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(2000) (Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley) (PG-13)

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Comedy: Desperate to have the affections of a woman who barely knows he exists, a socially inept loser sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for seven wishes that may change his chances with her.
Elliot Richards (BRENDAN FRASER) is a well-intentioned, but socially inept loser whose overbearing ways usually cause his fellow technical support advisors - including Carol (MIRIAM SHOR), Dan (ORLANDO JONES), Bob (PAUL ADELSTEIN) and Jerry (TOBY HUSS) - to flee or cringe whenever he approaches them.

His lack of social graces certainly doesn't help his chances with Alison Gardner (FRANCES O'CONNOR), another coworker for the past four years that he's completely enamored with but barely knows he exists. When he finally gets up the nerve to approach her, she blows him off.

As a result, his plea that he'd do anything to have Alison in his life draws the attention of none other than the Devil (ELIZABETH HURLEY). A sultry temptress, the Devil eventually convinces Elliot of her identity and then offers him a deal. If he'll sign away his soul to her, she'll grant him seven wishes that will not only give him the chance to win Alison's love, but also to live out his fantasies of being rich, famous, powerful and handsome.

Although it sounds too good to be true, Elliot signs the contract and, with the knowledge that he can back out of any wish should it not go the way he intended, he makes his first one. He soon learns, however, that you can't trust the Devil when he realizes time and again that she's set out to mischievously foil his dreams.

Teens might be drawn to this film (especially boys tempted by the thought of Elizabeth Hurley in all of those tight or skimpy outfits), as might those who are fans of Fraser or director Harold Ramis ("Ghostbusters," "Groundhog Day").
For sex-related humor, language and some drug content.
  • BRENDAN FRASER plays an overbearing and socially inept, but well-intentioned man who strikes a deal with the Devil by selling his soul in exchange for seven wishes that might allow him to be with the woman of his dreams. He then plays various, exaggerated versions of that character.
  • ELIZABETH HURLEY plays the Devil, a voluptuous and mischievous woman who does what she can to foil Elliot's chances with Alison all while causing all sorts of other mayhem.
  • FRANCES O'CONNOR plays the object of Elliot's affection, a sweet woman who doesn't realize who or what Elliot is and then ends up playing varying parts in his various wishes.
  • MIRIAM SHOR, ORLANDO JONES, PAUL ADELSTEIN and TOBY HUSS play Elliot's coworkers who cringe upon seeing him, make fun of him and ditch his offers of office camaraderie. They also play varying parts in his various wishes.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this comedy that's been rated PG-13. Some non-explicit but suggestive, sexually related talk is present, and some jokes are made about the varying sizes of a man's penis (but not related to arousal). Meanwhile, the Devil is presented in the form of model/actress Elizabeth Hurley who repeatedly dresses in provocative and revealing clothing. While played entirely for laughs, it's possible that some viewers might not appreciate the lighthearted approach the film takes in playing off the notion of the Devil and temptation, etc.

    Some comic-style violence occurs in the form of characters shooting at others with machine guns while another scene features a would-be assassin with a pistol (we don't see anyone being hurt), while cocaine is present in one scene and there's some brief, off-screen use of it (all played for laughs). Profanity consists of a non-explicit slang term for sex, several "s" words and a handful of other expletives and colorful phrases. Some drinking and smoking are also present.

    Beyond that, the rest of the film's categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content. Nonetheless, should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone in your home, we suggest that you examine our detailed content listings more closely for specific examples of what occurs in the film.

    For those concerned with the repetitive flashing of bright lights on the screen, a moment of that occurs early in the film from the repetitive use of camera flashes in a paparazzi scene.

