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In an effort to try to provide additional, value-added content to our users, we are exploring the option of developing a subscriber-only version of ScreenIt.com. We believe this will be of particular interest to those of you who want to read our reviews without the distraction of pop up/under ads and who want added features.

Previously, it seemed that banner advertising alone would support this site and allow it to grow and serve our customers. However, the technology bust and recent downturn in advertising revenue around the world (not just on the Internet) have quickly dispelled that notion. We have more visitors than ever before and are serving millions of ad impressions each month, but the level of revenue generated from them has fallen to appallingly low levels.

The subscription site will allow you to visit our site without any ad-based distractions and gain access to additional features that would not be available on the free site (which will still remain partially active with the usual preponderance of annoying pop up/under ads).

By subscribing, you would be supporting this site and allowing it to grow to provide more reviews of limited releases and straight-to-video titles, as well as older videos. A return of our music reviews also is possible. The subscriptions will allow us to hire people to do more reviews and create other additional features so that "yours truly" will preserve his sanity after reviewing more than 1,200 movies in the last 5 years.

We want to know what you think about our subscription idea, as well as what sort of features you'd like to see on the site (improvements and/or completely new offerings). While we can't promise to provide everything you suggest, we want the site to be a valuable resource for you and your family.

Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below (those 18 and over only, please). All answers will remain CONFIDENTIAL and will only be used in a cumulative manner to discern what you, our dear readers, think about the subscription service.

Thank you in advance for your input and taking the time to help ScreenIt.com grow and serve you better.

1) Would you be willing to pay a yearly subscription fee in exchange for viewing our site WITHOUT ANY ADS and with the potential of added, subscriber only features such as:

  • Faster Review Loading Times
  • Improved searching abilities
  • Listings of films scored by the "Our Take" ratings
  • Stills, trailers and other info from the movies
  • Additional reviews of new and older titles
  • Reinstatement of our music reviews
  • Subscriber discussion boards


    2) If yes, please continue to Question #3. If not, is there a reason why?

    3) What would such an ad-free site with additional, subscriber only benefits be worth to you (please remember that any amounts go toward running and maintaining the site, paying salaries, hiring others to increase coverage, reinstating music reviews, etc.)?

    $24.95 per year (less than 7 cents a day)
    $29.95 per year (less than 9 cents a day)
    $34.95 per year (less than 10 cents a day)
    $39.95 per year (less than 11 cents a day)

    Would you rather pay month to month (the above amount divided by 12):

    What payment method would you prefer:
    Credit Card (via a secure & trusted process)

    4) If we sign up enough subscribers, we'll definitely be able to expand our services. What else would you like to see on our site? (This is your wish list, check all that apply)

    More reviews of limited release and foreign films
    Reviews of older titles now in video stores
    Music reviews
    Computer/video game reviews.
    Information about the films (photos, trailers, etc.)
    Discussion boards
    Ability to see when and where a title is playing nearby
    Purchase videos

    5) What part of our site/service do you find MOST valuable and/or use the most?

    6) What part of our site/service do you find LEAST valuable and/or use the least?

    7) Please list any other websites or other services you use to find similiar content information, how you compare it to ours, and whether you subscribe/might subscribe to their fee-based offerings?

    8) Any additional comments?

    Your name:




    Do you have children:

    Email address [Will not be shared with anyone / Please make sure to include the ending (such as @aol.com)]:

    Thank you, we appreciate your input. Please press the "Enter" button below to submit your answers.

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