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(2001) (Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut) (R)

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Bad Attitude
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Comedy: After a woman institutes her ten-day plan to get her wandering boyfriend back, she's surprised to find him following the advice of a player, thus setting into motion a comedic battle of the sexes as both parties try to make the other the first to give in.
Shanté Smith (VIVICA A. FOX) is a successful businesswoman who's as adept with men as she is in the world of advertising. Accordingly, she always dispensing advice to her trio of friends, Diedre (MO'NIQUE), Karen (WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON), and Tracye (TAMALA JONES), about what they need to do to keep their men on the straight and narrow. She should know - after all, her boyfriend, Keith Fenton (MORRIS CHESTNUT), a successful lawyer, has never strayed.

Or has he? When Shanté and her friends catch him dancing with a coworker at a club after stating he had to work late, the resourceful woman immediately institutes her ten-day plan to get him back on course. Whether it's not taking his calls or acting like nothing happened, Shanté has everything in line to manipulate him into crawling back to her.

For a while, it works, but little does she know that Keith has a coach in his corner, and that's coworker Tony (ANTHONY ANDERSON), a self-described player who states he knows how to manipulate Shanté back. As the days wear on and their battle of wills escalates, Shanté does what she can to make Keith come running back to her, but must not only contend with Tony's tactics, but also rival Conny Spalding (GABRIELLE UNION) who's set her sights on Keith.

If they're fans of someone in the cast they might, but this one most likely seems interesting to older teens at best.
For language including sexual dialogue.
  • VIVICA A. FOX plays a woman who attempts to set her boyfriend straight after catching him dancing with another woman. She does so by manipulating him about every way imaginable, and uses profanity - some of it strong -- in the process.
  • MORRIS CHESTNUT plays Shanté's boyfriend who is caught dancing with another woman and then faces the manipulative repercussions delivered by Shanté. After a while, however, and heeding Tony's advice, he begins manipulating her as well. He also uses profanity.
  • ANTHONY ANDERSON plays Keith's friend and coworker who dispenses advice to him about how to deal with Shanté and her manipulative methods. A self-admitted player, he's often curious about Keith's sexual activities.
  • WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON plays one of Shanté's lovelorn friends who uses her ten-day plan to get her boyfriend back. She uses some profanity.
  • TAMALA JONES plays another of their friends who becomes violent when she discovers that her boyfriend has been fooling around on her. She uses some profanity.
  • MO'NIQUE plays another friend who uses some profanity, some of it sexually explicit.
  • GABRIELLE UNION plays the woman who draws Keith's attention away from Shanté.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as heavy due to the use of at least 2 "f" words, while various other expletives and colorful phrases are also used. A great deal of dialogue is sexually related, with some of it being explicit in nature (and includes talk of erections and intercourse).

    A sexual encounter mostly occurs off camera (we see the preliminary kissing and groping) during the day at an office, while another scene has a woman purposefully trying to arouse a man with the plan of then suddenly departing, leaving him frustrated, and a third has her dropping a rolled condom on the floor to further irritate him. Various women wear varying degrees of revealing clothing.

    Various characters drink, while they and other have varying degrees of bad attitudes (including a couple that tries to manipulate the other throughout the story). That latter bit and a few other bits of material might be enticing for some teens to imitate, while violence consists of a fantasy punch and an angry woman hitting her boyfriend and breaking some property.

    Should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what's present in it.

