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(2001) (Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman) (PG-13)

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Bad Attitude
Tense Scenes
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Romantic Comedy: After coming up with a theory about many men's polygamous ways, a woman must deal with her feelings toward various men in her life.
Jane Goodale (ASHLEY JUDD) is a talent booker for the Diane Roberts Show, a New York talk show that's just been picked up nationally. Beyond finding talent for the show's ambitious host (ELLEN BARKIN), Jane spends her time trying to figure out why men always dump her. In doing so, she's come up with her "New Cow Theory" where she equates men with bulls who show no interest in cows with which they've already mated, but instead pursue new cows.

One of her coworkers, Eddie Alden (HUGH JACKMAN), seems to be the epitome of her theory as he appears to her as a carefree womanizer, who always moves on from one woman to the next after bedding them. Despite her theory, Jane is immediately smitten with and then falls for Ray Brown (GREG KINNEAR), the show's executive producer who's just arrived in town.

Although he has a girlfriend of three years, Ray and Jane soon become lovers and she couldn't be happier, a point that doesn't sit well with her cynical editor friend, Liz (MARISA TOMEI). Yet, just when things seem to be going so right and she's given up her apartment to move in with Ray, he dumps her, forcing Jane to rent a vacant room from Eddie.

As the two of them clash and bicker about how men and women view relationships, and she watches how her sister, Alice (CATHERINE DENT) and her husband, Stephen (PETER FRIEDMAN), get along, Jane eventually puts her theory into print, creating a national sensation. While doing so and trying to deal with her feelings toward Ray, she doesn't realize that the best thing for her could be right under her nose.

Female teens seem the likeliest bet, along with anyone looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy or who might be fans of anyone in the cast.
For sexual content including dialogue, and for some language.
  • ASHLEY JUDD plays a talent booker for a TV talk show who becomes a national sensation when she begins publishing her theory about why most men can't remain monogamous. Along the way, she begins an affair with one of her bosses who's already in a long-term relationship and uses some profanity. She also drinks some and briefly smokes.
  • HUGH JACKMAN plays her womanizing coworker who initially seems like the epitome of her theory, but helps shed some new light on her thinking once she rents a vacant room from him. He uses some profanity, smokes and drinks some.
  • GREG KINNEAR plays the show's executive producer who has an affair with Jane despite already being involved in a long-term relationship and then dumps her just when things start to get serious.
  • ELLEN BARKIN plays the demanding and ambitious host of the TV talk show who briefly uses some profanity.
  • MARISA TOMEI plays Jane's best friend who smokes and uses some strong profanity, all while trying to help Jane deal with her problem.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a quick look at the content found in this romantic comedy that's been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 1 "f" word, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also used. Some sexually related dialogue is present, as are some implied and partially seen sexual encounters of the casual variety.

    Some involve a man known for being a womanizer and we hear about his behavior or see various women in his place (in one instance his bare rear end is seen). The others involve the protagonist who comes up with a theory about why most men don't remain monogamous (that includes talking about the mating habits of cows), but then perpetuates that belief by having an affair with her boss who already has a long-term girlfriend (in one scene she literally dusts off her diaphragm and some such scenes include some sexually related sounds and partial nudity). Thus, the two of them have bad attitudes in that regard.

    Beyond that, various characters drink and smoke and a minor part of the story deals with the protagonist's sister having a miscarriage. The rest of the film's remaining categories have little or nothing in the way of other major objectionable content. Nevertheless, if you're still concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone in your home, we suggest that you more closely examine our detailed content listings.

