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(2002) (Josh Hartnett, Shannyn Sossamon) (R)

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Romantic Comedy: After hearing that his ex-girlfriend is now engaged to someone else, a young man decides to abstain from any sort of sexual behavior for forty days in hopes of purging her from his system.
It's been six months since Nicole (VINESSA SHAW) dumped Matt (JOSH HARTNETT), and he's yet to get over that or her. Despite having no problem finding other women to date or bed, he can't stop thinking about her and that's caused him to experience some sexual problems. His roommate, Ryan (PAULO COSTANZO), thinks he should just get on with his life, as does Matt's brother, John (ADAM TRESE), a priest in training.

When Matt hears from the "Bagel Guy" (MICHAEL C. MARONNA) that Nicole is now engaged, it just about breaks him. Yet, he decides to do something about that and his other problem, and that's give up sex or any other sort of sexual behavior for Lent. Most everyone thinks he's crazy and/or won't be able to accomplish the task, with his co-workers secretly setting up a website and betting pool related to such matters and when he'll fail.

Matt thinks he'll have no problem completing his task, but then meets Erica (SHANNYN SOSSAMON), a young and attractive woman who scours porn sites for a living working for a company that provides software to filter them out. Although Matt tries to keep things platonic, he and Erica begin developing feelings toward each other, although he decides not to tell her of his quest, a point that leaves her and her roommate, Sam (MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL), wondering what his story might be.

As the days wear on and Matt's older boss, Jerry (GRIFFIN DUNNE), decides to try his hand at abstinence as well, various people try to make Matt succumb to the temptations of having sex so that they can will the ever-growing betting pool. Yet, he tries to hold on and hopes that Erica can wait for his unique goal to be over.

The young and attractive cast, as well as the overall sex comedy angle will probably have many teens as well as most any sex-obsessed boys interested in seeing it.
For strong sexual content, nudity and language.
  • JOSH HARTNETT plays a young man hung up on his ex-girlfriend, a point that ruins his casual sex experiences with others. Accordingly, he decides to abstain from sex and sexual matters for 40 days, but finds himself falling for Erica (with whom he does have a sexual encounter of sorts during the quest and then afterwards). He uses strong profanity and becomes unstable as his quest continues.
  • SHANNYN SOSSAMON plays the woman who Matt meets during his abstinence quest. She ends up falling for him, but is then upset when she learns about what he's doing and that he won't have sex with her until he's through with the forty days. She uses some strong profanity.
  • VINESSA SHAW plays Matt's ex-girlfriend who comes running back to him when she's dumped and then decides to ruin his quest.
  • PAULO COSTANZO plays Matt's roommate who wants him to get over Nicole and reports on his sexual activities back to the coworkers who are running the betting pool on his celibacy. He uses strong profanity.
  • ADAM TRESE plays Matt's brother, a priest-in-training who uses some profanity, tries to give out helpful advice to Matt and is briefly seen making out with a young nun.
  • MICHAEL C. MARONNA plays the "bagel guy" who has the scoop on what's going on in various offices. He makes various sexual comments and gestures.
  • MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL plays Erica's roommate who isn't sure about Matt or Erica's relationship with him.
  • GRIFFIN DUNNE plays Matt's sex-obsessed boss who tries celibacy, but can't help ogling women in his office and finally pleasuring himself while under the influence of Viagra. He uses some strong profanity.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated romantic comedy. Profanity consists of 19 "f" words, as well as various other expletives and colorful phrases. Many instances of sexually related dialogue occur throughout the entire film and involve phrases and comments about sex, masturbation, genitalia and a young man trying abstinence for Lent, while various sexual gestures and movements are also present. Erections are occasionally seen in clothing and under the sheets.

    Partially nude women are seen in various sexual encounters (that include movement, sounds and views of bare breasts and butts), hallucinations (where they're walking around in nonsexual situations), and photos/covers of porno magazines, videotapes and on porn sites (that also occasionally show their bare rear ends). Both men and the camera ogle women's shapely bodies as they appear in revealing or scanty attire (often when the women are attempting to seduce the protagonist and ruin his quest of abstinence).

