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(2006) (Allen Covert, Linda Cardellini) (R)

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The following is a rough version of our review that may contain spelling, grammatical and/or factual errors. The final review will be posted soon (20 Century Fox did not screen this film in advance for critics, so we're still working on this and other reviews that also opened "cold" on Friday, January 6th).
Comedy: After getting evicted, a 35-year-old video game tester moves in with his grandmother and her older roommates and must put up with that as well as the reaction of his fellow testers.
Alex (ALLEN COVERT) is a 35-year-old video game tester at Brainasium, the game manufacturer behind the popular "Eternal Death Slayer" series. When he ends up getting evicted from his rental home, he tries staying with fellow tester Jeff (NICK SWARDSON), but that doesn't work out, and it doesn't seem wise to room with Dante (PETER DANTE), his drug dealer.

Accordingly, he begrudgingly moves in with his grandmother Lilly (DORIS ROBERTS) and her two older roommates, sarcastic Grace (SHIRLEY JONES) and prescription pill happy Bea (SHIRLEY KNIGHT), although he lies to Jeff and other testers Barry (JONAH HILL) and Kane (KELVIN YU) that their young, sex-crazed women.

Things look up at work when his new age boss Mr. Cheezle (KEVIN NEALON) hires Samantha (LINDA CARDELLINI) to oversee the latest release of "EDS" from legendary programmer and ultra-nerd J.P. (JOEL DAVID MOORE). As they work to meet their deadline and Alex finds himself falling for Samantha, he must put up with living with the trio of old ladies and their various idiosyncrasies.

OUR TAKE: Coming Soon
20 Century Fox did not screen this film in advance for critics, so we're still working on our review. That said, we can tell you that aside from a few random chuckles, there's little here to recommend in this tired and repetitive comedy that's weak on plot and tries to milk jokes from watching a nerd pecking order and older actresses (Doris Roberts, Shirley Knight and especially Shirley "You'll Forget I Was Mrs. Partridge" Jones) getting high or acting lasciviously.

Reviewed January 6, 2006 / Posted January 6, 2006

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