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(2002) (Kate Bosworth, Matthew Davis) (PG-13)

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Drama: A young surfer becomes distracted from winning a local surfing competition when she meets a visiting professional football player.
Anne Marie Chadwick (KATE BOSWORTH) is a young surfer living in Hawaii who's trying to make ends meet while pursuing her goal of competing in and winning the prestigious but dangerous Pipe Masters competition.

Living with her surfer friends Eden (MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ) and Lena (SANOE LAKE), Anne Marie works with them as maids at a local hotel while trying to raise her younger sister, Penny (MIKA BOOREM), who's now entering a rebellious stage. She must also put up with local surfers such as Drew (CHRIS TALOA), her former boyfriend, who don't think that girls should be surfing, let alone entering surfing contests.

Determined to prove him and others wrong, Anne Marie works hard at training and mentally preparing herself for the competition, but is still haunted by a near drowning incident three years earlier during another contest. She also finds herself distracted by Matt (MATTHEW DAVIS), a professional football player who, like the comically obese Leslie (FAIZON LOVE), is in town for the Pro Bowl.

After Anne Marie is fired for confronting Leslie about his lack of hotel room cleanliness, she ends up spending more time with Matt. This doesn't sit well with Eden who believes him to be using her for a week of fun before heading home and thus ruining her chances of winning. With the days counting down to the competition, Anne Marie must then decide what's right for her, all while battling internal and external doubts about her ability to compete in the surfing competition.

If they're fans of anyone in the cast or are into surfing movies (especially ones featuring women in bikinis) they probably will.
For sexual content, teen partying, language and a fight.
  • KATE BOSWORTH plays a young woman who's determined to win a surfing competition and take care of her younger sister. She uses strong profanity, apparently sleeps with Matt and is fired from her job as a maid for reprimanding a guest. She does overcome her fears and mental blocks, however, to compete in the competition.
  • MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ plays Anne Marie's friend and fellow surfer who becomes upset that Anne Marie is becoming distracted from the competition. She uses some profanity.
  • SANOE LAKE plays their other friend and roommate who's also a surfer with a pierced tongue.
  • MIKA BOOREM plays Anne Marie's younger sister who's entering a rebellious stage and wants to hang out and party with older boys.
  • MATTHEW DAVIS plays a pro football player who becomes smitten with Anne Marie, hires her to teach him how to surf, and ends up sleeping with her. He also encourages her to follow her dream.
  • FAIZON LOVE plays another pro football player who's good-natured and enjoys showing off his obese body.
  • CHRIS TALOA plays Anne Marie's former boyfriend who gives her and other female surfers a hard time about being involved in the sport. He also uses profanity and picks a fight with Matt.


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    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this drama that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 27 "s" words, while other expletives, colorful phrases and some sexually related dialogue also occur.

    Some sexual encounters are implied (we see a woman in a man's bed the next morning and she earlier finds a used condom on a hotel guest's floor) and some briefly fooling around and making out is seen. Throughout the movie, various women and one obese man are seen in various forms of revealing attire, including some skimpy bikinis and underwear, and some brief, partial nudity is occasionally seen.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, some of the surfing scenes and related wipe-outs and precarious underwater moments - including repeated sights of a young woman bashing her head against some underwater coral -- might be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers, and some characters drink (including what appears to be that of an underage girl).