    Those who attempt to do that (including two women who briefly kiss each other in an effort to arouse the protagonist) just for spite or to win a pool based on that quest obviously have bad attitudes. Some imitative behavior is present, as is some drinking, brief smoking and a few comments about drug use.

    If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, you may want to take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding its content.

  • Various people in a club drink, including Matt's date who has a martini.
  • The "Bagel Guy" gets out beer for himself and Matt, but he's the only one who drinks one (he also talks about some mimosas he had earlier).
  • We see Nicole holding a glass of champagne or wine.
  • After Sam reminds Erica about some guy that she (Erica) dated who stole from her, Erica states, "speed is expensive."
  • The Bagel Guy jokingly states no more drugs for him (after realizing he's said too much to Matt).
  • Erica and Matt have wine with dinner at a restaurant where Nicole also has wine.
  • We then see Matt drinking more wine.
  • Matt, John and their parents have wine with dinner.
  • Matt drinks some liquor while trying to cope with the building pressure of celibacy.
  • Various guys drink beer.
  • None.
  • Some viewers will see various characters' attitudes toward sex and/or ogling women (both by the characters and the film itself) as displaying bad attitudes.
  • Various characters don't support Matt's decision, calling it abnormal, while some attempt to seduce him or get him to masturbate so that they'll win the betting pool based on him giving in before the forty days are up. In addition, we learn that Ryan is the "inside" guy who's going to check up on and report on Matt's activities, while Erica isn't nice to Matt at times about his celibacy.
  • Ryan asks Matt about Erica, "How do you know you don't want to f*ck her?" He then tells Matt that he can go two dates without kissing her, but another and he'll be considered a "homo."
  • Ryan states that Nicole's fiancée works late every night, meaning that he "works" a different girl every night.
  • Nicole's fiancée has a condescending attitude toward Matt.
  • A guy tries to use a faked line about him being celibate to try to pick up a woman.
  • A guy at work decides he's going to win the pool by secretly putting some crushed Viagra into Matt's orange juice and thus giving him more of an urge to have sex or masturbate (the wrong person ends up drinking it).
  • After being dumped, Nicole decides she wants to spoil Matt's quest to remain celibate and thus sets out to do just that.
  • Some viewers might take offense to a scene where Matt is handcuffed to his bed (so that he doesn't use his hands on himself in a sexual manner) and deliriously commenting that he looks like Jesus on the cross.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "For f*ck's sake," "I'm all f*cked up," "What the f*ck /was that/is that/is going on here?" "Are you out of your f*cking mind?" "I'm not f*cking quitting," "F*cked up," "Oh sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "Your life is sh*t," "Jerk(ing) off" and "Spank it" (masturbate), "Captain blue balls" (what one guy calls Matt), "Hard on" (erection), "Screwing around," "Moron," "Chick" and "Honey" (woman), "Piss off," "Pissed off," "Homo," "Shut up," "It sucks," "Freak," "Bitch" (said playfully), "What the hell is that thing?" "Jeez," "Dumb ass," "Idiot," "You ungrateful asshole," "Holy hell," "Monkey ass moron" and "Screwed up."
  • Matt has a tattoo on his back.
  • While talking about Nicole, the "Bagel Guy" says he'd "hit that," adding that he'd throw her down (and he then makes a sexual thrusting gesture against a table). Later, he makes a sex gesture by pushing something through the hole of a bagel.
  • A guy gives another guy "the finger."
  • A guy at work decides he's going to win the pool by secretly putting some crushed Viagra into Matt's orange juice and thus giving him more of an urge to have sex or masturbate (the wrong person ends up drinking it).
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of playfully suspenseful music plays in the film.
  • A song has a lyric about "making love to you" while another says something about "sexual frustration."
  • At least 19 "f" words (3 used sexually as are the terms "getting laid," "screwing," "hit that" and "put out"), 7 "s" words, 5 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck," "magnum," "Johnny" and "little friend"), 4 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy," "poon" and "box"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*t"), 7 asses (1 used with "hole"), 3 damns, 2 hells, 1 S.O.B., 5 uses of "Oh God," 3 of "Oh my God," 2 of "Swear to God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "God," "Jesus Christ," "Lord" and "Oh Jesus."
