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(2002) (Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt) (PG-13)

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Action/Adventure: After his spy boss is incapacitated, a driver dons his high tech tuxedo and is suddenly empowered with the ability to do things he never imagined, including attempting to foil a villain's nefarious plan.
Jimmy Tong (JACKIE CHAN) is a cab driver known as much for his various moving violations as for his inability to ask out a pretty woman without getting tongue-tied. It's his driving prowess, however, that impresses secret agent Steena (DEBI MAZAR) enough that she offers him a job chauffeuring top secret agent Clark Devlin (JASON ISAACS) around town.

Suave, sophisticated and quite the ladies man, Devlin is everything Jimmy aspires to be, but the agent informs him that 90 percent of his success comes from the clothes, while the rest emanates from the heart. Jimmy learns that firsthand when Devlin is injured in an attack on his life. Before slipping into a coma, he gives Jimmy his high tech watch and mentions a man's name.

Feeling obligated to help his boss in solving another agent's murder, Jimmy learns that the watch controls an equally high tech tuxedo that allows its wearer to pretty much do anything, such as various dance moves, defy gravity and ward off attackers in self-defense or martial arts modes.

Not wanting anyone to know what happened to Devlin, Jimmy decides to pose as him while meeting and then being partnered with rookie Del Blaine (JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT). The two end up investigating successful businessman Diedrich Banning (RITCHIE COSTER) who's trying to corner the world market on drinking water.

In doing so, they not only meet his ditzy girlfriend, Cheryl (MIA COTTET), and mad scientist, Dr. Simms (PETER STORMARE), but also learn that his plans run deeper than it first seemed. With the aid of the high tech tuxedo, they then set out to stop him.

If they're fans of Jackie Chan and his martial arts abilities, or anyone else in the cast, they just might.
For action violence, sexual content and language.
  • JACKIE CHAN plays a shy but aggressive-on-the-road cab driver who accepts a job to chauffeur a secret agent around town. When that agent is left in a coma, the driver dons his high tech suit that both saves him and gets him into all sorts of unusual predicaments.
  • JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT plays his confident but excitable rookie agent partner who thinks Jimmy is really Devlin. She fights various villains while trying to solve the case with Jimmy.
  • JASON ISAACS plays Jimmy's boss, a debonair secret agent and ladies man who's left in a coma after an attempt on his life.
  • RITCHIE COSTER plays a nefarious businessman who's hatched an elaborate scheme to take control of the world's drinking water.
  • DEBI MAZAR plays another agent.
  • PETER STORMARE plays Banning's mad scientist who's helped concoct his plan.
  • MIA COTTET plays Banning's somewhat ditzy fiancée who comes on to Jimmy and invites him back to her hotel room.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this action flick that's been rated PG-13. Violence consists of several deaths and murders, while attempts are made on others' lives in several scenes. All sorts of martial arts fighting (punches, kicks, etc.) is present, and some of the violence and deaths have bloody or gory results. Some of that material might be suspenseful to some viewers, but most is played in an action-comedy fashion, while the villains all have bad attitudes.

    Sexually related dialogue and humor are present in various scenes, and women are seen in scanty and revealing attire with one using her ample cleavage to gain admittance to an invitation only party. Other imitative behavior is present (most notably all of the martial arts fighting and moves). An engaged woman comes on to another man in her hotel room and wants to have sex, but he's reluctant (both end up partially undressed), while a woman uses her sexual wiles while working undercover.