    A brief fistfight occurs, as does various forms of behavior that might be enticing for some kids to imitate. A young woman tries to raise her younger sister since their mother has abandoned them, while some gross-out moments include views of soiled toilets and what looks like vomit on a hotel room floor.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • A comment is made that the beer is gone inside the women's refrigerator (indicating that Penny took or drank it). Anne Marie then finds Penny at a party with much older guys and appears to have a drink in her hand (and looks a bit intoxicated). Others there do drink.
  • Matt offers for Anne Marie to come up to his room for a drink. She eventually does go there, but we don't see any drinking.
  • Lena notes some champagne in Matt and Anne Marie's room from the night before and then appears to drink some in the background of a shot.
  • Various people have drinks at a dinner.
  • A surfer has some blood from around his eye after being injured while surfing (we don't see the impact).
  • We briefly see what looks like urine and excrement in a toilet that the women must clean. Later, we see excrement stains on the outside of a toilet as well as what looks like vomit on the floor.
  • Matt has a bruise/cut on his face from an earlier fight.
  • Some local guys, including Drew, make fun of Anne Marie and other female surfers and say that they shouldn't be surfing or entering the competition, etc. Some also get in her way while she's trying to surf.
  • We see that various hotel guests have bad attitudes by leaving their rooms in bad condition, including in the bathroom and leaving used condoms on the floor.
  • The three women try on a guest's clothes in a hotel room (and use her computer) while the person is out.
  • Various hotel guests have demeaning attitudes toward the young women who are working as maids.
  • Various football wives, girlfriends or groupies are shallow materialistic women who make fun of Anne Marie and her dress (unaware that she's in the bathroom with them).
  • During the movie, we see several flashbacks to Anne Marie smacking her head on some coral/rocks under the water.
  • Various scenes involve Anne Marie or others wiping out and then being tossed about and/or dragged through the extremely rough and disorienting surf. In one scene, Eden rescues Anne Marie on a jet ski, but a large wave wipes out both of them. In another, Annie Marie's leg leash (connecting her ankle to her surfboard) becomes stuck on some coral and the waves not only keep her underwater, but also momentarily prevent her from extracting herself from the situation. After that, she's repeatedly pummeled by wave after wave.
  • The three women drive down the wrong side of a highway so that they can pull up next to Matt and talk to him (during this they nearly hit an oncoming car and have to swerve out of the way).
  • A fight between Matt and some local surfers might be unsettling for some viewers.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "What's this horsesh*t on the sandbar crap?" "Oh sh*t," "Don't give us sh*t," "Scared shitless," "This is bullsh*t," "You're going to eat sh*t," "Chick" (woman), "What the hell /was that/is she afraid of/are you doing?" "Balls" (testicles), "Jeez," "Sucks to be you," "Freaking pain in my royal ass," "Screwing up," "You got schooled by the maid, homey," "Pissing me off," "Oh hell no," "Shut up," "You're an asshole," "Little hooch" (short for hoochie), "You kick ass out there," "Stop being such a Barbie," "Ballsy," "Pro ho" (whore)," "You were such a c*cky little sh*t," "Oh hell yeah," "I'm gonna kick your ass" and what sounded like "Bitch."
  • The film could obviously inspire girls to take up surfing.
  • Various people have tattoos.
  • Throughout the movie, we see Anne Marie and various other women in various forms of swim attire, including some rather small bikinis, which show a great deal of skin (they also occasionally wear midriff-revealing tops).
  • Some of the women put their mouths against glass and then blow rather hard so that their mouths and cheeks exaggeratedly expand against the glass.
  • We see Anne Marie going through a conditioning exercise where she's carrying a large rock at the bottom of the ocean and dragging Lena and Eden behind her (all while holding her breath).
  • A local guy gives "the finger" to the three women, while another guy later gives the "f you" sign with a hand and arm gesture.
  • The three women drive down the wrong side of a highway so that they can pull up next to Matt and talk to him (during this they nearly hit an oncoming car and have to swerve out of the way).
  • Lena has a pierced tongue.
  • We see the rather obese Leslie in a small Speedo type bathing suit. Penny says that he's wearing "nut huggers" and he corrects her by saying that they're called "nut containers."
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of such music plays in the film.
  • Although we didn't hear anything, various rap songs had lyrics that couldn't be understood, thus offering the possibility of potentially objectionable material being in them.
  • At least 27 "s" words, 4 slang terms for breasts ("boobs"), 12 asses (2 used with "hole"), 6 hells, 4 craps, 1 damn, 15 uses of "Oh my God," 3 of "God" and 2 of "Oh God" as exclamations.
