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(2001) (Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth) (R)

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Comedy: Years after he and his friends made a bet where the last bachelor among them would win a nearly half million-dollar kitty, a man hopes to collect the money -- to pay off a gambling debt -- by setting up his womanizing friend with a woman from his past.
At a friend's wedding, confirmed bachelor Michael Delaney (JERRY O'CONNELL) and his friends set up a monthly bet about who would be the last unattached man among them. Now, seven years later, only Michael and Kyle Brenner (JAKE BUSEY) remain single, and it looks like it might be a long while before either man breaks.

After Michael racks up a $51,000 debt to casino boss Carlos (BILL MAHER) while trying to impress a buxom beauty, and only has a month to pay it back, he suddenly realizes he could use the bet money that's now grown to nearly a half million dollar kitty. The only problem is, Kyle's a rich and chronic womanizer. Michael realizes, however, that if he can find the one and only woman Kyle ever felt anything for, he might be able to get himself out of his predicament.

That woman turns out to be Natalie Parker (SHANNON ELIZABETH), an undercover vice-squad detective who lost her virginity to Kyle several years earlier on a one-night stand. Still wanting revenge, Natalie agrees to Michael's plan, but only if she gets half the money. From that point on, and as the guys' other friend, Steve (HORATIO SANZ), wonders how they'll pull it off all while dealing with growing suspicions that his wife, Tricia (JAIME PRESSLY), may be a lesbian, Michael and Natalie try to get Kyle to fall for her and then deal with the various repercussions of that and other events that transpire in their lives.

Many teenage males will probably be drawn by the film's ads that promise sexual hijinks and related material, while those who are fans of anyone in the cast may also want to see it.
For strong sexual content including dialogue, and for language.
  • JERRY O'CONNELL plays a confirmed bachelor who has various sexual encounters with different women and finds himself deep in debt to a casino boss. From that point on, he tries to get Kyle to fall for Natalie despite falling for her himself.
  • SHANNON ELIZABETH plays an undercover vice-squad detective who decides to get revenge on Kyle to whom she lost her virginity some years ago during a one-night stand. She uses strong profanity.
  • JAKE BUSEY plays the ultimate womanizing bachelor who finds women useless for anything much more than sex. He also uses strong profanity and must deal with having testicular cancer (although all of that's played for laughs).
  • HORATIO SANZ plays their friend who uses some strong profanity and becomes progressively suspicious that his wife is involved in some sort of lesbian activity.
  • JAIME PRESSLY plays his wife who apparently turns out to be having various lesbian affairs.
  • BILL MAHER plays a casino boss who threatens Michael if he doesn't pay back his huge gambling debt. He uses some profanity.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a quick summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to at least 15 uses of the "f" word. Many other expletives and colorful phrases are also present, as are various instances of sexually related dialogue, some of which are explicit/graphic.

    Much of that deals with the men's womanizing ways and various sexual encounters with women that include jokes about oral sex; implied; off-camera oral sex; having sex with a woman who's being sick (with movement); several instances of implied masturbation (one with ejaculate seen in donor cups); an encounter with an S&M dominatrix; an imagined sexual encounter with some movement; and another featuring a long line of women waiting to have sex with a man.

    Other sexual humor involves many groomsmen at a wedding sporting obvious erections in their pants after drinking wine laced with a Viagra type substance, and a running gag of a husband believing his wife to be a lesbian (as seen through various silhouetted shots of her and other women that look sexual in nature). Various scantily clad women are seen throughout the film (and are near constantly viewed as nothing more than sex objects), as are several views of men's bare butts and men and women's mostly bare butts in thong underwear. A bare breast is seen in a sketch as well as a fantasy sequence with milk coming out of it.

    Violence consists of a gun shootout between police and criminals that's played more for laughs than realism, but several people are shot and wounded or killed (with some bloody results) during it. Other non-lethal violence occurs, including people hitting others and some instances of slapstick style material. Gross out humor consists of a man having sex with a woman while she vomits and a surgically removed testicle that inadvertently makes its way though a hospital, eventually being eaten by a man who doesn't realize what he's biting into.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (including all of the womanizing/objectifying material), while some characters drink, a few smoke and some drugs are seen on a table during a drug bust. Due to the nature of the film's content, we suggest that you more closely examine our detailed content listings should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for anyone in your home who may want to see the film.

