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Comedy: After breaking up with his girlfriend upon learning that she's his biological sister, a young man tries to find and stop her from marrying another man when he learns that's not the truth.
Gilly Noble (CHRIS KLEIN) is an unassuming animal control worker who wants two things in life. One is to find out who his biological parents are, and the other is to find a woman who's so right for him that she'll give him goose bumps. He finds the latter in Jo Wingfield (HEATHER GRAHAM), an inept hairdresser who's moved back to their small Indiana town to help her white trash mom, Valdine (SALLY FIELD), take care of her father, Walter (RICHARD JENKINS), who's partially paralyzed from a recent stroke.

With their relationship progressing to the physical level, Gilly and Jo couldn't be happier with each other until the private eye Gilly hired comes back with some disturbing news. It seems that Valdine is actually Gilly's biological mother and thus that means that he's been sleeping with his sister. Not surprisingly, the relationship is called off and more than a year later, Gilly's been fired by his boss, Larry Falwell (JOHN ROTHMAN), and Jo has moved back to Beaver, Oregon where she's now engaged to Jack Mitchelson (EDDIE CIBRIAN), a wealthy businessman.

Gilly's obviously depressed over the turn of events, but when Leon Pitofsky (JACK PLOTNICK) shows up at the Wingfield home with proof that he's Valdine and Walter's real, long lost son, Gilly suddenly realizes he's not Jo's sister and that they didn't have an incestuous relationship. Accordingly, he sets off for Oregon to stop Jo from marrying Jack.

Sensing that her chance of marrying into money is now in jeopardy, Valdine calls up the officials in Beaver who are led to believe that Gilly is a sexual criminal and that Jo is still his sister. As Gilly teams up with local pilot and double amputee Dig McCaffey (ORLANDO JONES), and Valdine and her family arrive for the wedding, Gilly does what he can to prove his love to Jo, all while dealing with Jack and his various minions, including his brother Jimmy (MARK PELLEGRINO), who are determined to stop him.

Those who are fans of anyone in the cast and/or of irreverent comedies from the Farrelly brothers (who previously made "There's Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber," but only produced this film) probably will want to see it.
For strong sexual content, crude humor and language.
  • CHRIS KLEIN plays an unassuming and amiable animal control worker whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that his sleepover girlfriend is actually his sister. When he later learns that not to be true, he tries to stop her from marrying another man. He also uses some profanity.
  • HEATHER GRAHAM plays his inept hairdressing girlfriend who is likewise upset to learn the sibling-related news. She returns to her old boyfriend, whom she plans to marry, after breaking off that physical relationship with Gilly. She also briefly uses some strong profanity.
  • SALLY FIELD plays her white trash mother who will do anything to circumvent Gilly's efforts of stopping Jo's marriage to Jack and does so only so that her family will marry into money.
  • RICHARD JENKINS plays her husband who's suffering from the aftereffects of a stroke. He uses strong profanity.
  • ORLANDO JONES plays a double amputee and pilot who helps Gilly. He uses some profanity and, in one scene, quickly tries to eat what appears to be a large quantity of pot so that the police don't catch him with it.
  • EDDIE CIBRIAN plays Jo's wealthy fiancé who turns out to be a bad guy who's cheating on her and has his minions beat up and otherwise harass Gilly.
  • JACK PLOTNICK plays Gilly's boss who uses strong profanity.
  • MARK PELLEGRINO plays Jack's dimwitted brother and minion who tries to stop/harass Gilly.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a quick summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity consists of at least 6 "f" words along with various other expletives, while plenty of colorful phrases are also used. Some of the dialogue is sexually related with some of it being explicit, including references or jokes about a reportedly incestuous relationship that turns out not to be true.

    Other sexual humor involves several references to and/or implications of oral sex, a teenager's sexual activity (which also includes her showing her bare breasts with pierced nipples), male masturbation, and necrophilia. In addition, a sexual encounter is partially seen, but isn't graphic/explicit.

    Gross out humor involves, but isn't limited to, the protagonist accidentally getting his arm stuck up inside a cow's rectum, waxed-off hair from the pubic or buttocks region being used as a beard for disguise, and the top of an ear accidentally being clipped off by an inept hairdresser. Politically incorrect humor involves the incest-related material and jokes stemming from the sight and actions of a double amputee, a partially paralyzed stroke victim and other such matters.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (in comedy form), while others drink and smoke and one character appears to stuff a great deal of pot in his mouth as he nervously eyes some police headed toward him. Violence - all of it in comedy form - includes some slapstick style material, people hitting or threatening others with fists, pipes, and guns, etc. and a truck crash that kills the driver (but we never see the body or wounds).

