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(2000) (Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson) (PG-13)

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Comedy: An overweight professor's attempts to rid his body of his nasty alter-ego leads to serious repercussions, especially when that persona physically manifests himself and sets out to ruin the amiable scientist.
Professor Sherman Klump (EDDIE MURPHY) seems to have everything going for him. He has a great job working at Wellman University in their genome lab, he's about ready to pop the question to his girlfriend and fellow professor, Denise Gaines (JANET JACKSON), and he's just developed a successful age-regression concoction for which leading pharmaceutical companies are willing to pay top dollar.

The only problem is that he's never been able to shake his alter ego, Buddy Love (EDDIE MURPHY), who he accidentally created a few years back while trying to find a way to reprogram his DNA to help him lose weight. Although Sherman hasn't physically transformed into Buddy in some time, the obnoxious man hidden deep inside him is trying to cause problems, and he's generally succeeding.

To make matters worse, Sherman still finds himself embarrassed by his family -- including his grouchy father, Cletus "Papa" Klump (EDDIE MURPHY); his caring mother (EDDIE MURPHY); his libidinous Granny (EDDIE MURPHY); Ernie (EDDIE MURPHY), a cantankerous man; and nephew Ernie Jr. (JAMAL MIXON) -- and the way in which they act in front of Denise. They're tame compared to Buddy's repeated outbursts, however, so Sherman decides to rid himself once and for all of this troublemaker.

Performing an experimental genetic extraction, Sherman successfully removes Buddy. In doing so, however, he unknowingly sets into motion two serious repercussions. The first involves the fact that in altering his own genetic code, he's unknowingly created a progressively debilitating condition where his mental functioning begins to deteriorate.

Equally as bad, Buddy, through the help of a random dog hair, manages to physically manifest himself from a bottle of goo and appear once again as the fully anthropomorphic Buddy Love. As Sherman's intelligence continues to wane - much to the chagrin of Denise and Dean Richmond (LARRY MILLER), the latter who's counting on a big contract for their fountain of youth potion - Buddy then sets out to steal the formula and sell it as his own. With time running out as those situations escalate, Sherman tries to find a solution to both problems.

If they enjoyed the original film or are fans of Murphy or singer-turned actress Janet Jackson, they probably will.
For crude humor and sex-related material.
  • EDDIE MURPHY plays numerous roles, including an amiable and brilliant, but quite obese professor/scientist, his mean, nasty and belligerent alter ego, the professor's parents (a cranky old man suffering from impotency and his loving wife), a libidinous old woman, and a disagreeable family member.
  • JANET JACKSON plays his loving girlfriend and fellow professor who's concerned about Sherman's sudden behavioral change.
  • LARRY MILLER plays the university Dean who's eager to make a major financial deal with Sherman's formula, but isn't above making disparaging remarks about him.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this PG-13 rated comedy. All sorts of sexually related material occurs, including plenty of non-explicit, sexually related dialogue, erection jokes and/or references, views of cleavage and pelvic thrusting against inanimate objects, talk of impotence, the sounds of a sexual encounter between senior citizens, jokes stemming from a libidinous old woman, some brief shots of animals mating, implied hot tub-based oral sex in a fantasy sequence, and a joke about a gargantuan, genetically altered hamster having sex with a man (essentially raping him).

    All sorts of scatological material (farting sounds, huge hamster droppings) are also present, and a moderate amount of profanity (at least 9 "s" words and plenty of other expletives and colorful phrases) is used throughout the film. Certain characters have bad attitudes, and they (and the film to a degree) make fun of overweight people, senior citizens and those suffering from impotence.

    Various characters drink, while some brief fighting occurs, a genetically altered, gargantuan hamster essentially rapes a man and hits others with its quickly fired, bowling-ball sized droppings, and a fantasy sequence shows the complete destruction of Earth. Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for anyone in your home, we suggest that you take a closer look at our more detailed content listings for specific examples of what occurs during the film.

    For those concerned with the repetitive flashing of bright lights on the screen, a few brief moments of that occur during a thunderstorm at night.

