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(2005) (Steven Strait, Pell James) (PG-13)

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Drama: A model turned aspiring actress falls for a singer/songwriter when both move to Los Angeles to pursue their careers.
Luke Falcon (STEVEN STRAIT) has always dreamed of being a success in the music business, but a several month stint in New York City with his brother Euan (KIP PARDUE) has proven fruitless. That is, except for a chance and momentary encounter with a beautiful young woman on a subway car. She's Brier Tucket (PELL JAMES), a successful model who wants to become an actress, much to the concern of her mentor/manager Carrie (CARRIE FISHER).

Nevertheless, Brier moves to Los Angeles and begins taking acting lessons where she meets fellow aspiring actress Clea (ASHLEE SIMPSON) who just so happens to be good friends with Luke who's also moved there to pursue his career. The two hit it off, but Brier is reluctant to let any romance blossom since she's currently seeing rock star Mick Benson (STEPHEN MOYER). Yet, his months on the road and apparent infidelity don't leave Brier with a lot of hope about their relationship.

Realizing that Luke is talented, Brier and Clea decide to help boost his career. Enlisting the aide of Carrie, they proceed to hype his fame, including hooking him up with an exotic young woman Josie (SHANNYN SOSSAMON). All of that eventually draws the attention of record producer Garrett Schweck (FISHER STEVENS) who previously wouldn't give Luke a second look.

Luke suddenly becomes the next hot thing in L.A., but as he gets ever bigger, the budding romance between him and Brier becomes threatened by his success. When both that and his career suddenly take a turn for the worse, legendary record producer Wick Treadway (PETER WELLER) arrives in time to try to save the day.

Some might be interested in it (especially if they're a fan of someone in the cast), but this one doesn't otherwise seem like a big draw.
For sexual material including dialogue, partial nudity, language and drug content.
  • STEVEN STRAIT plays a singer/songwriter who moves back to L.A. to pursue his singer/songwriter career but has to work many other jobs to support himself. His luck changes when he meets Brier again (with whom he briefly fools around) and he then rides his brief wave of fame with Garrett. He drinks some.
  • PELL JAMES plays a model turned aspiring actress who similarly moves to L.A. where Clea befriends her and introduces her (again) to Luke. She briefly fools around with him, has to choose between him and Mick, and drinks a bit.
  • KIP PARDUE plays Luke's brother who either runs or often frequents a retro '70s club. He drinks some and fools around with some women.
  • SHANNYN SOSSAMON plays a Brazilian model who's hired to make Luke look hip and then ends up falling for him. She smokes once.
  • CARRIE FISHER plays Brier's manager/mentor who assists both her and Luke in their burgeoning careers.
  • ASHLEE SIMPSON plays an aspiring actress who occasionally performs with Luke and tries to help his career as well as get him hooked up with Brier. She drinks some.
  • FISHER STEVENS plays a somewhat seedy and definitely opportunistic record producer who only signs Luke when he thinks the latter is popular and immediately drops him when he realizes he's been duped. He uses some profanity.
  • STEPHEN MOYER plays Brier's rock and roll boyfriend who cheats on her while on tour.
  • PETER WELLER plays Carrie's ex-husband who arrives on the scene to save the day for Brier and Luke.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this drama that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of a partial "f" word, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also used. Sexually related dialogue is present, we see a partially dressed couple in bed after some apparent fooling around, and other making out occurs while other fooling around is suggested.

    Various women are seen in tight and/or revealing attire (with the camera focusing on their bodies), while a female model is seen topless (from behind), and a woman swimming underwater around a man might be topless (or else is in a small bikini top). Some the modes of attire/fashion might be enticing for some kids to imitate.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, some people briefly struggle and various characters drink or smoke in various scenes. Some drug-related comments are made, including by a man who then offers a tranquilizer to another man who downs it with a drink. Meanwhile, there are brief mentions of dead parents.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

    For those concerned with bright flashes of light on the screen, various scenes (set at concerts) show full strobe effects.

    For those prone to visually induced motion sickness, a great deal of shaky and bouncy handheld camerawork (as well as various spin-around camera shots) is present throughout the film.

