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(2001) (Chyler Leigh, Chris Evans) (R)

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Comedy: Various students go through the standard trials and tribulations of high school life in this parody of teen-based movies.
It's Janey Briggs (CHYLER LEIGH) birthday, but she's not particularly happy. A social outcast at John Hughes High School, the teen lives with her alcoholic father (RANDY QUAID) and younger teenage brother, Mitch (CODY McMAINS), who - like his geeky friends Bruce (SAMM LEVINE) and Ox (SAM HUNTINGTON) - is preoccupied with losing his virginity and is smitten with Amanda Becker (LACEY CHABERT), the "The Perfect Girl."

Unbeknownst to Janey, the popular jock, Jake Wyler (CHRIS EVANS), has made a bet with his friends -- Austin (ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN), the other quarterback; Reggie Ray (RON LESTER), the obese and dimwitted lineman; and Malik (DEON RICHMOND) "The Token Black Guy" - that he can turn her into the prom queen before school is out.

As Jake feigns romantic interest in Janey to win the bet - much to the chagrin of her obsessed best friend Ricky (ERIC JUNGMANN) -- and tries to ward off the libidinous advances of his incestuous sister, Catherine (MIA KIRSHNER), other students deal with their particular high school issues.

There's Priscilla (JAIME PRESSLY), the catty head cheerleader whose 1950s style squad-mate, Sandy Sue (JOANNA GARCIA), suffers from Tourette's syndrome. Meanwhile, Areola (CERINA VINCENT) is the foreign exchange student who's always nude, Les (RILEY SMITH) is the weird outsider who sees the beauty of everything, and finally Sadie (BEVERLY POLCYN) is an old reporter working undercover as a high school student.

Teens might, especially if they're into spoof movies and/or are fans of someone in the cast.
For strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content.
  • CHYLER LEIGH plays the social outcast who finds herself the object of Jake's makeover bet with his friends. She also masturbates.
  • CHRIS EVANS plays the popular second-string QB who falls for Janey after participating in a mean-spirited bet involving her.
  • JAIME PRESSLY plays the head cheerleader who's mean to everyone.
  • MIA KIRSHNER plays Jake's lascivious and kinky sister who has incestuous longings for him. She uses strong profanity.
  • ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN plays the first string QB and Jake's rival.
  • DEON RICHMOND plays "The Token Black Guy" who uses strong profanity.
  • ERIC JUNGMANN plays Janey's best friend who can't bring himself to express his love for her.
  • RON LESTER plays the dimwitted and obese football lineman who suffers from repeated concussions.
  • CODY McMAINS plays Janey's younger brother who's obsessed with losing his virginity, just like his fellow geeky friends played by SAMM LEVINE and SAM HUNTINGTON.
  • JOANNA GARCIA plays the 1950's style cheerleader who suffers from Tourette's syndrome and thus uses strong profanity.
  • LACEY CHABERT plays "The Perfect Girl" and object of Mitch's lustful glances.
  • CERINA VINCENT plays the foreign exchange student who's always nude, even at school.
  • BEVERLY POLCYN plays the older reporter who's posing as a student.
  • RILEY SMITH plays the weird character obsessed with the beauty in things.
  • RANDY QUAID plays Janey and Mitch's unemployed and alcoholic father who uses profanity.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity consists of at least 9 "f" words, while various other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered. All sorts of sexually related dialogue, material and behavior are present - all played for laughs rather than eroticism - including but not limited to masturbation, lesbian humor, a couple making out with nudity, other fooling around, and a libidinous teen who has incestuous longings for her brother.

    Nonsexual nudity includes a foreign exchange student who's always nude wherever she appears (bare breasts and butt) and other students show some skin (bare breasts and butts) or are scantily clad. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes and some drink and/or do drugs, while a girl's father is an alcoholic.

    Several instances of crude humor and imitative behavior are present, while some comedic violence and slapstick style material also occur. Should you still be concerned about the film's content, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information about what's present in the film.

