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(2001) (Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott) (R)

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Comedy: A group of friends spend the summer after their freshmen year in college renting a lake home where they try to sort out their sexual feelings and experiences with various women.
It's been a year since Jim (JASON BIGGS), Oz (CHRIS KLEIN), Kevin (THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS) and Finch (EDDIE KAYE THOMAS) made a pact to lose their virginity before the end of high school. With their freshmen year in college now over, the four - along with party fiend Stifler (SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT) -- decide to rent a summer place to kick back, have fun and hopefully get lucky with the ladies.

Jim is still fixated on Nadia (SHANNON ELIZABETH), a foreign exchange student with whom he had his first sexual experience, but he worries that she'll be expecting more than he can deliver when she arrives later in the summer. Accordingly, he asks for help from Michelle (ALYSON HANINGAN), the band geek to whom he later lost his virginity who decides to give him some pointers about women.

While Oz has phone sex with his girlfriend, Heather (MENA SUVARI), who's flown overseas, Finch finds himself still enamored with Stifler's mom and the philosophy of tantric sex, and Kevin expects something more from Vicky (TARA REID) due to their earlier sexual encounter, although she just wants to be friends.

As various people - including Vicky's friend, Jessica (NATASHA LYONNE), Stifler's younger brother (ELI MARIENTHAL) and a nerdy student, Sherman (CHRIS OWEN), who calls himself the Sherminator - descend upon the guys' summer place, and Jim's Dad (EUGENE LEVY) continues in his embarrassing quest to make sure his son is sexually well-adjusted, the guys try to sort out their various relationships and sexual quandaries before the summer is done.

If they enjoyed the first film or are fans of anyone in the cast, they probably will.
For strong sexual content, crude humor, language and drinking.
  • JASON BIGGS plays a young man who's concerned about his sexual abilities while waiting for the girl of his dreams to arrive at the guys' summer home. Accordingly, he talks about sex a lot, practices his moves with Michelle, literally gets caught masturbating, drinks, and uses profanity.
  • SHANNON ELIZABETH plays the former foreign exchange student he's preparing for who uses brief strong profanity (in a sexual context) and is seemingly prepared to bed him.
  • ALYSON HANINGAN plays the band geek to whom Jim lost his virginity in the first film and who teaches Jim how to come on to and arouse women in this one. She also uses strong profanity and has a somewhat kinky streak to her.
  • CHRIS KLEIN plays one of Jim's friends who has phone sex with his girlfriend when not hanging out with the guys.
  • THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS plays another friend who's preoccupied with the young woman played by TARA REID due to their encounter in the first film, while she simply wants them to be friends.
  • EDDIE KAYE THOMAS plays a guy obsessed with both Stifler's mom (due to an encounter in the first film) and tantric sex (that involves mind over matter as far as sex is concerned).
  • SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT plays another student who stays at the summer house with the guys, is similarly obsessed with sex and uses a great deal of strong profanity.
  • ELI MARIENTHAL plays his foul-mouthed younger brother who's also obsessed with sex.
  • NATASHA LYONNE plays Vicky's close friend.
  • MENA SUVARI plays Oz's girlfriend who has phone sex with him while overseas.
  • EUGENE LEVY plays Jim's dad who has the best intentions, but ends up being quite embarrassing in his quest to make sure that Jim grows up to be a sexually well-adjusted young man.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to the use of at least 33 "f" words, along with many other expletives and colorful phrases. A great deal of sexually related dialogue is present (many young people talking about their sexual experiences, worries or desires), including that related to orgasm, masturbation, lesbianism, etc. with some of the language being explicit.

    All sorts of sexually related behavior and material is also present, including one interrupted, casual sexual encounter (with movement and sounds); the sight of a car rocking back and forth from sex inside it; some phone sex with self-caressing; and various implied/off-camera encounters. There's other necking and groping, including that of a young woman giving a young man sexual instruction (having her feel her clothed breasts, etc.).

