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(2006) (Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Scarlett Johansson) (R)

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Drama: A former tennis pro must choose between his cushy, newly attained lifestyle and having an affair with his friend's alluring girlfriend who's bewitched him.
Chris Wilton (JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS) is a former professional tennis player who's tired of the touring and not being quite good enough to compete with the best in the game. Accordingly, he's moved to London where he's taken a job as a tennis pro teaching the elite at a local club. Among his clients is Tom Hewett (MATTHEW GOODE), the debonair and dashing young adult son of wealthy businessman Alec Hewett (BRIAN COX). Sensing a kindred spirit in Chris, Tom instantly befriends and introduces him to his pretty sister Chloe (EMILY MORTIMER), with both inviting Chris to spend time with their family.

While Chris is attracted to Chloe and the two soon become an item, he's bewitched by Tom's fiancée, Nola Rice (SCARLETT JOHANSSON). While Tom's mother Eleanor (PENELOPE WILTON) thinks the struggling American actress is below her son, the young woman repeatedly bewitches Chris, but considering the scenario, he can't do anything about it.

Soon, Chris and Chloe are married and Alec has gotten him a lucrative job, but the pressure of trying to conceive a baby somewhat sours Chris' feelings for Chloe, especially considering that he's still fixated on Nola. From that point on, and as the two begin having an affair, Tom must choose between his comfortable and cushy lifestyle and the danger and excitement of seeing Nola on the side.