    Profanity consists of various mild expletives, while a number of religious and colorful phrases are also uttered and a song uses the term "sex machine" in its lyrics. Finally, a few characters drink or smoke. Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

  • Devlin catches a tray that's carrying several glasses of champagne.
  • People drink in a club where a man wakes up in what appears to be a drunken stupor. Later, Del has some wine.
  • Diedrich's girlfriend, Cheryl, asks Jimmy to make them some dry martinis.
  • We see a somewhat graphic view of a deer urinating into a stream.
  • We see a dead agent's body on an autopsy table with an incision scar on his chest.
  • A fair amount of blood runs down the side of Devlin's head after he's injured in an assassination attempt (we later see some blood on the material beneath his head on a gurney, as well as some blood on a piece of paper that Devlin was holding).
  • A man dies after drinking some water by becoming severely dehydrated to the point of partially turning to dust (with his face shriveling up, etc.). Banning breaks off the man's hand and then breaks it in half (handing the halves to two men).
  • Del has a bloody scrape on her knee.
  • A man's face is scarred after being burned (or something similar) by a grate of some sort.
  • A man's face dissolves and shrivels as he's rapidly dehydrated and killed (with many insects also flying into his mouth and suffocating him).
  • After Del shows Jimmy a face, he guesses that she's constipated. She says no, but then says a little.
  • Banning and his various associates and cronies all have bad attitudes for their dastardly plan and for apparently being responsible for an agent's murder.
  • An art gallery owner has a condescending attitude toward Jimmy wanting to ask a woman out.
  • A superior has a bad attitude toward Del.
  • While Del and Steena fire guns at a firing range, men controlling the security camera focus in tight on their clothed butts.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" could also be unsettling or suspenseful to viewers, but most are played in a pure action fashion (and often a somewhat far-fetched and/or goofy one at that, all of which lessens the realism).
  • A man dies after drinking some water by becoming severely dehydrated to the point of partially turning to dust (with his face shriveling up, etc.). Banning breaks off the man's hand and then breaks it in half (handing the halves to two men).
  • A man's face dissolves and shrivels as he's rapidly dehydrated and killed (with many insects also flying into his mouth and suffocating him).
  • Rifle: Used by Jimmy in an attempt to shoot and implant a tracking device on a briefcase (the first shoot hits a person in the head and they fall off a dock).
  • Handguns/Machine guns: Fired by Steena and Del at a firing range.
  • Handgun: Aimed at Jimmy by Del when she learns he's not really Devlin.
  • Phrases: "Lazy ass" (in subtitles), "Life's a bitch," "Don't get all pissy about it," "You creep," "Where the hell have you been?" "What the hell /is wrong with you/is this?" "Nutso," "Slut," "Oh bloody hell," "Horny," "Freaking," "My ass," "Freak," "Shut up," "Hootchie," "Jackass," "Screwed up," "Your ass is mine," "Jerk" and "You're a pain in the butt."
  • All of the martial arts fighting might be enticing for some kids to imitate.
  • A miscellaneous man has tattoos and a pierced eyebrow and nose.
  • Jimmy, a cab driver, accepts Steena's challenge to get her through the city in a certain amount of time and drives like a madman to do so, including driving quite a way in reverse through traffic.
  • To get into a closed party, Del bends over and shows quite a bit of cleavage in her low-cut dress.
  • None.
  • A heavy amount of action-oriented suspense music plays in the film.
  • A James Brown song has the line "sex machine" in it, while a "damn" and two uses of "Good God" are also heard. Other songs had lyrics that couldn't be understood, thus offering the possibility of potentially objectionable material in them.
  • At least 3 slang terms for breasts ("rack"), 6 hells, 4 asses (1 in subtitles), 4 craps, 2 damns, 8 uses of "Oh my God," 2 each of "Good God" and "Oh God," 1 use of "God" and 1 possible use of "G-damn" as exclamations.
  • A man makes some sort of comment about asking a woman back to her apartment where they'd mate like donkeys. Jimmy then goofs up a line he's supposed to say and says that whenever he sees the person he has a "wet dream."
  • The woman Jimmy likes shows a little cleavage.
  • When a person says that Del could learn a lot from Devlin, another person says to keep their minds out of the gutter for a second.
