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(2011) (Jason Statham, Ben Foster) (R)

Alcohol/Drugs Heavy
Blood/Gross Stuff Extreme
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude Extreme
Frightening/Tense Scenes Heavy
Gun/Weapons Extreme
Imitative Behavior Extreme
Jump Scenes  Heavy
Music (Scary/Tense) Extreme
Music (Inappropriate) Minor
Profanity Extreme
Sex/Nudity Extreme
Smoking Extreme
Tense Family Scenes  Heavy
Topics to Talk About Heavy
Violence Extreme

Action: A hitman teaches his skill set to a younger, unstable protégé out of guilt for killing the man's father.
Arthur Bishop (JASON STATHAM) is the consummate professional. A trained hitman, he accepts his assignments with no questions asked and executes his targets with extreme precision. He has two men who he answers to: Dean (TONY GOLDWYN), the enigmatic head of "the company" that employs him, and Harry McKenna (DONALD SUTHERLAND), his elderly mentor.

Arthur's latest assignment gives him pause. The target is Harry, who Dean accuses of betraying the organization and putting them all in jeopardy. Dean shows him proof of five dead assassins who were slaughtered while on a mission in South Africa, the result of Harry's duplicity. Arthur accepts the job and performs his duty without hesitation, making the murder look like a carjacking.

Feeling his first pangs of guilt, Arthur decides to help Harry's angry and troubled son, Steve (BEN FOSTER), who stalks the streets of New Orleans at night hunting for his father's killers. Arthur teaches his skill set to the younger man, who has no idea that he is the man who killed his dad. But the more Steve gets into the job, the more reckless and brutal he becomes. His first target is a gay rival assassin named Burke (JEFF CHASE). The next is Vaughn (JOHN McCONNELL), an assignment both Arthur and Steve screw up. Eventually, the organization puts out a hit out on them, and it's up to Arthur to keep Steve in check while he tries to turn the tables on Dean and his small army of assassins.

Older teens might be drawn to the film's action elements.
For strong brutal violence throughout, language, some sexual content, and nudity.

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