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(2003) (Alan Taylor, Laura Ramsey) (R)

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Bad Attitude
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Drama: During spring break in Cancun, Mexico, sixteen partygoers spend eight days partying, drinking and pairing up, all as six camera crews capture everything.
It's spring break in Cancun, Mexico and various young people have arrived for eight days and nights of partying. Among them are 21-year-old Sara and her new friend Matt, who bond over a jellyfish incident. 18-year-old Alan is from Texas and has never had a drink, but that's sure to change. Identical twins Nicole and Roxanne aren't anywhere as inhibited and perform in a dual wet T-shirt contest.

21-year-old Paul is drawn to community college student Sky, while his friend Jorell enjoys hanging out with Alan and Jeremy, a 22-year-old business-marketing graduate who's similarly enticed by the hordes of scantily clad women surrounding them, such as 20-year-old Laura.

Then there are friends Heidi and David who've never "hooked up," 25-year-old model Casey, biochemistry major Brittany, 20-year-old management major Ben, and sex columnist Amber. As the week of partying wears on, they and the rest of the revelers pursue their various goals of sun, fun, sex, drinking and more.

It's a good bet many teens and some older preteens might be enticed by the offerings.
For strong sexuality/nudity, language and partying.
Considering all that occurs, I doubt many parents would consider any of the people appearing in the film to be good role models for their kids.


Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

(Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated "reality" film. Profanity consists of at least 86 "f" words, while many other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered and various songs include sexually related lyrics.

Sexually explicit dialogue (covering various topics) is present, while sexual behavior includes surveillance footage of what are presumably real sexual encounters (rather than faked Hollywood ones). They show movement under the covers (seen from a distance in somewhat grainy footage) and include some related sexual sounds and what appears to be male on female oral sex. Other making out and fooling around is also present.

Scantily clad women and men are seen throughout the film, including in skimpy bathing suits that show lots of bare skin while outright nudity (bare breasts and butts of both sexes) occurs in many scenes. "Dirty dancing" style dancing occurs, along with all sorts of other imitative behavior. That includes a great deal of drinking (including off women's abdomens) and drunkenness. Some of that involves peer pressure to get a non-drinker to start drinking.

