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(2002) (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones) (PG-13)

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Sci-fi: A secret government agent retrieves his former partner to help stop a hostile alien creature who's intent on retrieving a powerful energy source.
It's been several years since Agent K (TOMMY LEE JONES) and Agent J (WILL SMITH) last worked together in saving the world from extraterrestrial aliens. Working for the top secret Men In Black government operation that's run by Zed (RIP TORN) and is dedicated to policing and monitoring all alien activity on Earth, K decided he'd had enough of the job and wanted J to "neuralize" him, thus erasing all memories of his job and encounters with various aliens.

Since then, J has become more jaded with work, especially when partnered with incompetent agents like T (PATRICK WARBURTON), or annoying ones such as Frank (voice of TIM BLANEY) who's disguised as a vocal pug.

Upon investigating an apparent alien on alien killing observed by human witness Laura Vasquez (ROSARIO DAWSON), J discovers that an evil Kylothian alien by the name of Serleena (LARA FLYNN BOYLE) has returned to Earth in search of the light of Zartha, an energy source that's so powerful that the Zarthians entrusted the Men in Black during the 1970s to keep her from getting her vine-like tentacles on it.

With the aid of her dimwitted, two-headed alien accomplice Charlie (JOHNNY KNOXVILLE), Serleena - now disguised as a lingerie model - is trying to track down the Light. Accordingly, Zed sends J to find and bring K - now Truro, Massachusetts postmaster Kevin Brown - back into the fold, as he's the only one who knows the Light's whereabouts.

Paying a visit to local alien Jeebs (TONY SHALHOUB), J de-neuralizes K and the two then set out to save Earth by finding and stopping Serleena before she acquires the Light.

If they're fans of the first "Men in Black" film, or are into sci-fi action comedies, they probably will.
For sci-fi action violence and some provocative humor.
  • WILL SMITH plays a secret government agent who's become jaded and somewhat bitter about his job and life after having his first partner retire. Forced to find and return him to the Men In Black operation, he then sets out to find and stop an alien and her dangerous mission.
  • TOMMY LEE JONES plays his partner who's returned to active duty and re-educated about his former life so that he can help in defeating Serleena and her quest.
  • RIP TORN plays their boss.
  • ROSARIO DAWSON plays a human witness to an alien crime whom J doesn't want to neuralize.
  • LARA FLYNN BOYLE plays the villainous alien who threatens or kills others in her quest to attain the light of Zartha (and dresses in sexy lingerie while doing so).


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    Here's a quick look at the content found in this sci-fi comedy that's been rated PG-13. Violence - mostly played in a comic book style rather than realistic fashion -- includes several alien characters and a human being killed (without blood or gore) by various means and/or weapons, others and humans being knocked or thrashed about by both species, and several planets being destroyed during the opening credits (thus killing millions if not billions of characters, but none of the actual deaths are seen).

    Some of that violence along with the sight of various monstrous aliens could be unsettling, suspenseful or even downright frightening to some younger viewers, but that depends on the their age, level of maturity and tolerance for and/or past exposure to such scenes and visuals.

    Profanity consists of a number of mild expletives, while some non-explicit, sexually related dialogue and humor is present. A female alien takes the form of a shapely lingerie model and is seen attired that way (in small lacy bra and panties) when not showing ample amounts of cleavage. A male alien with a scrotum hanging from his chin (rather than his crotch) is briefly seen.

    Meanwhile, some aliens smoke and/or drink and various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes. Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.

    For those concerned with bright flashes of light on the screen, some of that occurs during a flashback thunderstorm scene.

