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(2002) (Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: After being set up and tortured for more than a year in a North Korean prison, British spy James Bond sets out to get revenge on those who wronged him, including a villain who wants to start and win a war.
British secret James Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) has been sent to North Korea to assassinate renegade military leader Colonel Moon (WILL YUN LEE). The plan goes awry, however, and Moon is apparently killed, his second-in-charge, Zao (RICK YUNE), is injured and Bond is captured. After 14 months of torture and interrogation, he's released in exchange for Zao, but discovers that his own government and boss, M (JUDI DENCH), believe he's damaged goods. Accordingly, she rescinds his spy status.

Wanting to regain that and get revenge on those who set him up and wronged him, Bond follows a lead and heads for Cuba where he meets Raoul (EMILIO ECHEVARRIA) and learns of an undercover operation involving DNA transplants to give people new identities. He also meets and beds the sultry Jinx (HALLE BERRY) who happens to be an American spy working to disrupt that operation.

After an encounter with Zao that leads to more clues, Bond heads for London to meet flamboyant businessman Gustav Graves (TOBY STEPHENS) who deals in diamonds, some of which were found on Zao. Following a fencing match that turns into something far more intense, Graves invites Bond to Iceland where, with the aid of publicist Miranda Frost (ROSAMUND PIKE) and inventor Vlad (MICHAEL GOREVOY), he's preparing to unveil an invention named Icarus. An orbiting satellite, the invention can provide a great deal of light and energy wherever it's directed on the Earth.

Equipped with various high-tech gadgets courtesy of Q (JOHN CLEESE), Bond must deal with various heavies such as Zao and Mr. Kil (LAWRENCE MAKOARE) as he tries to figure out how Graves his involved with the situation and must then stop the villains from unleashing their nefarious plan.

If they're fans of the Bond films or anyone in the cast, it's a good bet they probably will.
For action violence and sexuality.
To avoid giving away any later character revelations/developments, only the major characteristics and non-revelatory behavior is listed in the following.
  • PIERCE BROSNAN plays British secret agent James Bond who sets out to get his revenge on those who set him up. Along the way to figuring out who's responsible and what's really going on, he kills various people, smokes, drinks and beds two women.
  • HALLE BERRY plays a covert government agent who tries to complete her job, and shoots and kills various people while also bedding Bond in the process.
  • TOBY STEPHENS plays a flamboyant businessman and diamond dealer who's involved in some nefarious plans and is responsible for various deaths.
  • ROSAMUND PIKE plays his publicist with an icy demeanor who eventually beds Bond.
  • WILL YUN LEE plays a renegade North Korean officer who tangles with Bond.
  • RICK YUNE plays his right-hand man who's disfigured during an accident and later teams up with Graves.
  • JUDI DENCH plays Bond's steely boss who believes him to be damaged goods after 14 months of enemy torture and interrogation.
  • JOHN CLEESE plays the British gadget guru who supplies Bond with his various high-tech spy tools.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this action/adventure film that's been rated PG-13. Violence is mostly standard for James Bond films with all sorts of big action sequences containing various fighting scenes as well as deaths by various means and all sorts of property damage. While a few of them have some bloody results, most do not. Some, however, may be tense or suspenseful in an action-oriented fashion.

    Bond beds two women during the film with passionate making out, some rolling around in bed and brief movement. Various scantily clad women are seen at times, while plenty of double entendres and sexual innuendo are also present (as in any Bond film) and the opening title sequence features various nude, but silhouetted women.