    Since this is the irreverent type of material that many teens may just want to see, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings - if you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for anyone in your home -- for more specific examples of what's present and occurs in the movie.

  • Gilly's boss tells him to bring over some wine coolers for dinner and we later see the two of them and his boss's wife having them.
  • Walter, who's partially paralyzed from a stroke, tells Valdine that he wants a beer.
  • While on a picnic of sorts, Jo asks if she should open the champagne, but Gilly tells her to wait for a moment.
  • Various people drink in a bar.
  • Dig drinks liquor from a bottle.
  • Dig claims that Jack is the largest pot dealer in the greater Northwest. He then tells Gilly that he's not seeing the forest for the weed and says that Jack is a pot grower, reefer salesman and doobie doctor (although we never know this for sure).
  • One of Jack's men carries and drinks from a beer bottle.
  • People have drinks at a party at Jack's place, where Valdine asks for more vodka. Another woman seductively tells Jack that she'll have a "stiff one."
  • Seeing the police arriving at his landing strip, Dig hurriedly stuffs handfuls of what's presumably pot into his mouth, trying to eat it all before the police catch him with it (but they're not after him).
  • People have champagne at a wedding reception.
  • Jo accidentally jabs Gilly's cheek with her haircutting scissors (leaving a tiny, bloody mark) and then moments later accidentally cuts off the top of his ear with the same (we very briefly see the actual cutting and subsequent bloody wound).
  • We see bird poop on Walter after many birds land on him in his wheelchair at a park.
  • We see a dead and mostly squashed animal on the road, but beyond looking that way, it's not bloody.
  • When Walter asks for some salt on his sandwich, Valdine takes the bread and wipes it under her arms before giving it to him. He then eats the sandwich, not seeing what she did, but notes the smell.
  • Other gross out humor includes Jo professionally waxing a woman's hairy body where we see large tufts of hair removed from her pubic or rear end area (as Jo does a bikini wax). Later, and needing a disguise, Gilly finds this hair and then glues it to his face like a beard (and Dig curiously smells it from a distance).
  • Two of Jack's minions carry Walter with one purposefully positioning him so that Walter's head ends up face-up between his legs as he walks.
  • Gilly tries to get some cows to move out of his way and begins to punch at one's hindquarters. During one of his punches, his arm accidentally goes into and then becomes stuck inside the cow's rectum. We then see various shots of him walking along with his arm still inside there (nearly up to this shoulder) and others laughing at him. Once he gets his arm out, he realizes that Jo's engagement ring (that he was wearing) is missing and thus goes back to that cow and drives his arm back inside the cow's rear end.
  • A man has a tiny cut on his nose.
  • Considering the film's irreverent nature, some viewers may be offended by the portrayal of stroke victims and amputees, along with all of the other tasteless/politically incorrect humor that's on display here.
  • Various characters make mean spirited remarks toward and fun of Gilly upon learning of his romance and sex with his supposed sister.
  • Upon hearing that Jo is getting married, Walter says to Gilly, "After what you put her through, it's a wonder she didn't quit the sausage and become a vagina-terian." When Valdine tries to defend Gilly, Walter comments, "He banged his own sister."
  • Although she learns that Gilly and Jo really aren't siblings, Valdine doesn't tell Jo and then does everything she can to prevent him from stopping Jo from marrying Jack (so that her family will marry into money).
  • Jack tells one of his minions to take care of Gilly and that he can rough him up. He also cheats on Jo with another woman. Dig also mentions that Jack's the biggest pot grower in the Northwest and that's why he's so rich, but we never know if that's true or not.
  • A miscellaneous kid steals Gilly's bus ticket, but only to lead him back to Dig (who pays the kid with a carton of cigarettes).
  • One of Jack's minions offers to sell naked pictures of Jo to Gilly (that Jack took and we see that he allowed his minions to be around her while she slept, etc. but we don't see any nudity) and shows him a pair of her "used" panties.
  • Thinking Jo's preparing to commit suicide as she's seen at the edge of a roof with a gun in her hand, Gilly runs to stop her (but she had no suicidal notions).
  • Handguns: Carried and then used by the local police to arrest Gilly and later by one of Jack's minions to briefly threaten him.