  • The Klumps have wine at an all you can eat buffet.
  • Sherman and Denise have champagne.
  • A hairdresser pours Mama Klump some wine.
  • People have drinks in a bar/club where Papa Klump orders a "seven and seven."
  • Sherman, Denise and her parents have wine with dinner.
  • We see some beer in the fridge as Buddy looks for Sherman's formula.
  • In her fantasy, Granny and Buddy have champagne.
  • People have champagne at a wedding.
  • Scatological/gross-out humor consists of the following: Ernie Jr. belching at a buffet; Papa Klump letting out a huge fart that blows over a candle and creates a huge flame, igniting some nearby curtains; an old man inadvertently eating a bite of meat that landed in his soup after being dislodged from someone's throat via the Heimlich maneuver; Buddy (who now has part of the characteristics of a dog) puts a newspaper down in the men's room, unzips his fly and apparently urinates on the paper (we don't see any of that, but do hear others' reactions to it); in a dream where he imagines floating in a Space Shuttle, Sherman repeatedly farts (like rocket boosters) to propel himself through weightlessness (and someone physically and verbally reacts to the smell, saying that the "force" is inside him and that it smells like something crawled up inside Sherman and died); he then farts along to the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey;" we see a string of spit between Buddy and Granny's mouths after they French kiss; we hear Buddy vomiting into a hedge (after that kiss); a monstrous-sized hamster (bigger than a grizzly bear) repeatedly fires bowling ball sized droppings at various people from its rear end; Dean attempts to sit down on a table, but reacts to the pain/tenderness of that part of his body (after being raped by a gargantuan hamster that tried mating with him); we see a male toddler's urine stream hit a man in the face; and after Buddy is turned into a liquidized blob that lands on a woman's butt, we hear her fart several times (which forms bubbles in that blob still attached to that part of her anatomy).
  • Buddy makes fun of Sherman's size, calling him all sorts of disparaging names ("Chunky butt," "Bubble butt," "Fat ass," "Fat boy," "Big ass," etc.), and even pickpockets him in one scene.
  • The film also makes fun of old women (sagging breasts - often bouncing out of control - and their libidos) and men with impotence.
  • A psychiatrist has written the phrases "screw loose" and "nutso" on his pad in reference to Sherman.
  • Dean Richmond drops a few disparaging remarks about Sherman's size (saying that pound for pound he is a planet - after commenting that pound for pound he's the greatest scientist on the planet). Later, and mad at Klump, he says, "You're fat, dumb and fired."
  • Papa Klump rebukes Mama Klump's seduction act toward him (nothing explicit with it) by being mean toward her (although he appears to be having impotency problems). Later, she's apparently been talking about his impotency with her friends and hairdresser.
  • Buddy purposefully contaminates Sherman's formula by adding some household product to it.
  • It's possible that some viewers (especially young kids) might find the site of a gargantuan and menacing-looking hamster (bigger than a grizzly bear) unsettling or scary (although it's all played for laughs).
  • Some sort of explosive: Not seen, but used in one of Sherman's sci-fi dreams to blow up part of the moon.
  • Handgun: Briefly aimed by a security guard at a huge, monstrous hamster.
  • Due to crowd noise and several of the onscreen characters mumbling their lines, the following phrases should be considered a minimum: "This is some scary sh*t," "Sh*tfaced," 'I'm tired of this sh*t," "Hitting it" and "Horny" (sexual), "My ass," "See you later, chunky butt," "Punk," "Bite me, you old hag," "Bubble butt," "Jiminy Freakin' Cricket," "Shut up," "Fat ass," "Fat boy," "What the hell are you looking at?" "Bitch" (double reference to a female dog/woman), "Little bitch," "Hell no," "Pile of crap," "Foxy" (for how a woman looks), "Crazy ass," "Sucker," "Sucks," "Big ass," "Idiot," "Nigger" (said a few times by black people), "There goes the hamster's bitch," "Bastard," "Moron," "What the hell?" and "Damn right."
  • The youngest Klump positions himself directly below a soft-serve ice cream/frozen yogurt machine and allows the frozen dessert to drop directly into his mouth.
  • Controlled by Buddy inside him, Sherman dances and prances around and repeatedly slaps his own clothed butt.
  • In a liquidized form, Buddy raises a "hand" and gives others "the finger."
  • None.
  • A minor bit of playfully suspenseful music occurs in a few scenes.
  • None.
  • Due to crowd noise and several of the onscreen characters mumbling their lines, the following should be considered a minimum: At least 9 "s" words, 7 slang terms for male genitals ("Johnson," "Vienna sausage," "Winky," "Love tackle," "Beef" "Whopper"), 2 slang terms for female genitals ("taco"), 8 slang terms for breasts (variations of "t*t"), 24 asses, 18 damns, 17 hells, 1 crap, 1 S.O.B., 5 uses of "G-damn," 3 each of "My God," "Oh Lord" and "Oh my God," 2 each of "Lord" and "Good God" and 1 use each of "Jesus," "Good Lord," "Lord have mercy" and "God awful" as exclamations.