    A presumed lesbian couple has some heterosexual guys do some homosexual things (grabbing another's rear end, French kissing) in exchange for the sight of them acting like lesbians (kissing and caressing, with the sight of bare breasts). A porno tape shows other bare-breasted lesbians in a bathtub with caressing and related sounds, with a young man beginning to masturbate while watching that, all of which turns into a joke when he mistakenly substitutes quick drying glue for a lubricant and then finds his hand glued inside his pants.

    There's also the sight of the protagonist humping his bed (while clothed) to see how loud it might be, a dildo, a game of strip poker with some partial nudity and various shots of scantily clad women. Various men ogle/view women as sexual objects, while some other bad attitudes are also present. Many students drink in many scenes (with some of them possibly being underage), while all sorts of imitative behavior is present.

    Crude humor consists of a man unknowingly urinating on another man's head (the second man thinks the urine is champagne poured by a girl), while a band instructor picks up a trumpet and starts playing it, unaware that just moments ago its mouthpiece was jammed up a guy's rear end. Beyond that, some slapstick style violence is also present.

    If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what's present in and occurs during the picture.

  • We see miscellaneous college students drinking beer.
  • Jim's dad says that he and his dad shared some beers when he left college. We then see that Jim's dad is carrying a six-pack up to Jim's college room, but it's dropped before anyone has any.
  • Stifler pours a great deal of liquor into a blender while making some sort of alcohol heavy concoction and then tries to take advantage of a young woman who's somewhat intoxicated. Later, he opens some champagne with her and purposefully lets it bubble over onto her chest. She later gets up to pour some in his mouth or just on him (possibly from her own mouth after taking a swig), but a falling object knocks her out before she has the chance.
  • More people drink at a party.
  • We see the guys unloading bottles of booze into their summer home.
  • Stifler says that if the guys put a keg on the deck of their house, it will draw the girls like a hummingbird feeder.
  • Jessica has a beer.
  • Heather has some wine.
  • Kevin has a beer.
  • Finch drinks from a flask.
  • We see Kevin and Vicky with beers.
  • We see various people drinking beer and shots/liquor during the guys' big blowout party. Stifler and Jessica drink shots, while some miscellaneous guy does the same with a monkey. Jessica then drinks from Finch's flask, while many other people continue to drink at the party.
  • The next day one of the guys wonders if he has a hangover and then states that he wants one, while we see another man passed out on a table.
  • A guy at a party relieves himself over a balcony due to the long lines for the bathroom. Accordingly, we see his urine stream and it hitting a lounge chair where Stifler is making out with a woman. She gets up to pour champagne into his mouth, while the guy above them momentarily stops when someone else comes out onto the balcony. Once they leave, he resumes his activity and his urine then lands on Stifler's head who thinks it's champagne and revels in what he assumes the girl is doing to him. This goes on for a while, with him wondering how she got the champagne so warm, but he finally licks his lips and realizes what's happening. He then comes back into the house, all wet, where he announces that he was peed on.
  • A music teacher picks up a trumpet and starts playing it, unaware that just moments earlier its mouthpiece was jammed up Jim's rear end by Michelle during her sex-ed class for him.
  • Some of the guys look at women merely as sexual objects/receptacles for their sexual release.
  • We see a close-up of a female student's panties in class as Stifler purposefully points them out to Oz as they walk past (and the girl's legs are slightly parted).
  • Stifler tells Oz that he's a disgrace to guys for being faithful to Heather.
  • Stifler tells some woman that it looks like she gained the freshman fifteen (pounds).
  • Some girls spot Jim at a party and mockingly say, "You're that guy who blew his load on the Internet" (had an orgasm) and then add, "Oh, Nadia, don't go...splat" (referring to a scene from the first film).
  • Finch and Stifler don't get along due to the former having done something with the latter's mother in the original film.
  • Some viewers could take offense at a scene where Jim is mistaken for being a mentally challenged trombonist (after hitting his head) and then scenes of him playing quite badly. Later, a guy calls Jim a "retard" when he thinks he's a mentally challenged man.