  • We see some worm creatures who have drinks. Later, more of them have drinks.
  • We hear but don't see Serleena regurgitating a human she's just eaten.
  • Serleena wraps her tentacle like vine fingers around Charlie's neck and that of his extra head. She then runs them through their ears and out their noses as she tries to get info out of them.
  • A video storeowner asks J and K what is it with the anal probing done by aliens, but nothing more is said about that.
  • Serleena and her sidekick obviously have both types of attitudes for threatening and/or killing people in her quest to find the light of Zartha. The aliens who work for her also have both types of attitudes.
  • J has a bit of a bad attitude toward others regarding him being frustrated with his work.
  • A joke revolves around a video storeowner's mom having "palsy" and thus their pizza getting lots of cheese on it (due to her shaking/lack of control that we don't see).
  • Some of the film's creatures and/or monsters and their actions could be unsettling, suspenseful or even scary to younger viewers (such as the vine/tentacle like things that come from Serleena's hands that look and act somewhat like a cross between tentacles and snakes). Scenes listed "Violence" could also come off that way. Of course, all of that depends on the viewer's age, level of maturity and tolerance for/previous exposure to such material.
  • A creature suddenly bites through the end of the subway car with its huge, sharp teeth-filled mouth and then chomps his way toward Agent J and others onboard.
  • J tries to prevent Laura from being launched into space while fighting various aliens during the countdown.
  • Laser blasts: Fired from Serleena's ship and used to destroy entire planets, and later used to fire at J and K's rocket ship.
  • Knife: Briefly used by a man to threaten Serleena.
  • Various sci-fi weapons: Seen, carried and/or used by J and K to deal with various aliens.
  • Robot machine gun: A device that spins around and fires many bullets into an elevator door.
  • Grenade like device: Used to blow up a robot.
  • Note: Early in the film at our screening, the audio went silent for several seconds, thus allowing the possibility of there being additional, potentially objectionable material being spoken during those moments. That said, we heard the following phrases during the rest of the film: "Moron," "What the hell /are you doing here, worm boy/is that supposed to mean/is going on?" "Putzes," "Shut up," "Idiot(s)," "Jeez," "Chick" (woman), "Kick my ass," "Look like crap," "Kiss my ass," "Move your bum ass out of your mom's house," "Bitch," "Candy ass" and "Hell no."
  • J holds his hand up to K's face and says, "Tell it to the hand."
  • Some humor stems from humans twice blasting off an alien's head (that then grows back), possibly giving kids the wrong ideas about guns and such behavior.
  • A creature suddenly bites through the end of the subway car with his huge, sharp teeth-filled mouth.
  • A moderate amount of suspenseful and dramatic music plays in the film.
  • None.
  • Note: Early in the film at our screening, the audio went silent for several seconds, thus allowing the possibility of there being additional, potentially objectionable material being spoken during those moments. That said, we heard the following during the rest of the film. At least 9 damns, 7 asses, 7 hells, 4 craps and 1 use each of "God" and "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • Serleena shows a great deal of cleavage throughout the film, while another female alien also shows some.
  • We see a photo of a woman in lingerie in a Victoria's Secret catalogue (reclining in bra and panties) and then see Serleena adopting that appearance (lacy bra and panties, that latter of which show some of her bare butt - not quite a thong, but halfway there).
  • A thug comes up to Serleena who's dressed as the above, grabs her, holds a knife to her and licks her neck. He then drags her behind some bushes, presumably to rape her (that doesn't happen and nothing else sexual does). After she's consumed him, we see her huge belly hanging over those small panties.
  • When J doesn't neuralize Laura, she asks about the "flash thing" (that he uses to neuralize people) and he replies that he'll "flash you later" (possible double entendre).
  • Serleena flashes her cleavage (in her bra) at a man and then makes some sort of comment about Earth and mammary glands.
  • We see a "Ball-chinean" who has a scrotum hanging from his chin.
  • A worm like alien tells Laura that once she "goes worm, that's what you'll yearn." The worms then try coming on to her and one says that he'll keep more than an eye on her.
  • In an entire world inside a locker there exists an alien race that talks to K and we then see some of them entering a building that has the words "sex," "girls" and "XXX" on it and a comment is made about going to the adult entertainment section.
  • A video store clerk tells the owner that she wants to have his baby, but nothing else happens regarding that.
  • While having him wrapped up in her vine-like tentacles, Serleena sensuously licks K's ear and then runs her tongue deep inside it.
  • J asks K about a woman "Did you all..?" (have sex), but doesn't finish the question that's never answered.
  • Zed makes some comment about a "young thing" and their bodies being intertwined in the various positions of the Kama Sutra. Frank (the dog) then says that females say they want to be scratched behind the ears, but then says that what they really want is (and he then makes excited growling sounds to finish the thought).