    Profanity consists of a handful of expletives and colorful phrases. Meanwhile, various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, while others smoke and/or drink, although none are done to excess. If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • We see a bottle of champagne in Bond's room.
  • Bond has drinks with a man in Cuba.
  • Bond has a drink as do others and he lets Jinx have some of his.
  • M has a drink.
  • Bond has a martini on a plane.
  • Bond has a drink.
  • Various people have drinks and Bond orders a martini.
  • A man's face is somewhat bloody after an explosion.
  • Bond appears to have some blood on his chin and chest.
  • We see that Zao has diamonds embedded in his face (from a previous explosion).
  • Zao has a little bit of blood on him after a fight.
  • Bond has some blood from his nose and on his shirt, while Graves has some from his mouth after an aggressive dueling match.
  • We briefly see blood mix with water when a large chandelier falls onto a man in the water.
  • Jinx has a slightly blood cut across her belly.
  • Graves has some blood on his chin.
  • The various villains obviously have extreme cases of bad attitudes for their diabolical plans and for killing people.
  • Bond's government doesn't support him and essentially accuses him of giving up top secret info while being tortured.
  • A patron is disrespectful to a waiter and even holds a gun to his crotch.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" could also possibly be tense or suspenseful to some viewers.
  • Bond appears to be having a cardiac arrest and people rush to his aid (but it's all faked).
  • Jinx finds herself trapped in a large room made of ice that's now melting and flooding around her. She eventually runs out of air as the water reaches the top and we then see her floating in the water. Bond eventually rescues her and then races to resuscitate her before it's too late.
  • Jinx tries to regain control of a large plane that's lost cabin pressure and is heading out of control toward the ground as well as the immense laser beam being fired down from Icarus.
  • Bond tries to start a falling helicopter before it hits the ground.
  • Handguns/Machine guns/Knives/Flamethrowers/Various explosives (rockets, C4, etc.)/Tanks/Mines: Carried or seen and/or used to threaten, wound or kill people and cause property damage. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "What the hell /is this all about/do you want?" "Bloody" (adjective), "Sure as hell" and "Read this, bitch" (what one woman says to another upon killing her).
  • Some kids many want to imitate Bond or Jinx's adventurous stunts, fighting and/or the double entendres they deliver (listed under "Sex/Nudity").
  • None.
  • A heavy amount of suspenseful and adventurous music plays in the film.
  • None.
  • At least 4 hells, 3 uses of "Oh God" and 1 use each of "G-damn" and "Lord" as exclamations.
  • During the standard Bond opening credits scene scantily clad or nude women (with designs "painted" onto their bodies to partially cloak their nudity) are seen during the credits. Due to the lighting, etc. nothing explicit is seen, although the shape of women's breasts is obvious.
  • A masseuse, who comes from the House of Desire (or that's her name or something like that) arrives in Bond's room and tells him to get on the bed. He wonders if she wants him face down, she says of course but then says that she's not that kind of masseuse (but nothing else happens as Bond realizes it's a setup).
  • Bond spots Jinx emerging from the sea in slow motion in her small bikini that shows a lot of skin and cleavage. Moments after they meet, he tells her that he's an ornithologist. She then looks down toward his crotch and says "Wow. That's a mouthful" (double entendre). He then drops some innuendo about predators at night and that they feast like there's no tomorrow.
  • We then see a silhouette shot of them making out with her on top of him and we then see her bare back. More urgent and passionate kissing follows (mostly in a head and shoulders shot) and there's some slight movement noted in those shots. One asks the other, "Are you always this frisky?" and a comment is made about the touch of a good woman. He then gets on top of her and we see some rolling around under the sheets (from a distance).
  • We briefly see a woman in a bikini (or similar bra and panties) in bed with a man (but nothing sexual is happening).
  • Jinx shows cleavage and other skin in various scenes.
  • A classic statue shows bare breasts.
  • Some innuendo is made about fencing (such as "I have been known to keep my tip up"). When a woman is asked if she wants to place a bet regarding Bond and Graves sparring, she declines the offer stating that she doesn't like cockfights.