  • Stifler says that if the guys put a keg on the deck of their house, it will draw the girls like a hummingbird feeder.
  • Feeling the need to find evidence that two women really are lesbians, Stifler sneaks into their house (that the guys are painting) and looks around.
  • Stifler and his younger brother use binoculars to spy on a bikini-clad woman.
  • There's some comical tension as Stifler, Jim and Finch try to hide in a woman's bedroom - after illegally entering to look around -- as she and her friend return there.
  • Handguns: Worn by some police who arrive on the scene.
  • Due to crowd noise/laughter, some lines of dialogue could not be heard. Thus, the following should be considered a minimum.
  • Phrases: "F*ckface," "You f*cking p*ssy" (seen written), "What the f*ck?" "You stupid f*ck," "You little f*cker," "Oh f*ck," "Tell me what this f*cker is doing," "Don't you f*cking say no," "F*ck yeah I would," "Where are the f*cking females?" "That's f*cking disgusting," "You're a f*cking lousy kisser," "F*ck no," "This is a f*cked up situation," "No f*cking way," "Who the f*ck was in that car?" "Holy sh*t," "We're going to be the sh*t," "You dipsh*t," "I can't remember sh*t," "Oh sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "Eat sh*t," "Sh*tbrick," "Horsesh*t," "You p*ssy," "I don't want to suck at it," "Jeez," "I'll get you a spoon so you can eat my ass" (a cut down), "Did that exam blow or what?" "(This) Sucks," "What a bitch," "Taking a piss," "Made me her bitch," "Freak," "Keep it real, homeys," "Balls" (testicles), "You idiots," "Pissed off," "My ass," "I have gigantic balls" (testicles), "He's my bitch," "I suck," "Hotties" (women), "Wieners" (penises), "Chicks" (women), "Go jerk off," "Get the hell out of there now," "Who the hell was that?" "Hell, yeah," "Dork," "What the /hell/ are you doing in here/is tantric?" "You're making an ass out of yourself," "Life's a bitch," "You suck, retard," "Bitching" (cool) and "What a dumb ass."
  • The young men constantly ogle women and talk about sex.
  • Various students drink alcohol throughout the movie.
  • While mad at Finch, Stifler uses both of his hands to grab his own clothed crotch while saying, "Shake this," while a guy who has to use the bathroom holds his own crotch as well.
  • That latter guy relieves himself over a balcony during the party due to the lines for the bathroom.
  • Stifler stands in the back of a pickup truck and does some pelvic thrusting (clothed) into the air. Later he says something like, "Finch yourself" while sticking one fist up through his other hand that's shaped like a hole.
  • Jim does some clothed pelvic thrusting while trying to play the trombone.
  • Jim gives "the finger" to Stifler, and the latter later gives the same to Finch.
  • Stifler has Oz go long for a football pass so that he'll land amidst a group of bikini clad young women and entice them back to their party.
  • Stifler and his younger brother use binoculars to spy on a bikini-clad woman.
  • We see various men and women playing strip poker.
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of comically suspenseful music plays in one scene.
  • None.
  • Due to crowd noise/laughter, some lines of dialogue could not be heard. Thus, the following should be considered a minimum. At least 33 "f" words (3 used sexually as are the terms "laid" and "boned"), 24 "s" words, 8 slang terms for/using male genitals ("d*ck" and "wiener" and "twig"), 4 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 2 slang terms for breasts ("boobs"), 20 asses (2 used with "hole"), 8 hells, 2 damns, 1 incomplete S.O.B., 7 uses of "Oh my God," 2 of "Oh God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "God" and "Sweet Jesus" as exclamations.
  • Due to crowd noise/laughter, some lines of dialogue could not be heard. Thus, the following should be considered a minimum.
  • Jim has a college girl in his bed who informs him that this will just be some "friendly good-bye sex." He then nervously states that they haven't even had "friendly hello sex," causing her to question whether he wants to do it or not (he does). He then tells her that it's his first time since his first time (when he lost his virginity) and that he doesn't want "to suck at it." This young woman, who shows cleavage, says such talking isn't exactly a turn-on and that girls like confident guys. He says that he is and she suggestively says, "Let's get naked" and they kiss. Moments later, we see her on top of him under the covers kissing him with some movement. He then tries to get on top of her (that makes both of them uncomfortable), and she then has him put one and then both legs up around his shoulders as they have sex or are close to doing so. Both make pleasured noises as he states "Now I remember" (what sex feels like) and we see some movement.
