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(2009) (Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus) (G)

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Drama: A concerned father drags his teenage daughter -- whose alter-ego is a huge pop star sensation -- back to her small, country hometown in hopes of putting her priorities back into order.
Miley Stewart (MILEY CYRUS) seems like an average teenage girl, but unbeknownst to all but a handful of people, her alter-ego is huge pop star sensation Hannah Montana. The fact that she's seemingly starting to forget her real identity isn't sitting well with her widowed dad, Robby Ray (BILLY RAY CYRUS), and when she shows up at the 16th birthday party for her best friend Lilly (EMILY OSMENT) dressed as Hannah -- more out of necessity while trying to avoid paparazzo Oswald Granger (PETER GUNN) while traveling with her publicist, Vita (VANESSA WILLIAMS) -- her dad knows he has to take extreme measures.

Accordingly, rather than flying with her to an awards show in New York, he diverts the private plane back to their hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee in order to celebrate her grandmother Ruby's (MARGO MARTINDALE) birthday along with others, including her older brother Jackson (JASON EARLES). Miley isn't happy about this development, but can't do much about her dad's two week "Hannah detox," although things look up a bit when she runs into her former childhood friend, Travis Brody (LUCAS TILL), who's grown up into a handsome and charming young cowboy who's working for Ruby.

Also employed by her as the ranch foreman is Lorelai (MELORA HARDIN) who catches Robby Ray's eye and vice-versa. As her grandmother tries to save Crowley Corners from developer Mr. Bradley (BARRY BOSTWICK) who wants to build a shopping mall there, Miley returns to her roots and sees what's really important in life, all while trying to prevent her alter-ego secret from being revealed.

If they're into the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana scene, that's a definite yes.
For apparently not containing material to warrant a higher rating.
  • MILEY CYRUS plays a teen who's allowed the success of her pop sensation alter-ego to go to her head and thus blur her view of what's important in life. She isn't happy when her dad decides to put her through "Hannah detox," but eventually accepts that, especially when she falls for Travis. She tries to keep her double life secret from anyone who doesn't already know the truth, and performs a concert to try to save her home town from outside development.
  • BILLY RAY CYRUS plays her dad who's so concerned about his daughter losing touch with reality and her roots that he takes her back to her hometown for a reality check. He also becomes smitten with Lorelai, but puts his daughter's well-being ahead of everything else.
  • EMILY OSMENT plays Miley's best friend who knows her secret, but isn't happy when Miley shows up as Hannah (by necessity) and thus steals the limelight from her 16th birthday party. However, she later comes around and helps her friend.
  • LUCAS TILL plays a young, down-to-Earth cowboy who works on Ruby's ranch and becomes smitten with Miley, his former childhood friend, when she returns to town.
  • VANESSA WILLIAMS plays Hannah's publicist whose only goal is to get her client publicity and keep Oswald at bay.
  • MARGO MARTINDALE plays Miley's grandmother who also thinks her granddaughter has gotten too big for her britches.
  • PETER GUNN plays a paparazzo who's determined to discover and photograph Hannah's secret.
  • MELORA HARDIN plays a woman who works for Ruby as her ranch foreman and takes a liking to Robby Ray.
  • BARRY BOSTWICK plays a developer who wants to build a mall in Crowley Corners.
  • JASON EARLES plays Miley's brother who's a freshman in college but returns to his grandmother's home for her birthday.


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    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this G-rated drama. While no expletives are present, some religious and colorful phrases are. Some teens are briefly seen in bikinis, while there are also a few brief views of cleavage and a couple of chaste kisses.

