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(2002) (Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara) (PG)

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Action/Adventure: Hoping to clear their names, beat their rivals, and save the world, two spy siblings set out for a mysterious island in hopes of recovering a powerful device.
It's been a year since Carmen (ALEXA VEGA) and Juni Cortez (DARYL SABARA) discovered that their parents, Gregorio (ANTONIO BANDERAS) and Ingrid (CARLA GUGINO), were secret spies and then had to rescue them and save the world. Now established "spy kids," the two are called in to rescue Alexandra (TAYLOR MOMSEN), the precocious daughter of the President of the United States (CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD), but are upstaged by rival spy kids Gary (MATT O'LEARY) and Gerti Giggles (EMILY OSMENT).

They're the children of Donnagan Giggles (MIKE JUDGE) who unexpectedly and suspiciously beats out Gregorio as the newly appointed head of the O.S.S. Things get worse when a bunch of waiters drug the adults at that promotion ceremony and steal a "transmooker" device that not only renders all spy gadgets useless, but also endangers the whole world.

Juni is then wrongly accused of being responsible and is fired as a junior spy, resulting in Gary and Gerti being assigned to recover the stolen device. Not content with that, Carmen hacks into the agency's computer, reinstates Juni and reassigns the Giggles to a case in the Gobi Desert.

She and Juni then assign themselves to the missing transmooker case and travel to a mysterious island where they hope to discover who's responsible. Gregorio and Ingrid then get word that their kids are missing and thus set off on a rescue mission accompanied - much to Gregorio's chagrin - by Ingrid's meddlesome parents (RICARDO MONTALBAN & HOLLAND TAYLOR) who were former spies themselves.

As the kids attempt to recover the transmooker, they must not only deal with the efforts of the Giggles clan trying to undermine them, but also the various mutant monsters that genetic scientist Romero (STEVE BUSCEMI) accidentally unleashed on the island.

If they're fans of the first film, it's a good bet they'll want to see this one.
For action sequences and brief rude humor.
  • ALEXA VEGA plays one of the original spy kids who uses her smarts and bravery in dealing with various complications that arise. She also hacks into a top-secret government computer to break some rules.
  • DARYL SABARA plays her younger brother and fellow spy kid who also uses his smarts and bravery during their various adventures.
  • ANTONIO BANDERAS plays their father who sets out to rescue them but must put up with his meddlesome in-laws.
  • CARLA GUGINO plays his wife who similarly sets out to rescue the kids.
  • STEVE BUSCEMI plays a genetic scientist who's spliced various creatures together, resulting in some monstrous creations.
  • MIKE JUDGE plays an adult spy who's named director of the organization but who turns out to be corrupt.
  • MATT O'LEARY plays his son, a new spy kid who's determined to upstage Juni and Carmen.
  • EMILY OSMENT plays his younger, precocious sister who initially has the same goal but eventually sees the light and changes her ways.
  • RICARDO MONTALBAN and HOLLAND TAYLOR play Ingrid's parents who are former spies that get under Gregorio's skin with their meddlesome, but well-intentioned ways.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this PG-rated action/adventure film. Some scenes involving the kids in mild peril and/or facing various mutant monsters or sentient and attacking human skeletons might be unsettling, suspenseful or even downright scary for some younger viewers, but that depends on their age, level of maturity and tolerance for and/or past exposure to such material.

    Violence consists of some characters (kids and adults) hitting or striking others in an action/adventure fashion, along with some of those mutant monsters briefly battling each other. Some slapstick style material is also present. Crude humor involves a vomit-inducing amusement park ride that produces just that (as seen hitting a transparent umbrella), as well as two kids landing in and then being covered by fresh camel dung (including one having some in his mouth).