Other bad attitudes are also present, while some people smoke and one scenes shows a man pouring his urine (from a cup) onto a woman's jellyfish sting. Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • We hear that Alan does not drink and various other spring-breakers comment on that throughout the film (and even bet on when he'll do so for the first time).
  • Various partygoers drink shots.
  • More people drink shots.
  • Various people drink.
  • Paul and Jorell drink shots and Sky then joins them.
  • More drinking of shots occurs.
  • Casey appears to be drunk.
  • More people drink shots.
  • More drinking occurs.
  • Various guys do shots of liquor from girls' navels/abdomens as the latter are lying down.
  • More drinking of shots occurs, with Alan finally partaking and being cheered on by the others. More shot drinking occurs.
  • More drinking occurs, including straight from the bottles.
  • People drink at a party.
  • More people drink.
  • A girl tries to get Alan to go swimming with her at night, but he keeps saying he's too drunk (she says that's not possible).
  • More drinking occurs, including straight from the bottle.
  • Guys slurp down more shots of liquor from girls' bellies.
  • We see many clips of Alan drinking a great deal and/or being drunk.
  • A guy pours what's presumably some sort of liquor into various girls' mouths during a contest.
  • More drinking occurs, with some drunkenness.
  • Most everyone drinks champagne in a toast.
  • We hear one of the guys urinating in a cup to be used to pour on a jellyfish sting. We then see that urine being poured from the cup onto a woman's leg.
  • Various people try to encourage and/or pressure Alan into drinking for the first time (they succeed and he drinks like a fish from that point on).
  • One of the guys has sex with one of the young women, and then pretty much ignores her after that.
  • Despite having her own boyfriend, Sara is mad at her new male friend for being in the shower with another girl.
  • Some cheating on non-present significant others apparently occurs.
  • Some viewers might not like Jorell saying he has a midget fantasy due to their large butts (his opinion).
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "F*ck it," "F*ck yeah," "You're so f*cking spoiled," "F*cked up," "Shut the f*ck up," "No f*cking way," "What the f*ck?" "What is your f*cking attitude?" "You gave the f*ck up," "F*ck you," "F*ckos," "Oh, sh*t no," "Bullsh*t," "Horny," "Dork," "Shut up," "Piss," "I work my ass off," "Pissing you off," "Mama's boy," "Jackass," "Slut" (said playfully), "Nigger" (black person to black person), "(You guys) suck," "Chicks" (women), "Phat ass," "Bitch," "Freaking out," "Balls" (testicles), "Skank" and "Bitches and Hos.'"
  • Many young women wear cleavage and/or midriff-revealing outfits.
  • Various people have tattoos.
  • Laura has a pierced nostril, Sky has a pierced navel and a woman has a pierced nipple.
  • All of the drinking, partying and "hooking up" might be enticing for some kids to imitate (and will likely have many wanting to attend such a spring break sometime in the future).
  • Some people try out bungee jumping.
  • Some dirty dancing occurs with women bending over and shaking or rubbing their clothed butts against guys' clothed crotches.
  • Various guys do shots of liquor from girls' navels/abdomens as the latter are lying down.
  • None.
  • None.
  • A song has the repeated lyrics, "Feels like it's the first time," while another one briefly has the line, "I'm a virgin, but I'm on the verge..." Another talks about "booty" and "t*ts," and another has the lyrics, "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes." Another about STDs says they'll bring you to your knees, which is how you got them in the first place, while another has various euphemisms for sex and the repeated line of what one has to say to "get inside her."
  • Those or other songs also included at least 3 uses of the "f" word (sexually and with "mother"), ass, damn and nigger.
  • Other songs had lyrics that we couldn't hear and/or understand, thus offering the possibility of them containing potentially objectionable lyrics.
  • At least 86 "f" words (4 used with "mother," 9 used sexually as are the terms "hook up," "screw," "get it on," "bone" and "bang"), 30 "s" words, 7 slang terms for male genitals ("d*ck"), 4 for breasts ("t*tties" and "boobies"), 16 asses (1 used with "hole"), 6 damns, 2 hells, 1 S.O.B., 10 uses of "Oh my God," 3 of "G-damn," 2 of "Honest to God" and 1 use each of "God," "Oh God" and "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • Various songs have sexually related lyrics. See "Music (Inappropriate)" for more info.
  • Throughout the film, both women and men are seen in revealing attire and/or skimpy bathing suits that show a great deal of bare skin and/or cleavage.
  • During an early montage, we see two young women kissing in slow motion; the shape of a woman's breasts beneath her top in a wet T-shirt contest; women spanking guys' bottoms; some "dirty dancing" style dancing; the brief sight of a bare-breasted young woman; and the camera focuses on various body parts.
  • Two young women talk about who one will "screw," with that one saying she won't "screw everyone."
  • Two women talk about sex and "f*ck every single one."
  • One of the guys mockingly humps a lounge chair as if having sex with a woman and makes related comments.
  • A guy wonders if anyone wants to get naked with him. He then wonders if one of the women will join him in the shower (after he's in it, but she declines the offer) and if she wants to make out.
  • Alan says (in several instances) that he just wants to see "boobies."
  • Some dirty dancing occurs with women bending over and shaking or rubbing their clothed butts against guys' clothed crotches, while some couples briefly make out in a club.
  • Some people ponder who ended up with whom the night before.
  • Sky wonders if David ever wanted to "get it on" with his best friend, Heidi.
  • We briefly see people making out at the beach.
  • Jorell says that women like Paul because he approaches them like a would-be friend rather than as if he wants to "hook up" with them.