  • Del informs Jimmy (thinking he's Devlin) that the code for them when they meet is for him to say "Nice rack" and for her to respond that she forgot her bra. Not knowing who Del is, Jimmy then approaches a middle-aged woman in the park and tells her, "Nice rack."
  • Del shows varying amounts of cleavage in various scenes, including one where she bends over and shows quite a bit of cleavage in her low-cut dress to get into a closed party.
  • While Del and Steena fire guns at a firing range, men controlling the security camera focus in tight on their clothed butts.
  • James Brown tells Del, "You've got a nice rack."
  • Some scantily clad women (in skimpy outfits) shake their clothed chests as they dance behind Jimmy as he sings a song on stage (that has the line "sex machine" in it). Jimmy then shakes his clothed butt in Cheryl's (Diedrich's girlfriend) face (she touches it with her finger). She then tells Jimmy what room she'll be in. He tells Del that this is what Clark Devlin does best (still acting like him) and then tells her to cover him (she replies, "What? With a shot of penicillin?"). Del then mocks Cheryl about telling Jimmy that she'll show him her bra and then says that she's not wearing one.
  • Working undercover, Del sits down next to Banning and acts sultry toward him. She purposefully spills wine on him and then puts her hand on his clothed thigh. She then runs her hand down along her own cleavage and says she doesn't know if she can trust herself with him.
  • Jimmy goes to Cheryl's room and she says that he can dance and playfully wonders what else he can do. He tells her to get on the bed and he'll show her (and she says, "Let's see your magic"). As Del observes this via surveillance, Cheryl tells him to take his clothes off and says, "You kinky boy." She then wonders if he wants a closer look and then removes a pin on her dress. It then falls away and we see her in her bra. She then comes after him, he falls off the bed and she pulls of his pants (he doesn't want to be doing this). She then pulls him across the floor. Moments later, we see her on top of him stating that she's been a dirty girl, but he tells her to go fill the tub and she enthusiastically goes off to do that (we briefly see her in her panties).
  • Jimmy and Del (in a wet dress) run out of a hotel room. An older couple sees them and they comment on them being honeymooners and that some things never change. Cheryl then runs out with just a towel around her, and the older man stares at her until his wife drags him away.
  • While showing Del various facial expressions he can make, he notes one as being "horny."
  • We see surveillance footage of Cheryl coming on to Jimmy (from an earlier scene).
  • Various women show cleavage.
  • A person comments on maybe Banning being gay and another person asks if they've seen Cheryl (meaning he's not).
  • As Del ascends a ladder, she tells Jimmy not to look up her skirt (he doesn't). She then tells him to remove his clothes and he says they shouldn't do anything they'd regret (but she wasn't saying it sexually - she wants him to remove the tux). He does and we then see him in his boxers.
  • Del starts talking about an insect mating and then says that's something that Dr. Simms is not familiar with. A comment is then made about maturing sexually and a comparison is then made again to Simms (as he looks at Del's cleavage).
  • Jimmy asks Del if her look is a happy or horny face, and she says she'll tell him later.
  • Banning and his girlfriend Cheryl each smoke once, while some miscellaneous people also smoke.
  • To make the tux let go of them, a person pulls out a cigarette that the tux forces its wearer to try to light (this allows Jimmy to escape and state that smoking is bad for your health).
  • None.
  • The world's water supply and whether someone could contaminate all of it.
  • The life of a spy.
  • Martial arts moves and fighting.
  • While several people are killed, most of the following is played in an action/comedy fashion rather than as graphic realism.
  • A man suddenly places a bag over an undercover agent's head, fills it with water and the agent drowns.
  • Jimmy opens his cab door and a large and muscular bike rider hits it, flips over it and lands on the street. That rider then comes after Jimmy, grabs him and pushes him back against the cab with the car door. Jimmy then rolls up the window on this guy's arm and he punches through it, breaking the glass. He then chases after Jimmy who accidentally knocks some people down while fleeing. Jimmy eventually ends up under a car with the large man on top of it, bouncing it up and down in an attempt to crush him.
