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Comedy: Comedian Margaret Cho covers various humorous topics in this filmed standup concert appearance.
Filmed live in Seattle during January 2002, the film features comedian Margaret Cho covering various humorous topics including all sorts of sexual matters, eating disorders and more.
If they're fans of the comedian or filmed standup comedy routines, they just might.
The film is not rated, but would be the equivalent of an R (or maybe an NC-17) due to profanity and sexually explicit dialogue.
MARGARET CHO is herself doing a standup comedy bit about various topics including sex, drugs, homosexuality, eating disorders and the like. She uses strong profanity and sexually explicit dialogue during the routine and jokes about engaging in lesbianism and buying drugs (but it's not clear if she's making it up or speaking the truth).


Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

(Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

Here's a quick look at the content found in this filmed comedy performance that has been released without a MPAA rating. Profanity consists of at least 63 "f" words, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also used.

All sorts of sexually explicit dialogue is present as the comedian jokes about related topics such as intercourse, straight and lesbian oral sex, orgasms, "fisting," gay sex, drag queens, watching porno films, sex clubs, S&M and the like. During this, she also makes various sexual gestures with her hands and face.

She also jokes about certain body functions (having a colonic and what men would be like if they had menstrual periods) and drug use, and some of her material might come across as offensive to some viewers.

Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Although no use occurs, the following talk of drugs and drinking does.
  • A cartoon character is noted as having "the munchies."
  • Cho talks about the Anthrax scare and states that her first instinct upon receiving an envelope filled with white power is to snort it. She then adds, "I just won't do that this time."
  • She then says that she traveled to Scotland and that people drink a lot there. She adds that she used to drink but doesn't anymore since one night in the past she got wasted.
  • She then jokes that she didn't go to Scotland to drink, but because she loves heroin. She then goes on that she's just joking and that she doesn't like buying drugs from a dealer since you have to have a feigned relationship with the dealer where drugs are a surprise that occur when you get there (such as for "crack" that she then says she'll take).
  • Although nothing is seen, the following talk of bodily functions does occur.
  • Cho comments that in Scotland drinking is so heavy that there's more vomit on the street than "dog sh*t." She then states that one time she was so drunk that she couldn't decide whether to get up and pee or just pee in the bed (noting that the latter would at least be warm for a minute).
  • Cho comments that there's been a lot of activity in and around her "ass" and then goes into a lengthy descriptive bit about having her first colonic and that "it's the sh*t." She adds that most places play the music of Enya that "facilitates release" and that she almost went in the waiting room. She then adds that she was to put the tube in herself, but that the airhead worker there accidentally put it into her vagina and stated, "Everyone's anus is a little bit different." She then states that she was having her period at the same time and had a tampon "in there" and that she felt like a power strip, and that if she had another hole, she could get Internet access.
  • She then goes on about talking about her menstrual period and stating that she doesn't talk about it that much. She then does a comedy bit about "what if" straight men had periods and how they wouldn't shut up about it. She then talks about bloating, etc. and that men would never have protection, but would use old socks, coffee filters or the sports section to stem the flow. She adds that every bachelor apartment would look like a murder scene.
  • Cho then asks "what if" gay men had periods and goes on about that and attending the red party at club menses. She then imitates such a man and says that he and his boyfriend are on the same cycle and that it's not pretty.
  • Some viewers may take offense at Cho's behavior, language and attitude, while others will find it funny.
  • Some could view Cho's stereotypical accents of various ethnic groups as offensive, but since one is of her race, it's easy to note that she's doing that in a loving/lighthearted joking fashion. Even so, during a cartoon in the film, a black man calls an Asian woman a "Broke down, slanty-eyed, ching-chong ho."
  • Cho jokes that if gay men had menstrual periods and then adds, "What do you mean if?" She also does a lot of comedy bits where she makes fun of gay men, but then states that her best friends in high school were drag queens and she obviously supports gay rights, etc.
  • None.
  • In a comical cartoon short that precedes the main film, a black man and Asian woman pull out progressively bigger weapons at each other including various guns, a canon, and a bomb, etc. but don't use them.
