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(2007) (Kal Penn, Adam Campbell) (PG-13)

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Comedy: A group of adult orphans escapes from a candy manufacturer into a magical world where they must contend with an evil queen and her nefarious plans in this spoof of popular movies.
Edward (KAL PENN), Peter (ADAM CAMPBELL), Lucy (JAYMA MAYS) and Susan (FAUNE A. CHAMBERS) are four adult orphans who don't know each other, but collectively end up at a certain chocolate factory run by Willy (CRISPIN GLOVER). When he turns out to be too creepy for their tastes, Lucy ends up escaping through a magic wardrobe that transports her to the land of Gnarnia (with a silent "G").

There, she meets the faun Mr. Tumnus (HECTOR JIMENEZ) and his male companion Harry Beaver (voice of KATT WILLIAMS) who inform her -- and the rest after they also arrive -- of the evil doings of the White Bitch (JENNIFER COOLIDGE) and her diminutive assistant, Bink (TONY COX).

As they have run-ins with all sorts of movie characters such as pirate Captain Jack Swallows (DARRELL HAMMOND), Harry Potter (KEVIN McDONALD) and Hermione (CRISTA FLANAGAN), and more, they try to find the legendary lion Aslo (FRED WILLARD) to help him defeat the White Bitch.

OUR TAKE: 0 out of 10
Once again proving that the filmmakers of parody movies would rather spend more time and effort in recreating scenes and characters from popular and familiar movies rather than writing a smart, clever, or -- more importantly -- a funny script, "Epic Movie" signals yet further distancing from the early masters of the genre.

It's easily one of the worst films of the year -- for a variety of reasons -- but mainly because it isn't remotely funny, which is all it's supposed to be. By the time it got around to spoofing the Adam Sandler comedy "Click," I longed for such a magic remote that I could use to fast forward to the end or, better yet, just delete the entire thing.

Lacking that, many of the few people who paid to see this travesty on opening day got up and walked out long before it was over. 'Nuff said. The film rates as a 0 out of 10.

Reviewed January 26, 2007 / Posted January 26, 2007

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