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(2001) (Edward Burns, Rosario Dawson) (R)

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Drama: Various people try to sort out their romantic and sexual lives while living and working in New York City.
Tommy (EDWARD BURNS) is a television producer who's getting back into the world of dating after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend and thus takes advice - with a grain of salt -- from his show's cocksure host, Carpo (DENNIS FARINA), who claims to have bedded hundreds of women.

When Tommy meets Maria (ROSARIO DAWSON) at the local video store, he's instantly smitten. She, on the other hand, is still recovering from a divorce stemming from a teenage marriage, and a friend of hers, Shari (AIDA TURTURRO), isn't so sure she should have given her number to Tommy. Meanwhile, Maria's ex-husband and local uniformed doorman, Benjamin (DAVID KRUMHOLTZ), is still reeling from the divorce, but has found himself attracted to Ashley (BRITTANY MURPHY), a young waitress in Greenwich Village.

Although she likes Benjamin, she's the young paramour to Griffin (STANLEY TUCCI), a self-centered dentist who treats her like dirt while cheating on his real estate agent wife, Annie (HEATHER GRAHAM), who's growing increasingly suspicious of Griffin's behavior. As she then shows Tommy around the city as he looks for a new place to live and she wonders if she should start seeing him, the various characters' personal circles intersect as they all try to sort out their romantic relationships.

If they're fans of someone in the cast or writer/director Edward Burns' previous films they might, but this one seems most attractive to older teens at best.
For sexual content and language.
  • EDWARD BURNS plays a TV producer who's getting back into the dating game after being dumped by his long-time girlfriend. He ends up sleeping with Maria (and unknowingly gets her pregnant), but becomes interested in Annie after Maria blows him off one too many times. He also uses strong profanity.
  • ROSARIO DAWSON plays a recent divorcee who must not only deal with her ex, but also with her feelings toward Tommy and being pregnant from having sex with him.
  • DAVID KRUMHOLTZ plays Maria's lovable, loser of an ex-husband who's still fixated on her, but finds himself attracted to Ashley. He also uses strong profanity.
  • STANLEY TUCCI plays a married and conceited dentist who's having an affair with Ashley and lying about it to Annie, his wife. He treats both poorly, uses strong profanity and then becomes upset when Ashley starts seeing Benjamin.
  • BRITTANY MURPHY plays a young waitress who's having an affair with Griffin but finds herself torn between him and Benjamin. She uses strong profanity.
  • HEATHER GRAHAM plays Griffin's wife, a realtor who suspects Griffin of having an affair. She uses strong profanity and finds herself drawn to Tommy once she has the goods on Griffin.
  • DENNIS FARINA plays a friend of Tommy's and a TV show host who claims to be quite the ladies man and constantly gives (out dated) dating advice to him. He also uses profanity.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated drama. Profanity is listed as extreme due to the use of at least 49 "f" words, while various other expletives and colorful phrases are also used. Many instances of sexually explicit dialogue are present throughout the film, as well as general talk about many aspects of sex, love and romance (including, but not limited to, characters commenting about when they lost their virginity, penis size, oral sex, masturbation, how many sexual partners they've had, etc.).

    Some sexual encounters are partially and briefly seen (with movement), while others occur off camera and one results in a pregnancy. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, including two who are having an affair (with one of them cheating on and repeatedly lying to his wife), while they and others drink in various scenes. That cheating puts a strain on a marriage, while two other characters are still reeling from a recent divorce.

    The rest of the film's categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content. Nevertheless, should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information about what occurs in the film.