  • A groom and his groomsmen drink some wine before a wedding.
  • Some of those guys drink after the wedding.
  • Michael and his girlfriend partake in a TV drinking game where they down tiny hotel bottles of liquor while lying on a bed.
  • People have drinks in a casino.
  • Steve's wife offers Michael a beer and he accepts.
  • After asking if Michael has anything to drink (and he stating that all of his liquor has been repossessed), Natalie pulls out a bottle of liquor and gives it to him. They then drink shots of that liquor.
  • Kyle and a date have drinks.
  • As Kyle tells a story about him having sex with some young woman, he states that she drank too much (and we then see her vomiting out the window).
  • We see what looks like lots of cocaine on a table during a drug bust.
  • A grandmother pours a "hot toddy" for Michael.
  • People drink at a bachelor party where Steve appears to be drunk and is seen falling down behind a sofa.
  • People have drinks at a reception.
  • A bride and groom have some champagne on their wedding night.
  • We hear and partially see a woman vomiting out of a parked car window.
  • We briefly see some blood on a man's shirt after he's shot. We then briefly see, from a distance, a slightly bloody bullet hole wound in another man's forehead.
  • A whole long bit goes on about Kyle wanting Michael to feel his "nut" (testicle), stating that it's swollen and we see him with hand down inside his towel while in a locker room. They then go and see Steve, who's a proctologist who doesn't want to examine that part of Kyle, causing Michael to comment, "You'll jam your fingers up his ass…" but won't examine otherwise examine him. Another doctor then goes into graphic detail about how they'll have to pull the cancerous testicle back up into the abdomen and then saw it off and amputate the penis, etc. (but he then adds that he's joking).
  • In more bodily fluid humor, Kyle comes out of a sperm donor room, zips up his pants and hands his donor cup to a woman, with her noting the small quantity of ejaculate in the cup (which we see). Michael then comes out, looking rather spent and disheveled, and he keeps handing this woman donor cups that are completely full (3 in total). The woman then congratulates him.
  • Kyle does have that testicle removed, however, and asks Michael to retrieve it for him (the doctors said he couldn't have it, but he wants it). So, Michael sneaks into the medical waste room where we see various organs/body parts in jars, including a pair of eyeballs and Kyle's testicle. Michael ends up dropping that jar and then goes through a long sequence of mishaps where he tries to pick up the rogue testicle with tongs and then has it accidentally kicked down the hallway where it's partially run over by a wheelchair. It then falls down a stairwell where it lands on a tray of pastries and eventually ends up in a box of bonbons or similar confections. A doctor then picks it up, not realizing what's happened, and we then see an extreme close-up of him biting into the testicle and eating it.
  • Michael has a tiny bit of a bloody nose after being punched.
  • Viewers may see the whole film as being in bad taste and/or disrespectful for objectifying women.
  • Kyle is a chronic womanizer, having sex with women and then dumping them. He also makes one "girlfriend" run behind his golf cart carrying his clubs instead of letting her ride. We then learn that he abandoned Natalie years ago on the Pacific Coast Highway with just a roll of quarters after deflowering her. He also refers to women who keep their own name after marriage as "feminist bitches," and that he likes women who smell good but have little ambition.
  • Michael is also something of a womanizer, wanting to have sex with many women but not marry any of them.
  • Natalie breaks into Kyle's house to put in an audio wiretap.
  • Natalie and Michael spot Kyle climbing out of a woman's place (when her husband or boyfriend has come home and thus suggesting an affair).
  • We briefly see some miscellaneous guy spray-painting some graffiti onto a wall.
  • In response to Natalie saying that she's falling for Kyle, Michael tells himself in a little pep speech that he's going to "f*ck" the first woman that he sees. After that woman turns out to be rather large, he states that it will be the second woman. Later, another joke is made at the expense of larger women when a cop, who's chasing Michael, thinks he was a peeping tom looking at a large woman in her negligee and comments that he's thus "really twisted."
