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(2003) (Eric Christian Olsen, Derek Richardson) (PG-13)

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Comedy: Two dimwitted young men meet in high school and inadvertently help a school reporter expose their corrupt principal.
Lloyd Christmas (ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN) and Harry Dunne (DEREK RICHARDSON) aren't the brightest bulbs in the universe, or even their high school where they meet. Harry has been home schooled by his mom (MIMI ROGERS), while Lloyd actually lives in the high school with his custodian dad, Ray (LUIS GUZMAN), but still goes outside to catch the bus back to where he just left.

Little do they know that Principal Collins (EUGENE LEVY) and his lover, lunch lady Ms. Heller (CHERI OTERI), have conspired to use the two as the basis for a special needs class. Collins hopes to pocket the promised $100,000 grant money for himself, with Heller serving as their teacher and encouraging them to recruit other students for their class.

Among those chosen is Turk (ELDEN HENSON), the class bully; Carl (WILLIAM LEE SCOTT) the football player; Lewis (SHIA LaBEOUF) who works as a costumed mascot; skateboarder Toby (JOSH BRAATEN); his new girlfriend Terri (TEAL REDMANN) and foreign student Ching Chong (MICHELLE KRUSIEC). None is mentally slow, but they join the class since it means they won't have to do any regular schoolwork.

However, school newspaper reporter Jessica Matthews (RACHEL NICHOLS) becomes suspicious of the class and Collins' activities. With the purposeful and accidental help from Lloyd and Harry, she then sets out to expose the corruption and ruse.

If they're fans of the original film, anyone in the cast, and/or stupid/gross-out comedies, they just might.
For crude and sex-related humor, and for language.
  • ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN plays the dimwitted but happy student who befriends Harry and confuses most everything.
  • DEREK RICHARDSON plays his equally dimwitted friend who's unaware that either is as dumb as they really are.
  • EUGENE LEVY plays the school principal who's bilking the school and a special fund for his own good with the help of his lover, Ms. Heller.
  • CHERI OTERI plays his lover, the somewhat dimwitted school lunch lady who assists with the ruse and corruption.
  • RACHEL NICHOLS plays the school newspaper reporter who uses Harry and Lloyd's help to expose Collins.
  • ELDEN HENSON plays the school bully with the multi-colored Mohawk.
  • WILLIAM LEE SCOTT plays the football player who keeps knocking himself silly.
  • SHIA LaBEOUF plays a student who works as a costumed mascot.
  • JOSH BRAATEN plays a skateboarder who Harry and Lloyd mistake as "special" since his leg and arm are in casts.
  • TEAL REDMANN plays a girl who makes out with him.
  • MICHELLE KRUSIEC plays a Chinese student who turns out to be faking her accent.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this comedy that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 15 "s" words, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered. Various instances of sexual innuendo (hetero and gay), other dialogue and related humor are also present.

    There's a brief woman on woman kiss (in a fantasy that also depicts a clothed, three-breasted woman), a few instances of male/female making out, various women are seen in revealing and/or tight/small attire (and show cleavage) and a young man is seen completely nude save for an object in the foreground of the shot that blocks a view of his crotch.

    Some crude humor is present, a few characters drink, one smokes once and some slapstick style violence along with comical property damage also occurs. Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes (all played for laughs), while various instances of imitative behavior are present.

    Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Harry tells the story of his imaginary friend, a pirate, drinking rum from a barrel.
  • A convenience store sign has the words "beer" and "wine" on it.
  • Collins and Heller have tropical drinks.
  • A doctor sucks on his gloved finger (that's just been inside a pregnant woman's vagina along with the rest of his hand) after the infant inside there apparently bites him.
  • Lloyd says that he eats in the "crapper" where it's "out with the old and in with the new."
  • When Jessica says that her parents are "totally anal," Harry says that's gross.
  • Harry goes into Jessica's bathroom (after sitting on a radiator that's heated his bottom), puts his hand back there and then has what appear to be feces completely covering it (it's really just melted chocolate that he had in his back pocket). He then panics and ends up spreading it all over the bathroom. Later, Jessica's father sees this and goes on a tirade about "sh*t" being all over the bathroom. This is later repeated when Harry is covered in mud and then ends up on the hood of the father's car (he repeats the same thing).
  • Lloyd farts in a hot tub in a fantasy sequence and a large bubble comes up behind him in the water (we later see a lot of that in the outtakes during the end credits). In the real world, Jessica asks if he farted.
  • Lloyd tackles a guy in a pirate costume (who we later see with a black eye).
  • A clerk states that he peed in some frozen slushies (to get back at Lloyd and Harry).
  • Everything listed here is played for laughs and not realism.
  • Principal Collins has made a habit out of bilking the school system and plans to do the same by forming a fake special needs class (for which he'll pocket the $100,000 grant along with Ms. Heller). She conspires with him to be the teacher of the class. Collins later essentially kidnaps Jessica when he learns that she's on to his ruse.
  • Some people refer to a guy in a cast as a "cripple."
  • We see a student, Turk, spying on girls in the locker room via a hole in the wall. He also picks on Harry and Lloyd early on.
  • Various characters try to imitate Chinese words and accents (in a stereotypical fashion). Later, Lloyd says that the sound of a tape in fast forward is Chinese, while a Chinese girl - named "Ching Chong" --admits to faking her Chinese accent.
  • Jessica nearly asks one of the guys if he's "retarded," but stops in the middle of the word and uses "special" instead.
  • One of the guys says, "Chicks are for fags" (or something like that).
  • Heller refers to cops as "piggies."
  • For those afraid of dogs, a menacing one chases Harry down the sidewalk.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "You little bastard," "There you go, gigolo," "Loser," "Shut up, ass-face," "You really suck at this game," "Be quiet, butt-lick," "You got it, jerk-off," "Chicks," "Jerk," "Chicks are for fags" (or something like that), "Screwed things up," "You ugly monkey," "Two-timing slut," "Rat fink," "Stupid," "Where the hell is it?" "No f-ing way" (said exactly like that), "Turd," "Suck it," "What the hell is that?" "Morons," "Loser" and "Piggie" (cop).
  • Some kids may want to act stupid and/or moronic in imitating Harry or Lloyd.
  • Turk has a multi-colored Mohawk haircut.
  • We see that Turk has hoisted both Harry and Lloyd up a flagpole (they don't seem to mind).
  • Lloyd says that he eats in the "crapper" where it's "out with the old and in with the new."
  • We see a student, Turk, spying on girls in the locker room via a hole in the wall.
  • Lloyd leaves his father a message on the floor written in ketchup.
  • Harry and Lloyd drink their frozen slushies as fast as possible to give themselves "brain freezes." They then let the slushy material run out of their mouths and down their chins.
  • During a montage, we see one of the guys hitting the other in the crotch (that's padded) with a mallet.
  • To try to act nonchalant while spotting Collins and Jessica near a gas station, Harry and Lloyd act like they're pumping gas, but are really just spraying gasoline all over the outside and inside of a car (it later explodes and sends a clerk flying through the air and hard onto the ground, but he's okay).
  • Harry pushes Lloyd (who's inside a shopping cart) down the road and they then catch a ride on the back of Collins' car while in/on the shopping cart.
  • The guys have food all over their faces and clothes.
  • None.
  • None.
  • A song has the repeated lyric, "Making love, out of nothing at all."
  • At least 15 "s" words, 2 slang terms for sex ("get some"), 3 slang terms for breasts ("milk bubbles" and "jugs"), 4 asses (1 used with "hole"), 3 craps, 2 damns, 2 hells, 9 uses of "Oh my God," 2 of "Oh God" and 1 use each of "God" and "My God" as exclamations.
  • One character says, "No f-ing way" (said exactly like that).
  • We see the point of view of a baby being born, with a slit-shaped opening (representing the vagina) revealing the doctor and nurses. We then see a view from behind the mother with the doctor's arm apparently way up inside the mother between her legs (we can't see anything) as he tugs away.
  • Lloyd is completely nude (as he stands in some sort of gas "shower"), but an object in the foreground of the shot blocks our view of his crotch. We then see him covered in sticky notes and then standing in front of a huge fan that starts to blow away the notes, but never reveals any explicit nudity.
  • The guys spot Jessica in a short skirt and tight-fitting top, prompting one to comment that the top makes her "milk bubbles" (breasts or nipples) pop out. One also says that she's not wearing any underwear, but we don't see anything.