  • The characters are asked (in documentary style) about when they lost their virginity. Maria says she did so in her senior year in high school (after she and the guy did many shots of vodka that they later threw up).
  • Griffin and Annie have wine with another couple, while Griffin also has a beer. The other man states that his wife is drunk again.
  • Griffin tells Annie that he and the above man occasionally have drinks together, that the man has too many and then begins to talk.
  • Tommy has a beer, while Carpo has a drink next to him.
  • Griffin drinks beer while Ashley has wine.
  • Griffin has a beer.
  • Ashley and Griffin drink some wine.
  • Another couple has wine with Griffin and Annie.
  • None.
  • Carpo sees women as sexual conquests and can't believe that Tommy let his girlfriend kick him out (since that's not the way it's done, according to him).
  • We learn that Ashley has had affairs with married men and is currently doing so with Griffin. He obviously has both types of attitudes for cheating on Annie (and reportedly his first wife) and then repeatedly lying to her about it, and for treating Ashley poorly.
  • We hear that Benjamin cheated on Maria when they were married.
  • Griffin pats his female assistant on her clothed butt.
  • Griffin states in an interview that he and his first wife had a good sex life, but that he just doesn't believe in monogamy (calling it a European view of marriage). He adds that what Annie doesn't know isn't going to hurt her.
  • Annie's friend tells her that she (Annie) could get divorced, or have an affair herself. The friend then admits that she had an affair herself.
  • Maria lies to Tommy about her day's schedule and later blows him off, eventually causing him not to like her.
  • Carpo tries hitting on Maria.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "How the f*ck are they going to find out?" "So f*cking stupid," "That's f*cking gross," "That's not the f*cking point," "Where the fuck is Iowa?" "Get the f*ck /out of here/off of me," "F*cked up," "Who the f*ck is this?" "Too f*cking bad," "F*ck off, scumbag," "F*cks us up," "What the f*ck are you doing here?" "What are you, a f*cking retard?" "F*ck you," "I'm f*cking tired of it," "Pack your sh*t," "Little sh*t," "This is the same old sh*t," "Go down on" (have oral sex with), "Freakin'," "Big ass," "Don't get your panties in a bunch," "You suck," "You're such as asshole," "Slut," "Idiot," "Bimbo," "Scumbag," "Balls," "Slutty," "Chick" (woman), "Piece of crap," "That sucks," "Douche bag," "Queer" (adjective), "Screw it up," "Freaked out," "Sorry ass," "Screwed up," "Shut up, okay?" "What the hell was that?" and "You're such a wimp."
  • Various people who pass by the on the street give "the finger" to the camera, while a woman does the same to Benjamin.
  • Benjamin's musician friend has many piercings on his face (nostril, below his lip, etc.).
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • At least 49 "f" words (7 used sexually as are the terms "porked, "laid" and "screwed"), 11 "s" words, 10 slang terms using male genitals ("c*ck," "d*ck" and "pr*ck"), 2 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*ts"), 10 asses (6 used with "hole"), 5 craps, 3 hells, 2 damns, 1 S.O.B., 2 uses each of "Christ," "God" and "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "Jesus," "Jesus Christ," "Oh God" and "Oh Jesus" as exclamations.
  • From start to finish, the film is filled with nearly nonstop talk about sex or sexual matters and includes, but isn't limited to, the following:
  • The characters are asked (in documentary style) when they lost their virginity. Maria says she did so in her senior year in high school (after she and the guy did many shots of vodka). She then says "and then we did it." Tommy states that he was 15 and the girl was a freshman in college. He says that they met and the "next thing you know, we were in the back seat kinda going at." Benjamin says he was a late bloomer and he did so in his junior year in college (with Maria, the woman he married). He then adds that he thus had sex with only one woman up to that point which is why he probably got divorced. Ashley says that she was 16, and that the guy kept coming over when he knew her mom wasn't home. She then adds that one thing led to another and before she even knew what was happening she was having her first affair with a married man. Griffin recounts his first time and states that his father took him to some "high class whorehouse" and that the woman's name was Cherry Pie. Finally, Annie states that she and her high school classmate wanted to wait until they were married (due to them being Catholic), but she adds, "I wanted to do it before my 18th birthday" and so they went somewhere and "made love for three straight days." She continues by stating that they went off to college and promised to be faithful, but she did so only for the first semester and he came home and told her he was gay.
  • Carpo tells Tommy that he's "porked" (had sex with) 500 different women and that he "left them all baying at the moon." He then tells Tommy that Tommy could have twice as many and that Tommy needs to "get laid" since "nothing heals a broken heart like a brand new piece of booty."
  • Maria's friend is surprised that Maria gave her phone number to Tommy, saying he could be a sexual deviant. Maria then says that the videotape he was renting was "Breakfast at Tiffany's," causing the friend to reply that that means he's gay. She then tells Maria not to "get your panties in a bunch" since he's more likely to redecorate her apartment then fulfill his "manly obligations."
