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(2001) (Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans) (R)

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Comedy: Various college students try to survive spending the night in a haunted mansion in this spoof of various horror films.
Several years after surviving a serial killer's murder spree, a quartet of students is now attending college together. Among them is Cindy (ANNA FARIS), an all-American, girl-next-door who's found that a fellow student, Buddy (CHRIS MASTERSON), is sweet on her. Then there are high school sweethearts Ray (SHAWN WAYANS) and Brenda (REGINA HALL) who are still a couple despite Ray's homosexual inclinations. Finally, there's Shorty (MARLON WAYANS) who hasn't given up his pot smoking ways.

They all end up taking a class where they're to spend the night, along with fellow students Alex (TORI SPELLING) and Theo (KATHLEEN ROBERTSON), in the reportedly haunted Hell House for some sort of sleep study conducted by a local professor (TIM CURRY) and his wheelchair bound assistant, Dwight (DAVID CROSS).

Little do they know that the professor is really hoping to catch sight of the former owner's spirit (RICHARD MOLL) and maybe get "lucky" with one of the young ladies. As they put up with a foul-mouthed parrot (voice of MATTHEW FRIEDMAN) and find themselves continually freaked out by the mansion's handyman, Hanson (CHRIS ELLIOT), and his deformed hand, the various students find themselves trapped there as various supernatural occurrences begin to occur.

If they enjoyed the first "Scary Movie" film, any sort of cinematic parody or horror film, or are fans of anyone in the cast, they probably will.
For strong sexual and gross humor, graphic language and some drug content.
  • In spoof movies such as this one, neither the characters nor their actions are meant to be taken seriously, but here's a quick look at the major performers.
  • ANNA FARIS plays a somewhat dimwitted young woman who finds herself the object of a ghost's attention. She also ends up manually stimulating Buddy.
  • MARLON WAYANS plays a pothead who uses strong profanity and has a sexual encounter with a female supernatural being.
  • CHRIS MASTERSON plays another student who lusts after Cindy - when not physically treating her like one of the guys - and convinces her to manually stimulate him.
  • SHAWN WAYANS plays another college student who has a girlfriend, but seems more inclined toward homosexuality.
  • REGINA HALL plays Ray's girlfriend.
  • TORI SPELLING plays a young woman who becomes enamored with a ghost after a satisfying sexual experience with him.
  • TIM CURRY plays a professor who misleads the students into thinking they're participating in a class so that he can study paranormal behavior and hopefully "get lucky" with one of the students.
  • DAVID CROSS plays the professor's assistant who's wheelchair bound and proves that he's flexible enough to pleasure himself orally.
  • KATHLEEN ROBERTSON plays a sultry young woman who uses her sexuality and offers to pleasure Dwight so that she can have access to his keys to escape from the mansion.
  • CHRIS ELLIOT plays the servant/housekeeper of the mansion who has a disfigured hand that continually grosses out the students due to him using it to stir up the food he serves, etc.
  • RICHARD MOLL plays the ghost who's haunting the mansion and has sex with Alex (a woman).


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a quick look at the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to 26 uses of the "f" word, while many other expletives along with colorful phrases are also used. Some of the dialogue is sexually explicit, while various songs have lyrics that some viewers may find offensive and/or objectionable.

    Various scenes attempt to elicit laughs via sexual material, including homosexual & lesbian references/jokes; an exorcist making obscene gestures and then humping a young, possessed girl; several scenes involving ejaculate or ejaculation (with the latter seen in exaggerated, copious amounts); some groping; a woman's sexual encounter with a ghost (including heavily suggested oral sex) and a man's with a female supernatural being (that includes movement and sounds and later includes an oral sex reference/suggestion).

    There's also the exaggerated sight of a long human penis coming from under a bed and wrapping around a clown's neck; a man pleasuring himself orally, a woman pleasuring a man with her hand; a man standing with his penis tucked between his legs (so that it's not visible); and various other instances of such material. In addition, some women are seen in various revealing states.

    All sorts of crude, scatological material (human and animal based) is present, as is some blood and gore although not as much as one would expect for a spoof of horror movies. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, while some drink, some smoke and one is noted as being a pothead (and himself is smoked by a huge marijuana plant).

    Violence is all played for laughs and includes some characters hitting or striking others (with one woman getting into a fight with a cat that fights like a human); a priest shooting a possessed girl with a gun (but we don't see the impact); some people being struck and killed by vehicles; a ghost throwing people around or hitting them with objects; and some slapstick style material.