  • Denise shows a great deal of cleavage in several scenes (in one, both Sherman and the camera focus on it).
  • While standing at the altar while getting married, we (and everyone there) suddenly see what looks like a large and exaggerated erection in Sherman's pants. His father proudly states, "That's it son, show 'em what the club's made of," while Granny tells him to save for the honeymoon. This turns out to be a dream/fantasy, however, as Buddy Love's head soon pops out of Sherman's fly and we then see Sherman in a psychiatrist's office recounting this dream/fantasy.
  • Buddy's personality suddenly pops out while Sherman is visiting a psychiatrist and makes his alter ego ask whether all of the diplomas on the wall are there to make up for the fact that he (the psychiatrist) has a "little Vienna sausage" in his pants.
  • He does the same in making Sherman rhythmically move his briefcase at his crotch while commenting how hot it is to a woman on the campus.
  • Dean Richmond comments that a genetically altered dog (that's once again young) can now "lick his own winky again." He then adds that there isn't a guy in the world who wouldn't want to do that.
  • Granny says that her boyfriend Isaac (also a senior citizen) got frisky in the car so she had to give him a little appetizer (she walks into a restaurant and it looks like her dress isn't completely buttoned in the back). She then says that he's like a bull when it comes to the ladies, that they watch a TV show about the mating season of the Serengeti, and that it doesn't take much to get Isaac going. She then adds that he might be dried up and geriatric, but that there's nothing wrong with his "love tackle."
  • She then holds up a limp noodle and asks Papa Klump what it reminds him of ("Mr. Johnson, perhaps?"). She then comments about him pulling lint off his scrotum.
  • As Sherman prepares to propose to Denise, Buddy (who's still inside him) makes him shout out about coming up to her and putting "my beef in your taco." He then adds something about her wanting a big whopper right now and then says that he's loaded with secret sauce. Sherman (still controlled by Buddy inside him) then lies on the ground and does some pelvic thrusting on it (still clothed).
  • Mama Klump tries seducing Papa Klump but he refuses her advances, mostly due to a recent problem with impotence. She then asks him about Viagra and he says that it doesn't work for him (despite taking them like M&Ms).
  • They (and we) then hear sexual sounds (a rhythmically squeaking bed and muffled comments) coming from above them (from Granny and Isaac). Papa Klump then yells out, "Slow it down, I'm not taking anybody to the emergency room tonight."
  • Upon hearing that he's to be married, one of Sherman's family states that he's proud of him and the fact that he's "finally going to get some" (sex).
  • Granny makes Denise repeat what she said about it being fine to fantasize about some other man's head being on your husband's body during sex. Granny then adds that her fantasy is her being with Stone Phillips, with him being shirtless and her not wearing any panties. She'd then be on a ladder where he'd get a "peak of heaven" up her skirt, he'd then toss her onto a stack of tobacco and they'd go at it like two mice in a sock.
  • Buddy jokes with Sherman about "hitting it" (having sex) with some woman in their past.
  • Buddy, who now has part of the characteristics of a dog, smells a woman's female dog that's in heat. The woman, not knowing this, shows him a picture of this dog lying on its back and Buddy comments on it being "nasty."
  • A salon worker talks to Mama Klump about a penis pump (someone comments that it's supposed to "pump it up"). When they then ask if it works, one says that it doesn't and that the penis looks like a mushroom. Granny then comments that as soon as she walks up to Isaac that he's "ten hut" (a penis/saluting reference).
  • A person jokes that Papa Klump has been getting a "mercy hump" from his wife and then mentions a limp noodle (a reference to his impotence).
  • We briefly see a dog mounting another dog while mating.
  • We briefly see a woman running her hand up the inside of Papa Klump's clothed thigh (in a bar and after he's been temporarily turned young). He then gets up and holds a hat over his crotch (apparently to hide his erection).
  • Papa Klump tells Momma Klump (who's in bed) to close her eyes because he has a surprise for her. He then drinks the age regression serum while she eagerly awaits him and tells him that she's on fire. She, however, freaks out upon seeing him as a younger man and then gets upset with him.
  • At Denise's wedding shower, she opens a package from Granny containing a teddy with holes over the breast and crotch areas, and Granny comments that she didn't get it for Denise, but instead for Sherman since he'll be the one who appreciates "the hell out of it."
