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(2007) (Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore) (PG-13)

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Dramedy: A well-meaning but meddlesome mother tries to set up her adult daughter with what she believes is the perfect man for her.
Daphne Wilder (DIANE KEATON) has raised her three daughters -- Maggie (LAUREN GRAHAM), Mae (PIPER PERABO) and Milly (MANDY MOORE) -- into adulthood, but that doesn't mean she wants to or can stop being their mom. That's particularly true regarding caterer Milly who hasn't had much luck with guys.

Accordingly and without Milly's knowledge, Daphne places a classified ad to try to find a life-mate for her, and then proceeds to interview those who reply. In her opinion, architect Jason (TOM EVERETT SCOTT) seems the perfect choice, but the whole process amuses bystander Johnny (GABRIEL MACHT), a guitar player and teacher who's raising young son Lionel (TY PANITZ) while living with his own father, Joe (STEPHEN COLLINS).

Nevertheless, he decides to go out with Milly, as does Jason, causing her to think her fortunes have suddenly changed. Unable to stop meddling, Daphne tries to convince Milly that Jason is the best choice, eventually causing a falling out between the mother and daughter. As her sisters try to help out, Milly must decide what's best for her.

If they're fans of someone in the cast, such as Moore, it's a good bet they might want to.
For sexual content including dialogue, some mature thematic material and partial nudity.
  • DIANE KEATON plays a single mother who can't stop meddling in her adult daughters' lives, especially regarding Milly. She drinks some.
  • MANDY MOORE plays her daughter, a caterer who ends up dating and sleeping with both Johnny and Jason, unaware that her mother is behind both of them being interested in her.
  • TOM EVERETT SCOTT plays a classy architect who dates and sleeps with Milly but eventually shows his controlling and occasionally mean demeanor toward her.
  • GABRIEL MACHT plays a guitar player and teacher who dates Milly, unaware that she's also seeing Jason. He's raising his young son while living with his own father.
  • LAUREN GRAHAM plays Milly's older sister, a mental health practitioner who must deal with a needy client as well as her meddling mom.
  • PIPER PERABO plays their other sister who's occasionally seen fooling around with some guy.
  • STEPHEN COLLINS plays Johnny's father who ends up seeing and then sleeping with Daphne.
  • TY PANITZ plays Johnny's young son who occasionally points out that various women have vaginas.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this romantic comedy that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of slang terms for male and female genitalia, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered. Various instances of sexually related dialogue and innuendo are present, while various couples are seen fooling around (with sex implied).

    Sounds and brief visuals from a pornographic website are also heard and seen (but played for comedy, as is the resultant site of a dog humping a piece of furniture), while a young woman separately sleeps with the two men she's dating. The camera pans across several women's butts showing them in different styles of underwear, including one in a thong, while other views show women in bras, towels, and such.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, while tense family moments develop between a mother and her adult daughter over the former's meddling in the latter's life. Characters drink in various scenes, and some slapstick style material is present, while some behavior may be enticing for some kids to imitate.

    If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

    For those prone to visually induced motion sickness, there are varying amounts of camera movement in the film.