  • Jim's dad then walks in on them (not knowing what they were doing) and we see a brief view of Jim's bare butt as he jumps up with some covers around him (the girl is still in bed with sheets over her). His dad then walks out, but then comes back in and states that it's a perfectly natural thing they were doing, that everybody does it and that it's human nature at its best. He then states, "Your mother and I, uh, not so much anymore…" as his wife (Jim's mom) walks in. The girl's parents then walk in as well, causing Jim's dad to state that he didn't get the girl's name, but that hopefully his son did.
  • We see a close-up of a female student's panties in class as Stifler points them out to Oz as they walk past (and the girl's legs are slightly parted).
  • Stifler states that he got "laid" 23 times this year and that doesn't count the "hummer" or "humper" in the library stacks.
  • Referring to a sexual encounter between Jim and Nadia that was "aired" on the Internet in the first film, Jim's dad tells him that they (Jim and Nadia) made quite a couple on the Internet and that he shouldn't let one sexual debacle get him down since "it happens to the best of us." He then goes on to explain the first time "your mother and I got together" and how he used a condom that his future wife called "shrink wrapping" (but that he got over that). He then tells Jim to keep his chin up, keep plugging (a double entendre from the filmmakers) and good things will happen.
  • One of the guys asks Finch, "You got laid in an art museum?" He replies that he did and in several other public places as well, but states that none of those women compare to Stifler's mom (he had an encounter with her in the first film).
  • A young woman shows a great deal of cleavage and Stifler tries coming on to her, especially since she's somewhat intoxicated. But before that, he introduces himself to some other women, stating that he has "an eleven-inch penis…around…think about it" (meaning circumference) and then walks away.
  • Some girls spot Jim at a party and mockingly say, "You're that guy who blew his load on the Internet" (had an orgasm) and then add, "Oh, Nadia, don't go…splat" (referring to a scene from the first film).
  • Finch goes into Stifler's mom's bedroom, spots a photo of her and asks how she did that magic she did (with him). He then sees her book on tantric sex and we briefly see an old-style illustration showing a couple engaged in a sexual position.
  • Some guys at a party spot Finch, are in awe and state, "You're the guy who boned Stifler's mom."
  • Stifler opens some champagne with a young woman and purposefully lets it bubble over onto her chest. He then proceeds to kiss/lick her cleavage, causing her to drunkenly tell him to take it slow. She then kisses his neck and pushes him down onto an outdoor lounge chair.
  • Jim laments over Nadia coming to visit him and his inability to perform/pleasure her to her satisfaction, equating her expecting filet mignon and him only be able to offer rump roast.
  • Stifler makes some sort of comment about "lick my balls" and then does some clothed pelvic thrusting into the air while standing in the back of a pickup truck.
  • We see many shapely young women in varying styles of bikinis.
  • We see Jim humping his bed by himself while clothed, apparently to see how steady it is and/or whether it squeaks for any later encounter he might have.
  • Finch tells the others about tantric sex and how if one masters the techniques/philosophy, one can have sex for hours, even days. He then adds that one can make an entire session of sex feel like one giant orgasm.
  • Michelle tells Jim, "I get nasty when I'm horny." He then asks if he was any good (in their encounter in the first film) and she replies, "You sucked" and that he didn't know what he was doing. She then adds that although he was terrible, she's had worse and that she can give him some pointers, but they're interrupted before she has the chance.
  • We briefly see part of Jim's underwear near the crotch while he wears some extremely tight and very short band shorts.
  • An older man pats Jim on his clothed butt, but we don't know if it was done in a sexual fashion.
  • A guy comments that there's an abundance of "wieners" (penises) at a party (meaning all guys and no girls).
  • Jessica mentions to others that they're talking about their stories of who slept with whom. Vicky mentions there was one guy and Kevin says there were three girls in his past year. They then ask Oz if he slept with anyone beyond his girlfriend and he says no. Stifler then says he'd be interested in knowing who Jessica slept with.