  • Kyle talks about how he'll cheat on Natalie after they're married.
  • Those sensitive to gun battle sequences might find a scene where Natalie and her cop partner exchange gunfire with some criminals as somewhat tense, but the scene is played mostly for laughs as the two cops nonchalantly discuss her feelings about Michael during the shootout.
  • Handgun: Worn by Natalie and briefly drawn by her to aim at a criminal.
  • Handguns/Machine guns: Used in a gun battle between two cops and some criminals.
  • Phrases: "You sick f*ck," "That's the most pathetic f*cking shit I've ever heard," "What the f*ck does that mean?" "What the f*ck are you doing?" "Take no sh*t," "Boner" (erection), "What the hell is going on?" "You suckwads," "Blow me," "Chicks" (women), "Fag," "You colossal moron," "Idiot," "Balls" and "Nut" (testicles), "I'm screwed," "Driving me nuts," "Loser," "Feminist bitches," "Horny," "Blue balls," "I don't give a rat's ass," "That sucks," "Popped your cherry" (sexual), "Dork" and "The guy's a d*ck."
  • As a joke, some bridesmaids put some Viagra-like substance into some wine for a bride and groom to later enjoy, but the groom and his groomsmen drink this before the wedding, resulting in all of them having embarrassing erections during the wedding.
  • Michael's girlfriend gives him "the finger" while mad at him.
  • It's possible some male teens could want to imitate the men in the movie and way in which they treat and/or view women.
  • While upset, Michael opens a bottle of aspirin (or similar product) and pours a great deal into his mouth.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Various songs had lyrics that couldn't be understood (thus offering the possibility of more objectionable content being in them), but we did hear one song state "shake your ass" several times, while another has the lyrics "feel like making love to you" and others contained at least 1 use of the "f" and "s" words.
  • At least 15 "f" words (1 used with "mother," 6 used sexually as are the terms "nail," "screws/screwing" and "banging"), 9 "s" words, 11 slang terms for/using male genitals ("c*ck," "d*ck" and "one-eyed hoagie"), 1 slang term for female genitals ("p*ssy"), 2 slang terms for breasts ("t*t"), 10 asses (2 used with "hole"), 5 damns, 3 hells, 1 crap, 1 S.O.B., 7 uses of "Oh God," 4 of "Oh my God," 3 of "Jesus," 2 each of "G-damn," "My God" and "Swear to God" and 1 use each of "For Christ's sakes," "God," "Oh Jesus" and "Mary, mother of God" as exclamations.
  • In a cartoon sequence that plays during the opening credits, we see various images of buxom and/or scantily clad female animals (drawn to represent humans with pronounced breasts and cleavage) that the male animals ogle. In one, the cartoon character's breasts jiggle from a cell phone ringing in between them, while another has a male character grasping the breasts of a female one, only to discover that it's a cardboard cut-out and its breasts are really bombs that explode.
  • Various women show varying amounts of cleavage throughout the film.
  • We hear that a character is marrying the only woman he ever had sex with.
  • As a joke, some bridesmaids put some Viagra-like substance into some wine for the bride and groom to later enjoy (with the film explaining what it will do by showing a limp, hot-dog shaped cartoon balloon suddenly filling with air until taut). They comment that there's enough substance in the wine to give an elephant a "boner." During this, we're introduced to Kyle and see a cartoon brain superimposed onto his head, stating that Kyle's brain is more akin to what we see next, a cartoon image of a woman's spread legs with his brain positioned in between them).
  • The groom and his groomsmen, however, decide to drink the above wine before the wedding, and as they do so, they notice their and the others' erections in their pants (we don't see them, only the reaction of everyone). Others then come in and see all of the men with erections, and wonder what's up with them, with one commenting that they must really like weddings.
  • During the ceremony, the priest then notices this with the men, and the groom walks in a weird fashion over to the bride. As the groomsmen then turn to the side for the ceremony, we see pronounced erections in all of their pants (we even see a close-up of this, along with reactions of those in attendance).