  • Phrases: "F*ck yeah," "Oh, f*ck man," "That's f*cked up," "What the f*ck /is that?" "F*ck you too," "F*cking forget it then," "(F*cking) f*ck you," "Big fat f*ck," "I f*cking hate you," "Dog sh*t," "It is the sh*t," "Take a sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "Sh*tty," "I can't believe it's p*ssy," "Bitch" (said many times), "Broke down, slanty-eyed, ching-chong ho" (what a black cartoon character calls an Asian cartoon character and then repeated several times), "Ass master," "That is the gayest name I have ever heard in my entire life," "K*ck ass," "Crouching drag-queen, hidden faggot," "Balls" (testicles) and "Dyke" (lesbian)."
  • It's possible the film could inspire some girls to imitate the comedian's language, jokes and mannerisms.
  • A cartoon character gives another such character "the finger."
  • A woman outside the theater holds up a sign that reads "Slut pride," another has a large tattoo on his chest, and another has a stud in his chin below his lip.
  • Cho imitates someone else indicating lesbianism by holding her spread fingers to her mouth with her tongue between them.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • At least 63 "f" words (15 used sexually), 11 "s" words, 22 slang terms for female genitals ("p*ssy" and "beaver"), 7 slang terms for male genitals ("d*ck" and "c*ck"), 6 asses and 1 use each of "G-damn" and "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • Margaret shows cleavage throughout the movie in a low-cut top, while some miscellaneous woman "flexes" hers before the concert.
  • A comment is made about getting ass in moderation when talking about a gay person.
  • Cho talks about the 9/11 incident and how she was at Ground Zero day after day "giving blowjobs" to the relief workers and that we all have to do our part. She then adds that you find out a lot about yourself during times of crisis and that she found out that she lost her gag reflex and looked at that as a triumph of the human spirit.
  • Cho talks about a Scottish gay bar having such a gay name that it might as well be called "F*ck me in the ass" bar and grille.
  • Cho talks about going to have a colonic and asking a woman who works at such a place if she likes working with men or women. The woman then stated that she likes women since sometimes men's "equipment" gets into the way and then you have to move it. Cho then adds that this woman put the "tube" into her vagina instead of her rectum.
  • Cho jokes about having no Asian TV role models as a child, and adds that maybe she could have played a hooker. She then says that she'd be looking into the mirror rehearsing the part and saying "Sucky-f*cky, two dollars" and "Me love you long time."
  • Cho talks about her two best high school friends being drag queens and that one would stick an ice cream cone up the other's "ass" at the ice cream parlor.
  • She then states that both have since died but are now acting as her guardian angels. She then states that on a date where she was getting intimate with a guy, one of those angels then told her, "If you want him to get done fast, you need to lick his balls" (and then adds, "Talk about being touched by an angel").
  • Cho does a bit imitating her mother stating that everyone has a little gay in them, including her father who had a male friend tell him long ago that he loved him (but the father then punched him).
  • Cho states that the thing she loves about gay men is the way they are with sex and that there's fun and frivolity surrounding gay men and their sexuality that's not there for straight men. She then adds that if you're oppressed over who you want to sleep with, that when you actually go and do it, you're going to have a good time. She adds that if you're hated for "who you like to f*ck, you're going to kick up your heels and f*ck" (adding that's an inspiration to watch).
  • She then says that one can tell the difference between gay and straight male sexuality by the wording in personals ads. After giving a boring straight male account, she goes into a gay one and states, "Wanted: Ass bandit…hold up this caboose. D*ck smoker a plus." She says that she wants to answer that ad.
  • Cho states that she learned all about sex from gay men and that she kind of has sex like a gay man. She then goes on about how she doesn't like men bringing her flowers, but instead says, "Just bring me some Hershey's chocolate kisses so I can suck them off your d*ck." She then states that a date didn't bring them and so they had to use bakers chocolate (the audience response has her telling them that they must have tried it as well). She then states that they added graham crackers and made smores (and she then repeatedly squeezes her fingers together in mock frustration as if squeezing some crackers around a penis).
  • Margaret states that she and her date rented a porno film and that the guy forgot to return it to the store. She then got a message from the store stating she didn't return "Beaver Fever." She then imitates the clerk saying she didn't know Cho liked "Beaver Fever" so much and then wonders if she's come down with beaver fever. She then adds that the clerk probably thinks that she can't return the video on time because she's unable to stop masturbating. Cho then talks about returning to the video store, the clerk recognizing her, and then gesturing for others to come over and see Cho, indicating who she is by moving her fingers as if masturbating and then holding her spread fingers to her mouth with her tongue between them. As Cho would then leave, she states that the clerk would joke, "Come again."