Older teens might be, along with fans of anyone in the cast, but younger kids will probably have little to no interest in it.
For some sexuality.
  • JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS plays the former tennis pro who wants to do something with his life. He gets the chance when he falls in with Tom's family, marries his sister and accepts a job from their father. Considering Nola has bewitched him, however, he threatens to ruin everything when he begins having an affair with her, eventually leading to a desperate resolution to the matter. He drinks and has sex with both Nola and Chloe.
  • SCARLETT JOHANSSON plays the struggling American actress who initially wants nothing to do with Chris after their one-night stand, but eventually falls for him despite being engaged to Tom, and Chris seeing and then being married to Chloe. She drinks, smokes and we hear she had two abortions in the past, but refuses when she becomes pregnant again.
  • EMILY MORTIMER plays Tom's sister who's instantly attracted to Chris, has sex with and then marries him. She then becomes fixated on conceiving a baby with him, but realizes something's amiss as he becomes progressively distracted.
  • MATTHEW GOODE plays her brother, a debonair playboy who's engaged to Nola and doesn't like his mother's interference in their relationship. He drinks and smokes.
  • BRIAN COX plays his wealthy businessman father who enjoys helping Chris become a successful businessman. He drinks some.
  • PENELOPE WILTON plays his snooty wife who looks down on Nola (and displays just that, especially when she's tipsy), but likes Chris and accepts him into their family.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this drama-turned thriller that's been rated R. Profanity consists of a handful of minor expletives, while some colorful and religious-based phrases are also uttered. Non-explicit, but sexually related dialogue is present, as are several steamy sexual encounters (with movement, sounds and some partial nudity). Violence consists of a man shooting and killing two people with a shotgun (no impact and only a brief view of one of the victim's non-bloody hands), and that scene and the moments leading up to it may be unsettling or suspenseful to viewers.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes while some smoke and/or drink, with some of the latter occurring to various points of inebriation. A man cheats on and lies to his wife, with that and their inability to conceive leading to some tense family moments. Other thematic elements include brief talk of a character having had abortions in the past.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Chris and Tom may have beer at the club.
  • Stating that it's 5 o'clock, Tom rushes off, saying he's got some cocktails to mix.
  • Some miscellaneous people have drinks.
  • Tom has a drink and asks Chris if he'd like one and he agrees.
  • Miscellaneous people have drinks in a restaurant where Chris drinks and Chloe orders a champagne cocktail.
  • Tom orders two bottles of wine for dinner with Nola, Chris and Chloe. Later and back home, Chloe is about to open a bottle of the same type of wine, with Chris saying he's now addicted to it following Tom having previously ordered it.
  • After a bad acting audition, Nola says she could use a drink to help pull herself together (we then see her having wine).
  • Nola says her sister became lost in drugs, that their father left and never sent any money, and that their mom was a drunk who couldn't hold down a job.
  • While flirting with Chris, Nola says she's had too much to drink.
  • Tom, Nola, Alec and Eleanor have drinks.
  • About Eleanor's bad treatment of Nola, Alec tells his wife that she's had one too many G&Ts (Gin and Tonics). Outside, Nola tells Chris that she needs a drink, prompting Chris to say he likes her when she drinks (for becoming flirtatious).
  • Alec, Eleanor, Chloe and Chris have drinks, as do miscellaneous others (and Eleanor is a bit tipsy).
  • Chris asks Nola if he can meet her for a drink.
  • A person jokes about two others: "You're both nuts or drunk."
  • Tom says that Nola was always a lady of the sauce and that it runs in her family.
  • Chloe and Tom have what might be brandy.
  • Various family members have wine with dinner.
  • We see liquor in Nola's place and she may pour some for Chris.
  • Chris and others have wine in a restaurant.
  • Some cops think a murder at a robbery scene was drug related (and several related comments are made about that).
  • When it's announced that Chloe's pregnant, someone states the family can finally crack open the champagne.
  • We see a mostly empty glass of wine in front of Chris that he manages to spill on his papers.
  • Alec brings out the champagne when a new grandson is brought home.
  • We briefly see just a dead woman's hand (she's just been murdered, but there's no blood or discoloration, etc.).
  • Chris has an affair with Nola (despite her being engaged to Tom, and Chris being involved with and then married to Chloe).
  • To get himself out of a bad situation (that he's created), a man commits a double homicide, makes it look like someone else did it, and then lies to others about his involvement in that.
  • Chris and Chloe talk in a movie theater during the movie (although they don't see to distract anyone).
  • There's brief talk that Chris' father became a religious fanatic after losing his legs, with Tom saying that doesn't sound like a fair trade-off (some might not like that comment).
  • Eleanor is demeaning to Nola about the latter's lack of success in acting and Tom gets mad at his mom over that after Nola leaves the room.
  • Tom says he broke up with Nola because he met someone else.
  • Chris lies to Chloe about where he's going so that he can see Nola.
  • Tom jokes about Chris that he thinks he's firing blanks (meaning his inability to get Chloe pregnant).
  • For those concerned about such matters, we hear that Nola had two previous abortions (one when she was younger, one that Tom -- her boyfriend at the time -- encouraged her to have) and Chris seems to want her to have a third for her pregnancy by him.
  • Chris also lies to Nola about him being nearly ready to divorce Chloe (as well as his location while calling her with excuses).
  • Chris lies to the police about his involvement with Nola, but then admits to it when he learns they know the truth.
  • We see a man disassembling a shotgun, placing it in his bag and then sneaking off (all as he's nearly caught by his wife who's calling out his name as he does so). Later, the wife nearly finds that shotgun in his bag, and he barely pockets a shotgun shell (with her wondering what it is, but he manages to deflect her curiosity).
  • After being let into an older woman's apartment, a man puts together his shotgun, walks around the corner and fires (we don't see the impact, but he's killed her). He then makes it look like a robbery by ransacking part of the place and taking some things. We then see him waiting as his next target makes her way toward her home (in a several minute sequence that includes another man coming to and knocking on the first woman's locked door, looking for her as the killer waits inside). His target eventually arrives and goes to her door, with the killer following and then shooting her as she turns around to see him (we don't see the impact).
  • A tired and emotionally upset man hears strange noises in his place and is confronted by the spirits (who look like real people) of those he killed (this appears to be a dream).
