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Comedy: Comedian Martin Lawrence performs various comedy routines in this filmed standup concert appearance.
Filmed over a two-day period in January 2002, comedian turned actor Martin Lawrence (MARTIN LAWRENCE) delivers a stand-up comedy routine covering a variety of topics including his recent run-ins with the law and other bad publicity.
If they're fans of the actor/comedian and/or filmed standup performances, they probably will.
For strong crude sexual dialogue and pervasive language.
  • MARTIN LAWRENCE plays himself, a standup comedian who performs in front of a live audience and uses strong and sexually explicit language, admits to previous drug use and tries to explain his various run-ins with the law.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is essentially non-stop, with at least 311 "f" and 183 "s" words along with plenty of other expletives and colorful phrases coming from the comedian's mouth. A great deal of sexually explicit dialogue covering various topics is also delivered, while the comedian does some simulated/mock sexual movements during some of his sexually related stories and jokes.

    Some viewers might not like some of the material that he uses for comedy such as gross-out material or making racist remarks, etc. Some drug and alcohol related material is present (as the comedian admits to being high on pot in one instance), there's a brief reference to violence, and some of the comedian's mannerisms, dialogue and others bits might be enticing for some kids to imitate.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • No actual use is seen, but the following material is present.
  • Lawrence voices a woman saying that a man's been drinking when he wants access to her free breast (with a child breastfeeding on the other) and has the woman say that he'll get the baby drunk if he comes into contact with it.
  • Lawrence says that at least one person in a married couple smokes pot or drinks. He then delivers dialogue about rolling a blunt and about married men always being the ones in bars. He then goes on about a drunk man returning home, having another drink and letting the alcohol do the talking for him (to his wife).
  • Lawrence recounts a story that made it into the press and then admits that he was high when it occurred, and talks about smoking "that weed" and wondering what was in it that made him act the way he did.
  • While nothing bloody or gory is seen, Lawrence goes into somewhat graphic detail about childbirth and the afterbirth, etc. that might be unsettling for some viewers.
  • Lawrence also goes on for quite a while about repeatedly "sh*tting" himself while in the hospital, reacting to the smell and a nurse having to clean him up (as well as that of him knocking over a urine container).
  • Later, he goes on about discovering that a woman has gotten her period while having sex with her (and that it looks like a massacre, etc.).
  • Lawrence briefly uses a generic Arabic name in relation to talking about terrorists and then goes on about how all Arabic people look alike. He also makes stereotypical Latino accents.
  • He also somewhat mocks the government for not finding Osama Bin Laden yet.
  • Some viewers might not like Lawrence telling parents to "whoop your child's ass" if they act up. He then goes on to say that you have to hit them quick so that no one sees you doing that (and does a comedy bit about hitting them with a seat belt buckle).
  • None.
  • We see still clips from some of Lawrence's films where handguns are held.
  • Although not seen, Lawrence admits to having a gun in his jacket when he was arrested (and mentions many others holding guns on him during that moment).
  • Phrases: "F*ck 'em," "F*ck that," "F*ck it," "F*ck you," "What the f*ck /is a critic anyway/is that sh*t about/is wrong with you?" "Get the f*ck out of here," "F*ck you up," "It's f*cking crazy," "Ride this m*therf*cker 'till the wheels fall off," "Shut the f*ck up," "I'll f*ck you up," "F*ck this," "F*cked up," "(This is) Bullsh*t," "Freaky sh*t," "I don't give a sh*t about you," "Oh sh*t," "Don't start no sh*t," "What is that sh*t?" "Don't come here starting no sh*t," "That's some true sh*t, ain't it?" "You need to get your sh*t together," "Stop that sh*t," "You're a d*ck," "Nigger" (said many times and heard in various songs), "Kiss my ass," "Nuts" and "Balls" (testicles), "You're an asshole," "I'll beat your bitch ass," "Get off your ass," "Hos" (whores), "Old ass," "Bad ass," "Homeys," "Bitch," "What the hell is that?" "You big bitch you," "Dirty bastard," "Little ass" and "Piss" (urinate).
  • Lawrence sports some tattoos.
  • Some kids might be enticed to imitate Lawrence's style of comedy, language, etc.
  • After slamming critics, Lawrence grabs his clothed crotch and says, "Criticize these nuts"
  • Lawrence responds to a heckler by saying, "Somebody put something in his mouth, my zipper's stuck."
  • None.
  • None.
  • While not all of the lyrics could be understood, we did hear the following: At least 19 uses of the "f" word (including several using "mother"), 5 "s" words and many uses of "nigger."
  • At least 311 "f" words (119 used with "mother," 4 used sexually), 183 "s" words, 20 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck" and "meat"), 7 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 22 slang terms for breasts (variations of "t*t"), 69 asses (5 used with "hole"), 21 damns, 2 hells, 8 uses of "Oh God" and 6 uses of "G-damn" as exclamations.
  • Lawrence tells the ladies in the crowd to throw their panties up to him when they scream. He then adds for them to put their numbers on their panties and that he'll get back to them according to the smell.