  • Benjamin visits Maria, wanting to get back with her, but she doesn't and comments about them stopping having sex during their marriage when he started cheating on her. He then reminds her of a good time they had on a ski trip where they spent the entire weekend in bed and that his jaw was very sore afterwards (a reference to him performing oral sex on her). He then adds that if she let him visit her "friend down there" (meaning her genitals) he could convince her that they could work things out.
  • Being interviewed about his divorce, Benjamin states that they were married too young and that he couldn't see himself never having sex with another woman. He then adds that walking down the street he'd want to have sex with every woman he saw (we then see him walking down the street, checking out the ladies as they pass by).
  • Benjamin's friend says that Benjamin is horny and wonders when was "the last time you got laid." Benjamin replies that it's been a month or so. The friend states that Benjamin has a "semen buildup" that's clouding his judgment and he should go out and "find yourself someone and get laid." He then states that if Benjamin gets horny, he should get a call girl, but Benjamin states he doesn't want to since his future kids could find out.
  • As Griffin asks Ashley if the sex they just had was fun, she says it was alright, but we then see a shot of them doing so, with her checking her watch. During this, we see him on top of her with movement (a torso and up shot). She says it was just sex, causing him to say it wasn't just sex for him and that to him it seemed like she was having "a pretty good time."
  • Later, and mad about the way he's treating her, Ashley takes a verbal jab at him by commenting on him not being able "to keep it up." He says that only happened once, she says twice, and he then says one and a half times.
  • Griffin pats his female assistant on her clothed butt, and then tells his boss/partner that people stay married for reasons other than sex, such as companionship, stability and security.
  • A married man is having a midlife crisis and states that he has a void that needs to be filled. His upset wife then says that she has a "void" that needs to be filled and mentions something about "getting some."
  • Annie complains that most everyone she knows is obsessed with their sexuality and their sexual life. She then says that we're flooded with related information through the media and that everyone spends their time thinking and talking about their sexual lives. She then talks about other things people can care about (having a family, etc.) and then adds, "Who really gives a sh*t about having an orgasm" and how many.
  • Griffin complains about the above couple, saying the only void the man has is "he wants to f*ck other women." He then says that one time he and that man went out and the man, after drinking, left with some "bimbo." There's a comment about not blaming the man for going out and getting "a little" on the side. Annie then asks him if their sex life wasn't great, would he come talk to her or have an affair. He acts innocent about the whole notion, but she reminds him that he cheated on his first wife.
  • Griffin states in an interview that he and his first wife had a good sex life, but that he just doesn't believe in monogamy (calling it a European view of marriage).
  • We briefly see a shot of Tommy in bed with a woman, but nothing sexual is occurring (although it's implied that it did).
  • After complaining that Tommy smells bad, Carpo tells him to put some cologne on his "balls." He then adds that since he can smell Tommy's armpits from across the room, he wonders what Tommy's "balls" will smell like when his date "sticks her face down there."
  • The various characters are asked (in interview fashion) if they believe in sex on the first date. Ashley says yes while Benjamin also separately says yes and that it should occur before going to the movies and paying for the popcorn. Annie then states that she finds it weird that one meets a stranger in a bar and then two or three hours later "you have their penis inside you."
  • Maria shows some cleavage.
  • Maria tells Benjamin that she doesn't have a problem with flirting, as it's one thing, but trying to "f*ck one of my coworkers, that I have problem with."
  • Annie tells Tommy that she's a "born again virgin." He replies that it's both unhealthy and unnatural to go a year without sex. He then adds that she'll kick herself once she does it again and then realizes how wrong she was about that. She then playfully asks if he's offering his "services" to her regarding this matter, and he says he is.
  • We see Tommy and Maria in bed under the sheets (we learn they've had oral sex). He tells her that he can't imagine his sixth grade teacher letting some guy "go down on her." Later, Maria's friend asks about him "going down" on her on the first date, and Maria replies that she feels somewhat "slutty." The friend then asks why, saying it's not like she had sex with him, causing Maria to state "he went down on me" and then asks, "How is that not sex?" Maria then asks her friend if guys normally put cologne on their "balls" (in reference to Carpo and Tommy's above exchange).
  • Benjamin states that he used to spend a lot of time in the bathroom playing his guitar as well as masturbating. He then tells Ashley that since he's been divorced, he's pretty much doing the same thing.
  • Ashley shows some cleavage.