  • Bond wonders if he'll expect Frost's pleasure in Iceland and she says that he'll never have that pleasure.
  • Frost asks Jinx about Bond and his big bang theory and Jinx states that she "got the thrust of it" (more innuendo).
  • Frost grabs Bond and makes out with him to cover him for what he was really doing. More passionate kissing follows and he says she's getting good at that.
  • We see Frost under the covers (apparently nude, but we don't see anything) and Bond then gets in bed with her. He gets on top of her, they passionately kiss and it's implied that they have sex.
  • A comment is made about Frost using sex as a weapon.
  • Jinx says to Frost, "He did you? I didn't know he was that desperate" (about Bond bedding Frost).
  • We see Frost in something akin to a sports bra top.
  • Some innuendo is made about "going down together."
  • Bond briefly makes out with Moneypenny and she pulls him down onto her where he partially lies on top of her on a table. When interrupted, she buttons up her shirt (but none of this really happens).
  • We hear Bond and Jinx talking before we see them and hear, "Wait. Don't pull it out. I'm not finished with it yet. It's a perfect fit. It's got to come out sooner or later." Jinx then asks if they can leave it in for a few more minutes and we then see that they're referring to a diamond Bond has placed in her navel. She's in just her bra and panties (we only see a glimpse of the latter) and he's partially lying on top of her. He then says he doesn't know how good she is, and she replies, "I am so good" and he says, "Especially when you are bad." They partially kiss.
  • Bond and a man in Cuba each smoke cigars several times, while an American agent smokes once and some miscellaneous people smoke.
  • A man must deal with his son turning on him.
  • North Korea, the DMZ and the history of both.
  • The life and work of government spies.
  • Bond holds a gun on a man and then takes his place.
  • A man kicks a hanging bag many times (like a kick-boxer) and we then see that a man was inside that bag and was thus injured.
  • Colonel Moon repeatedly fires an anti-tank gun into a helicopter, destroying it.
  • Bond sets off an explosion of C-4 that presumably kills at least one man and injures at least one other man. Various soldiers then open fire on Bond but hit their own men in the crossfire. Bond then punches one man and fires something that results in some sports cars exploding. Bond then drives a hovercraft and fires at others as they fire at him. Another hovercraft crashes into a closed gate and explodes. Bond throws a man from his moving hovercraft while more weaponry is fired at him and he causes more explosions. During this, another hovercraft crashes and flips over, while Moon fires a machine gun and then flamethrower at Bond. Bond then shoots various mines as he passes them that cause big explosions and results in another hovercraft slamming into a tree where it explodes. Moon then rams his hovercraft into the back of Bond's and more gunfire is exchanged. The two then exchange blows (punching and kicking) with Moon also firing the flamethrower at Bond. The hovercraft then crash through a gate and fall down into a waterfall (Bond is okay).
  • We see various scenes of North Korean soldiers beating or torturing Bond, including dunking his head into ice water, punching him, stringing him up, threatening him with scorpions (we later hear they stung him with them, but that he was then given antidotes), etc. We hear that this went on for 14 months.
  • North Korean soldiers drag Bond outside and then hold guns on him (making it appear as if they're going to shoot him).
  • We see some brief flashbacks from above where Bond is hit and dunked into the ice water.
  • Bond uses defibrillator paddles to shock some medical people so that he can escape.
  • Bond throws something that breaks a mirror to reveal a camera crew hiding behind it.
  • Bond punches a guy with a bad attitude in the face so that he can use him as an unconscious prop in a wheelchair. Later, and once at his destination, Bond pushes the man in the wheelchair hard enough that the unconscious man falls out and creates a diversion for Bond.
  • Jinx shoots an underground doctor twice, killing him.
  • Zao and Bond get into a fight where they hit and kick each other (with Zao wrapping cables around Bond's neck until Bond elbows him and smashes his head onto something). Bond punches him in the face and then uses a strong magnet to grab Zao's gun. A bomb set by Jinx then goes off, causing an explosion.
  • Jinx chases after Zao and shoots some people along the way (injuring or killing them). Men then hold guns on her before she does a back dive off a cliff to escape.