  • At a wedding she's catering, Milly reacts to one guest's behavior by saying it's time to cut off the champagne and feed them.
  • Daphne and Milly have wine simultaneously, but in different locations.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a bar, as does Daphne who orders another, stating that she can't get through more date auditions (for Milly) without being heavily medicated.
  • Jason and Daphne have Chianti.
  • Miscellaneous people have drinks where Milly goes on a date with Jason. They have wine, and Jason says it would be fun if they could drink their way through Tuscany.
  • People have wine and champagne (including a toast with the latter) at Daphne's birthday party. Jason and others drink and state they need more when they see the strained Daphne/Milly dynamic.
  • A couple has drinks in a movie playing on TV.
  • Joe tells Daphne that drops of brandy are good for laryngitis.
  • Daphne and Milly have drinks with Jason and his family, with Daphne saying she'd like another bourbon and soda.
  • Milly has wine by herself.
  • Daphne and Joe have wine.
  • Joe has wine.
  • People have champagne at a wedding reception.
  • An older woman comments (at a cooking class) that her bladder is about to pop.
  • Although she believes her intentions are good (of wanting to protect her girls, especially Milly, despite them being adults), Daphne comes off as an overbearing mother who can't or won't take the hint or subsequent demand that she stop being such a busybody and matchmaker.
  • Daphne conducts date interviews for Milly - without her knowledge - after placing a classified ad looking for life-mates for her daughter.
  • Daphne discusses with Milly (on the phone) the kind of guy who sleeps with your best friend (as Milly watches the guy she just had a fling with now flirting with one of her workers).
  • Some viewers might be offended by a stereotypical caricature of Asian masseuses.
  • About Daphne, one masseuse states (in subtitles) that she's an old hag who needs to loosen up, while the other says Daphne "needs a stiff one" (presumably meaning a penis, although it's possible she could also mean a drink).
  • Milly states that some guy has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, prompting one masseuse to state (in subtitles) that he's a "poofter," but the other says it's just an excuse a guy uses to stop seeing a woman.
  • A masseuse states (in subtitles) that Daphne's "ass is so tight, it's vacuum-sealed."
  • Some viewers might not like comedy bits dealing with a mental health client who claims he's suicidal (at one point, Milly opens a window and tells him to jump after disclosing that Maggie says he's been talking about that for a long time).
  • Daphne follows Milly on her date with Johnny.
  • Milly accidentally knocks over and thus breaks something that belonged to Jason's grandmother, prompting him to be quite mad at her.
  • Milly is sleeping with both Jason and Johnny, but doesn't tell either of them about the other guy.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "I think he might have a hotdog with a bun" (uncircumcised penis), "She needs a stiff one" (erection), "Poofter" (gay man, related to anal sex), "I've already got a woody," "You look like you're asking for it" (sex, followed by "I am asking for it"), "You have a 'gina" (vagina), "She's doing the oompa loompa with two guys," "That old hag needs to loosen up," "Mom's ass is so tight it's vacuum-sealed," "Stop being a helicopter, you're hovering," "That guy was playing you like a slide guitar," "Screwed up," "Jeez," "This place is quacked," "Gal," "Freaking out," "Just stop it, G*ddamnit," "Fruitcake," "You dummy" and "You're truly insane."
  • A miscellaneous person has a pierced nostril.
  • Johnny has a tattoo on his hand and playfully tells Daphne that's not the only place he has them.
  • Milly does some snorting while laughing.
  • Daphne kicks the navigation system in her car while driving and then ducks down out of sight while still driving (to avoid Milly and Johnny from seeing her). When she pops back up, she nearly crashes into cars stopped in front of her (played for comedy).
  • Lionel runs by and pushes a sheet cake into Daphne's face.
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • At least 3 slang terms for sex ("asking for it" and "doing the oompa loompa"), 3 slang terms for female genitals ("'gina"), 3 for male ones ("hotdog," "stiff one" and "woody"), 1 ass, 1 damn, 19 uses of "Oh my God," 11 uses each of "God" and "Oh God," 2 of "For God's sakes" and 1 use of "G-damn."
  • We briefly see a view of a woman in a bikini top.
  • Milly talks to her mom and sisters on the phone about the guy she's presumably about to have sex with (she's in her slip, we see his lower bare legs on a bed in another room). She comments on thinking he might have a "hotdog with a bun," and one sister comments on being uncircumcised now being popular, with Maggie chiming in that she always liked that for when "it" (the penis) would finally make its appearance. Daphne then reminds Milly that she (Milly) has one breast smaller than the other.
  • Daphne discusses with Milly (on the phone) the kind of guy who sleeps with your best friend (as Milly watches the guy she just had a fling with now flirting with one of her workers).
  • The camera pans across the panty-covered butts of the adult daughters and Daphne as they start to disrobe for a massage (they all wear varying styles of underwear, from Daphne's standard briefs - that they discuss -- to Maggie showing a little butt cheek in hers to Mae's thong that shows much of her bare butt). We also see Mae and Milly in their bras (both showing cleavage). A masseuse says they're to be nude, but Daphne disagrees, and we then see the daughter's bare backs as they receive their massages lying face down with towels over their waists and down, while Daphne still wears a robe. Milly then gets up and walks out wearing just a towel, while Maggie sits up with her towel or sheet around her chest.
  • About Daphne, one masseuse states (in subtitles) that she's an old hag who needs to loosen up, while the other says Daphne "needs a stiff one" (presumably meaning a penis, although it's possible she could also mean a drink).
  • Milly states that some guy has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, prompting one masseuse to state (in subtitles) that he's a "poofter," but the other says it's just an excuse a guy uses to stop seeing a woman.