  • We quickly learn that Mr. Briggs is an alcoholic, see many empty beer cans in his truck, and comments are made about him being or going to be drunk.
  • Mr. Briggs has a beer and Janey mentions him being passed out at the table.
  • Some kids walk into another kid's house and ask where the keg is. When his mom (who's leaving) states that she'll come to check up on him, he states that he'll be so high he won't know what's going on.
  • Various young people drink at a party, while others smoke a joint (including two Siamese twins - joined at the head - where one inhales and the other exhales the smoke). A pig also smokes a joint at the party. Later, Janey tells Jake that she told him not to let her drink (after she jumps into an outdoor pool). He then tells her that he gave her a non-alcoholic beer.
  • Catherine drinks from a flask.
  • Various young people drink.
  • Catherine drinks from a flask.
  • Mitch and his friend spy on a girl (from the ventilation shaft above her) who's seated on the toilet. She then proceeds to make all sorts of farting/diarrhea sounds that become louder and the boys react to the smell. The vent shaft eventually collapses, sending them falling down onto the floor that then collapses to the floor below (with all of them). A great deal of excrement then spews from the toilet and covers all of them and a teacher.
  • During a flashback, we see a player hit by other players and torn in half (we see bloody entrails on the field).
  • Mitch has a little bit of blood from his nose after being punched.
  • We see a football player with trickles of blood coming from both ears.
  • Catherine comments "For once, I wish a guy would take a dump on my chest" and a guy says that really upsets him and that he'd be honored to do so (but we don't see anything).
  • Ricky's a little bloody after being hit by a bus. As he walks along, we hear his leg crack/break.
  • Some viewers may not like the film's overall irreverent attitude toward its subject matter, including teen sexual behavior, drinking/drug use, a football player suffering repeated concussions, Siamese twins joined at the head, etc.
  • Bruce acts and dresses like he's Japanese (but he's not), while some other kids talk like stereotypical black kids.
  • Priscilla has a bad attitude toward many people, including Janey.
  • Various characters think Janey is the least attractive girl who's least likely to ever be prom queen (and so pick her for their joke-based makeover).
  • None.
  • Stun gun: Used by police to zap Janey after a misunderstanding.
  • Phrases: "I'd say you're one big f*cking train wreck," "Fat f*cker," "Don't f*ck up" (written), "What the f*ck just happened?" "F*cking teenagers," "Sh*tfaced," "Sh*t bomb," "That sh*t's whack," "Oh, sh*t," "We are sh*t out of luck," "Sh*thead," "Bullsh*t," "D*ck face," "Pumpkin t*ts," "Slutty," "Losers," "Lesbo," "Cracker" (white person), "That is whack," "Who the hell does she think she is?" "Balls" (testicles), "Chick" (woman), "Bitch," "Whore," "What the hell /is going on/are you doing here/was that?" "Pain in the ass," "What in God's name is going on here?" "Eat my shorts," "Don't mess with the bull young man - you get the horns," "Ho" (whore), "Shut your hole, wang chung," "Jerk," "Quit farting around," "Piss," "You put the ass in embarrassment," "Freak," "Butt ugly," "Pansy ass," "Dirty slut," "Take a dump" and "Dumb ass."
  • Various girls wear midriff-baring tops and some show pierced navels.
  • Mitch and his friends crawl through a ventilation shaft so that they can spy on girls in the locker room.
  • Janey jumps from an upper floor down into a pool at a party.
  • None.
  • None.
  • A character sings a song (as if from a musical) where he states "I'm getting p*ssy" from a dirty slut and then adds "I just jerked off in your French toast." Catherine then sings, "What if we have the same mother" and "Tonight, I'm gonna f*ck my brother."
  • Another song has the line, "Making love to you was never second best."
  • At least 9 "f" words (2 used sexually as are the terms "get laid" and "screw," 2 used with "mother" and 1 appears written), 18 "s" words, 9 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy" and "c*nt"), 7 slang terms for male genitals ("c*ck" and "d*ck"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*ts"), 12 asses (1 used with hole), 8 damns, 6 hells, 1 crap, 1 S.O.B., 19 uses of "G-damn," 4 of "Oh God," 3 of "Oh my God" and 2 uses of "Jesus" as exclamations.
  • In addition, one character, Sandy Sue, suffers from Tourette 's syndrome and thus lets out the occasional quick barrage of profanity (some of which occurs too fast to note).
  • Most of the following is played for laughs/irreverence rather than eroticism.