  • Jimmy accidentally runs into someone crossing over the path of a fast-food drive-thru, but the man's not hurt. He does, however, put a tracking device onto the car that causes a bomb-equipped skateboard to chase them down the road. After reaching a dead-end, Jimmy and Devlin get out just as the bomb explodes and destroys the car. That explosion knocks down both men and we then see that Devlin has a fair amount of blood rushing down his head (he then passes out, is later seen in a hospital unconscious, but is ultimately okay).
  • Jimmy accidentally runs into a wall when not watching where he's going.
  • A man dies after drinking some water by becoming severely dehydrated to the point of partially turning to dust (with his face shriveling up, etc.). Banning breaks off the man's hand and then breaks it in half (handing the halves to two men).
  • Jimmy accidentally starts the tuxedo's demolition mode and it then causes him to go on an unwilling rampage through Devlin's room. He hits, kicks and destroys many things (breaking doors, lamps and other objects) until many things are destroyed (including hitting vases, etc. with a sword). The tux then goes into anti-gravity mode and he goes up the wall and onto the ceiling where it then stops and he falls to the floor quite hard.
  • We hear the sound of a woman hitting Jimmy.
  • Jimmy uses a sniper-type rifle to shoot and hopefully implant a tracking device onto a briefcase. His first shot, however, hits a man on the head and he then falls off a dock into the water far below him (we don't know if he's killed).
  • Banning's men attack Jimmy, starting by throwing a rope around his neck. He then fights various people (the tux empowers him), and kicks and hits many of them. Del then tries to hit a guy with a rifle, but he blocks that and grabs her. She bites into his arm and kicks him and knocks him to the ground. Jimmy does more martial arts fighting with punches, kicks and hitting the guys with a rope.
  • Del hits him several times and a man then hits Jimmy, sending him falling over the ledge where the man tries to kick his hands to make him fall. Del kicks that man and then tries to rescue Jimmy who's hanging onto the edge of the tower. He loses his grip, however, and falls a great distance (but suction cups on his hands allow him to grab the side and climb back to the top).
  • A large pipe hits Jimmy on the head and he falls off a tower and lands in something that breaks his fall.
  • Del goes to touch Jimmy, but his tux shocks her and flips her over onto the ground. In another scene, the tux causes Jimmy to flip over James Brown and knocks him out.
  • A bad guy grabs Del in a poolside lounge chair and she uses that to hit him. He then picks her up and both fall into the pool where he proceeds to try to drown her.
  • Bad guys break open the door and find Jimmy with only his tux pants on. Activating them as his mode of defense, he then kicks many guys (while trying to put his pants on all of the way). A guy then hits him on the head with a lamp and more fighting ensues with a guy trying to hit him with a table (that he blocks). He then kicks a man out a window who lands on the bad guy in the pool (above scene), allowing Del to escape.
  • Del holds a gun on Jimmy when she finally learns that he's not really Devlin.
  • A bad guy has Del by the neck.
  • Various men hold guns on Jimmy when he shows up in Banning's lair. They then throw him down from the top of a ladder to the floor below (he hits quite hard).
  • Banning, using the power of the tux, pushes and flips Jimmy around and then puts his foot down onto his chest. Jimmy then throws him off, punches another man and throws another into a lab pool. Jimmy and Banning then get into a martial arts fight with many punches and kicks. During this, Jimmy then knocks out Simms and fights with others as well (more martial arts fighting).
  • Del kicks Simms in the crotch and he doubles over in pain.
  • Jimmy falls to the ground quite hard, and Banning then kicks him and puts his foot down onto his neck.
  • Banning grabs Jimmy and Del by their throats and lifts them from the floor. Jimmy then hits and kicks him many times.
  • A man's face partially "melts" upon coming into contact with a grate of some sort.
  • More martial arts fighting continues with Jimmy and Del kicking various people.
  • A man's face dissolves and shrivels as he's rapidly dehydrated and killed (with many insects also flying into his mouth and suffocating him).
  • A person hits Jimmy.
  • The tux causes Jimmy to backhand one guy and kick another backwards.
  • A person rappels into another person.
  • An agent zaps a person with some sort of device to prevent them from interrupting a mission.

  • Reviewed September 19, 2002 / Posted September 27, 2002

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