  • We see home video footage of Matt and Nicole kissing, outside and clothed, with him standing and her legs wrapped around his waist. We then see a later shot where the camera focuses on another woman's clothed rear end and legs. We later see another shot of Nicole, this time under the covers in bed (but we don't see any nudity or sexual behavior). Finally, in another shot, she shows some cleavage.
  • As Matt recounts his inability to get over Nicole, we see him in bed with another woman, apparently just after sex, as their bodies separate (we see her bare butt as she gets out of bed and walks away). We then see a visualization of his ensuing panic attack and fleeing the woman's place, out her window, where we see him in his boxers and a coat as he runs down the street.
  • John makes some comment about Matt "getting laid" and "feeling sorry yourself, screwing every woman in sight."
  • Ryan asks Matt about Nicole, "Do you still think about her when you jerk off?" He then moves his hand to act like Matt's mouth and says, "I want p*ssy."
  • Ryan makes out with a woman in a club in front of Matt and his date (who shows cleavage).
  • After she comments that she knows what she wants in life, we cut to a scene that shows her on top of Matt in bed wearing a black bra and rather small panties. She kisses him, but he then sees his recurring, but imaginary crack forming in the ceiling. He thus runs into the bathroom where Ryan enters and asks him to hand him a magnum (condom) for his "big magnum" (penis). He then impersonates his version of Matt's penis (that he calls "Johnny") saying he wants to come out and play. He then tells Matt, "You're gonna strap a helmet (condom) on big John," stating that he'll (the penis) put up big numbers once he (Matt) puts him "in the game." He then adds that Matt should give his "star player the support he needs."
  • We then cut back to the bedroom where the woman is on top of Matt again, this time moving and making sounds while having sex (we see her bare back and the top of her bare butt). She tells him to "come" with her (as she makes more sexual sounds and comments). He then gets on top of her (to avoid looking at the imaginary crack in the ceiling again) and they then fall off the bed and onto the floor where she's on top of him again and we see brief views of her bare breasts. She then climaxes and after a moment, he fakes climaxing (with loud, exaggerated sounds). She thinks he faked it (asking, "Did you come?") and thus tries to see the condom (with him saying that guys don't fake it and he doesn't think they can). She tries pulling the sheet away, but he holds it to his crotch and she then demands, "Show me…stuff." We then see her bare breasts and the side of her bare butt as she lies there.
  • He then goes into another room where he pulls off the condom (we don't see anything graphic, but do hear the related sound) and searches for something to pour inside it (telling Ryan that he needs anything that looks like semen). As the woman comes into the room, he tries to flip the condom out the window, but it hits the glass instead, sticking there.
  • The next day, a guy at work tells Matt that he heard he "tried to leave one in the chamber last night."
  • The "Bagel Guy" talks about some woman, saying that she's hot and that he'd "hit that." Then talking about Nicole, he says he'd "hit that" as well, adding that he'd throw her down (and he then makes a sexual thrusting gesture against a table).
  • After a woman opens a door that accidentally hits Matt rather hard, she asks if there's anything she can do to help, and then suggestively adds, "Anything?"
  • Matt goes to see John in the confessional again, with the latter saying that part of the "priestly thing" is not to have sex. Matt then says that he guesses that thinking about sex is part of the "priestly thing, at least for some."
  • Matt announces to John that he's going to give up sex for Lent, adding that it's about growth, self-denial and sacrifice. He then adds that not only will he give up sex, but also all things sex related (including no intimacy of any kind, such as nibbling, scratching, biting, no sucking, and no fondling). He then adds that his third factor will be "no masturbation," which prompts his brother to state that Matt won't last a week.
  • We then see Matt back home where he's throwing out any sex-related paraphernalia, including magazines that show scantily clad women and his porno tapes (we see a bare-breasted woman on the cover of one). He also puts magnet clothing on top of a bare-breasted magnet figurine on his refrigerator, and then throws a bottle of Crisco out as well.
  • Dismayed that Matt is not going to join him on a double date with some Australian women, Ryan asks him if he knows why they call it "down under." He then says he understands if Matt wants to stay home for some "alone time" for "jerking off."