  • While making jokes about women with holes in their necks from smoking, Lawrence imitates a man saying, "I want to do something a little different tonight. Let me put my d*ck in your neck" (and then goes on about how good it feels while simulating some pelvic thrusting and holds the imaginary woman's head/back of neck with one hand).
  • While acting like Martin Luther King talking to Jesse (presumably Jackson), Lawrence says, "Stop chasing those hos (whores) Jesse."
  • Lawrence jokes about letting kids know who's boss and says that you have to get them when they "come out of the p*ssy." He then acts as if he's spreading a woman's genitals apart and pokes his head inside to confront the baby.
  • While doing a comedy bit about childbirth, Lawrence acts in mock shock that the baby's head is tearing up the "p*ssy." He then says, "That was my fit" and that it's now "all f*cked up." He then adds, "Look how big that f*cking hole is," that he can't follow that and then wonders if he's supposed to "F*ck her with my knee?" He then makes simulated movement of that with his knee.
  • Lawrence makes a reference to having sex (with something to do with having a woman's legs in a chandelier) and the result being a baby. He then talks about the childbirth experience being sexy and comments about asking the woman if she's ready to have another one. He then talks about one's "d*ck starting to get hard" and that the childbirth experience turned him on, but then adds that you can't get any "p*ssy" for 6 weeks after that. He then talks about walking around the house and holding your meat in your hand and that you don't want to "beat your meat." He then simulates a conversation where the husband tells the woman that her dissolvable stitches look dissolved and that she appears ready to go (for sex). He then simulates stimulating the woman with his fingers (asking if it hurts when he does that) and thrusting his finger in and out after telling her to spread his legs. He then goes on about not being able to get any t*tty for a year (he also refers to long-term breast-feeding as incest) and that he's a "t*tty man" and that he doesn't care what size they are, that he loves them all (as long as it's something more than just a nipple so that he doesn't feel like he's working on a man). He adds that he doesn't even care if they have stretch marks, as he'd lick between the lines.
  • After saying not to believe a woman if she says she's a virgin before marriage, Lawrence tells men to check out the "p*ssy" before you marry a woman (equating it to taking a car out for a drive). He then jokes about possibly marrying a hermaphrodite (saying a "big ass clit" could turn out to be a d*ck and that it was so big it looked like a thumb).
  • He then tells women to do the same thing and check out their man's genitals (telling them to grab it, look at it, hold it, etc.). He then says to look at the head and the sides and under the "balls." He then acts like a woman asking about two bumps she finds on "the helmet." He then tells women to look at their man naked and make sure his penis lines up right, and then adds that if there's a hook in his "d*ck," they'll have to "f*ck like this" (and he then makes sideways pelvic thrusting movements). He then continues with the physical humor about having sex around a corner, etc.
  • Lawrence goes on about how most women shouldn't wear white at their weddings, adding that one "f*cked" the usher last week.
  • Lawrence acts like a person in the bar who orders a double since the wife "want to f*ck tonight."
  • Lawrence mentions being submersed in ice after passing out while jogging in the heat and comments on that not being good for the size of his genitals. He then says that he later woke up and thought his "d*ck" had grown due to the catheter in it.
  • Lawrence asks the audience if they like sex and then safe sex. He then says that sex is good and that he loves it and everything about it, except for the crazy stuff (including S&M activity). He tells the ladies that he loves the oral sex and that "I love when you do me." He then adds that if he's going to perform oral sex on them, they have to clean the area well (and goes on about the smell down there). He then goes on about women not liking men with a dirty "d*ck," and that he's being sued by a woman who claims she got high blood pressure from the "salt on my balls." He then says that he asked if she liked her "meat seasoned."
  • He then says do it (have sex) when you get the chance, have fun and "make love." He then goes on about the "weird sex sh*t." He then goes on about urinating on one's partner and slapping them to induce pain. A bit about a guy asking a woman to kick him in the "balls" then follows as does a bit about a lady having her nipples clamped to a door and then having that slammed shut (and then acting aroused from that). He follows that with commentary about putting gerbils up one's "ass."
  • He then says to be cautious and gentle with your sex and lovemaking. He then describes a night of lovemaking and makes some sexual sounds while doing so in describing things being moist and wet (asking, "Are you getting extra wet for me tonight?") and feeling it all over your body, and then realizing that the woman has gotten her period.
  • None.
  • Lawrence admits to being divorced.
  • Lawrence's style of humor and the subject matter he uses in attempts for laughs.
  • The comedian's statement that life is short and that no one is promised tomorrow.
  • The comedian's statement that no one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life.
  • The comedian's attempts to explain his various run-ins with the law and other bad publicity.
  • While we don't see any actual violence, Lawrence does a comedy bit about a wife running up and hitting/striking her sleeping husband and then running off and hiding. He also mentions punching some guy in a club.

  • Reviewed July 29, 2002 / Posted August 2, 2002

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