  • Throughout the movie, we see Anne Marie and various other women in various forms of revealing clothing and swim attire, including some rather small bikinis, that show a great deal of skin.
  • A local guy playfully grabs Eden and says that he likes girls hard on the outside but soft on the inside (possible innuendo).
  • Lena makes some sort of sexually related joke/comment about Anne Marie and a former teacher of theirs.
  • A hotel guest wears a very tight and revealing top that shows off her breasts and cleavage.
  • We see brief shots of people doing some close/sensual dancing (with the camera focusing on their clothed pelvic regions).
  • The women go to clean a hotel room that's in disarray and Lena then steps on a used condom on the floor that then becomes stuck to the bottom of her shoe (all played for laughs as she panics about this). Anne Marie then removes it (wearing gloves), walks out onto the beach with it, and shows Leslie (a football player) the correct way to dispose of it.
  • Anne Marie sarcastically tells a dejected-looking Penny that there's plenty of time to get pregnant and go on welfare.
  • We see the rather obese Leslie in a small Speedo type bathing suit. Penny says that he's wearing "nut huggers" and he corrects her by saying that they're called "nut containers."
  • Matt and Anne Marie make out in his hotel room while standing (after some slight double entendres in front of the hotel; her saying that if people see them go in together, rumor will have them sleeping together; and him putting his hand down into his pants to adjust himself before she arrives). He then removes her tank-top and starts to work on her bikini strap behind her back, but the phone interrupts them and nothing else happens.
  • Penny and Lena playfully make fun of Anne Marie giving Matt surfing lessons and dropping innuendo, saying she was "working it," and asking, "Did you get some play?" During this, Anne Marie is changing clothes and we see her in some rather small underwear that shows part of her bare butt cheeks.
  • Anne Marie and Matt make out at night in a hot tub (we only see their heads and shoulders). The next morning we see her in his bed with just a sheet around her (we see her bare back), thus implying that they had sex. On the phone, Lena calls her a "little hooch" (short for hoochie).
  • We see Anne Marie in the shower (facing away from us) and see her bare back (as well as glimpses of parts of the side of her bare breast) down to the top of her butt.
  • Eden sarcastically wonders if Anne Marie is going to run off and be a "pro ho" (whore).
  • We see Anne Marie and Matt lying face down and receiving massages. We see their bare backs down to their butts (that are covered by towels) and see part of the side of her bare breast.
  • Anne Marie wears a fancy dress that's cut way down the front and shows a great deal of her chest and inside side of her breasts (and Penny says she can see her "boobs").
  • From below the stall door, we see Anne Marie hike up her dress and sit on a toilet (where she calls up the surfing report on her phone) and we see part of the sides of her bare butt.
  • Anne Marie tells Matt that she's "the maid you slept with on vacation."
  • Among the many things Anne Marie says she wants in life, one is for Penny to stop smoking (but we don't see her doing that).
  • We hear that Anne Marie's mom left them several years ago to live in Las Vegas and thus Anne Marie has to act as Penny's caretaker. The two briefly have a fight over Penny attending a party with much older guys and Anne Marie later states that she wishes their mom would come home.
  • Women competing in sports predominantly controlled by men, such as surfing.
  • Striving to accomplish one's goals.
  • Class differences, and how some people view and treat those in the service industry, such as maids, in a demeaning fashion.
  • The fact that it's never resolved as to whether Matt and Anne Marie's "relationship" turned into something more than just a weeklong fling.
  • During the movie, we see several flashbacks to Anne Marie smacking her head on some coral/rocks under the water.
  • Penny and Anne Marie briefly struggle and must then be separated as Anne Marie tries to force Penny to leave a party.
  • After various local guys purposefully get in her way while surfing, Anne Marie and one of them get wiped out and she pushes and kicks him under the water (we also see that the wave broke her surfboard in half).
  • Drew and others pick a fight with Matt due to him and Anne Marie surfing in a secret surfing spot. Drew repeatedly pushes Matt backwards (as Anne Marie tries to intervene but is restrained and pushed around). Matt then punches him in the face and Drew drives him back against a vehicle. There's struggling and others kick Matt in the gut and bash him back against the vehicle. Matt then punches Drew several times in the side.
  • During a surfing competition in huge waves, some surfers are injured by the waves. Anne Marie wipes out on one ride and then slams her shoulder into a rock below the surface, but is otherwise okay.

  • Reviewed August 13, 2002 / Posted August 16, 2002

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