  • Having just met Matt, Erica mentions that she noticed that he underlines words in a magazine just like she does, and notes that one of them is "tryst."
  • We see a porno tape (called "In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon") in the trash and its cover shows a woman's bare butt.
  • Ryan tries to tell Matt why he won't succeed with his celibacy, stating that the male is biologically designed to "spread his seed."
  • As a betting pool arises about whether Matt will make it forty days, a male coworker states that he goes forty days without sex all of the time. A comment is then made about "spank it" (masturbate) and someone makes a sex gesture with his hands (one forming a hole over a finger) and then makes a "splat" orgasmic sound.
  • Some women at work talk about Matt's quest and one asks what's so hard about not having sex for forty days. Another says that they're guys, and that they're like animals whose lives revolve around their penises.
  • The camera focuses on a woman's clothed butt in a short and tight skirt as she walks over to try to play with Matt's mind by acting like she's coming on to him. She then unbuttons one button on her top while standing behind him (to reveal more cleavage). She then tells Matt that she has a layout problem (seemingly work related), but then asks if he can keep a secret. As she then sits atop a copier and spreads her legs (we see her fishnet-like stockings, bare inner thighs and black panties as her skirt rides up), she shows Matt a tattoo she has on her inner thigh and asks what she should get on the other. She then says that she was thinking about a cat tattoo and then suggestively asks if he likes "p*ssy…cats." As he becomes more flustered, she asks if he can come over and help her pick one out. He says he can't, so she runs the copier and makes a photocopy of her rear end, and then writes her phone number on it (we see the black and white image of her panties).
  • Erica tells Matt that she works for a company that provides filters for browsing the Internet and that her job is looking at porn sites all day. She mentions doing searches for certain terms and getting pornographic results, such as "lesbian mud wrestling" for "girlfriend" and "eat my box," "Sandy's hot box" and "vagina beach" for "sand box." She then adds that if she has to look at another "blow job," she's going to scream.
  • Ryan asks Matt about Erica, "How do you know you don't want to f*ck her?" He then tells Matt that he can go two dates without kissing her, but another and he'll be considered a "homo." Some comments are then made about "get laid."
  • Erica tells her female roommate that if she (Erica) brings Matt home, the roommate better make herself scarce.
  • Erica asks, "Why doesn't he just want to have sex with me?"
  • The Bagel Guy asks Matt if he "hit that" (had sex with Erica) while running something up through the hole of a bagel (as in symbolizing sex).
  • We see a graphic that Matt's coworkers have made that shows a cartoon version of him wearing a chastity belt. We also see an animated train going into a tunnel (symbolic of sex).
  • We see pictures of various bare-breasted women on a porn site.
  • Matt tries to explain his quest for abstinence to Erica, stating that he's not a sex addict.
  • Jerry complains that his wife doesn't "put out," and that they used to have sex everywhere (in his office on the floor, the desk and the chair). He states that now he must beg for it, and comments on surprising her with "my sexy new underwear." He then adds that now he feels like a pervert, but feels that Matt's plan is perfect for him (that by not having or wanting to have sex for months, she'll be begging him).
  • As Erica mentions things reminding her of Matt, Sam asks, "Even donkey lovers?" (referring to porno material).
  • Matt gets a note from Erica that says that just because they can't have sex, doesn't mean they can't hang out. They then go out, but she complains that they can't talk or think about sex and that if you can't have something, that's what you automatically want to have.
  • When Matt says maybe he'll just give up his vow (during a fight with Erica), she replies that he just wants "a piece."
  • A guy tries to use a faked line about him being celibate to try to pick up a woman. He then adds that he's "mind orgasmic."
  • As Matt tries to ignore them, he hears loud and exaggerated sounds of Ryan and some woman having sex in another room.
  • One of Matt's female workers enters a room where he's hiding, intent on having sex with him (since she complains that he's taking the power of women away by being the one who withholds sex). He then asks if she's having sex with his just to regain that power, and she replies that "we're ready" to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. When he asks why she used the term "we," another woman then comes in (who, like the first woman, wears tight, midriff-baring clothes). The second girl doesn't think she can go through with this (3-way sex), but the first tells her it will be over in two seconds. The two women then French kiss to drive Matt crazy (but nothing else happens).