  • Handgun: Carried by Jo in what looks like a suicide attempt, but she just fires off a one-gun salute with it.
  • Phrases: "Sister f*cker," "You're f*cking sick," "Dipsh*t," "Who are you sh*tting?" "Who the hell /is this sack of sh*t/cares/are you?" "Holy sh*t," "Horny" (sexual), "Hell in a hand basket," "What the hell /is this/ happened to your hair?" "Busted my ass," "Whore," "Pervert," "Maggots," "Cat piss," "Jeez," "Schmuck," "Get the hell out," "You bastard," "Freaking," "Skirt" (woman), "Hell, no," "Shut up," "Jerk off," "I'm gonna kick your ass," "Hell's bells," "Scumbag," "Blow me," "You bet your ass" and "Blow it out your ass."
  • A teenage girl shows her bare breasts and their pierced nipples (with all sorts of things hanging from them).
  • When Walter asks for some salt on his sandwich, Valdine takes the bread and wipes it under her arms before giving it to him.
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of suspenseful music plays during the film.
  • None.
  • At least 6 "f" words (4 used sexually as are the terms "humping," "ponied" and "banged"), 15 "s" words, 2 slang terms for male genitals ("sausage" and "love muscle"), 1 for female genitals ("package"), 14 asses, 13 hells, 6 damns, 3 craps, 2 S.O.B.s, 13 uses of "Oh my God," 9 of "G-damn," 3 of "Oh God" and 1 use each of "For Christ's sakes," "God" and "Sweet Lord" as exclamations.
  • In voice over narration, Gilly states that people get married because they're lonely, horny or out of money.
  • Larry tells his wife that if she "put out" once in a while, he wouldn't seek carnal pleasure through food. Their teenage daughter then complains that a child shouldn't have to picture her parents "humping," and then adds that she doesn't tell them about her sex life. Her father then says that she isn't having sex, and then asks if she is. Her mother then nervously states that the daughter is kidding since she doesn't even have a boyfriend. The daughter then replies that you don't need a boyfriend to be having sex. She then adds, "A boy doesn't have to be a friend to be nibbling my package" and then states that's she just popular (when others call her a whore and pervert). She then brings up Gilly and that he doesn't have a girlfriend but probably has sex, and he says that he occasionally does, but then seeing his audience of younger listeners, amends that to say that he's waiting for the right person. The daughter then comments that her dad says that Gilly is confused about his sexuality, saying the term he used was "fagnostic." When an argument then breaks out that leads to discussion of the girl getting her ear's pierced, she suddenly whips open her shirt to reveal her rather large and pierced bare breasts (that have lots of things dangling from the nipples).
  • Jo shows some cleavage in various outfits that she wears, as does Valdine, and we briefly see some women on TV in high-cut, one-piece bathing suits.
  • While having dinner with Jo's family, Gilly suddenly discovers a socked foot caressing his crotch from under the table and he subtlety begins massaging the foot. While he initially thinks it's Jo's and then Valdine's, he then discovers that it's actually Walter's foot.
  • Jo and Gilly make out on top of a roof and we then see them making out in bed (but don't see anything explicit/graphic although it's implied that they have sex). Later, however, we hear some sexually related sounds and then hear Gilly playfully commenting, "You don't quit, do you?" We then see some movement under the covers at his crotch (suggesting she's giving him oral sex) and hear his pleasured sounds and saying, "That's it" and then "Hey, don't go back there…Save some for the honeymoon." Jo then walks out of the bathroom and Gilly realizes it was her cat doing that to him (it hops out from under the covers).
  • We briefly see a tattoo of Jack's name on part of Jo's bare butt, and she comments on Gilly "beating off" to a half naked poster of Suzanne Somers above his bed (stretched out in a suggestive pose with most of her nudity hidden by strategic placement of foreground objects). He then adds that he used to do it (masturbate) five times a day. She then playfully asks if he wants to try to break that record and we then see him on top of her in bed (in a head and shoulders shot). They're interrupted by a telephone call with the news (that later turns out to be false) that they're actually brother and sister.
  • Valdine admits to have a baby that she gave up for adoption and that she got pregnant because Walter couldn't keep "it" in his pants back then. She then says that the good thing is that Jo and Gilly didn't get married and consummate their relationship. When she realizes they did have sex, she adds, "You ponied your sister."
  • Various characters make jokes about Gilly having sex with Jo (with everyone thinking they're siblings), including one saying, "Wham, bam, thank you, sister."