  • Shotguns: Used to kill others and/or participate in some skeet shooting. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "Shut up," "The hell with her," "You're both nuts or drunk," "Are you mad calling me here?" "Knock you up," "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Bloody," "Schmuck" and what sounded like "Lucky swine."
  • A character uses violence to extricate himself from a self-made mess (and gets away with murder).
  • None.
  • While no traditional suspenseful or ominous music plays, some rather dramatic opera pieces play during some suspenseful scenes and have somewhat of the same effect.
  • None.
  • At least 6 hells, 1 damn, 10 uses of "Oh God," 4 of "God," 3 of "Oh my God," 2 each of "Jesus," "My God" and "Oh Christ" and 1 use each of "Christ," "For God's sakes" and "Jesus Christ."
  • Having just met Nola (but not realizing she's Tom's fiancée), Chris is instantly attracted to her and asks if anyone's ever told her she had extremely sensual lips.
  • Chris and Chloe passionately make out in a movie theater. She then asks if they should go back to her place or his and the scene then cuts to them in bed having sex. He's on top of her and thrusting (we also hear their sexual sounds), but both are under the covers so we don't see any nudity.
  • Joking about being excited about a car show, Tom states that his pants are still wet (a possible female sexual connotation).
  • Chris and Chloe cuddle under the bed covers and do some brief kissing.
  • With both flirting with each other, Nola tells Chris that men think she's special. When he asks if she is, she replies that no one's ever asked for their money back (she then comments on having too much to drink).
  • Out in the rain (where Nola's clingy, wet shirt shows the shape of her breasts and nipples) and a bit tipsy, Nola allows Chris to kiss her, although she says they can't do this, but he asks "Why not?" They kiss some more and then lie down in the tall, wet grass where they continue kissing, and he pulls her up on top of him. He then runs his hand up the inside of the back of her shirt (we see much of her bare back) and then gropes her clothed butt while continuing to kiss her (and sex is implied).
  • Later, however (and as she shows some cleavage), she views this as a one-time thing, saying that passion is passion and that he daydreamed "about making love to me."
  • Chris spots Tom and Nola fooling around in an isolated part of a house, with her bare leg up along his side and she appears to be holding her panties (as they kiss and nuzzle). Seeing Chris, Tom talks to him, jokingly stating that how can he help it if Nola gets turned on by sexual intimacy.
  • After they're married, Chloe tells Chris, "I want you to make me pregnant." She then states that they've been sleeping together for ages and that she wants three kids as soon as possible. When he acts like he's not sure, she tells him he can do it, adding "You've got a powerful serve" (innuendo).
  • We briefly see Chris in just his briefs.
  • Chloe dejectedly tells Chris that it's been over a week "since we made love" (with Tom saying he's just tired as he rolls over and goes to sleep).
  • When Tom marries Heather, she says it's just in time as she's almost starting to show (being pregnant).
  • We hear heavy breathing and then see Chris on top of Nola between her spread and bare legs, with passionate kissing occurring. He then rips open her shirt, exposing her in her cleavage-revealing bra. We then see them in bed post-sex, with her bare shoulders visible over the sheets.
  • As Chris announces he's going to work, Chloe says she was hoping "we could...before you went to work." She adds that it's her time of the month (meaning ovulation) and that their doc said they should do it as much as possible then (as she takes her temperature).
  • We see Chris and Nola kissing on the street, and there's a comment about having just been at a hotel and that going back to her place won't leave him a lot of time, but they so anyway. Once there, they do more passionate kissing and start to disrobe, with her undoing his shirt and then blindfolding him with his tie. She then turns him around so that she's behind him and both are facing the camera. He has his hands behind him and seems to be working on her pants and/or manually stimulating her (but we can't see the actual contact).
  • Tom says that when he saw Nola, she still had that come-hither look.
  • Chris complains to Nola that trying to get Chloe pregnant has left him bored and that it's all just mechanical.
  • We see a shirtless Chris seated behind Nola who's lying face down on a bed, apparently nude, as he pours oil on her back. We see this face-on and thus only see her ample cleavage as she holds the sheet up just in front of part of her bare chest (but we don't see any other explicit nudity).
  • Tom jokes about Chris that he thinks he's firing blanks (meaning his inability to get Chloe pregnant).
  • Nola learns she's pregnant from having sex with Chris (and they comment on a lack of protection at a vital moment) and he implies she could have an abortion, but she says no (based on having had two previous ones).
  • Nola tells Chris that she doesn't like the thought of him "making love" to Chloe, but he replies "You know I make love to her...it's just routine."
  • A classic statue figure on an opera house wall shows bare breasts (seen from a distance).
  • Chloe says that she still "can't do it with you" (have sex), adding that she still isn't "over my..." (but she doesn't complete the thought, although one assumes she's talking about her period).
  • We see Chris in just a towel following a shower.
  • Talking to others about Nola, Chris admits that he didn't want the sexual relationship with her to end.
  • Nola and Tom each smoke more than 5 times.
  • Nola says her sister became lost in drugs, that their father left and never sent any money, and that their mom was a drunk who couldn't hold down a job.
  • Nola briefly states that she had a bad marriage in her past.
  • Eleanor is demeaning to Nola about the latter's lack of success in acting and Tom gets mad at his mom over that after Nola leaves the room.
  • Chris cheats on Chloe with Nola and the former begins to question whether he's having an affair. At one point, Chloe asks Chris if he's having one and he says no.
  • Chris and Chloe's inability to conceive puts a strain on their marriage as he becomes tired of trying to do just that, while she's fixed on doing so.
  • Using violence as a means of extricating oneself from a self-created mess.
  • The inability of some couples to conceive.
  • We hear that Nola had two previous abortions (one when she was younger, one that Tom -- her boyfriend at the time -- encouraged her to have).
  • The concept of being good vs. being lucky.
  • Stating that Eleanor wants Tom to marry his distant cousin rather than her, Nola comments on the inbreeding in his family.
  • The comment that the innocent are sometimes slain for a greater scheme.
  • After being let into an older woman's house, a man puts together his shotgun, walks around the corner and fires (we don't see the impact, but he's killed her).
  • The killer shoots and kills another woman (we don't see the impact or body), and in doing so, he also killed her unborn child.

  • Reviewed January 2, 2006 / Posted January 6, 2006

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