  • As Matt's lack of sex progressively drives him crazy, he states that today was "hot women wearing no bras day." He then adds that there were 48 breasts in a café that morning, and as we hear female sexual moaning sounds on the soundtrack, the camera focuses on various women's tight tops that show that they're not wearing bras. As he keeps hallucinating, he sees a woman suggestively eating a banana, while another woman rubs lotion on her hands.
  • Against John's wishes, he and Matt have dinner at their parents' place, with Matt thinking that will be a safe haven from anything sex related. His father, however, states that he's involved in a sex study related to his recent hip replacement. After stating that sex is a God-given, natural part of life (when his wife thinks he shouldn't talk about this), he adds that, "a healthy sexual appetite is a real, normal, healthy part of being a man…and a woman." After the wife tries to change the subject, he says that their sons are old enough to know "if their mother's machine is still running or not." He then holds up some drawings of different sex positions and comments whether he and his wife have done them or not. One shows the standard missionary position, another shows a man sitting in a chair with a woman on top of him but facing away, and another shows a man holding a woman off the ground with her legs around his waist (none of them show anything graphic beyond the positioning). When he's not sure about that last one, the wife reminds him of their Maui trip, and he remembers that they did that in the shower (and he nearly killed himself while doing so).
  • Ryan enters Matt's bedroom, calling a surprise inspection while running a blue light above his bed's sheets, stating that he's checking to see "if any fluids have been liberated" (he doesn't find any).
  • We see Jerry (who's also trying to be celibate) holding something edible that he's bent into the shape of a woman's genitalia that he sticks his finger into and then licks as if performing oral sex. Matt then comes in and shows Jerry some of his artwork. Some show women showing cleavage, and another with a man's hand near a woman's clothed breast (causing Jerry to ask if the guy is twisting her nipple). Jerry then complains that he couldn't find porn on the Internet.
  • A guy at work decides he's going to win the pool by secretly putting some crushed Viagra into Matt's orange juice and thus giving him more of an urge to have sex or masturbate (the wrong person ends up drinking it). During this, a person states, "regular ejaculation is a preventative against prostate cancer."
  • A guy then comments about the relationship he has with his penis being one of the best that he has. He then adds that's why they call it "the little head," and then continues by saying, "Because he has ideas."
  • After Jerry has unknowingly ingested Viagra (after trying to be celibate), he spots a young and shapely woman at work wearing some tight/revealing clothing. We then see the camera go up her body (showing fishnet-like stocking and a very short skirt) right before Jerry goes up behind her (as she's partially bent over) as if he's going to look up her skirt. He then retrieves a bag that was below her and can barely contain himself.
  • A person refers to Matt as "Captain blue balls."
  • One of Matt's coworkers approaches him with a copy of Penthouse (we only briefly see the cover) and wants him to use it to relieve himself (and allow the other man to win the bet). Matt then takes it and a box of tissues into the bathroom (while the male and female coworkers assemble outside the door to gawk at what they think he's going to do). Matt then goes into a stall and closes the door and proceeds to put his hand down to his pants, but stops when he hears sexual sounds coming from the next stall. We then see the other man's feet moving about and hear more masturbatory sounds until he climaxes. Both then leave their stalls and we see Jerry holding an open laptop computer across his crotch. He states that it hit him all at once, and despite the fact that he's "jerked off" three times, he still has "this f*cking hard-on." Another man then comes out of another stall and tells Jerry that with just two more, he breaks the company record. As Matt then leaves, he drops the rolled up Penthouse magazine down behind Jerry's laptop computer, where it remains upright for a few moments before falling to the floor (the magazine cover shows part of a woman's bare butt). Jerry then goes back into the stall with the magazine.
