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Like most any other media publication or broadcast (newspapers, magazines, TV & radio shows, etc.), our site is supported by the ads that appear on it.

While some people have the notion that the Internet should be a free, or at least ad-free service for all, that couldn't be more incorrect as someone has to shoulder the burden of paying for the services rendered.

Rather than charge our visitors a yearly subscription fee to access our reviews (and thus pay for server fees, salaries and other normal business expenses), we have ads that we hope - month-to-month - will cover those costs.

Despite the popularity of our site - and thus the number of ads appearing on it - the paying rate for such ads has been dropping for the past several years, thus meaning very little money is generated, which puts sites like ours (and many others) in danger of becoming extinct.

Nevertheless, we have to stick with the system and hope things get better.

In the meantime, expect to see ads (delivered and controlled by a third party) on our site.

They may or may not appear as text-based ads, buttons in the upper right-hand corner of pages, banners that appear near the top or elsewhere in pages, and/or pop-up/pop-under ads that appear in their own window.

The latter are what many advertisers now favor in hopes of getting people to click on their ads. We understand that many people don't like them, particularly when one seems to pop up on every page.

If you don't like those pop-up/pop-under ads, simply close them. It's as easy as that and really just the same as turning a page in a magazine or newspaper and less cumbersome than waiting for a TV or radio commercial to end.

That said, if you see a preponderance of the EXACT same pop-up/pop-under ads appearing during your visit to our site, please let us know and we'll look into it. Technology sometimes goes haywire and results in too many such ads.

Thank you for your continued support of our site and for accepting or tolerating the ads that allow this service to continue providing you the very best content-based movie and video reviews available anywhere.

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