  • Jane's sister has wine.
  • We see glasses of wine next to Jane and Ray.
  • Eddie has a drink.
  • Eddie leaves a drink by Jane's room, calling it morphine for the pain. We later see her carrying the drink.
  • Jane and Eddie have beer in a bar where others also drink. He then downs a shot of liquor.
  • We see some beer in Eddie's refrigerator.
  • Liz and Jane have wine.
  • Eddie pours himself a drink.
  • Some people have drinks at a holiday party where Eddie orders two glasses of champagne for himself and the woman with him. Jane holds a drink and Ray orders more scotch.
  • Jane has a martini.
  • People have drinks at a New Years Eve party.
  • Eddie has a beer, while Liz holds a drink in a bar where others also drink. Liz then goes to the bar and comes back with several beers and/or drinks for her, Eddie and Jane, but the other two have just left.
  • None.
  • Eddie is noted as being a pathological womanizer, although he states that he makes no pretenses about what he's offering or expecting from the women he sees and sleeps with.
  • Eddie, who's smoking, tells a woman, "Blow me," when she tells him that their TV studio is a smoke free building.
  • Ray cheats on his girlfriend of three years by starting to see Jane who also has both types of attitudes for dating & sleeping with him knowing that he has a longstanding girlfriend. Later, Ray then decides to dump Jane after she gives up her lease on her apartment to move in with him.
  • He then tries to get back with her, but then stands her up on New Years Eve.
  • None.
  • None.
  • Phrases: "Who the f*ck is this?" "Bullsh*t," "Don't sh*t on my broken heart," "Holy sh*t," "Who gives a sh*t," "Blow me," "Slut" (said about Eddie), "There's the cynical bitch I know and love" (not said in a demeaning way), "Jacking off" (masturbating), "Nuts" (crazy), "Piss," "Shut up" (said playfully), "What the hell is going on?" "Dumb asses," "Nads" (testicles), "Knock up" (get pregnant), "Idiot," "Don't be a jerk," "Moron," "Quack" and "Cop a feel" (sexual).
  • None.
  • None.
  • None.
  • At least 1 "f" word, 8 "s" words, 3 slang terms for sex ("banging" and "screwing"), 1 slang term using male genitals ("pr*ck"), 6 asses (2 used with "hole"), 3 hells, 2 craps, 1 S.O.B., 5 uses of "Oh my God," 4 of "God," 2 of "My God" and 1 use each of "Christ," "For God's sakes," and "So help me God" as exclamations.
  • In voice over narration, Jane explains how she came up with her "new cow" theory about men. She states that it was based on an article about the mating preferences of the male cow and we then a partial view of one cow mating with another (nothing graphic and their bodies aren't seen in full).
  • In more voice over narration, Jane states that Eddie could find the sex factor in just about any subject and he considers that as a gift. As she states this, he tells some woman that she left her earrings at his place.
  • Jane's brother-in-law complains to his wife (Jane's sister) that the injections he'll have to give her for fertility treatment are taking the romance out of the equation. The wife then responds that they "pretty much kissed romance good-bye when you started jacking off into a cup once a week." Moments later, we then hear her tell him that she'll look at the dirty magazines with him this time.
  • Jane and Ray make out in her place.
  • Liz tells Jane that she needs to give Ray the impression that she's getting sex somewhere else (in regards to how to attract him).
  • We see that Eddie has a hickey on his neck from an amorous encounter the previous night.
  • As Ray patiently waits for her, Jane goes into the bathroom, and retrieves her diaphragm from a box (blowing dust off it to suggest how long it's been since she last used it). She then comes out and the two start making out on her couch (he puts his hand on her clothed butt) in somewhat of a comically exaggerated style (she then tears open his shirt). As we then see a cutaway where Jane defines "ecstasy" as "a state of being beyond reason and self-control," we then see him shirtless and then her head dropping down off the edge of her bed (with her looking sweaty and satiated as we briefly hear some playful sexual sounds). It's thus implied that they had sex.
  • We then see the two of them walking down the sidewalk (clothed) and Ray complains that he can't feel his legs and wonders what they're doing. Jane replies that they're coming up for air and that she owes him a shirt (for tearing off his other one). After Eddie runs into them and Ray then sheepishly leaves, Jane admits that she's sleeping with Ray.
  • We see Ray and Jane in bed together kissing under the sheets and see part of the side of her bare breast when she's on the bottom and then again when she's on top of him (along with her bare back during the move).
  • We see some of Jane's cleavage as she bends over in a tank top.
  • Liz comments that it usually takes men a long time to say, "I love you" and that when they finally do say it "they're on top of you" and so it doesn't really count.
  • Liz wonders if Ray is sleeping with someone else once Jane's romance with him begins to cool off a bit. She then says that if he isn't sleeping with Jane, he isn't sleeping alone.
  • After moving into Eddie's spare bedroom, Jane opens his medicine cabinet to see many boxes of condoms.
  • We see many bras hanging behind the bar in a bar (although we never know the connotation/explanation behind that sight).
  • Jane says that at least she doesn't use casual sex to get by in the world (as she thinks that Eddie does). He then tells her not to underestimate casual sex, saying that it's very liberating.
  • Jane questions which kind of guy is worse, ones like Ray who blind women with charm and promises, or the Eddies of the world "who went right for your pants."
  • We see a young woman come out of Eddie's bathroom, wearing just one of his shirts and showing some cleavage and looking somewhat sweaty. When she goes back into his bedroom, we see a brief glimpse of his bare butt as he lies naked on his bed.
  • Liz and Jane talk about Jane's "new cow" theory and men stating that they're tired of "banging" the same woman every night.
  • While researching her "new cow" theory, Jane buys many magazines for research, including Playboy (we briefly see part of the cover that features a scantly clad woman).
  • Eddie read something out of Jane's research book about creatures that are hermaphrodites and "chew each other's penises off" (or something like that).
  • Thinking she's alone, Jane walks out in the kitchen wearing just a tank top and very skimpy, high cut panties. When Eddie walks out in his boxers, she holds a paper towel over her panties (and calls him a tomcat), but after a moment, she's out in front of him doing some old cheerleading moves from high school (jumping around in her tank top and panties). Eddie's date for the night then comes out of his bedroom and he returns there with her.
  • Jane mentions the male's biological urge to spread their seed, and then says that less than five percent of all male animals are monogamous with Liz adding something that sounded like it included the sexual use of the "f' word (although it may have been the word "plucking" or somthing similar). They then mention something about "copulatory imperative."
  • Seeing Eddie popping some nicotine gum, Jane asks if it's "party Viagra."
  • Liz comments to Jane about another woman's boyfriend (Ray) who was "screwing you."
  • Eddie and Jane end up falling asleep atop the same bed (nothing sexual occurred between them as far as we can tell and both are clothed). He wakes up first and then closes his eyes when she wakes up and then tries to get out of bed. Feigning being asleep, he throws his arm over her while she's doing this, with his hand resting on her clothed breast. He later mentions copping a feel.
  • Jane and Eddie make out on a city sidewalk.
  • Eddie smokes around 5 times, while Liz smokes a few times, Jane smokes once (and coughs while doing so) and some miscellaneous characters also smoke.
  • Jane gets a call that her sister is in the hospital after miscarrying (although we don't know how far along she was).
  • Jane's "new cow" theory about men and whether there's any validity to it (that after a man has a woman, he wants a new woman rather than the old one again).
  • That Jane started seeing Ray knowing that he already had a longstanding girlfriend, thus helping perpetuate her theory by stealing Ray away from that other woman and setting herself up for him then dumping her.
  • Jane's sister has a miscarriage.
  • Eddie accidentally knocks over a few people from their stances in a yoga class.

  • Reviewed March 14, 2001 / Posted March 30, 2001

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