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(2005) (Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin) (R)

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Comedy: While visiting his pimp friend in Amsterdam, a low-end American gigolo tries to solve the case of who's killing his European counterparts.
Needing to flee the authorities due to an accident with which he was indirectly involved, low-end gigolo Deuce Bigalow (ROB SCHNEIDER) takes up friend TJ Hicks' (EDDIE GRIFFIN) offer to visit him in Amsterdam. TJ is a pimp for gigolos, also known as "man-whores," but most of his and others -- including Heinz Hummer (TIL SCHWEIGER), Lil' Kim (TOPPER) and Assapopolous (KOSTAS SOMMER) -- are operating scared nowadays as it appears someone is targeting them for death.

That's brought the attention of police detective Gaspar Voorsboch (JEROEN KRABBE) who, thanks to TJ being in the wrong place at the wrong tie, thinks he's the killer, and a gay one at that. As Deuce then sets out to clear his friend's name by servicing a number of women in hopes of luring out the killer, he finds himself falling for Gaspar's niece, Eva (HANNA VERBOOM), who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

OUR TAKE: 1.5 out of 10
If there's anything worse than a bad, occasionally disgusting and utterly worthless and certainly pointless movie, it's one that regurgitates most of the material from the originally awful flick and passes that off as entertainment to its viewers. Such is the case with "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo," the long in coming and clearly unwarranted and unnecessary sequel to the 1999 comedy "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo."

Money talks, of course, and considering that the original domestically grossed north of $65 million (and more on home video) -- although none of that was spent on the script, direction or acting the first or this time around -- it's no surprise that the lowly American gigolo returns for a second comedic outing.

This time, as the title would suggest, he takes his services to Europe -- specifically Amsterdam -- where he hooks up with his former pimp friend and then revisits the same sort and style of comedic offerings from the first film. That is, as combined with elements from other "Americans in Europe" comedies such as "Eurotrip."

Considering the time and number of gross out and/or sex comedies that have come and gone since the original, and the fact that there was little to note about it beyond its banality and the fact that star Rob Schneider simply can't carry a film, I couldn't remember a thing about it. Going back and reading through my original review, I see that the former SNL character actor and fellow scribes David Garrett & Jason Ward (who collaborated on "Corky Romano") put little effort into the script beyond changing the specifics of the various jokes.

Accordingly, there's a bevy of sex-related humor, gross-out material (food from a toilet replaces food from a hot tub), and ones depicting people with physical abnormalities and/or disorders (a woman is obsessive-compulsive this time compared to another suffering from Tourette's syndrome the first time around).

Such material can be funny if handled just right -- the Farrelly brothers occasionally have hit the right notes with it -- but first-time feature director Mike Bigelow (which makes one think this is an Alan Smithee type effort - that being the pseudonym for director's wanting their real name removed from the project -- although he reportedly has directed 400+ commercials) simply can't do much with the material as written.

Not surprisingly, it's just sketch comedy and pretty lame stuff at that, barely connected by a threadbare plot and obviously aimed at a young adolescent's sense of humor, although that may be insulting to that demographic. As in most sequels, the film tries to skim by on what the original already established, but that means there's next to no plot.

Rather than learning how to become a gigolo so that he can pay for repairs to damage that occurred while house-sitting for another gigolo, this time we have a "man-whore" killer striking fear in that community, with Deuce having to clear Eddie Griffin's pimp character from being the prime suspect. Neither cast nor crew manage to do anything with that new plot direction, meaning a throng of jokes -- many of them repeated with only slight variations -- simply fall flat one after another.

Performances are on par or perhaps a tad below what occurred in the first film, with Schneider ("The Hot Chick," "The Animal") only further demonstrating that he should be restricted to yelling out "You can do it!" in pal Adam Sandler's films. It also continues to validate criticism of him by reviewers and entertainment columnists that have caused the actor to go on the offensive of recent, attacking those who dared criticize him or his style of comedy. Eddie Griffin ("Undercover Brother," "My Baby's Daddy") has avoided that fray, but is otherwise wasted again as the pimp who's concerned about being labeled gay and then has to go undercover in various disguises (including early Jerry Lewis) to avoid the authorities.

Those playing the various gigolos are instantly forgettable, as is Jeroen Krabbe ("Ocean's Twelve," "An Ideal Husband") who replaces William Forsythe from the original as a nosey cop. Hanna Verboom (making her American film debut) similarly replaces Arija Bareikis as the prospective girlfriend character with a "handicap," with the previous actress having been written out of the film as a shark attack victim (and the joke being that Deuce still carries around her prosthetic leg as the lone surviving part of her).

If you think that's funny, you might also enjoy the ejaculation, farting, urination, defecation and other recycled material from the first film. Otherwise, you might as well get in line for Schneider's venom-filled, comeback ranting as there's surely going to be a barrage of bad reviews for him and this lowest common denominator, scatological based, low brow comedy. "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" rates as a 1.5 out of 10.

Reviewed August 8, 2005 / Posted August 12, 2005

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