  • One of the guys mentions that it's his goal to "nail" (have sex with) every woman on the planet. Someone else then brings up that guy's female family members as exceptions.
  • After setting up their bet, the guys mention that one of them is out if "you go gay," causing him to reply, "Blow me," which then makes the guys pause to think about those two comments. Some time later, we see this man kiss another man at a straight wedding.
  • Michael's girlfriend shows some cleavage.
  • Kyle mentions that something's "down" like a "dude on a hooker" and then says that he wishes one could "f*ck money."
  • We hear what sounds like a sexual conversation between Michael and his girlfriend with comments about how many times in one night they can do it, passing out from it, and "here it comes," but we then see that they're participating in a drinking game (of the strip variety) while lying on a bed. We then see him in his boxers and her in a tight-fitting tank top (that accentuates her bosom) and a pair of panties that show part of the side of her bare butt. She then briefly climbs on top of and kisses him, before leading him over to the window, stating that she wants to be dangerous. They make out and she then starts kissing down his body to just above his boxer's waistband (where she also licks him), stating that she won't "do it" until he says those three words. Thinking she wants him to say that he loves her, Michael puts a halt to the proceedings. As he escorts her to the elevator, she's confused about him suddenly stopping and he brings up the three-word bit. She then tells him that what she wanted to hear from him was, "Suck my c*ck." He then repeats this to himself in frustration several times after she leaves until some miscellaneous people come upon him saying that.
  • The guys ask the question about if there were anyone in the world they could sleep with, who would it be. Steve then replies, "If I could f*ck any woman in the world," it would be his wife. Michael then mentions something about having sex with twins the week before.
  • Michael then spots an attractive woman with large breasts who sports a great deal of cleavage. He then acts like a high roller in a casino with her, where she seductively rolls the dice across the top of her breasts for good luck.
  • The background on a gaming table shows a drawing of scantily clad women kneeling down with a hand covering their bare breasts, while we see the sides of their bare butts.
  • Steve and Michael see some surveillance videotape footage of Steve's wife with another woman in some sort of a sexual position (with one behind the other). This then turns into a running gag that's repeated during the film (and is listed below).
  • After Kyle is done talking to a woman on the phone while driving his convertible, another woman - the sister of the woman on the phone -- suddenly pops up from his crotch and wipes off her mouth (thus implying oral sex that we don't see). In the next scene, he's teaching her how to golf and has his body pressed up against hers from behind while doing so.
  • Kyle and Michael talk about being half way to "screwing" every woman in the world.
  • Kyle mentions making love to Natalie as the sun came up some time ago, stating that she then disappeared.
  • Steve sees a silhouette of what looks like his wife and their maid fooling around (the shadows look like one is groping the other's bare breasts, but that's not the case as nothing sexual is occurring). In the next scene, Steve accusingly asks what the maid does around their house and Tricia, the wife, knowingly smiles (thus implying/suggesting some degree of lesbianism).
  • Natalie shows cleavage while dressed as a hooker while undercover. Michael then approaches her (not knowing she's a cop and not soliciting prostitution). She asks if what he wants involves sex and he says that it would involve a fair amount (he's talking about hooking her up with Kyle as a husband and wife), along with kids and animals, including a hamster (and she thinks he's proposing all of this for a sexual encounter between the two of them). After Michael is arrested for soliciting prostitution, Natalie's older male partner mentions "hamster f*ckers" while talking about Michael.
  • Michael wears a T-shirt that reads "The Man" on top with an arrow pointing up, and "The Legend" below that with an arrow pointing down toward his crotch.
  • Natalie admits that she lost her virginity to Kyle several years earlier in a one-night stand and that she woke up and he was gone, having left her just a roll of quarters.
  • As Natalie and Michael stake out Kyle's place at night, Michael watches Kyle and his date through binoculars and states that this is better than cable and that he never "had a stewardess." As he then watches Natalie sneak into the house and set up a microphone, Michael states to himself that he's terrified but also strangely aroused.