  • During the opening credits, we see a still image of people having drinks in a bar.
  • Elliot offers to go get some "suds" (beer) with his coworkers, but they decline the offer.
  • Later, however, we see Elliot's four coworkers having drinks in a bar.
  • The Devil holds a drink, but never drinks it.
  • In one of Elliot's wishes, he discovers that he's a drug lord when he finds and then tastes a batch of cocaine on his premises. We later see one of his subordinates with cocaine powder below his nose, while some miscellaneous men have drinks.
  • In another wish, a stranger asks Alison if she wants to get a beer and she says that she does.
  • People have drinks at a reception/party where Elliot has a martini. He then intellectually states that alcohol is known as being a "disinhibiter" and that it seems to be working well on him (Alison states that it's done the same for her).
  • In one of his wishes, Elliot grabs what he thinks is a fake mustache and yanks off half of it, leaving a raw and slightly bloody looking patch of skin under his nose.
  • On a video monitor in the background of a scene set at a nightclub, it looks like we see surgical footage of a heart and/or other internal body organs.
  • The Devil obviously has both for tricking Elliot into signing away his soul and then purposefully throwing his wishes off track.
  • Certain viewers with strong dispositions toward taking the Devil and evil, etc. seriously might not appreciate the film's lighthearted approach at portraying such characters and issues.
  • Eliot's co-workers try to ignore and blow him off when not making fun of him (due to his lack of social grace).
  • In one of Elliot's wishes, his wife has a bad attitude toward him and is cheating on him, and his subordinates have decided to overthrow him.
  • In another wish, a man purposefully kicks sand in Elliot's face at the beach.
  • In another wish, a female reporter is interested only in Elliot because she believes he had a huge penis.
  • In another one, a would-be assassin has both types of attitudes.
  • Although it's possible some viewers could see scenes listed under "Violence" as tense, none of them are intentionally played that way (instead, they're aiming for laughs).
  • A brief, but huge fire and brimstone style image of the Devil might be unsettling to some younger viewers.
  • Machine guns: Carried and fired by various men at Elliot and each other (no one is hit).
  • Handgun: Briefly held by Elliot in that same scene.
  • Pistol: Carried and aimed at a politician by a would-be assassin.
  • Phrases: "Babes" (women), "How the hell are you?" "You guys suck," "Loser," "What the hell (is going on)?" "Shut up, bitch" (said from one man to another), "Creep," "Screw up," "Wacko bastard" and "You little maggot."
  • A woman gives "the finger" to someone.
  • In another wish, a man purposefully kicks sand in Elliot's face at the beach.
  • In another wish, Elliot is a huge basketball player with platinum blond hair and tattoos on his arms.
  • The sudden sound of dogs barking might startle a few viewers.
  • A tiny bit of ominous music plays in one scene.
  • None.
  • At least 1 slang term for sex ("banged"), 2 "s" words (1 in English subtitles), 2 slang terms for male genitals ("winky"), 5 damns, 4 hells, 1 ass, 4 uses of "Oh God," 3 of "God" and 2 uses of "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • During the opening credits, various miscellaneous people are labeled by one-word, on screen titles. Among them, one person is listed as "virgin" and another is "horny."
  • The Devil (played by Elizabeth Hurley) always wears sexy, provocative, form fitting and/or revealing clothing throughout the production (that nearly always show cleavage, as well as a dress that has an extremely high slit that briefly displays her underwear/bare upper thighs, a skimpy bikini, a miniskirt that shows the outside of her bare, upper thigh, etc.).
  • The Devil straddles Elliot in a chair (both are clothed) and passionately kisses him. She then tells him that she wants to talk business and he misinterprets what she means, replying that he's never paid for sex before, except for an Internet thing.
  • We see a billboard in the background of one scene that shows a woman lying in a suggestive pose wearing an outfit that shows part of the side of her bare breast.
  • In the Devil's nightclub, various women show cleavage and some bikini-clad women dance in cages (but nothing too suggestive).
  • A painting of Adam & Eve in the Devil's office shows the two of them standing nude in the Garden of Eden (we see his bare butt and see lower full frontal nudity of Eve - but nothing explicit).
  • Elliot sees a video image of Alison where she says that she wants him right now.
  • In one of Elliot's wishes, we see him in bed with Alison (his wife), but she's sleeping and there's no nudity or activity. We then later see Alison flirting with her English tutor and placing her hand on that man's clothed butt. She then suggestively states that this tutor has taught her many exciting things, and one of Elliot's wish-based subordinates tells him that the tutor has been "having your wife."
