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(2003) (voices of Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones) (PG)

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Animated Action/Adventure: An opportunistic rogue and a resourceful and resilient ambassador clash as they sail the high seas to retrieve a powerful book from the Goddess of Chaos and thus save the life of his childhood friend who's her fiancé.
Sinbad (voice of BRAD PITT), the sailor and opportunistic thief, is looking to steal the powerful Book of Peace that protects twelve cities and their citizens. Along with his pet dog Spike, right-hand man Kale (voice of DENNIS HAYSBERT) and the rest of his crew, he boards the ship carrying the book. Unbeknownst to him, his former childhood friend and current Prince of Syracuse, Proteus (voice of JOSEPH FIENNES), is commanding that ship and won't let the book go so easily.

Little do either of them know that Eris (voice of MICHELLE PFEIFFER), the Goddess of Chaos, also wants the book in order to make the entire world more chaotic. Her intervention allows Proteus and his ship to sail away, so she makes a deal with Sinbad. She'll allow him to live if he brings the book to her in Tartarus.

He agrees and thus arrives in Syracuse, intent on finally getting his hands on the book. Eris decides to have a little fun with him, however, by taking his shape and stealing the book, thus making everyone think he has it. Sentenced to die by the city council, Sinbad can't believe his luck. Yet, it changes when Proteus volunteers to take his place, knowing that his former friend wouldn't let him die over the book.

Given ten days to return it, Sinbad sets sail but plans to go to Fiji rather than Tartarus since he figures the King won't allow his only son to be executed. That doesn't sit well with Proteus' independent and resourceful fiancée, Marina (voice of CATHERINE ZETA-JONES), who's set to marry the prince in an arranged marriage. Although they're like oil and water, Sinbad agrees to find Eris, retrieve the book and save Proteus' life when the Ambassador offers him a large financial reward.

From that point on, they sail the high seas headed for Tartarus and must deal with a variety of potentially deadly obstacles that Eris places in their way, all as Sinbad has a change of heart and eventually begins to fall for Marina.

If they're into animated films or swashbuckler type adventure tales, it's a good bet they will.
For adventure action, some mild sensuality and brief language.
  • SINBAD is a resourceful and opportunistic thief who wants to steal the Book of Peace and then unwillingly has to get it back from Eris. Initially self-centered and chauvinistic toward Marina, he eventually changes his ways.
  • MARINA is Proteus' resourceful and resilient fiancée who convinces Sinbad to get the book and save Proteus' life. Along the way, she proves her worth and gets Sinbad to change his mind about her.
  • ERIS is the sultry Goddess of Chaos who frames Sinbad for stealing the book and then enjoys putting potentially deadly obstacles in his way of retrieving it from her.
  • PROTEUS is the Prince of Syracuse who puts his entire trust and life in the hands of his former friend who he believes will not let him down.
  • KALE is Sinbad's muscular right-hand man.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this animated action/adventure film that's been rated PG. Action style violence is present in the form of some sword-fighting and hitting of others, as well as various monstrous creatures trying to attack and presumably kill humans (in one scene, the humans kill one such monster).

    Some of those scenes (and monsters), along with two nearly completed beheadings might be disturbing, suspenseful or downright scary to younger viewers, although that all depends on their age, level of maturity and tolerance for such material. Some innuendo and non-explicit, sexually related material is present, a Goddess is presented as an often sultry being, some men fall under the spell of alluring sirens, and a male cartoon character's bare butt cheek is briefly seen.