  • Serleena smokes once, while Frank the dog smokes one cigar and some worm-like aliens also smoke (cigarette and cigar).
  • We hear that Kevin's wife left him.
  • Aliens and whether they exist or not.
  • Most of the following is played in a comic book style rather than realistic fashion.
  • During the opening credits and from a great distance in outer space, we see Serleena' ship fly by four planets and destroy them (sometimes with a laser blast). We see the planets explode, but there are no visible deaths among the millions or billions of implied ones.
  • A thug comes up to Serleena who's dressed in just a bra and panties, grabs her, holds a knife to her and licks her neck. He then drags her behind some bushes, presumably to rape her. That doesn't happen, however, as we hear signs of her attacking him and see his legs sticking straight up into the air above the bushes as she then consumes him (she walks out with a huge belly).
  • A huge, worm-like alien thrashes Agent T around in the air (we can barely see the human) and knocks Agent J across the street and into a vendor's cart. J then jumps on the worm's back as it zips through a subway tunnel where J is clotheslined by a low overhead beam and then hits another object. He then tries to jam some sort of device down into the creature's back but is thrown forward and through the glass of a subway car door. Moments later, the creature suddenly bites through the end of the subway car with its huge, sharp teeth-filled mouth and chomps its way toward J and others.
  • Serleena wraps her tentacle like vine fingers around Charlie's neck and that of his extra head. She then runs them through their ears and out their noses as she tries to get info out of them.
  • We see Serleena holding a pizzeria owner off the floor by his throat. She then slices the owner completely in half and as he dissolves, his rubbery costume falls to the floor (she kills him, but we don't see any traditional blood or gore).
  • We hear the sounds of Frank biting/attacking someone.
  • Kevin (Agent K) punches J in the face after the latter comments on Kevin's wife leaving.
  • Serleena grabs various people by her vine tentacles.
  • J holds a sci-fi gun to an alien's head to make him comply with J's demands.
  • An alien has his head blown off by a blast from a sci-fi gun, but the head then grows back and he's no worse for the wear.
  • Various aliens come crashing into a room, with J blasting the above alien's head again (it grows back once more). An alien grabs J, throws him across the room and another catches and pins him to the floor. J then punches one of the alien's in the face, but another picks him up above his head and starts to bend him backwards (with some cracking sounds and J screaming). K then enters and fires several blasts that hit some of the aliens. An alien is then poked in the eye, another is shot up through the ceiling by yanking and letting go off his whisker like appendages, and J then keeps trying to kick an alien in the crotch. K then reminds J that he's kicking a "Ball-chinean" (who has a scrotum hanging from his chin) and so J kicks this alien in the chin (and thus the testicles).
  • We see that Serleena has Zed wrapped in her tentacles and hanging upside down. She then drops him to the floor and we then hear her kick him. She then kicks him across the room where he lands in a chair. He then flies through the air and repeatedly strikes her, but that doesn't harm her and she trips and kicks him in the face.
  • Laura hits J in the face with a pizza pan (briefly thinking he's an alien).
  • In a flashback scene, an alien shoots and apparently kills another alien, but we don't see the impact or any blood or gore.
  • After told to move out of his mother's house, a man picks up a shovel that he's apparently going to use on her, but we don't see anything more with that.
  • A slender worm creature has been cut in half, but is still alive and there's no blood or gore (and he eventually rejoins the two parts of his body).
  • J fires a huge gun that blows a large hole in the side of a building, resulting in him, K and a bunch of worm creatures being sucked into it (but they're okay).
  • A spinning robot-like device fires scores of bullets into an elevator door at J, K and a bunch of worms (who are propped up in the ceiling out of harm's way). K then hangs down and repeatedly shoots this device and then tosses some sort of grenade like device into the elevator with that robot, resulting in an explosion behind the closed doors.
  • Diminutive aliens in small ships come flying at J and strike him in the face and gut. They then knock him down and fly him around the room and fling him into a wall. J then hits one with a big metal rod, sending it flying across the room and crashing into a wall where it explodes. He then punches one and it explodes, and two then crash into each other and explode (presumably killing all of the small aliens).
  • J shoots an alien that explodes and dissolves (but we see that she's not completely dead).
  • Serleena bumps the back of J and K's car with hers. Both vehicles then turn into rocket ships and Serleena chases them, firing many laser blasts at them (occasionally hitting their vehicle).
  • A huge, worm-like alien swallows another alien and her ship. Later, that worm-like one explodes to reveal the other one.
  • A huge creature grabs and picks up J who proceeds to punch, strangle and bite its various tentacles while J fires various laser blasts into the huge creature.
  • A huge creature is shot and explodes.

  • Reviewed July 1, 2002 / Posted July 3, 2002

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