  • We see some more young women in bikinis.
  • The guys talk about their notion that you multiple by three the number of guys a girl says she's slept with to get the accurate number. Later, the girls talk about the reverse for guys where you divide the number they state by three to get the real number.
  • Stifler gets all excited when he spots some women coming out of the house they're painting and noting that they appear to be lesbians (they're holding hands and being close, etc.).
  • Finch comments on tantra teaching one to hold an orgasm over time in anticipation of an ultimate moment to release it upon the world.
  • Heather and Oz talk on the phone and she tries to get him into some phone sex. She starts by stating that she's reaching into her shirt and rubbing herself. She then tells him that it's phone sex and to help her out (as we see her hand down inside her own shirt). While lying on the bed, he then reaches his hand down inside his pants, commenting that he's "reaching downstairs." She responds by telling him to grab it and tell her how big it is. He stops for a moment after announcing he's feeling awkward, but she convinces him and he puts his hand back down inside his pants once more. He then states that he's rubbing it for her and that it feels so good, and she says "Me too," but then he gets another call on the other line. He then tells the caller, who won't listen to him say it's a wrong number, that he has his hand on his "d*ck" and is having sex with his girlfriend over the phone. He then returns to rubbing it and stating that it feels so good while she states that she's touching herself, but then Stifler is suddenly on another extension and makes various joking comments such as for her to keep going, and that he was almost there (to climaxing).
  • Feeling the need to find evidence that two women really are lesbians, Stifler sneaks into their house (that the guys are painting) and looks around. Jim and Finch go in to retrieve him, but Stifler then comes out holding one of the women's wiggly dildos (all while screaming, "Dildo! Dildo!"). When Jim asks where he got it, Stifler jokingly replies, "Finch's ass." Those women then return to the room and the three guys have to hide (with Jim under the bed holding the dildo), while watching them undress (with one of the guys reporting over a two-way radio, "They're getting naked").
  • That causes Kevin and Oz to try to race up the outside ladder to take a peek as we see these two women in their very small bras and panties. We then see one of the women's small bare breasts as she removes her bra. One of the women then reports that "Johnny West is missing" (causing us to think she's talking about the dildo, when in reality she's actually talking about a small Western figure). We also see most of their bare butts in their skimpy thong bottoms.
  • They then momentarily leave, during which Jim puts the dildo in one of the drawers, but then hides again upon their return. One of the women then finds the dildo in her drawer, causing the other to mention something about the first wanting to borrow it.
  • After Stifler tells those two women that he just wanted proof that they were lesbians, they decide not to call the police but then smile at each other and say something about it being fun. They then ask if the guys like that (them being lesbians) when they notice them getting excited over this. One then asks the guys who wants her to touch Amber and then where she should touch her. Stifler responds, "Ass, baby, feel that ass." The first woman then sensuously runs her hand up the other woman's leg, but stops short of her buttocks. She then tells Stifler to feel Finch's "ass" first, prompting Finch to state that he's comfortable with his sexuality and we then see part of his bare butt as he pulls his pants down. The girl then tells Stifler that she wants full grasping, and that if they don't touch, the girls won't either. After an eavesdropping male driver tells him to grab "that ass," Stifler does (causing him to state that he wants to go home - from being sickened by this).