    Finally, being a spoof of horror films, some of the material - despite all of it being played for laughs - could be unsettling or suspenseful for viewers sensitive to such horror related subject matter. Should this summary not appease your concerns about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific information about what's present and occurs in the film.

  • A few people at a small party have drinks.
  • Shorty starts to roll a joint, but never finishes.
  • Buddy gives Cindy a Harry Potter-like book called "Harry Pothead."
  • The Professor has some wine and we then see Shorty drinking straight from the bottle.
  • Shorty pours some bong water onto a marijuana plant, telling it to grow up and that all of the rappers will smoke it. The plant then suddenly grows into a huge creature, grabs Shorty, rolls him up like a joint, and then smokes him (with his afro being the lit end) as he apologizes for smoking its relatives. As others come to rescue him, he pleads for them not to stop as he's getting high. Buddy then brings various snack items for the plant's "munchies."
  • A TV commercial for an album has song titles such as "Frosty the dope man."
  • Shorty wears a T-shirt that says "Weed" on it along with various pictures and wording about pot.
  • Cindy does a martial arts move she calls the drunken monkey where she stumbles around a bit like an intoxicated primate.
  • Shorty walks in with a bag of pot.
  • Most of what's included below is meant in a comedic and thus not serious or realistic fashion.
  • We see a copious amount of a young girl's urine hitting the carpet between her legs (in a spoof of "The Exorcist").
  • We hear all sorts of loud farting/diarrhea sounds as we see a priest sitting on a toilet.
  • A possessed girl has all sorts of bloody scratches/gashes on her face.
  • We see a man's lips being stretched out in exaggerated fashion after they become frozen to the cross he kisses in some freezing temperatures.
  • A great deal of projectile vomiting occurs between two priests and a young, possessed girl who cover each other with copious amounts of vomit.
  • Two people are quickly run over by a bus that races by on the street (seen from a distance with what looked like some body parts tumbling along).
  • We hear farting sounds as Hanson does some of his butt exercises.
  • Hanson mentions a roasted turkey's "stink hole" and then jams his hand up inside it. He then mentions basting the turkey by licking it (which he does).
  • Buddy mentions that it "looks like somebody's on the rag" after seeing some bloody footprints on the floor.
  • Cindy has some bloody cat scratches on her neck/top of chest and she then apologizes to the cat for "pooping" in its litter box (we then see some steaming human excrement sitting atop the litter). She later has a bit of a bloody lip after fighting that cat.
  • We see a message written in blood on a mirror.
  • Buddy has a slightly bloody cut on his head.
  • Some bird excrement lands on Dwight's head.
  • We see Hanson pulling back the top of Shorty's head (from a pre-cut slice), but the joke is that a little man is inside there, rather than a bloody shot of his brain (although we do then see him with the top of his head missing).
  • Two of the women stand in martial arts stances with their legs straight out so that the water from a fountain behind them appears to be coming from their crotches.
  • We see bird excrement firing out of a bird like a machine gun and hitting the wall next to his cage.
  • Most of what's included below is meant in a comedic and thus not serious or realistic fashion.
  • Politically incorrect humor includes a priest commenting that sometimes you have to give kids candy to allow you to touch them (after a mother says that sometimes her possessed daughter won't let her touch her - but not in a sexual fashion); a butler with a deformed hand that no one wants to touch and that he's always putting into food, etc.; Dwight's in a wheelchair and he and Hanson (the butler) exchange jokes at the expense of the other's handicap (about giving the other a hand, of giving a standing ovation, etc.); and Dwight tries to pull himself up some stairs but ends up falling back down them.
  • Some jokes are also made at the expense of gays and Buddy comments that talking about feelings and emotions sounds gay.
  • Accordingly, anyone who might have such a disability or be affected by any of that may be offended by it or take offense to humor stemming from such material.
  • The Professor misleads the students as to the reason they're staying in the mansion and then asks Dwight which camera he'd access to see them when they're in the shower (hoping he'll get "laid").
  • After various people comment on Cindy looking like a painting of the dead owner's wife, they make disparaging remarks about Cindy's breasts not being as perfect.
  • Most of what's included below is meant in a comedic and thus not serious or realistic fashion (and thus probably only the youngest of kids or those with low tolerance levels for horror material will find it - and scenes listed under "Violence" -- as scary).