    Various characters have bad attitudes, some colorful phrases are uttered, there's some brief crude humor and a few characters briefly drink wine. Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Proteus, his father and others have a toast with what's presumably wine (since Proteus later comments on the free food and wine that's there). Sinbad then has wine.
  • Sinbad sarcastically comments about lots of beaches and drinks (the kind with umbrellas) at a place they're headed.
  • Eris holds some sort of magical concoction in a martini glass (but doesn't drink from it).
  • Green goo/slime comes out of a huge sea monster -- after it swallows a cannon and there's an internal explosion - and covers several men.
  • An enormous creature's huge eyeball is slimy and Spike the dog laps up some of that slime.
  • Sinbad and various crewmembers are seasick and look like they're going to vomit, but don't. However, we do hear Spike the dog vomit and a sailor then asks where he got the carrots (presumably talking about the apparently now visible stomach contents that we don't see). A sailor also loudly belches while seasick.
  • Sinbad and his crew are a band of thieves that set out to steal the Book of Peace to be used as a means of extortion. Sinbad also has a chauvinistic attitude toward Marina, saying that a ship is no place for a woman and he's still chauvinistic and ungrateful toward Marina even after she saves him, his men and their ship (although his attitude later changes).
  • Eris is a Goddess who enjoys toying with Sinbad and the others and wants the Book of Peace so that she can turn the world into a state of chaos. She then frames Sinbad for stealing the book and places various, potentially deadly obstacles in his way of getting it back.
  • Sinbad has no plans of retrieving the book and thus saving Proteus' life (although he believes the people won't kill Proteus, that's why he's not worried or trying to get the book).
  • Despite knowing that Marina is Proteus' fiancée (and not initially getting along with her), Sinbad ends up falling in love with her (although the pending marriage was arranged rather than romantically based).
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" might also be unsettling, suspenseful or even scary to some viewers, particularly younger ones (although that depends on their age, etc.). Older kids might not have any problem with any of the material.
  • An enormous, octopus-like monster attacks a boat, and that sequence might be scary to some kids.
  • Watery and translucent sirens lure the men into a daze through a passage where we see many wrecked ships and a line of skulls on a rope. Marina and Spike must save the men from being lured overboard (including Marina actually retrieving one sailor who's underwater) and then steer the ship over a small waterfall and through some rapids, all while avoiding various obstacles.
  • Sinbad, Marina and the others suddenly realize that the island they're on is not an island, but a large sea creature instead. They then race to get off it and back to their ship.
  • A gigantic snow bird swoops down on the boat and tries to attack various people (including one who falls into the freezing cold water). It eventually grabs Marina in its talon and flies off with her. It drops her off high atop a precipice and then comes after her. At one point, it appears to pick her up and try to eat her, but it only has her coat. It then comes after her as she hides. Sinbad eventually arrives to rescue her, but they end up fleeing from the pursing beast. They jump off a cliff, plummet toward the earth and then land on his shield on the snow and go ripping down the slope (with the bird in hot pursuit and various objects falling in their path as they zip along the snow and have additional close calls with the monstrous bird). They eventually plummet toward the ground again, but then land in the ship's sails and are okay.
  • Sailing up to what seems like the edge of the (flat) world, Sinbad orders his crew to set sail and they then plummet off the edge, only to have the sails act like wings and they're okay (although a rope breaks and briefly puts them in peril).
  • Sinbad and Marina enter a mysterious world and end up falling a long distance in the surreal setting (they're okay).
  • Various huge, menacing monsters briefly surround Sinbad and Marina, but stop when Eris orders them away.
  • A precipice gives way beneath Sinbad and Marina, sending them falling into an abyss (but they're okay).
  • An executioner with a huge ax is ready to behead a man who kneels down and places his head on the chopping block. The executioner raises the blade and starts its downward swing, but a thrown object breaks the handle and the condemned is okay. This occurs again with another man (but the ax completely shatters the second time).
  • A huge Eris prepares ready to strike Sinbad with her enormous fist (but doesn't).
  • Swords/Spears/Explosives/Cannon: Used to fight others or attack monsters. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "You still fight like an old lady," an incomplete "What the..?" "Stand by for sushi," "I'll dump your butt," "Wake up you idiot," "Freaking" and "I'm severely creeped out."
  • Sinbad tells Kale to get a shirt on "before you poke an eye out" (with his presumably erect nipples from the sudden, extreme cold).
  • Kale has a tattoo.
  • A sailor loudly belches while seasick.
  • None.
  • A moderate amount of suspenseful and adventurous music plays in the film.
  • None.
  • None.
  • There's some innuendo when Kale complains that women on Fiji (where they're headed) are cannibals. Sinbad replies, "Exactly."
  • Marina looks through Sinbad's belongings, picks up some sort of bra-like piece of attire and mentions that it must be from a brothel in Syracuse.
  • When Marina tells Sinbad that she has other ways of convincing him to save Proteus, he briefly looks at her clothed body (but she was referring to paying him money).
  • Sinbad tells Marina that if Spike the dog "starts hugging your leg, that means he likes you."
  • Watery and translucent sirens lure the men into a daze. An older, shirtless one shows off his chest and says, "Come and get it, ladies."
  • We see part of Sinbad's bare (cartoon) butt cheek through a large hole in the back of his pants.
  • We see Eris in the godly equivalent of a bubble bath where the "bubbles" cover her presumably bare chest.
  • The often sultry Eris somewhat seductively runs and rubs her clothed body along Sinbad (who's also clothed) before leaving.
  • Sinbad and Marina briefly kiss (after nearly doing so several times).
  • None.
  • None.
  • Self-sacrifice.
  • Proteus putting his trust in Sinbad to do the right thing.
  • Arranged marriages.
  • Sailing the high seas.
  • Sirens.
  • How friends sometimes grow apart when they grow up.
  • Sinbad and his crew board Proteus' ship, intent on stealing the Book of Peace. He and his men then battle Proteus' men. Much fighting and swordplay ensues, with one man head-butting another. More punching, swordplay and some kicking continues, some sort of explosive device is detonated, and Kale catches a sword (that's swung at him) in his teeth. One man is knocked overboard.
  • Sinbad and Proteus get into a swordfight, but a huge tentacle of a sea monster crashes through the wall and diverts their attention.
  • An enormous, octopus-like monster attacks a boat and that sequence might be scary to some kids. Spears and swords are driven into it and Sinbad then fires a cannon at the creature that swallows it, followed by a big internal explosion (green goo/slime comes from the creature, but it's not dead). Sinbad and Proteus then ride two sail masts down into the creature, impaling it into the ship (seen from a distance with no details).
  • A creature grabs Sinbad with its tentacles, smashes him down against the sea surface and then drags him beneath the water (where Eris converses with him and he's okay).
  • Eris takes the shape of Sinbad and punches a guard.
  • Marina ends up accidentally taking the place of a siren that Sinbad was kissing. In response, Marina punches him.
  • Sinbad punches one of his crewmembers for a comment he made.
  • Marina throws a bucket that hits Sinbad on the head. He then throws mud on her and she's about to hit him with a large object when they're interrupted.
  • A gigantic snow bird swoops down on the boat and tries to attack various people. It then grabs Marina in its talons and then repeatedly tries to attack her and Sinbad.
  • An executioner with a huge ax is ready to behead a man who kneels down and places his head on the chopping block. The executioner raises the blade and starts its downward swing, but a thrown object breaks the handle and the condemned is okay. This occurs again with another man (but the ax completely shatters the second time).

  • Reviewed June 24, 2003 / Posted July 2, 2003

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