    No profanity is present, but some colorful and imitative phrases are, as is some behavior that impressionable kids might want to mimic. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (kids and adults alike), while some champagne is passed around at a reception. If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Waiters pass out champagne (that turns out to be spiked with a sleeping agent) at a reception and even offer some to Juni and Carmen (they turn that down). Moments later, all of the adults make a toast with that champagne and then fall unconscious.
  • An amusement park ride owner shows off some his outrageous rides, including one called the Vomiter. As it begins to spin around, the owner opens a large, transparent umbrella and holds it in the direction of the ride. Moments later, a large amount of vomit visibly lands on that umbrella.
  • A device announces that it's picking Juni's nose (his back is to us so we don't see the actual act).
  • Gary and Gerti accidentally fall into an enormous pile of fresh camel dung (up to their necks). We see it all over the heads and faces and Gary even has some inside his mouth (that he spits out).
  • Gary doesn't like Juni (the feeling is mutual) and not only makes that known, but goes out of his way to undermine his efforts.
  • All of those involved in the main diabolical plan have both types of attitudes, as well as for wanting to rid the Earth of the Cortez family.
  • Carmen hacks into the agency's computer and has Juni reinstated, and Gary and Gerti reassigned to another case.
  • We see that Gary has smashed Juni's robotic bug creature (we don't see the act, just the smashed results).
  • A man turns sides and works for the bad guy at the end.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" may also be tense, unsettling or scary to some younger viewers (while older ones probably will have little or no problems with that or the following material).
  • Juni and Carmen suddenly realize that all of the equipment on their sub no longer works (accompanied by some suspenseful music) and they're not sure what's going on (as they're also thrashed around a bit inside it).
  • We see an enormous, two-headed sea monster coming up out of the water behind Carmen and Juni who are floating on the surface in huge, inflatable suits. The monster has huge teeth and a menacing look, and bites down at them, but hits their suits and sends them flying across the surface toward the shore.
  • Later, in another scene, the same monster surfaces behind Gary and Gerti and causes a huge wave that sends the two flying toward the shore.
  • Carmen and Juni see the movement of some sort of monster in the woods coming toward them, causing them to run up a hill away from it.
  • Juni accidentally falls into a volcano and Carmen, after tying herself off, quickly jumps in after him and then catches him by the foot. Her rope/cable, however, quickly begins to fray and the two then fall an apparently great distance (but aren't hurt after spending several hours in a freefall illusion).
  • Juni, Carmen and Romero hear some nearby monsters and he indicates they need to hurry and get to someplace safe.
  • In a flashback, Romero tests a growth liquid on one of his hybrid creatures and it suddenly grows to a huge size and appears menacing (it might scare younger viewers).
  • Small hybrid creatures try to attack and bite Juni and Carmen who are flying across an island on an airborne and large magnet (with the kids eventually jumping off - but they're not harmed).
  • A large spider-monkey (a centaur like creature comprised of a monkey from the torso up and a spider for the part below that) approaches the kids and makes some menacing sounds.
  • Juni and Carmen find themselves in an underground temple of sorts where various human skeletons hang from the walls and two are still standing. After Juni takes an amulet from the two that are standing, the human skeletons come to life. Moments later, the two kids return to the room and note that all of the human skeletons are now gone. The human skeletons then pursue them and the kids must fend them off (by kicking them and fighting them with a sword) as they have Carmen "cornered" on a precipice. A huge "horse-fly" (a pig with wings) then swoops by and scoops up Carmen.
  • Romero opens a small window to look outside and suddenly sees a huge, monstrous eye right there looking in at him.
  • Romero finds himself surrounded by all of his monsters and is afraid they're going to attack him (but they don't, and are even friendly to him).
  • Sword: Used by Juni to fight some human skeletons that have come to life.
  • Phrases: "Excuse me, sport" (said condescendingly), "Squirt," "Give it a rest," "I'm no loon," "I'm with you, dude," "Are you nuts?" "Let's kick their butts," "Your creature's lame. So are you, lame-o," "Dork," "You're so full of shitake mushrooms" (said with a slight pause in the middle of shitake), "Good going, cheese-ball," "Brat," "You dope" and "Kick his butt."
  • The President's daughter, Alexandra, stands up in an amusement park ride's car, climbs out and across the arm and then onto a ledge so that she can get everyone's attention (and in an effort to make her distant father be her rescuer - but that doesn't happen).