  • A scene is re-created from "The Exorcist" complete with the possessed young girl who looks/acts demonic.
  • As in the scene from "Poltergeist" a large clown suddenly disappears from a chair and Ray slowly goes looking for it under the bed. It then grabs and pulls him under the bed.
  • The Professor follows an apparition that then briefly turns visibly monstrous and we then hear him scream.
  • A skeleton suddenly pops up from some ashes and pursues several people.
  • Handgun: Fired by a priest at a possessed girl (we don't see the impact).
  • Stun guns: Given to everyone by Dwight to use against the ghost (they fire jolts of electricity), which they do, but they also briefly shoot each other with them.
  • Due to crowd laughter and/or noise, some of the dialogue could not be heard or understood, thus the following should be considered as a minimum.
  • Phrases: "F*ck this," "Shut the f*ck up," "F*cking tease," "F*ck off," "I'll f*ck you up," "F*ck up," "You're f*cked," "What the f*ck?" "Worthless piece of sh*t," "Dumb sh*t," "Whole lotta freaky sh*t going on in this house," "Scary sh*t," "Your mother sucks c*cks in hell," "Pencil d*ck," "You suck," "(C'mon) Bitch," "Boners" (for other students), "Ass whipping," "Kiss my ass," "Smell you later," "Kiss my grits," "I will kick your ass," "Polly wants your momma's sweet ass," "C'mon sissy," "Dude, you suck," "Nuts" and "Balls" (testicles), "Someone's on the rag" (having their period), "You want a piece of me?" "Hell, yeah," and "Step it back, candy pants."
  • Buddy gives Cindy an exaggerated "wedgie" (pulling up her underwear from behind).
  • Hanson walks into various rooms backwards (sticking out his rear end while doing so) and uses his deformed hand to stir up and/or serve food (thus disgusting others).
  • A cat gives Cindy "the finger" with its claw.
  • A skeleton suddenly pops up from some ashes and pursues several people.
  • A heavy amount of suspenseful and horror movie type music plays in the film.
  • A song played/sung at a small party includes the repeated phrase "Shake ya ass" and the term "niggers." Another song has lyrics stating, "Smack my bitch up." Another song uses "niggers" and possibly repeated instances of the "f" word, but we couldn't quite understand the lyrics.
  • Due to crowd laughter and/or noise, some of the dialogue could not be heard or understood, thus the following should be considered as a minimum. At least 26 "f" words (6 used sexually as is the term "laid," 1 used with "mother"), 26 "s" words, 2 slang terms using male genitals ("c*ck" and "d*ck"), 3 slang terms for breasts ("t*t" and "boob"), 17 asses (1 used with "hole"), 3 hells, 2 damns, 6 uses of "Oh my God," 3 of "God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "My God," "Oh God" and "Dear sweet God in Heaven" as exclamations.
  • Most of what's included below is meant in a comedic and thus not serious or realistic fashion. In addition, due to crowd laughter and/or noise, some of the dialogue could not be heard or understood, thus the following should be considered as a minimum.
  • A few women at a party show cleavage.
  • An exorcist makes some sort of sexual comment as he enters a home.
  • After a possessed girl licks her tongue at an older priest, he seems to be excited by this and licks his tongue back at her. He then licks his tongue between two of his fingers (a female oral sex reference) and we then see him lying on top of the girl, humping away (both are clothed).
  • A statue shows Thomas Jefferson with a black woman and black children, with the inscription reading, "Once you go black, you never go back."
  • Ray asks some other students about whether he should have his penis tucked in or out and we then see him standing nude in from of them with his penis tucked between his legs (and thus not visible). Ray and another student then find tattoos on their backs, with one having the word "Ray" on it and the other "F*cked me" on his. They then repeat what's on each other's back until the other young man says "Ray f*cked me" and then realizes what must have happened the night before.
  • We see a knocker on a mansion door in the shape of a small nude man (with penis visible) that has two large testicles as the movable part that knocks against the door.
  • Cindy discovers a small, talking bird that replies to her calling it little by emphatically stating that it's not little, but instead is "hung like a bull." It then adds he's too much for her and then for her to come back if she wants some real loving. He then calls her a "f*cking tease."
  • Hanson smells Cindy's panties when he picks them up after they fall from her bag.
  • Some sculptures/statues in a house show bare breasts.
  • A large clown toy pats Cindy on her clothed butt.
  • After it's mentioned that the former lady of the mansion entertained many people, including the President, we then see some of her old clothing with a huge semen stain on it.
  • After a parrot states, "Polly wants your momma's sweet ass," Shorty tells the bird he doesn't even know his mother. The bird then replies that he does as he "f*cked her last night."
  • Theo shows a great deal of cleavage in various scenes and occasionally acts sultry in the presence of various men.