  • We hear some romantic talk and some clothes on the floor (making us believe a couple is in bed), but we then see that it's Janey in bed watching a movie on TV. She then pulls a large dildo/vibrator from a sock and the end of it starts whipping around (causing her to tell it, "Shhhh"). She then puts that down under the sheets and we see her reacting to it (as she says, "Yes"). She's interrupted, however, first by her father and then a succession of people (and a dog that goes down to her crotch) who come into her bedroom, all while the vibrator is still on and making noise beneath the sheets and she's near having an orgasm. As the dog pulls down the sheet, everyone (including a priest and children) reacts to the sight of what she's doing and she has an orgasm (with the vibrator flying through the air and landing on a cake where it flops around).
  • Janey's brother complains that he's not allowed to have sex until she has it. He then calls her a "lesbo" and their father reprimands him, stating that if she wants to be a "rug muncher," that's her decision.
  • As Jake walks down the hall, some girl throws her bra to him, another throws her panties (with a comment that they're wet and he smells them), and then some guy throws a jockstrap to him.
  • One male student asks another if he got any "action" this weekend. They then lament over how they're going to lose their virginity by graduation.
  • We see a teenage girl's bare butt pressed up against a pane of glass as a guy makes out and/or has sex with her.
  • Amanda shows cleavage and wears a midriff-baring top.
  • Catherine complains that whenever she tells someone they can put "it" wherever they want, "they stick it up my ass."
  • Every time we see Areola, the foreign exchange student, she's completely nude (including at school where she walks down the halls that way, and at a party and a football game). Accordingly we see various views of her bare breasts and butt, and in one scene she talks about "American p*ssy."
  • We see Priscilla making out with Les.
  • Jake reminisces about a face Priscilla would make when she did something with his "balls" (testicles).
  • Reggie Ray says, "I'd do them" (have sex with some Siamese twins).
  • Mitch and his friends talk about the girls in the locker room and we see those girls in their small panties and see their bare breasts (with Mitch asking the others if they can imagine what the girls are doing in there). They then hear one girl ask another if she'll help her take off her panties. The other says that she has lotion on her hands, prompting the first to say she can just use her mouth. The boys later hear one girl mentioning she can't believe they did "that" to each other, and a comment is then made that it's just a once in a lifetime experience.
  • We see Reggie Ray's bare butt in his jock strap.
  • Mitch and his friends then spy upon a girl (from the same ventilation shaft) and one of the boys mentions that the sight of her makes him "kind of happy in the pants."
  • A comment is made about making a pact to "get laid" and being the "masters of our sexual destiny." One boy then adds, "No longer will our penises remain flaccid, unused," and then adds something about they'll no longer just "whack off" to porn. Another enthusiastic boy then adds that they'll no longer wear blindfolds while "jerking each other off."
  • Jake's father tells him that he has the perfect rebound girl for him, but that turns out to be Jake's mom (and he tells him that he'll leave "the two of you alone").
  • As Janey and her dad talk about Jake, her dad states, "He knocked you up, didn't he?" After she says no, they continue talking, with her dad asking, "Would you give him head?" She replies that he is kind of cute. Her father then adds that Jake is only asking her out "to get into your pants."
  • While suggestively rolling around in front of him, Catherine tells Jake that she can help him with Janey, but only for a price. She then states that she wants him, causing him to reply in disgust that she (Catherine) is his sister. She then climbs on top of him (back to front) and starts rubbing against him. We then see her straddling him (both are clothed), but nothing else happens in this scene.
  • Jake walks out in front of Janey naked except for whipped cream covering his nipples and crotch (and asks her if she's hungry, stating it's not a sundae, but rather a banana split). We then see a banana sticking out of his bare butt.
  • As Mitch and his friend prepare for a road trip (to a party a few feet away), one of the things they make sure they have are condoms. A guy then states something about having sex in his parent's bedroom.
  • Priscilla and a friend show cleavage.