  • Karen's boyfriend informs her that his beer is empty and hands her the bottle to get him another one.
  • We see a flashback to Shanté and her friends out drinking at a club (where others also drink).
  • Shanté and her friends have wine.
  • Various people drink in a club/restaurant, and Shanté orders a martini.
  • Tony holds a beer in one scene and then has one in front of him in another.
  • Tony compares Keith to a "two dollar crack ho'" waiting for his next hit (in relation to what Shanté has done to him).
  • Shanté has wine.
  • Shanté states that one should pick up a bottle of wine or champagne after making up with a boyfriend since you might be inside for several days.
  • Most of the characters attend a Miller Genuine Draft party organized by Conny where various people drink beer (and some appear to have wine).
  • Shanté and a man have beer, while Diedre and Tracye drink and Keith has a beer.
  • Shanté and Keith have drinks in a club/bar.
  • During the end credits/outtakes, we see shots of more people drinking, including Shanté in a bathtub.
  • None.
  • Some viewers may see both Shanté and Keith as having both types of attitudes for attempting to manipulate the other in most every way imaginable (plus he was caught dancing with another woman). In addition, Tony feeds into Keith's beliefs about how to manipulate women.
  • Tracye discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on him (and he lies about it) and we also see him blatantly checking out other women while with her.
  • Shanté has both types of attitudes toward Conny.
  • Despite being black herself (and commenting on a loud argument between Tracye and her boyfriend), Shanté asks why Mexicans and blacks have to make so much noise in a white man's apartment, and that both do generally make more noise than white people.
  • As Diedre (who's rather plump) tries on clothes, her friends give her fashion advice, with Karen adding that she should try some Spandex.
  • Shanté purposefully comes on to a man in church so that Keith's friends will see her hanging all over this guy and report that back to him.
  • Some may be offended by Tony then saying that the players, freaks and "hos" (whores) are all at church on Sunday.
  • Tony complains that if word gets out about how Shanté has played Keith, then pretty soon men will be the ones cooking dinner and changing diapers while women sit back and watch football.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "F*ck him up," "Bullsh*t," "That's some really deep sh*t," "Oh sh*t," "The CIA ain't got sh*t on a woman with a plan," "Sh*t didn't work," "Big d*ck," "Hard on" (erection), "Screwed you around," "Pissed off," "Crooked ass," "Hell no," "Broke ass," "Ho'" (whore), "(Who's the) Bitch," "Sit your ass down," "Lying ass," "Sorry ass," "Dawg" (what Tony and Keith call each other in a friendly fashion), "What the hell /is testing the waters/is wrong with you/am I doing here/is this for?" "To hell with him," "Skinny ass," "Hell yeah," "My ass," "Nigger" (said among black men), "Hot damn," "Freak," "Piss me off" and "Hootch" (what Shanté calls Conny).
  • Some teens could be enticed to imitate the various manipulative measures employed in the film. They include, but aren't limited to: Trying to trap her boyfriend into admitting he's fooling around, Tracye plants foreign panties in his place and then confronts him about them; Shanté purposefully comes on to a man in church so that Keith's friends will see her hanging all over this guy and report that back to him; and Shanté purposefully flattens her own tire so that she can act like a damsel in distress and have a man rescue her.
  • We see a man with a pierced nose and nipple ring (the latter of which he plays with in a restaurant due to his shirt being completely open).
  • A man suggestively licks his tongue at Shanté.
  • Some characters do some "dirty dancing" in various scenes.
  • None.
  • None.
  • We hear what sounded like at least 1 "s" word in a song, while many other rap songs included lyrics that couldn't be understood, thus offering the possibility of further potentially objectionable material in them.
  • At least 2 "f" words (1 used sexually as are the numerous terms "hit" and "hit it"), 33 "s" words, 6 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck"), 3 slang terms for breasts ("t*tties"), 42 asses, 21 damns, 12 hells, 2 S.O.B.s, and 1 use each of "Jesus," "Lord," "Oh Lord," "Oh my God" and "Lord have mercy" as exclamations.
  • Shanté shows varying amounts of cleavage throughout the film, while a few other women do as well (including Conny).
  • Shanté mentions that men don't rove about during the winter when they have their "indoor activity going on."
  • Various men ogle Shanté as she passes by in a tight-fitting dress (and she knows it and flaunts it), and one man stares at her butt in an elevator (as does the camera), causing her to ask what is it about men and "big booties."
  • Shanté arrives at Keith's office, he closes the door and the two begin to make out against a wall (with passionate kissing, nuzzling and some roving hands). She then puts her hand over the camera (our view of them), stating she'll be back. Later, she walks out, looking rather satisfied and says that there's nothing like love in the afternoon and comments on her "freaky deaky drive-by" (thus implying they had sex). Later, Tony comes in, smells sex and then gets after Keith and whether he "hit it" (had sex), stating that Keith has that "I hit it" look in his eyes.