  • Upon hearing that Jo is getting married, Walter says to Gilly, "After what you put her through, it's a wonder she didn't quit the sausage and become a vagina-terian." When Valdine tries to defend Gilly, Walter comments, "He banged his own sister." He then adds, "Do you know what the bible says about f*cking your own sister? Don't."
  • When one of Jack's workers lovingly shows a photo of a car that he had in prison, one of his friends asks, "Did you beat off (masturbate) to it?" He then shows that man and another a real car and says that it's the only one that "makes me flex my love muscle." Someone then jokes about him getting some "smoodge" on it.
  • After Jo walks away from talking to Jack who's in a hot tub, a woman pops up from under the water and he then presses her head back under the water in the direction of his crotch (thus implying/suggesting oral sex).
  • In subtitles, a Mexican man tells Jack (about Jo), "Give her one for me."
  • Trying to be threatening and telling Gilly what they really do to perverts around there, one of Jack's minions says that they'll tie him to a tree, "f*ck you up the ass and jerk you off."
  • While ordering a drink, a woman seductively tells Jack that she'll have a "stiff one."
  • In a mental hospital, a nurse/therapist talks to a group about having sex with someone related to you. One patient says that he had sex with his wife once a week until she died, and then it was three or four times a week.
  • One of Jack's minions offers to sell naked pictures of Jo to Gilly (that Jack took and we see that he allowed his minions to be around her while she slept, etc. but we don't see any nudity) and shows him a pair of her "used" panties.
  • In a montage where Gilly remembers his fun times with Jo, we briefly see a torso shot of them in bed with him on top of her and both being nude, but the positioning of their arms blocking any full view of her breasts.
  • It sounded like Dig mentioned something about shooting or auditioning for a porno picture at the Eager Beaver motel, but that he never heard back from them.
  • We briefly see a bull mounted atop a cow (but don't see any movement).
  • A newspaper headline reads, "Flaming Pervert Gets It In The End" (about them thinking that Gilly burned up in a truck accident and a film joke about anal sex).
  • Jo says, "Didn't you used to..." as she makes the gesture for male masturbation when referring to Gilly meeting a woman who's the model on one of his posters.
  • A few miscellaneous characters smoke.
  • Dig pays a kid who did him a favor with a carton of cigarettes (telling him not to smoke them until he's twelve).
  • None.
  • Adopted children trying to find their biological parents.
  • Incest - it's what Jo and Gilly think they committed (as does everyone else).
  • Valdine's attempts to do anything to make sure that her family marries into money, regardless of whether love is involved.
  • None of what follows is meant to be viewed in a realistic/graphic fashion, but instead is all played for laughs.
  • A mother and teenage girl slap their son/younger brother on the back of his head for some smart aleck remarks he made.
  • Jo accidentally jabs Gilly's cheek with her haircutting scissors (leaving a tiny, bloody mark) and then moments later accidentally cuts off the top of his ear with the same (we very briefly see the actual cutting and subsequent bloody wound).
  • Gilly drops Walter to the floor when ordered to get his hands off him.
  • Gilly accidentally slams his truck into Dig who was standing in the middle of the road, knocking him out of his prosthetic legs.
  • Jack's minions grab Gilly, put a rag over his mouth and nose (presumably to render him unconscious) and punch him in the gut several times as they abduct him.
  • Jack's minions abduct Gilly once again and threaten to hit him with a large pipe. The one carrying it, however, isn't wearing his glasses and thus hits one of his associates on the head with it, knocking him out.
  • Some police officers struggle with Gilly and then thump him down onto the hood of a car while arresting him.
  • A mental patient attacks and tackles Gilly who then bites that man in the arm.
  • Dig tries to hit a man with a board, but misses and that man pushes him to the ground.
  • One of Jack's now crazed minions holds a gun on Gilly and eventually hits him over the head with it, knocking Gilly unconscious.
  • Thinking it's Gilly driving a truck, another man purposefully slams his car into the back of that truck, causing it to flip over and explode. We later learn that the driver was killed and essentially incinerated.
  • Valdine briefly attacks a man on the hood of a car, repeatedly slamming him onto it.

  • Reviewed March 20, 2001 / Posted March 23, 2001

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