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(2000) (Tim Meadows, Karyn Parsons) (R)

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Comedy: A self-proclaimed, '70s style ladies man tries to find a job and one of his past lovers after being fired from his late-night, love-line radio show.
Leon Phelps (TIM MEADOWS) is self-proclaimed '70s style ladies man and late-night radio show host who dispenses advice about the matters of the heart and loins to his Chicago audience, stemming from his expertise on the matter of having been with thousands of women - most of them married.

When he steps over the lines of on-air decency one too many times, however, he and his producer, Julie Simmons (KARYN PARSONS), find themselves fired and unable to get another radio gig due to his salacious material. As such, they hang out at Lester's Straight Up Lounge, a bar run by none other than Lester (BILLY DEE WILLIAMS), and try to figure out what to do.

Unbeknownst to Leon, Barney (LEE EVANS), the jealous husband of one of his lovers, has joined a militant band of other such jilted men, the "Victims of the Smiling Ass" (so named for the smiley face on Leon's butt cheek which is the last thing seen of him as he flees into the night after any such encounter). Led by Lance (WILL FERRELL), a Greco-Roman wrestling fanatic, the men have set out to find the adulterer.

When Leon gets an anonymous letter from one of his past lovers that says she's rich and wants him back, the ladies man thinks he's hit pay dirt, despite a growing fondness between him and Julie who previously managed to resist his charms. As Leon sets out to find this woman - who turns out to be Honey DeLune (TIFFANI THIESSEN) - he must not only contend with the VSA members, but also his feelings toward Julie.

If they're fans of the original "Saturday Night Live" skit, or anyone in the cast, they just might.
For sexual content and language.
  • TIM MEADOWS plays the promiscuous, smooth talking ladies man and talk show host who dishes out romantic and sexual advice for his radio listeners. Seemingly transported from several decades ago (in both dress and attitude), he has sex with various women (on and off camera), has a fondness for encouraging anal sex, and uses various slang terms for sex and certain body parts.
  • KARYN PARSONS plays the producer of his radio show who puts up with Leon's on and off-air antics, resisting his amiable advances until late in the film.
  • BILLY DEE WILLIAMS plays a bar owner and part-time narrator of the film.
  • LEE EVANS plays the jilted and jealous husband of one of Leon's lovers who joins a militant band of other such jilted men and sets out to find and have his revenge upon the adulterer.
  • WILL FERRELL plays the leader of that group, a Greco-Roman wrestling fanatic who's obviously gay but doesn't want to admit it.
  • TIFFANI THIESSEN plays one of Leon's former lovers who's prepared to leave her husband to be with Leon once again.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a quick look at the content found in this R-rated comedy. The film deals with a promiscuous and self-proclaimed "ladies man" (womanizer) who admits to sleeping with many women. As such, various sexual encounters take place (on and off camera with movement and sounds but nothing terribly explicit or erotic), while all sorts of mostly non-graphic sexual talk is present throughout the film (including double entendres, references to anal sex, etc.), and several jokes revolve around the size of that man's genitals (never seen, but suggested to be large).

    A completely nude women is seen from the side (another full frontal view of her is blocked by some photography gear), some nude women (bare breasts) are seen on TV, a man's bare butt is seen, and a briefly seen arrangement of various cartoon-like silhouettes shows a couple in different sexual positions. Meanwhile, various scantily clad women are also seen during the film and a running gag is about a married man exhibiting his homosexual tendencies through Greco-Roman style wrestling.

    The protagonist, the many married women committing adultery and several other characters obviously have bad attitudes. Profanity consists of several uses of the "s" word, along with slang terms for sex and certain body parts, while other profanities and colorful phrases are also used. Various characters drink and a few appear drunk, while others also smoke.

    Some crude humor is present (some of it sexually related), with one instance in particular involving a man unknowingly eating some pickled feces. Violence consists of some punches being thrown, some threatening with guns and the purposeful destruction of a houseboat via fire. Due to all that's present, you may want to take a closer look at our detailed content listings should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may wish to see it.