  • The Devil takes Elliot into Alison's bedroom while she showers in the bathroom, telling him to take a peek at her since she's in there naked. He initially refuses, but then does take a peek (we don't see anything). We then see Alison walk out into the bedroom wearing just a towel (she can't see him or the Devil since they're invisible) and she props her foot up onto a chair (right at Elliot's crotch) and applies some toenail polish. She then briefly opens her towel, unknowingly giving Elliot a quick glimpse of her naked body, but we don't see anything other than his reaction.
  • During the above, the Devil makes up a passage out of Alison's diary that reads, "Last night was the most incredible night of my life. I never did find out the guys' names, but I brought them back here and all five of them banged me like a Salvation Army drum."
  • In another wish, Alison tells Elliot that she's tired of him being so sensitive and that she wants a man who will ignore her and take her for granted, but will be nice to her just so that "he can get into my pants." A man standing nearby states, "That would be me," and Elliot then desperately states that he'll get into her pants, but it's too late as she's already left with that other man.
  • In another wish, we see various cheerleaders, including the Devil, dancing around in skimpy outfits.
  • In another wish, Elliot is a huge basketball player who draws the attention of Alison (being a reporter) who thinks that since he's so big, he must have large genitalia as well. As such, while she sees him standing in a low-riding towel in the locker room, she makes suggestive comments like, "You must have an enormously huge...talent" and "How unbelievably big your...ego must be." He dimwittedly laughs that off and she states that she bets it's big and that at times it gets bigger. He then replies that it depends on how happy he is.
  • His towel then happens to fall open and both she and he and surprised at how small his penis is (we don't see it, but can tell from their reaction). She's no longer interested and comments on how she has this "teeny tiny thing" she has to do, and he's insulted by that comment.
  • When Elliot then meets the Devil again, he's upset because she gave him a "teeny weenie winky." When he then sets the parameters for his next wish, she asks if there's anything else, he asks, "Like what?" and she replies, "Winky-wise."
  • We then see him in his next wish as a handsome author and immediately see him reach down into his pants pocket and presumably adjust his penis that's down his leg. A woman there then suggestively tells Alison that he's successful at everything.
  • As Elliot sensuously talks to Alison about the skin being so sensitive, he mentions the words "clitoris," "nipples" and "penis" while talking about such body parts being sensitive to the slightest caress. When he then asks if she knows what the largest organ in the human body is, she playfully responds that she can guess (suggesting his genitalia), but he tells her that she would be wrong (since it's the skin). She then asks if they can go to his place. Once there, she looks at his décor and states that everything screams Elliot Richards. He then jokes that most of the screaming takes place in his bedroom. As such, he then picks her up and takes her into his bedroom where he suddenly discovers his gay lover who's shocked and dismayed that he's brought a woman home (Elliot is just as shocked to learn he's gay).
  • Dressed in a sexy, schoolteacher outfit (very short miniskirt), the Devil tells Elliot that maybe a good spanking is in order (but nothing happens). He then asks her if she thinks that everything is about sex and she replies that she doesn't (as she lists the other sins).
  • An onscreen title applied to a woman (that reads: "Hogs the covers") implies that she and Elliot sleep together.
  • The Devil smokes once, as does an acquaintance of hers, while two of Elliot's coworkers smoke in separate scenes (one smokes a cigar).
  • None.
  • The old saying of being careful what one wishes for and that it's often best to accept who you are instead of dreaming of being a better person by being someone else.
  • The portrayal of the Devil in a comedic fashion, and as a woman.
  • The Devil throws a flaming drink into someone's empty convertible, causing the car to erupt in flames.
  • In one of Elliot's wishes, his wife throws various objects at him to make him leave her room.
  • Later, various men fire machine guns at Elliot and each other, as well as at a helicopter from which he dangles (while a building also explodes behind him). He then falls from that copter and out of the wish, landing on and severely denting the hood of a car.
  • By shorting out the traffic lights in an intersection, the Devil causes many cars to crash into each other.
  • In another wish, Elliot is a huge basketball player who shatters the backboard of a goal while dunking the ball and hanging onto the rim.
  • In another wish, a would-be assassin aims a pistol at a politician (and while we hear the shot, we don't see any of it as the wish ends).
  • Elliot grabs a coworker by the shirt and pushes him backwards (after that man made fun of him).

  • Reviewed October 16, 2000 / Posted October 20, 2000

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