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(2004) (Martin Henderson, Ice Cube) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: A biker returns to his hometown to clear his name of drug charges but must then also deal with being framed for murder.
Cary Ford (MARTIN HENDERSON) is a tough biker who's returned to his American hometown after an extended stay in Thailand. He's not only done so to reconnect with his fellow biker girlfriend, Shane (MONET MAZUR), but also to clear his name of the drug charges from which he fled. It seems that while working on some bikes owned by Hellion biker gang leader Henry James (MATT SCHULZE), Ford discovered vials of crystal meth.

That drew the attention of FBI agents McPherson (ADAM SCOTT) and Henderson (JUSTINA MACHADO), but Ford escaped before they could nab him. Now that he's back and reunited with Shane and his close friends, Dalton (JAY HERNANDEZ) and Val (WILL YUN LEE), he wants to prove his innocence.

Yet, he must deal not only with James and the rest of his gang including Goth girlfriend China (JAIME PRESSLY), but also with brothers Trey (ICE CUBE) and Junior Wallace (FREDRO STARR) of the Reapers biker gang. Things become more complicated for him when James has Junior murdered and frames the crime on Ford. From that point on, Ford and his friends try to prove his innocence, all while avoiding the various people who are after him.

If they're into motorcycles or are fans of someone in the cast, they just might.
For violence, sexuality, language and drug references.
  • MARTIN HENDERSON plays a biker who tries to prove his innocence regarding both drug and murder charges that are leveled against him. He drinks some, uses some profanity, fights various people and drives at high speeds on his motorcycles.
  • ICE CUBE plays the heavily-tattooed leader of a biker gang who isn't happy to see Ford return and then wants him dead when he believes he killed his brother. He drinks, uses profanity, fights various people and drives at high speeds.
  • MONET MAZUR plays Ford's fellow biker girlfriend who initially isn't happy to see him return (since he suddenly ran out on her in the past) but quickly lets him back into her life. She drinks some.
  • ADAM SCOTT and JUSTINA MACHADO play FBI agents who are on Ford's trail and behave in unorthodox ways.
  • MATT SCHULZE plays the low-life leader of another biker gang who's responsible for a man's murder that he then frames on Ford. He fights various people and uses profanity.
  • JAIME PRESSLY plays his pierced and tattooed Goth girlfriend who has a bad if sultry attitude and fights various people.
  • JAY HERNANDEZ and WILL YUN LEE play Ford's best friends and fellow bikers who try to help him clear his name.
  • FREDRO STARR plays Trey's volatile brother who doesn't like Ford.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a brief summary of the content found in this action flick that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 1 "f" word, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered. Some sexually related dialogue is present as are various purposefully titillating sights of scantily clad women (some of whom act sensuously toward other women). A man gets out from under the covers with a woman and some passionate kissing occurs.

    Violence consists of various obvious and presumed deaths (by various means), several brutal fight sequences (with punching, kicking and more), while people are threatened with and shot at by guns. Some of those scenes may be suspenseful to some viewers and all of that fighting, motorcycle riding, racing and stunts, along with other material, might be enticing for some kids to imitate.

    Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, some drink and some drug-related material (no actual use) occurs. If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

    For those concerned with such matters, there are flashes of light from a close-up shot of a quickly passing train (alternating between light and dark, causing the flashes). Later, there are some brief flashes of light from a thunderstorm.