  • Ray somewhat acts/reacts in a homosexual fashion toward Dwight who's on his lap (clothed) after the latter sends his wheelchair rolling out for Theo. After some comments are made about some dinner buns being soft and warm, another man slightly reprimands Ray for having his hand under this man's clothed rear end.
  • Hanson suddenly becomes aroused after manhandling a roasted turkey and we then see him humping it at the dinner table.
  • After Cindy tells Buddy that they should talk about personal stuff, he mentions the time some "chick" was "licking my nuts."
  • After various people comment on Cindy looking like a painting of the dead owner's wife, they make disparaging remarks about Cindy's breasts not being as perfect (and Shorty makes a gesture of her being able to lick them).
  • After Cindy tells Buddy to "grab the chest" (as in a small container), Buddy feels her clothed breast.
  • As Alex (a woman) sleeps, an invisible ghosts enters her room, sees her wearing a T-shirt that reads "69" and then pulls it up to reveal her in her panties. She then yawns in her sleep, and an invisible ghost apparently sticks his penis in her mouth (after we hear an unzipping sound) as we see it (her mouth) open wider and then see a bulge moving against her cheek. She then awakens to this and we see the bulge then come out at the back of her head. As she's then moved up the wall and across the ceiling, she makes all sorts of sexually related comments ("You want this," "Bring it on," etc.) and we then see her being banged against the wall in a rhythmic fashion. We then see her afterwards, smoking and stating that it was the best she ever had.
  • We see Brenda and Ray making out on a bed, with him suggesting to her that they do something freaky and that he'd like her to talk dirty to him. She isn't sure and seems shy, but she then climbs on top of him (both are clothed) and starts grinding away, saying she's going to "work this sh*t." She then adds, "I'm gonna piss on your face and fart in your mouth." She's really getting into it, but Ray is surprised by that sudden outburst.
  • The Professor tells Cindy and Theo that perhaps the two women should sleep together (for protection from the ghost, but in reality he's suggesting a lesbian encounter). He then adds that it's college and time for the two of them to experiment. When Theo then says that he's not being any help to them, he replies that to the contrary, he'd be more than happy to assist them.
  • As in the scene from "Poltergeist," a large clown suddenly disappears from a chair and Ray slowly goes looking for it under the bed. It then grabs and pulls him under the bed. When the clown suddenly realizes that Ray is gay, it tries to escape, but a long penis suddenly emerges from under the bed, wraps around the clown's neck and drags it back under the bed. We then see the clown's shocked reaction as it's apparently anally penetrated.
  • In a spoof of a similar scene from "What Lies Beneath," Cindy suddenly acts all sensuous and climbs on top of the Professor on a table. She then tears his shirt open (to reveal large, protruding nipples on him) and her face suddenly turns into Ray's.
  • A TV commercial for an album has song titles such as "Santa Claus is coming."
  • Brenda shows some cleavage.
  • The Professor mentions something about "being this close to getting laid."
  • Theo tells the others to give her five minutes with Dwight and she'll be able to get some keys from him. She then goes in (wearing very low-cut pants that show what looks like either end of her thong straps coming out of them) and comes on to him. She then mentions that something about him turns her on and then sits on him in his wheelchair. She then stands and the camera focuses in close on her rear end in tight, leather pants (and she slaps her own butt). She then takes his hands and puts them on her clothed breasts before running her own hands up his legs, spreading them as she goes. He then stops her, saying he doesn't need her help as he can do it himself. We then see (from behind him) as he bends down and performs oral sex on himself (with his body bent so that his legs are up over his shoulders so we don't see anything explicit). She then hits him on the head with a phone, knocking him out and taking the keys.
  • Dwight gives everyone special goggles that will show the viewer where any bodily fluid has been, even if it's been wiped away. Everyone then looks at him and sees such stains around his mouth and on his chin (in relation to the previous scene).
  • The ghost tells Alex that their one-night stand was just a "booty call." When she asks why he won't talk to her, the ghost replies because she gave him crabs.
  • Shorty sees an old and ugly paranormal figure come into the room. We then see the two of them having sex (with movement and sounds but no nudity) as well as her with a bag over her head (with her on his lap or up on him as they stand).
  • Buddy and Cindy agree to take their relationship to the next step, and then she mentions acting out their fantasies. As he undoes his pants (we don't see anything), she talks about always wanting to walk on the moon. She then asks what he wants to do, but the ghost interrupts them.
