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(2004) (Jonathan Tucker, Rachael Leigh Cook) (R)

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Drama: A young marine must overcome his troubled past and prove his love for a movie actress and singer who suffers from schizophrenia.
It's 1980 and Mark Deloach (JONATHAN TUCKER) is a 17-year-old student at Connecticut's St. Mary's High School. One day, he and his buddy Danny Tripodi (DANIEL FRANZESE) decide to play a prank on Danny's brother, Gregory (MICHAEL GODUTI), by interrupting his make-out session with Sue Dubois (AGNES BRUCKNER) and playfully abducting her. Yet, their fun goes horribly awry when the car Mark's driving plows into the one driven by St. Mary's head priest, Father Concoff (ED BEGLEY, JR.), leaving him in a wheelchair.

Upon learning of her daughter's promiscuous ways, Mrs. Dubois (CARRIE FISHER) sends Sue off to a mental hospital and wants to take legal action against Mark and his single father, Mr. Deloach (JOE MANTEGNA). Yet, the later uses his Marine connections to have his boy sent off to boot camp rather than face possible prison time. Before that occurs, however, Mark and his friends visit Sue where Mark meets her roommate, Dori Lawrence (RACHAEL LEIGH COOK), a movie actress and performer suffering from schizophrenia.

Mark has little time to think about that, however, as he soon finds himself at the mercy of tough Marine drill instructor Skeer (VAL KILMER) on Paris Island. Learning of the boy's past indiscretions, Skeer sets out to make Mark's life a living hell, but the latter perseveres and eventually thrives under the strict discipline. Drawn to Dori, he visits her whenever he's on leave and the two soon become an item. Her unstable condition, however, results in relapses as well as others questioning Mark's influence on her. From that point on, he does what he must to prove his love for her.

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Reviewed May 10, 2004 / Posted May 21, 2004

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