    Some slapstick style material is present (including a bit about an alligator twice grabbing a young man in a pond, but he's unharmed), as are some bad attitudes and some material that kids might want to imitate. A bit of tense family material is also present.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • People hold drinks at a reception, but we don't know if the content is alcohol-based or not.
  • To excuse herself from a situation, Hannah tells the white lie that she really has to go to the bathroom.
  • Oswald is a tabloid photographer who tries to pose as an average person wanting to get Hannah's autograph for his kids, but is doing so just to try to get photos of her (thus misrepresenting himself). After that, he pursues her, hoping to discover and photograph her secret.
  • About Vita's clothed butt landing on his digital camera and thus blocking his view of Hannah, Oswald states (after the fact), "Move your bum, you old cow."
  • Hannah and Tyra Banks struggle over a pair of shoes in a shoe store, resulting in a fight of sorts between them (played for comedy).
  • Lilly is mad at Miley for showing up at her birthday party as Hannah, but the latter had no choice as Oswald was following her, and she couldn't blow her cover.
  • To protect her real identity, Miley doesn't let various people, such as Travis who has taken a liking to her, know that her alter ego is Hannah Montana.
  • Played for laughs, a barely seen alligator twice grabs Jackson by the clothed butt and pulls him back into a shallow pond (there's no further attack after that, but some kids might find it unsettling).
  • None.
  • Phrases: "In your dreams, sweet cheeks," "Stop in the name of security," "Don't give me no lip," "Move your bum, you old cow," "That's right, losers," "I know, I screwed up," "Did you do something to your tail?" (said to a horse), "Smiley Miley," "Who in the Sam heck was that?" "I'll be danged," "Jeez," "Slow down, hot-stuff" (nonsexual) and "A wretched, soulless succubus."
  • Some/all of the slapstick style material listed under "Violence" might be enticing for some kids to imitate.
  • Miley secretly switches some salsa (hot for regular) without Oswald's knowledge, thus causing his mouth to be on fire after eating some.
  • Miley/Hannah's various dance moves and related gestures might be enticing for some kids to imitate.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • At least 2 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "For God's sake" and "Oh Lord."
  • We see some teenage girls in bikinis and some shirtless guys in swim trunks during a video shoot set at the beach (but nothing explicit).
  • About Vita's clothed butt landing on his digital camera and thus blocking his view of Hannah, Oswald states (after the fact), "Move your bum, you old cow."
  • Lilly shows some cleavage.
  • Fully clothed, Miley jumps into a swimming hole with Travis who is shirtless, briefly seen there and then later putting on his shirt.
  • Robby Ray and Lorelai nearly kiss but are interrupted.
  • We see Hannah in a fairly short skirt.
  • Vita shows some cleavage.
  • While we don't see the actual contact (but do hear it), it's implied that a ferret bites Jackson in the crotch area after crawling through his clothes (played for comedy).
  • Lilly shows a little cleavage, as does Hannah.
  • We see the town mayor in just his boxers, when he drops his pants after a ferret crawls up his pants leg (nothing explicit, played for comedy).
  • Travis and Miley nearly kiss, but due to the camera angle we don't see the actual contact. The same then occurs between Robby Ray and Lorelai.
  • None.
  • Robby Ray is concerned and sometimes perturbed about his daughter being Hannah rather than Miley, and that she's getting too big for her britches and has lost touch with her origins and family.
  • Robby Ray takes Miley to Tennessee rather than New York without telling her that's where he's redirected their jet to land (and she isn't happy about that).
  • There's a brief mention about Miley's mom dying in the past, and we later see Miley looking at an old photo of her mom and her when she was younger.
  • The Hannah Montana phenomenon and Miley Cyrus' status as a role model for kids.
  • Letting success go to one's head.
  • Needing to reconnect with one's family, past, and a simpler way of life.
  • Vita stating it's all about the publicity (referring to Hannah's career).
  • Slapstick style material includes the following:
  • A security guard at Hannah's concert trips over some water jugs spilled on the floor.
  • Hannah bumps her head while scurrying under a concert stage.
  • A coconut hits Hannah on her head.
  • A volleyball hits Miley in the face, knocking her to the floor.
  • Jackson falls from a stopped truck.
  • Hannah and Tyra Banks struggle over a pair of shoes in a shoe store. This escalates into Tyra flipping Hannah over a sofa, followed by Hannah jumping on Tyra's back. Hannah then throws a shoe at Tyra, with the long high heel impaling the wall next to Tyra's head, followed by putting a designer bag over her head and throwing her over a sofa, followed by additional struggling (all played for comedy).
  • A miscellaneous guy drops Lilly and allows her to fall/slide down a skateboard ramp upon sighting Hannah.
  • Miley accidentally falls off a horse but is okay.
  • Robby Ray accidentally drops a bunch of dinner plates, and then accidentally knocks a bunch of his mom's collectible plates from their display, with all of them breaking.
  • Miley accidentally falls off a rope on which she was swinging, but we don't see the impact.
  • Played for laughs, a barely seen alligator twice grabs Jackson by the clothed butt and pulls him back into a shallow pond (but there's no further attack after that).
  • Miley opens the back of a pickup truck, thus allowing walnuts or something similar to spill out, resulting in Oswald slipping all over them. He then falls backwards onto a table, crushing a model display of a new shopping mall that's slated to come to town.
  • Oswald's foot goes through a porch floor, resulting in a floorboard popping up and hitting him in the face, sending him through the porch railing and then tumbling down the hill until he lands in a big mud puddle.
  • Oswald falls from a tree but we don't see the impact.
  • Jackson falls backwards on a ladder, but we don't see the impact.
  • While we don't see the actual contact (but do hear it), it's implied that a ferret bites Jackson in the crotch area after crawling through his clothes (played for comedy).
  • Hanna and Jackson accidentally bump heads under a table.
  • A revolving door hits Jackson, and we then see him trapped in that as Robbie Ray tries to push his way out.
  • Following a bit of slapstick, a large flaming dessert lands on a table and briefly sets the tablecloth on fire.
  • Startled from her sleep, Miley falls off the top of a chicken coop, and while we don't see the impact, we see that she fell on some bales of hay.

  • Reviewed April 7, 2009 / Posted April 10, 2009

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