  • Later, however, they're in a room and he says he can't feel his legs because it's so cold. As Cindy sees if he can feel her rubbing, he keeps telling her to go higher up his legs until she's at his crotch. He then unzips his pants, she says she can't do what he's obviously suggesting, but he says it's a matter of life and death. She then agrees and we partially see her manually stimulating him (we see the movement of her arm, but the "action" is just below the camera shot, although we hear the related physical sounds of what she's doing). Moments later (and through a window) we see her blasted back against that window by a huge amount of ejaculate. We later see him smoking after this.
  • We briefly see Cindy, Brenda and Theo in just their bras and panties, but once they realize they're that way, they run back up some stairs and come back down clothed.
  • Hanson tries throwing Theo into a wall, but her top comes off, and her huge cartoon-like breasts pop out and save her like airbags.
  • After doing a bunch of martial arts stances, Cindy next does what she calls the camel toe and it looks like something protrudes under her clothes at her crotch.
  • We see Shorty in a car and the above female apparition (with the bag over her head) pops up from his lap (implying oral sex) and he then pushes her head back down to his crotch (which can't be seen).
  • Alex (a woman) and a ghost smoke after having sex, while Buddy smokes after Cindy manually stimulates him.
  • None.
  • The subject matter used (making fun of various disabilities, etc.) as sources of comedy.
  • Most of what's included below is meant in a comedic and thus not serious or realistic fashion.
  • After her daughter urinates on the carpet during a party, the mother grabs her, pushes her face down into the carpet and repeatedly whacks her on the head.
  • A priest pulls out a gun and apparently shoots a possessed girl (we don't see the impact).
  • After Shorty shows Cindy how to be street cool and get a jacket she wants, she punches another woman, causing her to give Cindy her jacket.
  • Two people are quickly run over by a bus that races by on the street (seen from a distance with what looked like some body parts tumbling along).
  • Acting like she's a male friend, Buddy punches Cindy in the chest (on her breast).
  • Slapstick material includes Cindy falling to the floor when Buddy pulls out her chair for Theo just as Cindy is about to sit down; Buddy telling Cindy to "think fast" as he throws a ball that hits her in the face, causing her to fall and crash through a table; Dwight tries to pull himself up some stairs but ends up falling back down them; Cindy is blown back against a door/window by a large amount of ejaculate; and a ghost stumbles and falls down some stairs.
  • Cindy gets into a fight with a black cat. It first jumps on her, scratching her neck and she throws it across the room. The cat then breaks a bottle and jumps on her, threatening her with the broken bottle (like a human would) as they struggle. She then turns the tables and gets on top of the cat, threatening it in the same fashion. The cat then kicks her backwards, throws litter in her face and hits her over the head with a chair. She then punches the cat in the face (as it stands like a human), but it then punches her several times in the face.
  • Theo hits Dwight on the head with a phone, knocking him out.
  • After being given stun guns (which send out jolts of electricity/energy), various people briefly use them on each other.
  • An invisible ghost picks up Buddy by his underwear and lifts him into the air. Cindy then shoots at it with her stun gun, causing it to drop Buddy back to the hard floor.
  • An invisible ghost breaks a mirror and other objects in the room when it realizes that Alex (a woman) wants to marry him. It then throws a chair and sculpture at her, hitting her, and then sends boulders down some stairs at her. It then sends a TV set flying through the air, crashing it into her. It then slides her across a table and causes a large chandelier to fall onto her.
  • The ghost knocks Buddy and Cindy aside and/or over.
  • Dwight crashes into various sculptures/busts in his wheelchair while "drag racing" a ghost in a wheelchair. Their wheelchairs then crash into each other, causing Dwight to fly out a window (where we see him hanging from the side of the building from which he then falls, but is okay).
  • In a spoof of "Charlie's Angels," Cindy, Brenda and Theo chase and then fight with Hanson with punches and kicks being thrown and Hanson hitting one of them with a baseball bat in midair. He then tries throwing Theo into a wall, but her top comes off, and her huge cartoon-like breasts pop out and save her like airbags. Brenda then rapidly kicks him.
  • Ray, Dwight and Cindy run into and break a table.
  • Cindy hits Buddy in the chest like one of the guys.
  • A man runs over another man with his car (accidental or not).

  • Reviewed July 2, 2001 / Posted July 4, 2001

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