  • Beer is poured at a rally (and Ford has one) and we see an enormous inflatable beer "bottle."
  • We hear that Ford fled from the FBI over charges of drug possession. We later learn that he found crystal meth inside some of Henry's bikes that he was working on (and later see a vial of it).
  • Trey drinks champagne straight from the bottle.
  • Shane tells Ford, "One beer, but you're buying." We then later see them holding bottles of beer and she tells him he has until she finishes her beer to explain his earlier disappearance. She then starts to down it in one gulp, but he takes the bottle from her and throws it aside. He then throws his bottle aside as well.
  • Miscellaneous people drink in a club.
  • A person proposes that they all go to Mexico and get drunk.
  • Trey has a beer.
  • We hear some guys urinating and then see (from behind) a long shot of many biker gang members standing shoulder to shoulder, urinating together.
  • McPherson has a little blood on his head following a car crash.
  • Henry and his gang members have bad attitudes toward Ford, as do Trey and his gang members.
  • Henry murders Junior and then has China frame that on Ford.
  • A person refers to an Asian country as "Chink-land."
  • Ford and his friends break a lock on a tractor trailer so that they can stow away in the back.
  • Trey says, "F*ck the police."
  • A law enforcement officer turns out to be bad, is in cahoots with Henry, and shoots his partner.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" might also be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers.
  • Ford and Trey end up (on their bikes) on the tracks in front of an approaching train, with Trey's bike having a flat and trapping him on the track. Ford then races to get him off the track before the train hits him. It does hit his bike that then explodes and knocks Ford to the ground.
  • A man's head ends up just inches from a vehicle's large tire that stops before crushing it.
  • Handguns/Rifles/Various knives/Chains: Used to threaten, wound or kill others. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "F*ck the police," "Give a sh*t," "When the sh*t hits the fan," "Sh*t don't feel right," "Holy sh*t," "Cars suck" (seen written), "Punk (ass)," "Hungry as hell, "Busting our chops," "What the hell /you doing/are you looking at?" "Punk," "Nigger" (said by Trey who's black), "I laughed my ass off for weeks," "Balls" (testicles), "Bitch" (said about men and women and used as an adjective/noun), "Dukes of Hazzard ass," "Cracker," "Shut up," "I'm gonna whoop his ass," "Bastard," "How about I kick your ass?" "Everything turns to hell," "You screwed me," "Black ass," "Jacked up motor heads," "Chink-land," "Screwed himself," "Screw it," "Haul ass," "I live my life a quarter mile at a time," "I can see that fool," "Get your black ass up," "Chick," "Crotch rockets" (motorcycles), "Who the hell is that?" "Say hello, bitch," "Dawg," "Damn right" and "Want some of this, bitch?"
  • All of the various motorcycle stunts and fighting that is present (some of it on moving bikes) may be enticing for some kids to want to imitate.
  • Two cars get into a drag race on a desert rode with Ford suddenly trying to zip between them.
  • We see a photo of Shane that shows her in a midriff-revealing top. Later, Shane wears a midriff-revealing top. Various other women wear midriff and/or revealing attire.
  • Trey, Henry, China and many other characters (male and female) have tattoos (some of them quite a few).
  • Henry smacks China's clothed butt.
  • China has rings in her nose and lip and wears Goth biker garb.
  • Ford litters with some beer bottles.
  • After making a comment about getting a manicure, Shane holds up all five gloved fingers and then lowers four to give "the finger" to another person.
  • Ford and Shane do some passionate kissing as he drives quite fast down the road.
  • A guy jumps from a moving motorcycle to a moving car.
  • None.
  • A mild amount of suspenseful and action-oriented music plays in the film.
  • Some songs had lyrics that we couldn't hear or understand, thus presenting the possibility of them potentially containing objectionable material.
  • At least 1 "f" word (and another possible one), 15 "s" words, 17 asses (3 used with "hole"), 8 hells, 4 damns, 1 S.O.B., 3 uses of "G-damn" and 1 use each of "God" and "Jesus Christ."
  • We see several quick shots of various scantily clad women, including some who are wet (shot in a titillating fashion).
  • A young woman tells Val, "Nice ass."
  • Henry smacks China's clothed butt.
  • Various young women show varying amounts of cleavage in various scenes during the movie.
  • We briefly see two women acting sensuously toward each other on a bike.
  • We see some scantily clad dancers in a club.
  • Dalton knocks on Val's motel room door. We see Val get up from under the covers and tell Dalton that he needs ten more minutes (with a woman who's only briefly seen -- no nudity).
  • Various women wear midriff and/or revealing attire and the camera occasionally focuses on them and/or their body parts.
  • McPherson holds out his hands in front of his chest to symbolize breasts when trying to explain to a slow clerk that they're looking for Shane and the others. The young clerk then says, "You should have seen the pair" but is interrupted before he can finish.
  • China wears a small leather top that's open in the front and shows a lot of skin and cleavage.