  • During the above, various people listen to what's happening via two-way radios, including a boy on his walkie-talkie. One of the women then gropes the other woman's breasts (who's still wearing a bra) and we then hear a woman stating, "My nipples are so hard." The two women then appear ready to kiss each other (and the guys are excited), but then stop, saying "Your turn" to Jim. That gets him excited and he starts to approach them, but they then indicate they want him and Stifler to kiss. The guys are reluctant, but the women say to do it for them and then add that they'll (the guys) like it and love it. The two guys then give each other a quick peck, but the women state that's how someone kisses their mother (causing Stifler to tell Finch not to say anything). The women want them to kiss longer, so the guys then do that (a brief making out scene), but then gag once they're finished (with the joke being that Jim wasn't trying to be a good kisser, but Stifler was). To keep up their end of the bargain, the two women then passionately kiss each other, with one then pulling the other's bra/top down, but stop from doing more, stating they'll become more physical once they get some "hand jobs" (meaning the guys doing the guys). The girls say, "You go, we go," and Stifler then states that he knows what he has to do and we then see Jim and Finch running out of the house with the latter stating, "I'm not touching that" and Stifler complaining, "Why can't you guys be team players?"
  • Later, Oz asks about this saying, "Stifler wanted to give you two hand jobs?" One of them then replies that no, Stifler wanted one from them.
  • Stifler arrives with a bunch of porno videotapes and states that Santa Porn has brought them some heterosexual entertainment. Some comment is made about lubricant and "Wag away, Jim, wag away" as Jim wonders if it (the lubricant) really makes a difference (masturbation comments). Stifler then answers the phone, "Stifler's palace of love - straight love."
  • Jim goes to visit Michelle at band camp and overhears one girl asking where she put her clarinet and another replying, "I think I stuffed it in your box" (double entendre). She then offers to help him again in his way of seducing women, so she starts by saying, "I'm a hot girl" and then asks what he wants to do. He replies that he wants to feel her "boobs." She replies that's wrong and that he needs to preheat the oven before he sticks in the turkey. She then has him kiss her on the neck and then her collarbone. She then states that he's making her "really wet," causing him to get excited and ask, "Really?" but she replies that she's just saying that for practice. We then see him manhandling her clothed breasts, with her looking indifferent/bored with what he's doing. He then asks if direction (of his hands) matters, and she replies that he's too uptight about this.
  • She then pulls down his pants (we don't see anything) and tells him he needs to think of something nonsexual since she hasn't done anything and he's turning into the "Sears Tower" (referring to an erection we don't see). He then tries to think of something while she works her hands at his crotch and then states that she's going to do something to push the threshold. That turns out to be jamming the mouthpiece end of a trumpet up his rear end (we see it sticking out, along with part of his bare butt, but don't see any graphic insertion).
  • Stifler spots Finch grabbing his own clothed crotch while doing some tantric-related stuff.
  • Jim inserts a porno tape titled "P*ssy Palace" (or Place) into his VCR and begins watching (we see two bare-breasted women in a bath together with one saying, "I've been dirty," etc.). While watching these two women kiss and caress each other's bodies, Jim doesn't realize that he's picking up a tube of fast-drying glue rather than lubricant and pours a great deal of it into his hand that he then puts under the sheet to masturbate with. He then makes some pleasured sexual sounds and comments that he's been missing out while we see more material with the two women. He then suddenly realizes, as he feels some pain, that the lubricant was in fact glue and that his hand is now stuck on his penis (not seen). We thus see him with one hand down his boxers and the other glued to the videotape and reacting to the pain of trying to remove his hand from that part of his body.
  • We then see him that same way out on the roof of the house as he tries to make his way down to get some paint thinner from their construction truck, but a woman spots him, calls the police and they arrive, shining their spotlight on him. We then see his bare butt as his boxers come off/are torn away.
  • Later in the hospital, we see Jim wearing what looks like a big diaper with ice down the front. After the doctor states that it will be 8 or 9 days before the swelling goes down, Jim's dad tells the doc that that's bad since there's a young lady (Nadia) waiting to get with Jim at an upcoming party. The doctor advises that Jim keep his pants on at that party, but Jim's dad hesitantly asks that if Jim's pants would happen to come off at that party, would he "have full use of his…uh, penis?" The doctor then hands him a tube of something and says it should shave a few days off the recovery period. Later, Jim's dad says that they're awful proud of him, and then adds, "Don't forget your penis cream." The guys later joke with him that he's the only guy they know "whose d*ck needs an instruction manual."