  • Thinking he's he male stripper she ordered for Denise's wedding shower, Granny confronts Buddy and amorously approaches him, telling him she wants a private dance.
  • Meanwhile, the real stripper shows up and briefly does his thing (no nudity).
  • Granny has a fantasy where she's running through a field and her large and sagging, clothed breasts are visibly (and exaggeratedly) bouncing up and down. We then see Buddy in a hot tub with a pleasured expression on his face and Granny then surfaces from below the water. She then takes out her false teeth, dives back under the water and we see Buddy's pleasured reaction once again (an oral sex reference).
  • Back in reality, Granny tells Buddy that she's going to teach him a trick she knows, and as we see him from the ground-view vantage point between her legs, we see her dress and panties fall to the floor (and see his horrified reaction, but don't see any nudity). As she stands nude before him (again we don't see anything), she then makes him French kiss her (or she'll threaten to scream).
  • We see a hamster mount another one while mating.
  • After a hamster suddenly grows into a gargantuan monster, Dean Richmond tries to sneak out under the cover of fur coat. The menacing hamster monster spots him and suddenly turns amorous (and it's heavily suggested that the hamster then mates with him when Richmond pleads, "I'm not that kind of..." and then makes a pained sound as if penetrated). Sherman's various family members, watching this on a live TV broadcast, state that something like that will ruin a man and that he'll never be right again. Later, when the Dean attempts to sit down on a table, he reacts to the pain/tenderness of that part of his body and we then see huge claw marks in the back of his suit jacket.
  • Papa Klump misunderstands Sherman's brainstorm that to get Denise back, he first must find Buddy and eat him (turn him into a liquid and ingest him) as something sexual. When he finally sees Buddy, Sherman states that he needs Buddy inside him right now (which others misinterpret).
  • After being given the age regression formula, Buddy turns into a toddler and we see his bare butt as he runs along a table and then the floor. When he catches a woman staring at his crotch (we don't see it), he asks what she's looking at and comments that it's "an impressive package for a toddler." During that, he also briefly lands on a standing woman's clothed chest (stares at her cleavage and asks "Got milk?") and then ends up tearing the front of her clothing open, exposing her ample cleavage in her bra (which temporarily distracts Dean Richmond).
  • While dancing with Papa Klump, Mama Klump reacts to feeling his erection under his clothes.
  • During the outtakes, Granny talks about a "powerful erection" and we see a scene where Mama Klump is lying in bed (clothed) and sensuously rubbing her hands over her clothed breasts, commenting that her areolas are going to pop.
  • Buddy smokes a cigar in one scene.
  • The antics and behavior of Sherman's family often embarrass him.
  • The jokes that come at the expense of overweight people, as well as senior citizens and those suffering from impotency.
  • Genetic research and the altering of one's genetic makeup in an attempt for improvement.
  • During a dream/fantasy, Buddy's legs (that are sticking out of Sherman's body) accidentally kick a preacher in the crotch and face.
  • Ernie throws a utensil at his son (for eating directly out of a frozen dessert machine).
  • Sherman accidentally knocks over some lab equipment that breaks upon hitting the floor.
  • Sherman comes home to find his place ransacked.
  • Sherman accidentally flings a corncob that presumably strikes and kills a family bird, while also getting up from the table (with the table cloth caught in his pants) and accidentally pulling everything off it (some of which breaks).
  • An old and scrawny man takes the momentarily young Papa Klump outside a bar and proceeds to repeatedly punch and then kick him (for talking to his wife/date inside), twice sending him flying through the air and landing in the trash.
  • In one of Sherman's dreams, a bomb detonates and blows up part of the moon, while a large asteroid strikes Earth, causing it to blow up.
  • Papa Klump hits Ernie on the back of the head with a newspaper for sitting in his chair.
  • A monstrous-sized hamster (bigger than a grizzly bear) repeatedly fires bowling ball sized droppings at various people from its rear end, hitting a security guard and blasting him backwards through some swinging doors they break upon the impact. It then essentially rapes Dean Richmond (played as laughs about the hamster being amorously attracted to him).
  • After a woman mistakenly thinks that a man has felt her butt (when in fact a liquidized blob of Buddy has landed there), she punches him.

  • Reviewed July 25, 2000 / Posted July 28, 2000

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