  • We see a public wet T-shirt contest where various women get up in front of a large crowd of guys and either show their bare breasts (that we see) and/or allow water to be poured on them (thus revealing their shape through the wet fabric). In addition, some of the women do some suggestive dancing (and we see one's bare butt cheeks up close), and two then dance together (with one straddling the other's bare chest while lying on the platform). We also see what looks like a split second shot of full frontal nudity as well as one woman spraying whipped cream on another's bare butt and removing her bikini bottom. We then see more girl-on-girl kissing and additional bare breasts.
  • We see more bare breasts being flashed at another event.
  • A guy wonders if any girls want to make out.
  • Sky asks Paul if it's true that guys like "head" (oral sex) better than sex. He then replies that it's true, particularly since it's not a given, like sex is. A comment is made about "Bob my knob" and Sky says she can't bring herself to do that with any guy (and that she can't even have her face down there). More such related talk occurs.
  • A guy comments that a parrot on a girl's arm "get more action than I do."
  • A comment is made about getting a "piece of ass" while in Cancun, but a woman says she's not into casual sex and never will be (but that making out is okay).
  • Various people comment on whether they're virgins (with Heidi and David, who are not a couple, saying they are). Other ask why those two haven't had sex.
  • Paul jokingly says, "Someone's horny" when referring to Sky. The two then get into a discussion about "d*ck" size, including about one of the women who can't stop talking about Paul's after showering with him, as well as whether Sky would go out with someone (and "get active") if she knew they had a small one. He says his isn't long, but it's the width that's impressive and then comments on the "motion in the ocean." She then says if she found a guy had a small one, her favorite position would be with "another m*therf*cker."
  • Some more making out occurs, including in a pool and then in bed. We then see surveillance style footage from Jeremy's room where he's having sex with a girl under the covers (with movement and brief sexual sounds - all seen from an elevated distance and in grainy black and white). Viewers should note that it and later such shots are apparently of actual real sex, rather than faked Hollywood material.
  • We see a quick shot of a bare-breasted woman.
  • Others have Alan lick a willing woman's cleavage, rub some salt there and then lick the salt, drink a shot and take the lime from the woman's mouth with his.
  • Sky gets up on the edge of a pool in her bikini and spreads her legs wide as Paul approaches. They then frolic in the pool, including her holding her hands over her breasts when her top comes off.
  • Alan says he wants to meet a girl he can "butt f*ck" and then amends that to mean "dance f*ck" on the dance floor.
  • We see two girls kissing.
  • Jorell gives Paul one of his last condoms.
  • We see surveillance style footage from two rooms (grainy, elevated and from a distance), including a shot of a nude guy walking by with his penis (and possible erection) blocked out by a superimposed black box on the screen. We see one couple in bed in the other room, while we see a completely nude woman quickly crawl into bed with the first guy (seen from a distance). We then see that guy having sex on top of her under the covers (with movement and sexual sounds including from her and the bed thumping). We also see the other couple under the covers but can't tell what they're doing.
  • After a comment about having sex several times a day, one of the young women states, "I'll f*cking hump anything…Give me a pole." More talk of "hooking up" then follows.
  • A person says something about "bone Sara."
  • Sky is upset that Paul had sex with another woman (and gave up so easily on pursuing her), but he says he used protection.
  • Alan talks theoretically about being in a relationship for the physical aspect.
  • We see part of the side of a woman's bare breast when she takes off her top at a party.
  • Several of the guys participate in a "hot body" contest. As they prepare, we see several of their bare butts, and then do so again during the contest (when some of the guys remove everything and they or others partially pull down their Speedo like suits - causing some girls to pat or spank their bare butt cheeks).
  • Alan makes out with several girls, including one from whose belly he slurped a shot of liquor.
  • Alan playfully rubs his own bare nipples while drunk.
  • Various women in bikinis join rapper Snoop Dogg on stage and dance suggestively in front of him, including Sky who bends over and puts her partially cover butt at his clothed crotch.
  • Some sort of man/woman activity is occurring in a shower (we just see the curtain moving from whatever they're doing).
  • We see some making out at a party.
  • Sara is upset with Matt for going after a "piece of ass."
  • We see a guy climbing on top of a girl under the covers (both are clothed) on a lounge chair.
  • Alan makes out with a young woman.
  • We see more grainy surveillance footage (and some regular footage) of couples having sex or otherwise fooling around under the covers (including a guy on top of a girl and a girl on top of a guy). That includes movement, caressing of partially clothed bodies, and what's apparently guy on girl oral sex under the covers.
  • We hear one of the guys telling a woman that he wants to "bang you so bad."
  • Jorell says he has a midget fantasy due to their large butts (his opinion).
  • Alan says that his "balls" are the size of melons due to not having sex.
  • A guy jokes about people wanting to be "hung" like him.
  • A guy grabs a girl's bikini clad butt as she lies across him on a bed.
  • In several scenes, we see some packs of cigarettes and several people smoke, including Alan who takes a drag from another guy's cigarette.
  • None.
  • Spring break and what occurs during it.
  • Peer pressure to do certain things, such as taking up drinking (one person tells Alan that drinking a shot is a "manly thing").
  • Binge drinking.
  • Casual sex.
  • Matt punches a louver in anger and breaks part of it.

  • Reviewed April 25, 2003 / Posted April 25, 2003

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