  • Ashley lies to Griffin, stating that she used to go out with Benjamin and then adds that she used to have sex with him, but then couldn't continue to do so. Griffin then wonders if he "couldn't get it up," but Ashley replies that Benjamin was "too big." Griffin then gets jealous/envious and wonders about her having boyfriends with "much bigger c*cks," and then sarcastically wonders if she'd like him talking about his old girlfriends' vaginas. She then tries to reassure him by saying he has a nice size, but he then wonders if Benjamin is a better lover than him (she says no), but he continues and adds that maybe "you just need a huge c*ck to make you happy" and then wonders how much bigger Benjamin is than him.
  • When he's back with Annie, Griffin lies about reading a magazine about penis size and asks her about it. It's then stated that she's only been with a couple of guys. He then asks if she would describe his size as big. Annie then states that Griffin has been acting different lately and that they barely "make love." She then adds that she's too young to give up on passion.
  • Annie states (to the interviewer) that her sex life is healthy, but that it's slowed down. The interviewer then asks Griffin about her stating that their sex life is passionate, and wonders if that's accurate. Griffin replies that it isn't and then adds that with time things fade.
  • Tommy says they produce TV shows about who people are "f*cking."
  • Maria's friend asks if she (Maria) is going to have sex on the second date. Maria states that she's not sure she should, but the friend thinks she should.
  • The interviewer then asks everyone how many sexual partners they've had. Benjamin states he hasn't had enough. Ashley replies that she's had nine. Griffin then says he can't remember, but then adds "Hundred…two hundred." Benjamin then states that the great thing about New York is that you walk down the street and encounter a thousand potential sexual partners every day, and that when he walks to the deli it's very erotic. Annie then says it might sound pathetic, but she's only had three partners. Tommy says not too many and then adds that it's nine or ten. Maria says that she's had seventeen, adding that they weren't one-night stands, but that she just dated a lot.
  • Maria asks Tommy if he has any diseases she should know of (he says he doesn't and then asks the same of her). They're both under the covers and there's talk about not thinking about bringing a condom since they didn't think they'd get this far. They both later comment on having sex.
  • Griffin tells Ashley that they have an understanding, with her then asking if that's between him and his wife or his "d*ck."
  • Ashley comments that most young guys want to "screw" as many girls as possible.
  • A comment is made about wanting to "screw" everything that wasn't nailed down.
  • After Ashley tells Griffin she doesn't want to see him anymore, he asks her if she's going out with someone else that she'll take to the movies where she'll hold his "big c*ck."
  • A comment is made about how many girls one has to "screw" and "get laid."
  • We see Benjamin and Maria in bed moments away from sex (with him on top of her under the sheets). A comment is made about going lower, and she then says, "You're not going in there" (possibly referring to another part of her anatomy). We then see some movement as they seem to have sex, but someone banging on the door interrupts them.
  • Griffin spots two women making out in an elevator.
  • Annie confronts Griffin again about having an affair and asks him, "Are you f*cking someone?" She then comments more on his obsession with the size of his genitals.
  • The interviewer asks if it's love or sex that gets people confused. A woman then states "Maybe it's the love of sex that f*cks us up."
  • Annie asks Tommy if he ever cheated on a girlfriend and he states "not really." The two then discuss what constitutes cheating with her saying "sex with someone other than your girlfriend." There's then talk of intercourse, penetration, etc.
  • Griffin states that his father told him to show him a good looking woman and he'll show him a man who's tired of "f*cking her."
  • Maria discovers she's pregnant from her encounter with Tommy.
  • Benjamin states that maybe he should forget about women, stay home, and play with himself.
  • A person comments on just wanting to "f*ck."
  • Griffin makes out with Ashley on a sofa (both are clothed) during his lunch break, but stop once she wants to talk.
  • Some friends of Annie and Griffin's state that the wife is promising not to fornicate with others.
  • Annie argues with Griffin about him "f*cking some slut."
  • As she's leaving, a hooker tells Griffin that he paid for an hour and then asks if there's anything else he wants her to do (he's under the sheets, presumably after sex).
  • Maria's friend smokes once.
  • We hear that Benjamin and Maria are divorced, but while he initially wants her back, she wants nothing to do with that.
  • Ashley states that her parents were divorced when she was nine.
  • We learn that Griffin is having an affair with Ashley, thus putting a progressive strain on his marriage to Annie. We also hear that he's been divorced before.
  • Tommy asks Annie why she stays in a marriage if she's not happy and she replies that her parents got divorced when she was young.
  • Relationships, love and sex.
  • What constitutes cheating while one is in a significant relationship.
  • Griffin states in an interview that he and his first wife had a good sex life, but that he just doesn't believe in monogamy.
  • Annie's friend tells her that she (Annie) could get divorced, or have an affair herself.
  • Having unprotected sex.
  • Maria discovers she's pregnant from her encounter with Tommy.
  • None.

  • Reviewed August 31, 2001 / Posted November 21, 2001

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