  • Seeing that Harry likes Jessica, Turk sarcastically asks if Jessica was the one who gave him "that banana in your pants." Harry then says that no, his mother did (prompting Turk to think that's sick) and then asks if he wants a bite (obviously oblivious to the innuendo).
  • Principal Collins and Ms. Heller do some passionate, clothed kissing while standing and then disappear down to the floor behind his desk. They're interrupted and we then see Heller stand and zip up her blouse (that now shows part of her bra and cleavage).
  • We see a student, Turk, spying on girls in the locker room via a hole in the wall (they're in various stages of undress, but we don't see anything explicit).
  • We see the top of a guy's butt crack as he bends over and his pants ride down.
  • Various bits of subtle and not so subtle gay innuendo are present regarding Harry and Lloyd (as in the first film) with Lloyd asking if he can be on top (in bunk beds) with Harry responding as long as he can be on the bottom. Another part has one asking the other to "hold my sac/sack" (bag -- more innuendo) and one of the guys says, "Chicks are for fags" (or something like that). Jessica's father thinks they're gay when Harry calls Lloyd a "two-timing slut," and one of the guys says they were good until the other "put his wiener in my ear" (a hot dog).
  • Heller suggestively asks if calling in sick was naughty and then says she needs a "panking" (spanking) from Principal Collins (as she starts to undo her blouse).
  • Two students do some passionate, clothed kissing in class.
  • While spotting a shapely young woman, the guys comment on "nice jugs," Lloyd says that Harry's mom has ones like them but Harry says not like ones in the magazine they're looking at (of actual jugs and not breasts).
  • We see some miscellaneous cleavage.
  • Another comment is made about "milk bubbles" (breasts) when the guys spot Jessica in some tight/short clothing.
  • While wearing a coconut shaped bra over her clothes, Heller suggestively asks Collins what he thinks might be under the coconuts. Moments later, and following his comment about getting something, she asks if it was "the extender" (he replies in the negative).
  • Knowing that Harry is going to see Jessica, Lloyd tells him, "You're gonna get some." When Harry goes to her house, he thinks they're going to have sex. She says that her parents are "totally anal" and he thinks that's gross. When she says, "Let's go upstairs" (for something nonsexual), he says that's good because he's not ready for downstairs (innuendo). She then says that it "might get hard for you" (due to having lots to go over), and he gets all hot and bothered (literally, since he's sitting on a radiator). We then see his point of view watching the pencil she's holding as it goes down near her covered breasts (in a tight top) and then along her short skirt.
  • Lloyd and Harry doing a Cyrano bit with Jessica (with Lloyd feeding lines to Harry). But when Lloyd starts talking to a dog, Harry repeats the lines that include him telling Jessica that she has "big hairy nipples."
  • Lloyd asks, "Did you get some yet" (about Jessica and Harry).
  • We see Lloyd's fantasy of being in a huge hot tub with many bikini-clad women. One of them has 3 breasts (we see the cleavage). Harry's mother and Jessica are there (both show cleavage in their bathing suits), and the former makes a comment about the latter wanting him for a part of his anatomy, and Lloyd then has the two compete in a make-out contest (with each other) for him. The two women briefly kiss.
  • Lloyd and Jessica are in the principal's office at night. She hopes to find incriminating evidence about Collins, but Lloyd thinks they're going to have sex. More innuendo occurs with her saying, "Let's just do it and get out of her." Moments later she says, "I'm so close I can feel it" (which gets him aroused), but then adds, "That's it, I'm done." He then asks if she enjoyed herself and she says no.
  • A comment is made about the sexual power of a man in office (referring to Collins).
  • Two buxom twins show cleavage.
  • There's more "accidental" innuendo when Harry tells Lloyd, "You put your meat in my mother's pie."
  • A convenience store clerk smokes once.
  • We hear that Harry's father is dead.
  • Special needs students.
  • Corruption.
  • An infant, still in the womb, apparently bites a doctor's finger.
  • Harry and Lloyd run into each other at the intersection of two sidewalks (and knock each other down, with Lloyd chipping his tooth and the piece ending up embedded in Harry's forehead - but without any blood).
  • Turk grabs both Harry and Lloyd around the heads and has them in a headlock.
  • A football player, Carl, runs into the base of the goalpost and knocks himself silly. Later, he smashes through the wall of tool shed.
  • Some slapstick material has Harry diving into a lower bunk and bonking his head; he and Lloyd running in a mini-bus and into the back wall; both fall out of a school ceiling and hit the floor hard; as Lloyd rides down the sidewalk with a school floor wax machine, various people trip and fall to the sidewalk; and Harry is violently hit by a car (played for laughs and he's okay).
  • Lloyd slaps Harry's face several times when the latter says his face is numb from drinking a frozen slushy.
  • Lloyd throws a cinderblock through Harry's window to get his attention.
  • Lloyd tackles a guy in a pirate costume (who we later see with a black eye).
  • To try to act nonchalant while spotting Collins and Jessica near a gas station, Harry and Lloyd act like they're pumping gas, but are really just spraying gasoline all over the outside and inside of a car (it later explodes and sends a clerk flying through the air and hard onto the ground, but he's okay).
  • Several cars crash into each other while trying to avoid hitting Lloyd and Harry.

  • Reviewed June 11, 2003 / Posted June 13, 2003

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