  • Leon has cognac during his radio show.
  • People have drinks in a bar, including Leon and Julie (although she doesn't drink hers).
  • In a flashback, Julie walks into the bar, a jilted bride, and asks for bourbon.
  • Leon has cognac during his radio show and later we see him drinking straight from the bottle.
  • We see a drunken Leon carrying a bottle of liquor and Julie helping him back to his place.
  • Leon pours himself a drink at a woman's house.
  • Leon pours himself some wine.
  • Lance orders a round of beer for himself and his followers (although we don't ever see them drinking any of it), while Leon sneaks a quick drink of liquor.
  • Regulars in Lester's bar drink, including Leon who raises a toast.
  • Distraught over Leon jilting her, Julie grabs a bottle of liquor from the bar and pours herself a shot. A bar regular then sits next to Julie and appears somewhat intoxicated.
  • Leon brings Honey a box of wine.
  • Honey holds a drink.
  • Leon has cognac during his radio show.
  • As Leon and Julie try to find another radio job, we hear various recorded clips from his demo tape, with one bit having him stating that a certain part of the body is called the "Hershey Highway."
  • Leon and the regulars in Lester's bar set up Julie's ex-fiancée by enticing him into an "exotic" food-eating contest (such as pickled pigs feet and hog testicles that we see the two men eating). They then get him going so much that he unknowingly eats some pickled feces.
  • Leon has sex with many married women (who are thus also having affairs with him).
  • Some viewers might not appreciate a sequence in the film where a nun and her comments about a religious missionary position are used as fodder for sexual humor.
  • A postal worker has a bad attitude toward Leon. Leon then throws his just delivered bills into the water around his houseboat.
  • Julie's ex-fiancée has a demeaning attitude toward her and Leon.
  • Leon and the regulars in Lester's bar set up Julie's ex-fiancée by enticing him into an "exotic" food eating contest where they get him going so much that he unknowingly eats some pickled feces.
  • None.
  • Handgun/Shotgun: Carried by Barney and another jilted man, with both Barney and then Lance individually aiming that handgun at Leon. Another man blows a hole through the door of Leon's houseboat with the shotgun.
  • Phrases: "Skank," "Shut up," "Balls" (testicles), "Up yours," "Jerk," "Jackass," "What the hell are you doing here?" "Shut it up," "Sluts," "Oh, what the hell," "Dirty bastard," "Sucks," "Idiot," "Rot in hell" and "Kick ass."
  • Leon is a self-admitted womanizer who proudly states that he's casually slept with many women and continues to do so.
  • A woman in a bar makes a sizzling sound when she licks her finger and then touches her own, clothed butt.
  • Leon throws his just delivered bills into the water around his houseboat.
  • Leon and the regulars in Lester's bar set up Julie's ex-fiancée by enticing him into an "exotic" food eating contest where they get him going so much that he unknowingly eats some pickled feces.
  • Leon gives "the finger" to Lance, Barney and the rest of the men who are after him.
  • None.
  • A tiny bit of comically suspenseful music plays in the film.
  • A song sung by many jilted men contains the phrase "dirty bastard" and is basically about them finding and killing Leon.
  • At least 5 "s" words, 6 slang terms for sex (variations of "bone," as well as "banging" and "screwed"), 6 slang terms for male genitals ("wang," "d*ck" and "p*cker"), 6 asses (1 is also written), 3 hells, 2 damns, 2 S.O.B.s, 1 crap and 4 uses of "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • Leon states on his radio show that he's made love/"done it" to many women. He then tells a lonely female caller to go out wearing no underwear as a way of attracting men. He also tells another caller that one knows they're in love when they feel it deep down inside their pants.
  • We briefly see an arrangement hanging on a wall of various cartoon-like silhouettes of a couple engaged in different sexual positions.
  • Continuing on his show, Leon tells another caller to stick two thumbs "way up" (parts of the body), and then states that there might be weird smells as a result.
  • We see a flashback of Leon being raised in what's presumably supposed to be the Playboy mansion and thus see various Playboy bunnies in their revealing '70s style bunny outfits.
  • We see a Playboy model standing completely nude (albeit sideways) and thus see her bare breasts and side of bare butt. We then see her facing our camera, but the still camera that's taking her picture blocks her full frontal nudity.
  • In a flashback, we see Leon in bed with a woman (but don't see any activity or nudity).
  • Julie shows some cleavage in a wedding dress she wears.
  • We see Leon imagining approaching a voluptuous woman in a bar and telling her that he'd like "to take a bite out of your butt." He then states that to close the deal, he'd show her "the goods" and we then see him unzipping his pants with light emanating from there and the woman looking shocked from the sight of his privates (which we don't see). In reality, Leon approaches the woman who tells him that her husband is gone and that they should go back to her place.