  • Ford and Shane do some passionate kissing as he drives quite fast down the road.
  • Val states that he eats when he's nervous, prompting Dalton to state that Val eats "when he's horny."
  • China pats a bound Shane on her clothed butt in a sensual fashion while looking for something.
  • Ford and Shane do some passionate kissing.
  • A miscellaneous character smokes.
  • Trey sees his dead brother, is upset and vows to get revenge on whoever killed him.
  • All of the various motorcycle stunts and fighting that's present (some of it on moving bikes).
  • Revenge.
  • Innocent people trying to clear their names after being charged with crimes they didn't commit.
  • A guy pushes a young kid to the ground. He and another guy then get into a fight with Ford. Various punches are thrown, one of the guys slams Ford down onto the hood of a car and another tries to hit him with a crowbar. Ford then head-butts one backwards, hits him or the other with the crowbar and smashes one's face into a car window, while other blows (some of them rather brutal) also occur.
  • Two bikers bump into each other with one then wiping out on the road (but he's okay).
  • Junior pulls a knife on Ford, but Ford knocks it from Junior's hand with his helmet.
  • A person is thrown or knocked out through a window (with glass breakage) and then has a chain wrapped around his neck, followed by a punch.
  • Ford quickly pulls a gun and holds it directly to Henry's head, causing him and his goons to back down.
  • Ford punches Junior in the throat, pushes another guy backwards and a third guy then shows two guns in his waistband that makes Ford stop.
  • A large-scale fight breaks out in a club with a lot of fighting.
  • Henry and his goon confront Junior in a public bathroom. One smashes his head into the mirror and a chain is then wrapped around Junior's neck (followed by a punch) and he's strangled to death.
  • A store owner fires a rifle shot at Ford that hits a trash barrel and then shatters a window. He then aims it at Ford who quickly grabs and spins it around, aiming it at the owner. Another man then fires his rifle at Ford's feet, but Shane pulls her handgun on that man, disarming him. Moments later, Trey and some of his gang members then aim their handguns at that owner and two others while trying to get info from them.
  • Various bikers chase Ford and his friends through a palm tree forest. During that, they shoot at them, but several crash, one into a tree and two into each other (we don't know their fates or injuries). Shane and one biker exchanges shots at each other, with Shane wiping out and falling (but she's okay). She then smashes her pursuer (now off his bike) in the face with a muffler, knocking him out.
  • Trey chases Ford (both on bikes) onto the top of a moving train where Trey fires several shots at him. Both then end up on the tracks in front of the train, with Trey's bike having a flat and trapping him on the track. Ford then races to get him off the track before the train hits him. It does hit his bike that then explodes and knocks Ford to the ground.
  • Henry's number two guy smashes a vending machine with a chain (to open it). Henry then grabs him by the throat and pushes him back against a wall.
  • Henry punches a guy who's taking his picture.
  • McPherson fires several shots at Ford and the others as they escape from a roadblock.
  • The FBI agents smash their Hummer into various moving cars as they pursue Ford and the others. Their Hummer then flips, tumbles through the air and lands upside down on top of another car (whose occupants get out just in time), crushing it.
  • Ford kicks at Trey as they race alongside each other. Trey then sends his bike down onto the road and in front of Ford's causing him to crash. The two then get into a fight with many punches, some kicks and one flipping the other onto the road.
  • We hear a punch to the face.
  • A guy is hit on the back of the head and another is punched in the face.
  • A law enforcement officer turns out to be bad and shoots their partner.
  • Henry's goons have Shane and Ford's friends bound and aim a gun at Shane.
  • A FBI agent fires at some people, resulting in a fight among many people (hitting and kicking). China tries to stab someone, while Trey runs over one person on his bike and punches another. Shane kicks one guy in the crotch and more fighting continues, including one person being hanged by a chain around his neck attached to a bike that pulls the man up into the air.
  • Ford blasts out through a window (shattering the glass) on a motorcycle.
  • A large explosion blows up a building and presumably kills at least one person.
  • Shane and China fight each other while riding motorcycles (including hitting and kicking each other, trying to hit the other with their bikes and China trying to slice and stab Shane with a switchblade).
  • A person kicks another person off their motorcycle sending them crashing into a car windshield (fate unknown).
  • Glass shatters in cars and other objects from a motorcycle passing by at an incredible speed.
  • Ford and Henry battle each other (shooting and punching) while flying through the city at high speeds.
  • Some motorcycles crash, resulting in an explosion that presumably kills one man while another's head ends up just inches from a vehicle's large tire that stops before crushing it.

  • Reviewed January 12, 2004 / Posted January 16, 2004

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