  • Shanté mentions that men want a girlfriend who's a woman in public but a "freak" (meaning sexual) in private.
  • Shanté states that Conny is a "ho'" (whore) who will lay on her back to get what she wants (sexual or not).
  • Trying to trap her boyfriend into admitting he's fooling around, Tracye plants foreign panties in his place and then confronts him about them (he says he's not "messing with" anyone but her).
  • Karen talks about her boyfriend knowing how to handle "his business" (meaning sexual), and Diedre then says the same about hers, mentioning "pipe laying" and that he can "lay the pipe."
  • Tony gets after Keith for taking a woman he "didn't want to hit" (have sex with) to a club where he knew Shanté would be. More comments about "hit" are made with Tony also saying that Keith wanted to "tap that ass" and mentions something about lusting for the woman "down in the loins."
  • Some comments are made about women liking the "big d*ck" (but that could be in reference to just a man in general, and not his genitals in particular).
  • Shanté purposefully comes on to a man in church so that Keith's friends will see her hanging all over this guy and report that back to him. Those men then report that to Tony and talk about it not being a Christian hug (with bodies mostly separated which is good in case the man gets a little excited) but says that there was grinding.
  • Tony again asks Keith if he "hit" (had sex with Shanté).
  • Tony and a woman do some suggestive dancing, while Conny does the same to Keith (putting her butt to his crotch, running her hands down to his crotch, etc.). Keith then complains to Tony about Conny putting her "t*tties" on his back, causing Tony to reply in question form about how much he'd paid to have her put her "t*tties" on his back and "grab my stuff." He then goes on about her "shaking her ass" and telling Keith, "Come eat me."
  • A man does some pelvic thrusting while seated, while another suggestively licks his tongue at Shanté.
  • Part of Shanté's plan is to arrive at Keith's place looking all nice and sexy, and then be rolling around with him on the couch. We then see them making out on the sofa with her lying on top of him while he grabs/fondles her clothed butt. She comments (in voice over narration) that her plan is to do anything to get him to the point that he has to have her, and then make up an excuse and suddenly leave (which she does).
  • Tony later tells Keith that if he isn't sure he's going to "hit it," that he shouldn't start anything he can't finish. During this, he does some pelvic thrusting while saying "hit it" to emphasize the point.
  • Shanté tells her friends that she turned on Keith and then left him with a "hard on." One then questions that (in disbelief), and Shanté continues saying his "d*ck was hard as a rock." Diedre then chimes in that she loves "d*ck" too much to let a "hard one go to waste." Shanté then says that as many times "as your man can get it up, it's your job to get it back down." She then says that men then have just two options and Diedre chimes in "blue balls" and "choke that chicken."
  • Karen then talks about knowing a man's "sex cycle" and that most men want sex every seven days. This causes Diedre to ask her what sort of men she's "f*cking" and that hers need it several times a day.
  • Shanté states that one should pick up a bottle of wine or champagne after making up with a boyfriend since you might be inside for several days.
  • Keith, Tony and some women do some suggestive dancing.
  • To further manipulate Keith, Shanté drops a rolled condom on the floor so that he'll see it. He then asks what it's for, she says it's "just in case." Keith then tells Tony that he knows she's going to sleep with another man. Tony says she won't, and asks if she slept with Keith on their first date (he says she did). Keith then threatens to go home with Conny if she goes home with this man and she calls his bluff (and later says it was a gamble since he might sleep with her).
  • During the end credits/outtakes, we see more men doing some comical (and clothed) pelvic thrusting and one acting like he's slapping a rear end. We also see the above scene where Tony asks Keith if Shanté slept with him on the first date and Tony then says something about Keith having a "big d*ck."
  • None.
  • None.
  • Shanté's assessment of men and how they behave, and her many rules of how to win a man back (such as not calling him since the first person to call "loses," etc.).
  • Whether Keith was cheating on Shanté by dancing with another woman (a coworker).
  • Tracye smacks at/hits her cheating boyfriend and then smacks him in the face. She then throws a plate at him (that shatters upon hitting the wall) and we then see various objects hitting a door/wall and breaking. She then comes out with a baseball bat and hits a lamp with it.
  • Shanté has a fantasy where she punches and knocks out Conny.

  • Reviewed September 4, 2001 / Posted September 7, 2001

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