  • Carmen hacks into the agency's computer and has Juni reinstated, and Gary and Gerti reassigned to another case.
  • Carmen smacks Juni with a rubber band-like bracelet/gadget.
  • Carmen and Juni take turns yanking a tracking device (that looks like a tooth) from each other's mouths (no blood).
  • A monster loudly belches.
  • In the end credits, Carmen must act like a pop star during a concert and wears a midriff-revealing top and dances around like any other young pop star while Juni struts around the stage like Angus Young from the group AC/DC.
  • Romero opens a small window to look outside and suddenly sees a huge, monstrous eye right there looking in at him.
  • We were informed that the print we saw at our press screening did not contain the final music (although everything else was final), thus offering the potential of more or less than the extreme amount of suspenseful and action/adventure music that we heard.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Gregorio and Donnagan get into a fight where they follow the advice of the others in how to defeat their opponent. Accordingly, Ingrid tells Gregorio, "Do what I showed you last night," but it turns out to be something other than sexual as is slightly teased with that comment.
  • None.
  • The President's daughter, Alexandra, climbs out of a ride and onto a ledge so that she can get everyone's attention (and in an effort to make her distant father be her rescuer - but that doesn't happen).
  • Gregorio and Ingrid worry about their kids' whereabouts and safety, while there's some family tension between Gregorio and his in-laws who invite themselves along with them on their rescue mission.
  • The work and life of spies, and what it would be like to be a spy kid.
  • Romero's query about whether God stays in Heaven because He fears what he created here on Earth.
  • Despite their squabbles, Gregorio jumps in to sacrifice himself and save his in-laws. When asked why, he says because they're family.
  • Several adults fall to the floor or have their faces fall into their dinner plates after something in their champagne drugs and knocks them unconscious.
  • Various spy kids tangle with various adult villains, hitting and knocking them down, one is thrown across a table, a tablecloth is yanked out and sends a villain crashing onto the table, others are kicked, some jump on backs, and another one kicks a villain in the back. One waiter tries to throw Gary aside, but his shoe-based jet packs stop him from hitting anything. Juni kicks one and another grabs him around the body, but Juni flips him over to the floor. Gerti then flies up into the air and kicks a villain in the face or chest, knocking him backwards. Gary knocks another one down and he and Juni then struggle over grabbing the transmooker. Carmen kicks a waiter in the chin, and throws utensils at him, but they stick to his head in a magnetic fashion.
  • Carmen smacks Juni with a rubber band-like bracelet/gadget.
  • We see that Gary has smashed Juni's robotic bug creature (we don't see the act, just the smashed results).
  • An automated French fry feeder accidentally pokes some fries into Juni's face.
  • When a performer stops a musical number of sorts, various thumb creatures fall to the floor.
  • Juni and Carmen are thrashed around a bit inside their sub.
  • Carmen somewhat playfully, but somewhat meanly kicks out a support under Juni's makeshift hammock, causing the bottom half of it to crash to the ground (but he's not hurt).
  • As their submarine comes to a sudden halt, Gary and Gerti are slammed face first into the window (played for laughs).
  • Carmen and Juni purposefully smash some small tracking devices with a rock.
  • Various human skeletons come to life and then come after Carmen. She kicks several of them off the top of a precipice, while Juni strikes or otherwise fights others with his sword.
  • Juni and Gary have their two large monsters fight each other. Gary's "slither" creature (or something like that) pushes Juni's spider-monkey to the side of a ledge. It then goes over the edge and grabs hold of the slither that then wraps its snake-like head/neck around a column. The slither then breaks that large column that falls and apparently crushes the spider-monkey creature (but we later see that it's okay).
  • Carmen kicks Gary aside and moments later, punches him in the face.
  • Gregorio and Donnagan get into a fight where they follow the advice of the others in how to defeat their opponent. Accordingly, they literally kick each other's butts after being told to do that, they head-butt each other and fall to the ground, they do sleeper holds on each other and both fall to the ground, Gregorio does a wrestling-like move on him and slams him to the ground, and Donnagan then hits Gregorio in the face with the transmooker.
  • Donnagan then prepares and attempts to fire the transmooker at the kids' grandparents, but Gregorio jumps in the way and the device malfunctions anyway, so no one is harmed.
  • As Gregorio and Ingrid dance during the outtakes, he accidentally drops her to the floor.

  • Reviewed July 26, 2002 / Posted August 7, 2002

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