  • Finch makes sexual sounds while watering an indoor tree, as he states it's a pure erotic moment, with the tree and the water. He then adds that if there were one more stimulant, he would have had total release.
  • When asked why he's arrived at their summer home, Stifler's younger brother replies, "P*ssy man. I'm here for the p*ssy." When Finch realizes it's him and not Stifler's mom who's arrived, he laments over a whole stockpile that's now wasted (presumably referring to a build up of sexual release, etc.).
  • We see Oz feeling his crotch while talking to Heather on the phone, stating he's alone. He then hears her tell some guy, "Can you get your balls off me?" but she's referring to someone dropping a bag of sports-related balls on her.
  • Michelle playfully pats Jim on his clothed rear end while they play pool.
  • Stifler and his younger brother use binoculars to spy on a bikini-clad woman.
  • We see that Michelle has put a bra around a pillow so that Jim can practice caressing the fake breasts as well as removing the bra with just one hand.
  • Hoping to make Nadia jealous and buy him time until his genitals are healed from the above glue incident, Michelle and Jim act like they're a couple. When he's finally healed, they go through a fake breakup where she tries to build up his sexual reputation. She yells out that she doesn't care if he's the "best lay" she's ever had in his life, or that he gave her "ten orgasms in a row." She then goes on to say that they've been having so much sex that she now smells bad. She then adds some comment about "f*cking me in the ass."
  • Trying to cheer up Kevin about Vicky, Oz mentions the girls that Kevin was with, but he brings up the rule of three for guys, thus indicating that he didn't have sex with anyone.
  • We see various women in bikini tops at a party.
  • Stifler's younger brother approaches a young woman at the party and asks, "Do you want to f*ck?" and then tells her to give it to the "Stiffmeister." When Stifler calls him on this, the brother says he just wants to see some "boobs."
  • We see, but don't hear, Finch talking to a bunch of women who are fascinated by/drawn to what he's talking about (which is presumably all of the tantric sex material/philosophy).
  • A guy who calls himself the Sherminator (after the Terminator movies) tells Nadia that he's a sex robot sent back to the past to change the future of one lucky lady. Moments later, and as they head for a room, Nadia says, "F*ck me, geek."
  • We see various stages of people playing strip poker. First, we see a guy in his underwear and a girl in her bra. We then see a nude man holding a cup over his crotch and a woman covering her bare breasts with her hands/arms.
  • Stifler's brother walks in with the two presumed lesbian women from above who now state that they never said they were lesbians. Stifler then says he'll do anything (including grabbing or shaving anyone's "ass").
  • Jim and Michelle briefly make out.
  • A guy at a party pours something onto a woman's chest/cleavage and another man licks it off.
  • We see Stifler's brother walking out with a handful of porno tapes.
  • The morning after a party, we see Oz and Heather in bed together, Jim and Michelle in bed together, Nadia in bed with the Sherminator, and Stifler in bed with the two women he previously thought were lesbians (thus implying/suggesting sex or fooling around among those various pairings/groupings the night before, but we don't see any nudity or movement).
  • We see a car rhythmically rocking back and forth from Finch apparently having sex with Stifler's mom (after she asked if he wanted to "get it on"). We hear some sexual sounds, her stating that she missed him, and telling him to call her "Stifler's mom" (rather than her real name) during sex.
  • Stifler's mom smokes in one scene.
  • Both Jim and a female student's parents react to find the two of them in bed together at college.
  • Young men's preoccupation with sex and sexual matters.
  • How people react to each other after having unplanned sex.
  • Something falls from a balcony and hits a young woman on the head, knocking her out.
  • Jim tries to run away when spotted by a band camp instructor, but hits his head on a large bell and falls to the ground.
  • While doing some tai-chi type moves, Jim accidentally knocks over and breaks a lamp.
  • A football hits Stifler in the crotch while he's momentarily distracted.
  • Jim intentionally hits a man in the face with a trombone slide (by poking it out at him).

  • Reviewed August 7, 2001 / Posted August 10, 2001

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