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(2007) (Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies) (R)

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Horror: A famous model must endure a sadistic killer's tortuous games after he kidnaps her.
Jennifer (ELISHA CUTHBERT) is a famous model whose face adorns various advertisements, meaning she's also drawn the attention of Ben (PRUIT TAYLOR VINCE), a serial murderer who, with his accomplice, enjoys torturing his victims via various means before finally killing them. Jennifer discovers that after she's unknowingly drugged at a club and then wakes up in a basement cell with no way out. Upset, she thrashes the place, only to draw the ire of the killer who quickly puts her in her place.

After a period of torture and terror, she discovers another apparent victim, Gary (DANIEL GILLIES), in the walled cell next to hers, with the two scraping away enough paint on the glass wall separating them that at least they can see and converse with each other. From that point on, Jennifer tries to figure out what, if anything, she can do to survive, all while dealing with the killer's sick mind games and bonding with Gary who's determined to help her.

OUR TAKE: 0 out of 10
Yet another unnecessary and unsavory example of the horror sub-genre of "torture porn." After enduring it on opening day, I don't know who's gotten the worst of it - the victim in the movie, or yours truly who's increasingly finding such films as nothing but torture.

That's not only due to them becoming ever more redundant (following all of the "Saw," "Hostel" and other such pics that are all blending together into one bloody mess), but also because this one is poorly made, tapping into every stupid horror cliché and convention, but without any sense of irony, style or sense of humor.

Featuring bad writing, direction and acting, this is the cinematic equivalent of nails down the blackboard. While that form of "torture" might be enough to raise the hair on the back of necks of those unfortunate enough to hear that awful scraping sound, the only thing this one will raise is rear-ends from seats to walk out from it. Avoid it at all costs. Otherwise, "Captivity" is clearly what you'll be in. The film rates as a 0 out of 10.

Reviewed July 13 / Posted July 13, 2007

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