  • Cho states that she likes watching porn while fooling around and that it's like eating while watching the Food Network. She adds that it's like Emeril with a "woody" (erection). She then says that she and her boyfriend were watching a video while fooling around but weren't having intercourse, but that he was doing this thing with his hands (saying it was a wax on, wax off situation). She then adds that she was close (to having an orgasm) but that she's usually far. She adds that guys are always close, but when she's there, she wants to break on through to the other side, saying she's going to have an orgasm. She then imitates the guy saying that he feels left out, but then says that she said it's like a group outing where nobody is invited, but everybody just knows to come. She then imitates him saying, "Why can't you just f*cking come when I f*ck you?" She then replies, "Because, I can't come when you f*ck me" (all said in exaggerated voices).
  • She then continues by saying that she knows the sex is over "when he gets off" and that she doesn't accept that. "I want to have an orgasm," she replies, saying that he "gets off" and then falls asleep. She then adds that she's going to put a chalkboard over the bed and indicate "One, one."
  • Cho adds that she has orgasms, but that it takes her a little extra time and that she needs some things, such as an extension cord (to help her). She then starts discussing the G-spot and how she can't find hers. She then shows how people try to explain where it is (by acting like they're putting their fingers inside, saying it's in and up to the front). She then says that she doesn't have a lot of area to cover in there, adding that she doesn't have a "cavernous p*ssy" into which she must explore. She says that she still hasn't found it, but not for a lack of trying and that she's made an effort.
  • She then states that she's done everything sexual, including getting "fisted" one time. She adds that it was by a woman and not a huge man with a large Popeye arm (and shows the thrusting of the arm). Cho then states that it was a very short lesbian and then gestures as if a dwarf repeatedly thrusting her arm upwards as if below a woman (and she adds that she felt like one of the Muppets). She then says that the tabloids wrote that she liked "fisting," but adds that they didn't know what that was.
  • Cho states that she went to a sex club for straight people. She states that she doesn't know if she's a "bottom" because it turns her on or because she's lazy, and states that she found a "top" who was huge and whose "d*ck had a d*ck." She says that he told her, "I want you to come over here and worship my c*ck."
  • She then goes on to say that S&M people are bossy and that the masters lend out their slaves to others for sex. She was lent out to a woman and states that if she's going to be with a woman, she wants to pick a "big bull dyke" who looks like John Goodman. She then imitates a woman saying "Get down there" and "Don't come back up unless you're wearing a p*ssy mustache." Cho then says that she'll eat "p*ssy," but that it's just not her first choice and that she'll eat it if they run out of what she really wants. She then says, "Although delicious, it's a mess to eat." Cho adds that you can't just start eating "p*ssy" and then decide halfway through that you don't want it anymore (with more jokes about that as related to eating at a restaurant and then to putting food on the table like a working stiff - saying that in China they don't have any "p*ssy"). She then says that when she's eating "p*ssy" she's so surprised that she's actually doing that.
  • Going back to the S&M story, she says that she was in a swing with a big leather hood on and that some woman was going to "f*ck me with this giant leather dildo" and that people were watching (she then gestures opening the zipper over her mouth and saying she didn't want to).
  • Cho goes on about magazines about sex such as how to look good in bed with your lover (such as if you're having anal sex, he can't see your cellulite). She states that it's wrong since "I get so ugly when I f*ck." She then adds, "If you care about what I look like when you're f*cking me, you shouldn't be f*cking me in the first place."
  • Cho states that sex is worst at the end of a relationship. She then adds that she could never give another "hand job" with a grimace on her face (and then acts out doing that, stating she'd get carpal tunnel and TMJ at the same time).
  • Cho tells the audience to love themselves without restraint, but then adds unless one is into leather and then by all means use restraints.
  • After the concert, some woman mentions something about sticking something up a vagina.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Cho's sources of comedy and topics that she touches on including gay and straight sexual behavior, menstrual periods, gay men, drag queens (who died of AIDS), eating disorders (and her being anorexic and bulimic when younger), etc.
  • Cho stating that gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married like straight people.
  • Cho stating that without self-esteem, one is likely not to report wrongs committed against them as well as hesitating to do much of anything.
  • Although nothing is seen, Cho jokes about her father punching some guy in the past who said he loved him, and of being in a relationship that's near its end where you want to kill the despised partner and put a pillow over their face.

  • Reviewed August 27, 2002 / Posted August 30, 2002

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