  • Daphne goes onto the Internet to try to find a dating site for Milly, but comes across a porno site instead. We hear sexual sounds as Daphne fumbles about trying to figure out how to turn it off (she can't), and we see brief video clips that show a head and shoulders view of a man nuzzling on a woman. We then hear more such sounds, including rhythmic ones, orgasmic noises, what sounded like a goat, and then the crack of a whip. Daphne's dog hears and sees that, and we then see the dog humping a piece of furniture and then, presumably done, licking the screen (all played for comedy rather than eroticism).
  • During a montage of men auditioning for Daphne to go on a date with Milly, one (with a ventriloquist dummy) says, "I've already got a woody."
  • Trying on clothes, Mae wears a midriff-revealing top, and then one that's open in the front, showing her bra.
  • Milly shows varying amounts of cleavage in various outfits during the film.
  • We see Milly fiddling with her slip and skirt due to static cling, eventually causing her to remove the slip on the sidewalk. Just then a balloon then becomes stuck (through static) to her clothed butt, unbeknownst to her, but to Johnny's amusement.
  • About Milly wearing a low-cut top on her date, Daphne says it makes her look like "you're asking for it," with Milly replying, "I am asking for it" (sex).
  • Seeing that Milly is female, young Lionel says, "You have a 'gina." He then say he has a penis, repeats that she has a 'gina, and then asks if he can see it.
  • Milly and Jason briefly but passionately kiss.
  • During a conference call between Milly and her sisters and their mom (where we see Mae with some guy who's partially on top of her and between her legs on a sofa -- both are clothed), there's a discussion about some guy whose kisses bombed "upstairs" (the lips) but had a certain effect "downstairs" (presumably referring to female genitals).
  • Daphne accidentally ends up back on the porno site from above (labeled "Sex for Swingers") and can't shut it off when the phone rings. Her dog then grabs the handset and thus answers the phone, allowing Maggie to hear those sexual sounds. Daphne then tries to explain that away by saying the dog is in heat, but Maggie states that the dog is a boy.
  • After someone says "Oh my God," Mae says that's what her guy says she says, "Right before..." (she has an orgasm). Maggie then says she and her husband had sex after a long time and she had three, with Mae then replying that she still holds the record. They then comment on Milly "doing the oompa loompa" with two guys (Jason and Johnny), and we then see a montage of Milly fooling around and apparently sleeping with both men (we see kissing, one on top of her -- both clothed -- and then her under the covers with both guys -- separately -- presumably after sex). During one of those views, Joe comes in and retrieves Lionel from the bedroom (and averts his eyes) while Milly and Johnny are under the covers.
  • Maggie shows a little cleavage in several scenes.
  • Having laryngitis, Daphne writes notes to Milly, including asking what an orgasm feels like. Milly then tries to explain that sensation, saying it's amazing, but then adds, "I don't know." She then says it's like being completely out of control, with Daphne saying she wouldn't like that, but Milly adding she would. She then comments on toe curling and other such matters (including sounds), but has a hard time defining it. She then asks, "Didn't you ever have one with dad?" prompting Daphne to respond that he worked all day and told her he didn't have all night (to wait for her to have one).
  • Joe kisses Daphne, but she then stops him. Moments later, however, she starts kissing him again. A bit later, Lionel is there and says about Daphne, "She has a 'gina too."
  • When Johnny sees Jason drop off Milly at her home, he asks her, "Are you sleeping with him?" Milly then sheepishly says, "I wouldn't say it that way," prompting him to leave, upset with her.
  • We see Joe and Daphne passionately making out (clothed) with him between her legs on a table and then picking her up (with her legs around his waist).
  • Milly walks in on Joe and Daphne having sex (we only see their legs) and then hears Daphne yelling "Yes" and making various sexual sounds (presumably experiencing her first orgasm).
  • Seeing Johnny kiss Milly, older couples at the latter's cooking class suddenly start kissing, including two older women who do that (for laughs on the part of the film).
  • We see Joe on top of Daphne between her legs on a bed (she's in a dress, he's also clothed). Milly calls Daphne trying to find her, and then tells her sisters that she thinks their mom is having sex with Joe, saying they should give them five minutes.
  • None.
  • Milly mentions to Maggie about young Lionel's mother leaving him sometime in the past.
  • What starts as some comedy-based tense moments between Milly and Daphne turn more serious as the story progresses, including Milly refusing to speak to Daphne when the latter repeatedly calls over a series of days (due to her meddling ways).
  • About Milly, Maggie states that she had the least amount of time with their dad (who's now out of the picture).
  • Daphne's comment that God can't be everywhere and that's why He created mothers.
  • The comment that happiness is the result of a series of choices (rather than luck).
  • Daphne getting defensive about being a protective mother, asking when being that is supposed to stop.
  • Daphne stating that she's never had an orgasm.
  • Overbearing parents, especially when their kids are now adults.
  • Milly sleeping separately with two different guys at the same time and not letting either know about the other.
  • Daphne telling Milly she's been trying to protect "you from becoming me."
  • An inline skater accidentally runs into Daphne, knocking her to the ground (slapstick style).
  • Daphne kicks the navigation system in her car while driving.
  • Lionel runs by and pushes a sheet cake into Daphne's face.
  • Milly accidentally knocks over and thus breaks something that belonged to Jason's grandmother, prompting him to be quite mad at her.
  • Lionel accidentally runs into Milly, causing her to drop something that breaks.
  • A large wedding cake falls a long distance down onto a man (he's okay).

  • Reviewed January 30, 2007 / Posted February 2, 2007

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