  • The next day, Michael asks Kyle if he had sex with that woman and Kyle replies that he did, and that they did so all night long.
  • Natalie looks through Michael's drawings and comes across a sketch of a topless woman.
  • Natalie and Michael spot Kyle climbing out of a woman's place (when her husband or boyfriend has come home) and he's wearing just his underwear.
  • Natalie gives Michael a gift of boxers that say "Horny Devil" on them.
  • We see most of a man's bare butt in his thong bottom as he bends over.
  • As some senior citizens walk by, the woman of the pairing grabs the man's clothed butt.
  • Kyle states that he has "blue balls" and adds, "I f*ck and f*ck and can't get relief."
  • Kyle tells the story of having sex with a young woman in the backseat of her daddy's car. We then see him on top of her in the backseat (as seen through the open car window so we don't see the contact between their bodies although we see the movement of his body). Kyle then mentions that this girl drank too much and we then see her leaning out the window vomiting. This doesn't stop Kyle, however, as he mounts her from behind and has sex as she partially hangs out the window (we see movement and hear sexual sounds).
  • Some guys put their hands in their pockets to simulate erections to remind someone else of the above scene with the erections at a wedding.
  • In a nightmarish fantasy that Michael has, we see a man squeezing a nursing woman's bare breast and milk coming out of it into his cup.
  • While flirting, Michael ends up on top of Natalie on the ground and they nearly kiss, but he stops before anything happens.
  • While looking through a cosmetics section of a store, Kyle mentions hating a certain lipstick because "it stays on your d*ck for a week." Once Kyle recognizes who Natalie is, he states that he "popped your cherry."
  • While spying on Kyle and Natalie walking along the beach, Michael sees him fondle her clothed butt and then her doing the same back to him.
  • While doing the same again, Michael sees Natalie go into Kyle's bedroom where she pushes Kyle down onto the bed. Moments later, we see Kyle in his thong underwear (and thus see most of his bare butt) and he slaps himself on his own butt, telling her, "You want some of this? and "You like it with the lights on" as she turns on the bedroom lights. She then tells him how it's going to go, by stating that they're not going to have sex tonight, and that she doesn't know when they'll have it. She then promises him, however, that he's never had a girl like her. She then retrieves a bottle of oil/lotion from his drawer (where we see many condoms) and throws it to him, telling him he better "take care of that." He then gets excited, she leaves and he takes off his underwear (we don't see anything) while saying (to his genitals), "I'm going to hurt you tonight" while pouring that oil/lotion onto his crotch (it's thus implied that he masturbates).
  • Michael reminds someone that Kyle "screws women while they're barfing."
  • In response to Natalie saying that she's falling for Kyle, Michael tells himself in a little pep speech that he's going to "f*ck" the first woman that he sees. After that woman turns out to be rather large, he then sets his sights on a woman who appears to be a meek librarian.
  • She eventually invites him into her place and he states "That's a big cock" as we then see that he's talking about a picture of a rooster. They then go up to her bedroom after meeting her old grandmother and he takes her dress off while he's shirtless. We see her in her slip, and they get onto her bed, with him kicking off his pants (he's in his boxers) before climbing on top of her where they then make out. She then quickly gets on top of Michael, which excites him, and then unexpectedly handcuffs him to her bedposts. She then bites his nipple and states that he's been a bad boy as metal shutters close off the windows. She pulls off her slip to reveal her wearing a leather, dominatrix style teddy (that shows cleavage and part of her bare butt), and then puts on her extremely tall, dominatrix boots. She then cranks the bed's headboard up into the air, resulting in him hanging from it as if crucified and we then see all sorts of dominatrix/S&M paraphernalia in a hidden room behind the bed. After putting a gag ball in his mouth, she pulls off his boxers and we briefly see his bare butt. She then picks out a large, studded paddle and whacks him on the butt with it, causing him to scream in pain. She stops and states that something's missing, and we then see her grandmother enter the room, also dressed in a leather, dominatrix style teddy, and she suggestively licks her tongue at him. In a later scene when Michael walks out of a locker room and we see his bare butt, we also see an imprint of the studded paddle on one cheek.
