartoon butt) and holding a partially peeled banana-like object at his crotch that looks rather similar to a cartoon penis.
  • A woman wears a bikini top at a little league baseball game.
  • One of the guys mentions something about the second time he got crabs (as he and another trooper are locked in the back of a truck). When Thorny finally lets them out, he says, "It stinks like sex in here."
  • After some comment is made about sleeping with other people, Rabbit and Thorny talk with a kid about whether his mom has any guys staying overnight with her (any older boys or someone she might call "uncle").
  • The troopers pull over a German couple in a sports car and the woman acts seductively toward them (while showing a great deal of cleavage and brief views of her panties). The driver says he can't afford another ticket, and thus offers his wife as "payment" with comments being made about what she can do to one of the troopers or vice-versa (with a comment about spanking). The woman then bends over the car to allow Rabbit to frisk her from behind and he gropes her clothed breasts before kissing her on the chest. She then gets on top of him on the hood of the car and kisses his neck, while telling the others they can join if they like (with the male driver putting some feather thing out to touch Thorny on his clothed crotch). Thorny then pulls Rabbit aside (saying the car is stolen) and Rabbit complains that he really "needs this." Thorny then replies that if it were any other day he'd show him how to swing. The woman keeps acting sensual toward Rabbit (with a comment about things getting kinky) as he cuffs her, kisses her neck and gropes her clothed breasts. Later, and with those two in the backseat, Thorny tells a boy they're transporting to sit on Rabbit's lap (for lack of room in the cruiser), but Rabbit says that's not such a good idea (an erection reference).
  • Mac masturbates in his cruiser (not graphically seen but there's no doubt what he's doing) while looking at a billboard of a woman who shows cleavage. As his hand rhythmically moves faster and faster, we here the clicking of his radar gun also increasing in speed (but he's interrupted before he's done).
  • We see Thorny and his girlfriend and he adjusts his underwear. We then see that they have the above German couple in their bedroom (jumping on their bed and we see the woman's bare breasts as she's just in her panties, while the man is in some tight black shorts). The girlfriend wants Thorny to allow them to stay longer and Thorny then asks, "Who wants a mustache ride?" (The Germans say that both of them do).
  • Foster shows up at Ursula's station wearing just an overcoat and his underwear. A man's voice then comes from behind him, telling him to freeze, and then drop his coat and grab his toes, adding, "I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes" and "I'm gonna butter your bread." This turns out to be Ursula, however, using a voice changer to disguise her voice. Foster then asks if she has a fresh pair of underwear he can borrow, and she replies that she doesn't think he could fit into her panties.
  • We then see Foster and Ursula making out against a trailer, with her leg up along his side. They then go inside the trailer where she throws him down onto the bed. She then jumps on him on the bed (both are clothed).
  • A man comments to another man, "Let me guess, you just humped a man's wife."
  • We see Foster and Ursula making out in a cruiser. They then get out and get into the backseat. He then pulls off her top and they kiss some more, but we don't see anything else.
  • A comment is made about paying ten dollars to watch two cops have sex in New York City.
  • Farva says they should take some Viagra and issue tickets with "raging boners."
  • O'Hagan asks Thorny something about what it was like when he was caught "f*cking your cousin."
  • We see Farva's bare butt as he's being showered down by the local cops (after they arrest him). We then see his full frontal nudity and another view of his bare butt. Later, we see him walking nude and holding some clothes that barely cover his crotch and butt.
  • We see a photo of a bare-breasted woman in a calendar.
  • As the troopers do some target shooting, Mac comes in wearing just a jock strap with a metal cup (his bare butt is exposed). He then gets others to shoot him in the crotch with real bullets to test the cup. One then asks how he feels after the first shot and he replies, "Good enough to f*ck your mother."
  • Two local cops answer a call about a man having sex with a bear and then see what looks like just that (a man standing behind a bear in the woods moving behind it as if having sex with it, and making related sounds and comments). We eventually see, however, that it's one of the troopers in a combination suit of fake human legs and a bear mock-up designed to look like the above. The cops, however, refer to this man as a "bare f*cker."
  • Foster asks Ursula if she's "screwing him too."
  • Some comments are made about something sounding like "f*cky, sucky" and different sexual positions.
  • We see that the other troopers have Farva in his underwear and T-shirt, cuffed to a toilet.
  • We see a blow-up sex doll that has the name "Ursula" written on it (it belongs to Farva) that shows full frontal nudity.
  • Some miscellaneous people smoke at a party.
  • None.
  • What real state troopers are really like.
  • A guy drives by and knocks off the head of a mannequin sticking out of Foster's patrol car.
  • Foster throws an empty maple syrup bottle and hits a local cop with it, causing a brief scuffle between members of both forces.
  • Farva purposefully lights Rabbit's cassette tape on fire.
  • The police find a dead woman in a trailer (but we don't know how she died and she's not bloody or gory).
  • After Grady and Thorny push each other, members of both forces get into a fight, with punching, kicking, struggling and slamming some people into the side of an RV (when it's done some of them are a bit bloody).
  • After Ursula tells Foster he can punch her back for an earlier fight between the forces, a foul ball hits her in the face, causing her to think Foster punched her.
  • A man hits another man with an enormous wad of cotton candy.
  • Farva smashes Rabbit down onto the hood of a car.
  • After earlier grabbing a fast food employee, Farva rushes and dives over a counter, knocking the guy to the floor (when he thinks that someone spit into his burger).
  • As the troopers do some target shooting, Mac comes in wearing just a jock strap with a metal cup (his bare butt is exposed). He then gets others to shoot him in the crotch with real bullets to test the cup and the ensuing shoots knock him down. Grady then shows up and fires one of the guns off to side and it blows out a car window.
  • Mac punches Farva in the crotch.
  • After Foster asks Ursula if she's "screwing him too," she shoots him in the crotch with a stun gun.
  • The troopers drunkenly drive over Grady's mailbox. O'Hagan then throws something that breaks one of his windows (we hear it).
  • Farva holds his gun on the other troopers who are drunk.
  • Local, corrupt cops open fire on a blow-up doll, and troopers then jump out, with both sides punching and kicking each other.
  • In the outtakes, we briefly see Farva fighting with some kids, as well as people pushing other people around, hitting some with police riot shields, and people throwing things at one person walking bath and forth like a moving arcade target (with someone throwing a large fire extinguisher at him).

  • Reviewed January 29, 2002 / Posted February 15, 2002

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