  • Catherine states (at a party), "Now I'm going to go f*ck a complete stranger." Moments later, we see her suggestively licking her finger. When she introduces herself to a boy at the party, he says he already knows her name since they just had sex five minutes ago.
  • A woman complains about not scoring any "c*ck."
  • After Sadie (the older woman posing as an undercover student) states that she's never been kissed, Catherine takes it upon herself to initiate her. Accordingly, she tells her to wet her lips and the two then passionately kiss (in exaggerated fashion with commentary about "massaging my tongue with yours" and we see lots of visible saliva). When they're done, Catherine asks Sadie if she's "ever eaten p*ssy" before.
  • Janey mentions that her mom used to "turn tricks" (prostitute herself) to make ends meet.
  • We see various girls in the locker room in their bras and panties.
  • We see a stand in the background of a shot in the cafeteria that reads "Hotdogs for practicing oral sex."
  • A comment is made about Jake making some stains in his pants (in relation to Janey).
  • During a cheer, Priscilla and other cheerleaders grab their crotches, spread their legs and act like their spanking the others (all while standing and clothed).
  • During one of Sandy's uncontrollable outburst, she yells, "Lick my p*ssy."
  • A character sings a song (as if from a musical) where he states "I'm getting p*ssy" from a dirty slut and then adds "I just jerked off in your French toast." Catherine then sings, "What if we have the same mother" and "Tonight, I'm gonna f*ck my brother."
  • We see a girl in her small bra.
  • Amanda shows cleavage.
  • Amanda asks Mitch, "Do you think I'm just going to have sex with you?" He says no, but she then adds, "I'm not a slut. I don't screw every pathetic guy who gives me a letter. I give them hand jobs." The two then go off apparently for her to do that.
  • A girl asks Austin if they're going to dance and he replies only if they're horizontal.
  • We see various forms of suggestive dancing on the dance floor.
  • Catherine makes out with some guy and states that she wants to do "it" right there on the dance floor.
  • Priscilla shows a great deal of cleavage.
  • We see Austin, shirtless and in his boxers, on top of Priscilla, as well as Les, with his pants down, watching them (commenting on this "turning me on").
  • Catherine comments that she wishes she could meet a guy who wants something more than just sex. She then adds, "For once, I wish a guy would take a dump on my chest."
  • Janey mentions that Jake gave her a line from the movie, "She's All That" and then adds that she masturbates to that movie. An airport gate attendant (Molly Ringwald) states that she thinks masturbation is healthy.
  • After a comment is made about "c*ck tease," Jake says that if he and Janey got together, it would only be for the summer and he'd probably end up drunk and have unprotected sex with someone else. The two then make out.
  • We hear Mr. Briggs excitedly commenting on having a "three way," and then see him hold two apple pies to his crotch and bend over a table.
  • None.
  • Janey mentions that her mom died when Janey was six.
  • Whether the film successfully spoofs the teen movie genre and why it does or doesn't work.
  • The film's irreverent attitude toward various subjects, such as teen sexual behavior, drinking and/or drug use, etc.
  • Tourette's Syndrome.
  • All of the following is played for laughs.
  • A girl is hit by a truck and flips through the air.
  • Austin opens his locker and accidentally hits Reggie Ray in the head.
  • During a flashback, we see a player hit by other players and torn in half (we see bloody entrails on the field).
  • The football coach picks up Jake and cracks his back over his knee.
  • Some kids push Mitch around while picking on him. When Jake comes up to help him, Mitch throws a punch that accidentally hits him, causing Jake to then start pummeling him.
  • After Jake tries to serenade Janey by singing the song, "Janey's Got a Gun," everyone thinks she does, including some police who use a stun gun to zap her.
  • Janey trips and falls down and then through a staircase and objects fall on top of her (but we hear her say she's okay).
  • A guy kicks Bruce in the head for acting like he's Asian.
  • There's some exaggerated football violence (hitting and tackling) that includes Reggie Ray receiving various concussions.
  • Various bike riders run over Ricky.
  • Jake punches Austin and then does the same to Priscilla and Les.
  • A bus hits Ricky.
  • Trying to get her attention and prevent her from boarding a plane, Jack throws a football that hits Janey on the head.
  • A guy punches Ricky several times.

  • Reviewed November 12, 2001 / Posted December 14, 2001

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