  • A whole long bit goes on about Kyle wanting Michael to feel his "nut" (testicle), stating that it's swollen and we see him with hand down inside his towel while in a locker room.
  • We see another silhouette of Steve's wife appearing to have sex while seated on top of another woman, but it turns out she's practicing CPR on a CPR dummy (while clothed).
  • Kyle goes to see a doctor about his enlarged testicle and that man then goes into graphic detail about how they'll have to pull the cancerous testicle back up into the abdomen and then saw it off and amputate the penis (as he removes a small penis from a model and tosses it aside, but then adds that he's joking about the whole thing). Kyle then asks the doctor whether he'll still be able to (but doesn't mention having sex, instead he moves his arm in and out, causing the doctor to reply, "Play the trombone?"). The doctor then adds that of course he'll be able to have sex (after referring to the "one eyed hoagie"), but adds that they ask such patients to make a deposit in the sperm bank just in case, and then tells him to "Come on over and give it a whack."
  • Kyle then talks Michael into going to the sperm bank with him for moral support. There, Kyle jokingly asks the female receptionist if she can give him a hand, and she sarcastically replies that she's never head that before. We then see Michael in a "donation" room where he picks up some porno magazines with scantily clad women on the covers while a song plays on the soundtrack with the lyrics, "feel like making love to you." We then see his arm moving rhythmically as he masturbates to a large photo of a scantily clad woman (we don't see the actual act, but his arm movement and facial expression indicates what he's doing). He then imagines the large photo of that woman suddenly moving and then him in the photo with her, kissing down her breasts and her saying, "Oh Michael, you're the greatest." He then imagines a scene inspired by one from "American Beauty" where he sees rose petals falling down onto Natalie and we then see a head and shoulders shot of him on top of her with movement.
  • Kyle then comes out of his room, zips up his pants and hands his donor cup to a woman, with her noting the small quantity of ejaculate in the cup (which we see). Michael then comes out, looking rather spent and disheveled, and he keeps handing this woman donor cups that are completely full (3 in total). The woman then congratulates him.
  • After Kyle's surgery to remove one testicle, Michael brings him a plant in the hospital that consists of one "erect" cactus plant with just one small cactus bulb next to it. Kyle says that he was told he had too much karma in his genitals but adds that his other "rocket launcher" is just fine.
  • One of the guys makes a comment about them "banging" every girl in the world and we then hear sexual climaxing sounds and see Michael roll off a woman on a bed. That woman then gets up and is replaced by another who shows cleavage and is joined by another who says it only takes two or three minutes and then it's done. We then see a long line of women from around the world, some in their underwear, waiting in line to have sex with Michael in what turns out to be a nightmare.
  • We see various scantily clad women dancing around at a bachelor party. During this, a running joke concerns a woman shooting various balls from her vagina (although we never see the woman or the shooting, that's what's implied) and they range from ping pong balls to a baseball and then a football that Michael catches and then drops once he realizes where it's been (while others surround her and cheer her accomplishments). A woman in a very skimpy bikini then comes over to Kyle (we see most of her bare butt in the thong bottom) and asks if she can bring a friend. He replies, "The more, the merrier."
  • The next morning, Michael wakes up at the party, and we see a blow-up sex doll on the sofa as well as a woman on the floor in her skimpy bikini (we see most of her bare butt).
  • During a marriage ceremony in city hall, the justice of the peace asks Kyle, "Do you promise to make love to Natalie, and only Natalie?"
  • We see a large/heavy woman wearing a negligee.
  • After Michael, wearing just his boxers and a woman's fur coat, tries to stop a wedding and announces "I love you" (but has the wrong wedding), the bride smacks her husband-to-be, stating that she thought he was done with "all of that" (a gay joke).
  • Kyle asks Natalie if she wants to swap bodily fluids, but nothing sexual happens between them.
  • Kyle tells Michael that he gets more "p*ssy" than ever before because "chicks dig a guy with a broken heart."