  • After caressing each other with flower petals, Erica removes Matt's shirt and she then removes hers (we don't see anything yet). He then slowly caresses her bare skin with the petals, going down her body and hip where we see part of her panties. As she then lies on her back, we see part of her bare breast (the nipple) as she has some flowers across her breasts. We then see Matt blowing one petal down her stomach and then across her panties, as she's highly aroused by this and sexually writhing around a bit. She eventually climaxes without him ever touching her (as we see more shots of her in just her panties, including some views of her nipples). He then asks that she not fall asleep before they talk about something nonsexual (so that his mind is taken off what just happened), but she's already asleep.
  • Matt goes in to give a presentation at work and everyone stares at his crotch. We then see why as we see a very obvious erection in his pants (he's sent home).
  • Sam talks to Erica about the above flower scene and asks if it was a "vibrating flower." She then asks if he didn't touch her once - with Erica saying she so wanted him to - and Sam then refers to it as the "Immaculate orgasm."
  • Nicole shows up at Matt's place showing some cleavage and wants to get back together with him. When he finally stands up to her saying he won't do that and that he's f*cked up," she replies that she thinks she can get him "f*cked up" and adds that she thinks his "little friend" (penis) wants her to stay. He then replies that his "little friend" isn't in charge. She then replies that his new attitude makes her "hot," and then adds that he can slam his door in her face, but it will only make her hotter.
  • A guy jokes that Erica is coming over to Matt's place at the stroke of midnight, and then jokes about the term "stroke" in conjunction with why she'll be going there.
  • As Matt wakes up, we see an obvious erection under his sheets, and then in his boxers. We then see him pouring ice water down inside his shorts and then dancing around from the sensation in his wet underwear.
  • Matt caresses the molded breasts on a bottle of Mrs. Butterworths syrup, prompting Ryan to remove the bottle and state that Mr. Butterworth probably wouldn't appreciate that.
  • Matt imagines seeing various women walking about in their lingerie (skimpy bras and panties) and then does the same with a woman preparing to sit next to him on the bus who opens her top and shows her bare breasts. He then sees many bare-breasted women walking along on the street.
  • Matt walks in and sees his brother, the priest-in-training, making out with a young nun.
  • Matt imagines hearing sexual sounds as he lustfully looks at an outlet in the wall. He then tells Ryan that he "almost f*cked an outlet today."
  • As Erica prepares to go over to Matt's place to have sex with him finally, she says she feels like it's her first time. Her roommate then reassures her by stating that both it and she will be great.
  • Ryan shows up with a woman dressed in S&M garb (leather outfit with handcuffs) that shows cleavage. Matt then has Ryan cuff him to his bed so that he (Matt) doesn't do anything with his hands that will make him ruin his quest.
  • Matt then imagines himself flying through the air and over a landscape that's filled with nothing but row after row of many, many bare breasts. He then imagines Erica, who's apparently nude but we don't see anything explicit, on top of a washer at the Laundromat. We then see various quick scenes all cut together as we hear Erica telling him to show her that he can do it. We then see a symbolic sex shot of the washer door opening and all of the water suddenly blasting out.
  • Matt then awakens to find Nicole straddling and somewhat grinding on top of him (he's in his boxers), stating that it's all over (meaning they had sex or she made him have an orgasm (we don't see any nudity).
  • Matt and Erica make out in a Laundromat.
  • Various guys bet how long Matt and Erica will have sex while sitting in the living room just outside the bedroom. They then see Matt come out with just a towel around his waist and he makes everyone leave (with Ryan telling him not to have sex on his bed).
  • Matt briefly smokes while trying to deal with the building pressure of celibacy.
  • None.
  • Sex, abstinence, masturbation and other sexual matters addressed in the film.
  • How sex relates to love and relationships, and vice-versa.
  • How others reacted to Matt's decision to abstain from sex (mostly with disbelief, derision or attempts to ruin his quest).
  • A woman opens a door that accidentally hits Matt rather hard.
  • As Erica goes to kiss Matt, he quickly backs away, then accidentally trips, and falls to the street.
  • A cook accidentally catches Matt's shirtsleeve on fire at a restaurant (but it's extinguished after a few moments).
  • A man slaps another man.

  • Reviewed February 23, 2002 / Posted March 1, 2002

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