  • We then see this woman moving on top of Leon as they have sex (but we don't see any explicit contact between their bodies). As her husband, Barney, waits at the locked door, she finishes having sex with Leon with more movement as she holds on to the swaying headboard (we hear her sexual sounds and that of the bed squeaking). As Leon escapes from her bedroom, we see various views (including one close-up) of his bare butt.
  • On his radio show, Leon states that he's going to do a survey of his listeners to find out their "favorite hole."
  • We see three bare-breasted women in a bathtub (washing the others' backs) on a TV. After Barney fails in his attempt to commit suicide via hanging (and instead lands crotch first on the back on a chair), he lowers his pants and rubs his crotch (we don't see anything explicit), a sight his wife sees and misinterprets for him masturbating (as she sees him doing that while that video/TV program plays).
  • When Julie asks about why Leon wants to have sex with so many women, he asks her if she's had sex (she says that she has) and then replies, "There you go."
  • Leon takes another call where he tells the caller that the caller's "wang" (penis) gets larger from the sight of men instead of women.
  • We see a montage of various people kissing and/or being romantic with each other as Leon talks on the radio about love, but then ends by telling his listeners to "do it up the butt."
  • While drunk and showing Julie his houseboat, he states that he had sex in various places inside it and then comments on having to get his "magic cream" out of some curtains and remarks on it being a long shot (an ejaculation joke). Julie then finds a remote that when flipped open, has some molded bare female breasts inside it. She then discovers his stash of sex lotions, including one labeled "Piña Colada Butt Lotion." When she asks why he has a waterbed on a houseboat, he states, "There's more motion in the ocean" and then rhythmically moves on the bed, asking her if they're going to "do it" (she says no).
  • We see a drawing of a man's bare butt on the Internet.
  • As Leon and Julie try to find another radio job, we hear various recorded clips from his demo tape that repeatedly talk about "doing it doggy style."
  • A radio station manager notes that under "interests" on Leon's resume, he has listed "de butt." When he tells Leon that he can have a job since their morning anchor just quit, various double entendre jokes are made out Leon "filling the slot" (such as Leon stating that he has experience filling other people's slots and did so just that morning).
  • We then see Leon hosting a radio interview with a nun who announces that she's leaving the country to "assume a missionary position." Although Leon retains his composure (since he knows he'll be fired from this religious station if he makes any sexual remarks), he has a hard time as the interview continues, such as when the nun again mentions the missionary position and that she'll be holding it for a very long time. He then asks where she'll be holding that missionary position and she replies, "Bangkok" (with the joke being what that word sounds like). She then continues that Bangkok is lovely and that she's looking forward to "taking it all in," but that it can be hot and steamy. He then asks whether she's ever gone down the "yellow river," she asks if he has, and he says that he did once a long time ago. She then asks if he's ever known the joys of a missionary position and he breaks down. He then states that he was "doing" some twins when their mother walked in with a video camera (but the story ends there).
  • Julie tells Leon that the last time he told her to trust him, he told all of Chicago to "do it in the butt."
  • Leon states that he must go and have sex and then wait for something to randomly happen (as far as him getting a job, etc.). We then see the covers come down in his bed and we see a woman in her bra on top of Leon (but no movement or nudity).
  • Julie reads an anonymous letter to Leon where the writer mentions the feeling of his skin up against her and being pressed up against the wall of a laundromat.
  • Leon refers to Julie's ex-fiancée as the one with the three-inch penis.
  • Lance makes many homoerotic references to his collegiate-style wrestling with other men (such as the thrill of grabbing burly men and pinning them to the mat, and that he would have chased after Leon, but was too sore).
  • Leon refers to something as a "freaky deaky sex world."
  • Leon tells a groom (about his bride-to-be), "Smack her on the ass," stating that she likes that (she's one of his former lovers).
  • We hear Leon making an announcement over the PA system at a ballgame, stating that if any women in attendance are rich and he "boned" them, that they meet him at the nacho cart. He then adds that if they're rich and "want to be boned," that they should meet him at the same place.