  • When Brier calls Carrie, the latter says among the various reasons her models call her are drugs.
  • Luke and Euan drink shots in a bar where others also drink. Later, Brier, Clea and others drink there as well.
  • Clea says that another aspiring actress will be a lot nicer after she drinks.
  • Luke, Brier and Clea drink beer and have many empty bottles in front of them. Euan then walks over carrying more beer in the restaurant where others also drink.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a club.
  • Luke drinks after a recording session, but Garrett's assistant takes that from his hand after they announce that they'll be monitoring him and that he can't have any cigarettes or booze.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a club.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a bar.
  • Josie has champagne.
  • Luke drinks in a montage.
  • Carrie, Brier, Clea and another actress have wine.
  • Two men gossip that Luke has a drug problem and then say that it's tranquilizers. One of the men then offers the other a tranquilizer that he takes with a drink.
  • Wick and others drink in a club.
  • A song has a lyric about "the way you kiss is better than any drug."
  • Brier states that she has to pee as she heads off for the ladies room (we don't hear/see anything else).
  • Euan gets a phone call and we hear him saying that's what happens when you try to give yourself a colonic. He then adds that he's surprised the guy can stand up.
  • It's implied that Mick's cheating on Brier (she calls and various giggling women answer the phone) and we later get confirmation of such behavior.
  • Another aspiring actress initially has a bad attitude toward Brier.
  • Garrett is conceited, looks down on others and initially wants nothing to do with Luke until the faked hype gets his attention. When he eventually learns of that fakery, he quickly drops Luke.
  • Carrie creates some fake hype about Luke to help further his career, while the girls get a friend to pose as a British record producer to fool Garrett into thinking Luke is the next hot thing.
  • Euan refers to Josie as Luke's "psycho Brazilian girlfriend."
  • Luke begins to get a bit full of himself as his fame increases.
  • Despite trying to persuade Brier to get back with him, Mick is intrigued by a miscellaneous man's story of his twin sisters who won a bathing suit contest (we never see them).
  • Two men gossip that Luke has a drug problem (despite them then being involved in the tranquilizer scene they accused him of).
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "I'm not going to bullsh*t you," "D*ck around," "Love taxi," "Eat me," "That is so rad," "Old man," "Bitchy," "Screw him" (nonsexual), "Chick," "Jackass," "Same crap, different day," "Idiot," "Break me off a piece of that," "Holy cow," "Shut up," "Kick some British ass," "What the hell /does that mean?" "Talent-less ass," "Are you being a wuss?" "This place sucks," "Snap the hell out of it," "Screw one-hundred percent," "Psycho Brazilian girlfriend," "Get the hell out of here," "Love crap," "Screwed everything up," "I'm such an idiot," "Pissed," "Scum," "Let's go to war gentlemen," "Might need to be bitch-slapped," "Screwed up," "You idiot," "She is smoking hot," "Scared the hell out of me," "Where the hell /are you/'d you get that?" "You can go blow yourself...up" and "Fame is a bitch goddess."
  • Various women wear midriff-revealing tops.
  • We see that Luke's bulldog likes to skateboard down the street (some might be inspired to try to get their pet to do the same).
  • Josie wears a midriff-revealing top and has a small tattoo on the back of her shoulder.
  • Garrett tells Luke that he and everyone at the record label has a "gigantic hard on for you" and adds that he normally doesn't get hard for anyone.
  • A miscellaneous woman is heavily tattooed and sports a navel ring.
  • A miscellaneous guy has an eyebrow ring.
  • Following Carrie's advice to stymie Mick's pheromone effect on her, Brier puts perfume on her fingers that she then rubs inside her nose.
  • None.
  • None.
  • The old Steve Miller song "Jungle Love" has lyrics that some might view as sexual in nature (such as the double entendre "Everything's better when wet").
  • A song has a lyric about "the way you kiss is better than any drug."
  • There's an incomplete "f" word (partially used with "mother") as well as at least 1 "s" word, 1 slang term using male genitals ("d*ck"), 9 hells, 5 craps, 3 asses, 3 damns, 5 uses of "God," 2 of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "Good Lord" and "My God."
  • The camera pans up a model's body, including the view of her tight top.
  • We see miscellaneous women sporting cleavage and/or wearing tight tops.