  • Bond and Graves participate in a fencing match that becomes more aggressive as it wears on, eventually turning into a violent encounter where the two men have real swords that they use to try to harm or kill the other. During this, Graves cuts Bond's clothing and Bond nicks him on the face, while some property damage occurs (a painting is sliced, a display case is knocked over, etc.) and the men exchange blows as well. This goes on for several minutes until Frost breaks it up.
  • As some suspenseful music plays, Bond hears a noise outside his room and goes out to investigate. He then sees a dead or unconscious person on the floor and then proceeds through the office with his gun drawn. He then sees more such people and then opens fire on several intruders, apparently killing them, but it all turns out to be a simulation.
  • Bond throws his new car's manual up into the air so that the car's machine guns blast it to pieces.
  • Bond hits and punches a man. He then releases a pressure valve and the resultant blast of air/steam knocks down two other men.
  • Jinx holds a gun on Zao, but Graves shocks her with an electrical arm attachment that hits her with thousands of volts. She's shocked again and then strapped down with a deadly laser beam approaching her. Bond arrives and then fights with a man, hitting him and causing several laser beams to crisscross the room. Bond tries to avoid the lasers while exchanging punches with the man and trying to rescue Jinx. He eventually turns off the lasers, but the man then repeatedly punches him and tries to stab him with something. Jinx then manages to get the laser gun on and it fires through the back of the man's head and out his mouth (no blood or gore). She then uses the laser to cut off a man's arm (so that they can use his fingerprint) but we don't actually see the cutting or severed arm.
  • Bond tries to shoot a person, but his gun is empty.
  • A person punches Bond in the gut, and various people then shoot machine guns at him as he flees on foot and in his car.
  • Graves uses Icarus to fire a monstrous laser beam at Bond as he tries to escape in a rocket car. We see forests and other areas burning up behind Bond during this. He eventually ends up hanging over the edge of an immense, icy wall in that car and tries to configure parts of it for his escape as the laser beam nears him and melts the ice, eventually sending him and a huge chunk of it toward the sea.
  • Jinx kicks Zao in the face.
  • Bond clotheslines a guy on a snowmobile.
  • A guy on a snowmobile crashes into Bond's invisible car and flips over it.
  • Zao pursues Bond's car in a sports car across the ice. He fires machine guns and missiles at Bond who returns fire and destroys the missiles.
  • A car smashes into some guys on snowmobiles shooting at it with machine guns and knocks them into the side of a building.
  • A car chase then takes place inside an icy fortress with one car finally crashing and Bond then causes what looks like a large chandelier to fall onto the driver who's in a body of water (presumably killing him as we briefly see blood mix with the water).
  • Bond blasts through a wall of ice with his car to rescue Jinx.
  • Icarus fires its huge laser beam that destroys everything in its path on the ground, including buried mines that explode upon contact.
  • Bond knocks out a man while Jinx throws a knife that hits another man in the throat, apparently killing him (but there's no blood).
  • A man holds a gun on Graves who then shocks that man with his electric glove and then shoots him at close range (we don't see the impact or any blood).
  • Jinx knocks out a man.
  • A man hits Bond's gun just as it fires. The bullet then breaks a window on a large plane, depressurizing it and sucking many people out and to their presumed deaths (others try to hold on to prevent that).
  • A person holds a sword to Jinx's throat. Those two then get into a fight with Jinx throwing various knives at the other person who avoids them. The two then get into a swordfight with other blows delivered as well and the villain's sword just barely slicing across Jinx's belly (with a little bit of blood).
  • A large plane is slowly torn apart as it nears the laser beam being fired down from Icarus.
  • Bond fights a man and kicks him backwards. More punching ensues and the man then shocks Bond with the electrified glove.
  • A person dies when a knife is stabbed into their chest (on the other end of a book).
  • A person is sucked into and through a huge jet engine.
  • A plane disintegrates as Bond and Jinx try to get out.

  • Reviewed November 18, 2002 / Posted November 22, 2002

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