  • We see a man approach Natalie (working undercover as a prostitute again) holding a carrot from his open fly. Michael shows up and that man leaves, with Michael and Natalie delivering much of the same dialogue as above where she asks if any sex will be involved and he replies there will be a fair amount.
  • In a fantasy sequence where Michael marries Natalie, he's asked to say those three little words (a joke in reference to an above scene) and he replies, "Suck my c*ck."
  • The following occur during the film's outtakes:
  • We see Kyle in the above librarian turned dominatrix's chamber where he states that this is fantastic, that he can't wait to get this, and "show me what you've got." The leather-wearing librarian then states that something's missing and her leather bound grandmother then comes out just like in a previously mentioned scene.
  • Steve sees another silhouette of what looks like his wife with another woman, but this time it turns out to be true as we see her lying on a table with two other women under some sheets/covers. The wife then asks if he wants to join them and he enthusiastically tears off his clothes to do so.
  • We see another shot of Michael masturbating in the sperm donor clinic (just like the above) and after a few moments he suddenly tells the director in a joke, "If you don't cut, I'm going to come."
  • We see another shot of the woman from an early scene kissing Michael's abdomen and mentioning those three words he has to say again.
  • We see another shot of the men at a wedding with obvious erections in their pants.
  • We see the above fantasy sequence (where a line of women wait to have sex with Michael) and then see the film's director get on the bed and surprise the actor by saying, "Hurry up, I'm next."
  • A guy at a wedding smokes a cigar while some miscellaneous/background characters also smoke.
  • We hear that a marriage was quickly annulled, but don't see any scenes related to that.
  • The way in which the various men treat and/or view women and engage in casual sex.
  • Testicular cancer.
  • We see that two of the minor characters are gay, while a running gag has Steve believing his wife to be a lesbian (and it appears that she is).
  • In a cartoon sequence that plays during the opening credits, several cartoon characters hit or knock others around in a cartoon-like fashion, while another encounters two cartoon bombs that explode.
  • A waitress is accidentally knocked to the floor, dropping her tray of glasses, etc.
  • Some slapstick style material has Kyle's girlfriend accidentally running (on foot) into his golf cart, and that golf cart accidentally driving over her body after she's fallen onto the ground.
  • While interrogating Michael, Natalie grabs him by the hair and briefly pulls his head backwards.
  • After drinking a shot of liquor, Natalie throws the shot glass into Kyle's imaginary fireplace (the glass shatters against the wall). He then throws his glass but it goes through the window instead, breaking one of the panes.
  • Michael is zapped while wearing a wire in a sauna to record Kyle's comments.
  • A kid accidentally hits Michael on the back of the head with some toy.
  • Natalie pulls out her gun and appears to aim it right at Michael, but instead is pointing it at some miscellaneous guy spray-painting some graffiti onto a wall.
  • Although the following sounds suspenseful and/or graphic, it's all played for laughs as Natalie and her partner talk about her relationship with Michael as the following occurs (where they pay more attention to the conversation than the action): Natalie and her cop partner kick open a door with their guns drawn and look for some suspects. One man then shoots at them with a handgun and she shoots back at him. Others then shoot at them and we have a little gun battle, with the partner shooting one suspect who then rolls down some steps. Another person is shot and then a man with a machine gun comes out and opens fire on the two cops who hide behind a sofa. Natalie then shoots this man dead with one shot to the forehead. The partner then shoots and wounds another man and we then hear another person being shot.
  • In a spoof of "Mission: Impossible 2," Michael hangs from a rocky ledge before falling a long distance (we don't see the impact).
  • Michael accidentally stumbles into a reception, jamming his foot through a musician's cello and then take a dolphin sculpture and slamming it against the cello trying to get his foot out of it.
  • A truck runs into Michael and knocks him to the road as he crosses the street, but he's okay.
  • A bride smacks her husband-to-be.
  • Kyle punches Michael in the face and knocks him to the street.
  • Natalie takes a roll of quarters, wraps her hand around it, and then punches Kyle in the face with it.

  • Reviewed March 26, 2001 / Posted March 30, 2001

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