  • A comment is made that Cyrus didn't have a taste for certain things when dating Julie (what could be an oral sex reference).
  • A radio station manager states that bags of mail are from the "sluts" that Leon was "banging."
  • Leon visits one of his former lovers who shows some cleavage and reminiscences about some wild nights they had in bed. She then asks if they can have a quickie for old times sakes, and then adds that they do it like they used to, "real nasty." She then comes out dressed like a clown (her profession), states that they do it real quick, and then jumps up on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and humping him, stating that she'll lick him all over his body. In response he states, "On, what the hell" and it's implied that they have sex.
  • A person comments that Leon "screwed" all of their women.
  • The men who are after Leon state that they're going to catch him and cut off his "tiny p*cker." Leon hears this and then states that they must not be talking about him (in reference to their "tiny" comment).
  • While asleep, Leon runs his hand down inside his pants and leaves it there for a moment.
  • Leon blames his problems on his "wang," and jokes that maybe he should cut it off, but then decides against that.
  • Julie states that she's never had sex with Leon and they then briefly make out, but nothing else happens.
  • We see Honey in a bubble bath, but don't see anything explicit.
  • The camera briefly focuses in close on Honey's ample cleavage and we then see that she's in a teddy, garters and open lingerie-style robe. She then tells Leon that she wants him to take her (sexually) and we then see her undressing him (we only see him from the waist up, but see her hold and then briefly smell his underwear that she's removed). We then see her go back down toward his crotch (and out of the camera shot) and see his surprised but pleasured reaction to what she's doing.
  • Moments later we hear some sexual sounds and her repeating, "Yes," but he then sits up and says that he can't do it (have sex with her). She then looks down at his crotch (which we don't see) and states that everything looks fine (implying an erection). He says that it's working fine, but that something else is wrong (he's in love with someone else) and mentions something about "boning" someone.
  • Lance and the rest of his mob then come in and find Honey on top of Leon. He then gets up and Lance and the rest of the men react in amazement and shock (a joke about Leon's size). One of them asks, "My wife had that?" and Leon proudly replies, "Yeah" and then states, "You can't blame the wang."
  • Leon then goes on about "boning" and comments about one of the men's wives and the amazing thing she can do with her tongue.
  • Lance, wanting to get revenge on Leon, oils himself up to wrestle Leon, but is dejected when Leon won't oil himself up (more homosexual references).
  • Honey shows more cleavage.
  • Leon states (about the men's wives), "I did sex them up" and then adds that most times it was really good. He then adds that one woman called out the husband's name when he was "rocking on top of her." He then tells the men that they need to spin some time getting their wives in the mood and then ask them if they want to "do it in the butt."
  • On his radio show, Leon states again that he knew he was in love because he felt it in his pants.
  • Barney smokes several times, Lance briefly smokes a cigar, some bar regulars smoke and a man who's presumably supposed to be Hugh Hefner twice smokes a pipe.
  • Barney becomes distraught over discovering his wife having sex with Leon (he even tries hanging himself), but none of it's played seriously/realistically.
  • Lance finds his wife in bed with Leon, but the same non-serious conditions apply to that scene as well.
  • Leon's promiscuous/womanizing ways (in this day of potentially dangerous sex).
  • In a flashback, we see two burly guards toss Leon out onto the sidewalk.
  • Barney breaks open a locked door.
  • Barney tries to hang himself from a ceiling fan via a noose, but slips, lands on the back of a chair with his crotch and tears the fan from the ceiling.
  • Two men throw Leon out of the radio station.
  • Julie rips up Leon's demo tape.
  • One of Leon's former lovers throws a glass of liquor into his face and then hits him in the face with the glass.
  • One of Leon's former lovers punches him in the face.
  • A man blows a hole through the door on Leon's houseboat with a shotgun and Vance then sets the boat on fire (we later see that it's completely engulfed in flames and then destroyed).
  • Julie punches Leon and then pushes him out of her way.
  • After Lance threatens to wrestle Leon, Leon repeatedly punches him in the gut and then once in the face. As Leon then starts to walk away, Barney holds his handgun on him, wanting the others to take some bolt cutters and cut off Leon's testicles.
  • Lance briefly aims a gun at Leon.

  • Reviewed September 28, 2000 / Posted October 13, 2000

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