  • When Brier calls Carrie, the latter says among the various reasons her models call her are drugs, they're pregnant, they're gay or they slept with Vince Vaughn and he didn't call them back.
  • Brier shows some cleavage in various scenes.
  • Euan makes a joke about naked folk singing.
  • Clea states that they hired hookers to crash the stage (to look like groupies) while Luke performs.
  • Luke jokingly and indirectly asks if Brier and Clea are gay (they're not).
  • A buxom young woman has Luke autograph her tight-fitting tank-top (with him writing on or between her covered breasts).
  • Josie passionately kisses Luke in a club.
  • We see Mick in a swimming pool with two young women who occasionally swim by the camera shot under the water. One is in a bikini, while the other might be topless (the water and angle prevent any viewing of details).
  • Clea briefly tells the story of sneaking out when she was 14, making out with a guy and then saying that he wanted more. She mentions the groping, and Brier asks if she got tired of being felt up.
  • Garrett tells Luke that he and everyone at the record label has a "gigantic hard on for you" and adds that he normally doesn't get hard for anyone.
  • We see Brier modeling topless, with her back to our camera as well as the still photo one shooting her. Luke then enters the studio and she somewhat shyly walks over to him with her hands covering her breasts. After some talking, they nearly kiss, but are interrupted when someone wraps a robe around Brier.
  • Luke and Brier passionately kiss. We later see them kiss in bed, with both then sitting up. He's bare-chested and she's in her bra that shows cleavage (sex is implied, but she latter says they only "messed around" when Carrie asks Brier, "You slept with him, didn't you?"). When Brier starts to dress, we see a partial view of her in her panties as she pulls her pants on, as well as another view of her in her bra. She then leaves, upset, and he partially chases after her holding just a sheet around his lower half.
  • Garrett says he has a present for Luke and it turns out to be Josie who pops out of a cake wearing a decorative bikini. She passionately kisses Luke.
  • We see some miscellaneous, scantly clad women in a club.
  • Mick tells Brier that they weren't just lovers.
  • Jose (in some sort of lingerie top) wants Luke to join her on a bed. He does and lies down with his shirt open, but after she kisses him, he gets up and says he's not ready for that.
  • Luke performs shirtless on the stage.
  • Euan uses the term "love taxi" to Brier about Josie, saying that Luke is just "taking a ride." He then goes on to tell the story of some past love of Luke's, with Brier asking if he "got some" and Euan saying what Luke got was a knee to the groin.
  • Josie wears a cleavage and midriff-revealing top.
  • We see more scantly clad young women in a club, some of whom wear near thong-like bottoms (that the camera focuses on). We also see the top of a thong that Euan is wearing as his pants partially ride low. We then see several young women with him in the club bending over, exposing and shaking their thong-like covered bottoms (that the camera focuses on).
  • Luke interrupts Euan (who's shirtless and gets up off the bed) who's with two women, one in a decorative bra top.
  • In a quick flashback scene, we see Brier on top of Luke who's lying on a bed (partially seen and too fast to note details, if any). We also see a flashback to Luke being out on the street with just a sheet around him (from above).
  • A young woman comes on to Luke at a club. She starts to say that they're going to go in the back, but then whispers the rest (presumably sexual) in his ear. He then says he's sure she's good at that, but declines the offer.
  • Josie smokes at least once, while various miscellaneous characters smoke in several scenes.
  • Garrett's assistant tells Luke that they'll be monitoring him and that he can't have any cigarettes or booze.
  • We briefly hear that Brier's mom has died within the past year.
  • It's implied that Luke and Euan's father is dead.
  • Pursuing one's goals.
  • Luke begins to get a bit full of himself as his fame increases.
  • The notion of being creative versus famous.
  • Fake fame and hype.
  • After a groupie/fan tries to crash Luke's stage, Josie pushes her and the two end up struggling while standing and then on the floor (all as strobe effects flash and quick edits fill the screen, making it hard to see exactly what's occurring).
  • Josie slaps Luke on the face.
  • After learning he was duped by him, Garrett grabs a guy by the neck.

  • Reviewed August 23, 2005 / Posted August 26, 2005

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