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(2001) (Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker) (PG-13)

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Comedy/Action: A fleet-footed Chinese inspector and his fast-talking American detective friend join forces once again to track down those responsible for producing nearly undetectable counterfeit money.
James Carter (CHRIS TUCKER) is an LAPD detective who's on vacation in Hong Kong visiting his friend, Detective Inspector Lee (JACKIE CHAN), with whom he previously solved a kidnapping case and who's now too busy working to relax. That doesn't let up when a mysterious woman, Hu Li (ZHANG ZIYI), drops off a package - that turns out to be a bomb -- at the American embassy and it ends up killing two U.S. Customs agents.

They were working on a major counterfeiting ring that's been producing and distributing nearly undetectable "super bills" in one-hundred-dollar denominations. While the Hong Kong police believe that Chinese triad ruler Ricky Tan (JOHN LONE) is responsible, Secret Service special agent Sterling (HARRIS YULIN) thinks it's even bigger than him, and wants neither Lee nor Carter working on the case.

Lee ignores that, however, since Tan was his father's ex-partner who turned bad and murdered the cop. Soon he and Carter are on the case, applying their distinctive methods of investigation into solving it. When it appears that Hu Li has shot and killed Tan, however, Sterling orders Carter back to the States.

Carter convinces Lee to join him since he believes that Steven Reign (ALAN KING), a wealthy Los Angeles businessman, is somehow involved, and this leads to encounters with various people who may or may not be involved in the counterfeit ring. They include Isabella Molina (ROSELYN SANCHEZ), a woman who claims to be an agent working the case from the inside, as well as Kenny (DON CHEADLE), Carter's informant.

As Lee and Carter dig deeper and uncover more facts, they must contend with various attempts on their lives as they try to crack the case and nab all of the criminals.

If they enjoyed the first "Rush Hour," or are fans of Chan, Tucker or martial arts films, they just might.
For action violence, language and some sexual material.
  • JACKIE CHAN plays a Chinese inspector detective who uses his mastery of martial arts to defend himself from various attempts on his life while trying to solve the case. He briefly uses some profanity and briefly spies upon/ogles (with Tucker's character) a woman undressing in another building.
  • CHRIS TUCKER plays a flamboyant, smart-mouthed, and fast talking LAPD detective who uses some profanity and fights with various people while helping Lee solve the case. JOHN LONE plays the head of a Chinese Triad who's involved in a counterfeiting ring and has his men attempt to kill Lee and Carter.
  • ZHANG ZIYI plays a woman working with Tan who's proficient in martial arts and attempts to harm and/or kill Carter and Lee on various occasions (when not dropping off bombs at various locations that kill two people and cause lots of property damage).
  • ALAN KING plays a wealthy American businessman who's involved in criminal activity.
  • ROSELYN SANCHEZ plays a woman who claims to be an undercover agent trying to crack the counterfeiting ring. She briefly uses her sexuality to disarm Lee and Carter.
  • DON CHEADLE plays one of Carter's informants, a man involved in some criminal behavior.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this PG-13 rated action/adventure film. All sorts of martial arts fighting and action occurs throughout the film, with various characters punching, kicking and hitting others with their hands and feet or other various objects. Some lethal violence occurs in the form of some bombs being dropped off that later explode and kill a few people and cause property damage (nothing graphic from a bodily standpoint), as well as a person being stabbed to death (in a mostly non-graphic fashion).

    A woman appears to shoot a man dead with a handgun, but we later see him alive (thus suggesting the shooting was staged). Other non-injurious shooting also occurs and some of those scenes may be tense or suspenseful to some viewers, but most all of it's simply played for action and/or laughs (and may entice kids to attempt to imitate some of it). Various villains involved in that fighting/attempts on life and other criminal behavior obviously have extreme cases of bad attitudes.

    Profanity consists of several "s" words and various other expletives and colorful phrases. Some non-explicit, sexually related dialogue is present, while two male characters get all hot and bothered while watching a shapely woman partially undress in another building. Some other scantily clad women are also seen, while several men's bare butts are seen in nonsexual contexts and a minor character is portrayed as a flamboyant and effeminate gay man. Meanwhile, various characters drink and smoke.

    Should you still be concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may want to see it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what's present and occurs in it.

  • People have drinks in a club.
  • Lee tries to excuse Carter's brash behavior in a gangster bar by stating that he's drunk (he's not).
  • People have drinks on a yacht.
  • A person drinks on a plane (seen in the background of a shot).
  • Carter spots Reign carrying a drink.
  • Various people have drinks inside a casino.
  • Carter has a tiny bit of blood in the corner of his mouth after being hit.
  • Isabella has some blood on her arm from where a bullet struck or grazed her.
  • We see a tiny bit of blood around a knife sticking out of a person's body.
  • Those involved in the criminal activity - including Ricky Tan, Hu Li and Steven Reign -- have both types of attitudes.
  • Carter calls a miscellaneous Asian who drives by "Chan," and refers to Ricky Tan as a "midget." He also tells Lee that they (Asians) all look alike, which is why he accidentally punched him during a fight with many Asian men, and later tells Lee that he's "third world ugly."
  • We see that Carter's informant is running some sort of illegal betting parlor in the backroom of a Chinese restaurant.
  • A gay clothing clerk being presented as stereotypically effeminate may offend some viewers.
  • Although all of it's mostly played for action and laughs, some scenes listed under "Violence" could also be viewed by some viewers as being tense/suspenseful, such as a scene where Lee hangs from a bent bamboo pole high above the street (and Carter then inadvertently joins him there before they fall, but aren't hurt), etc.
  • Carter and Lee spot Hu Li dropping off a package to Isabella and - thinking it's another bomb - race over to stop her from opening it (and then try to figure out what to do with it before it explodes - but it never does as it's not a bomb).
  • Although played for action and laughs, some may find a scene where Hu Li tapes a small grenade into Lee's mouth and then tries to get to the detonator to kill him as tense/suspenseful.
  • The same holds true for a scene where Lee and Carter do a mildly controlled fall from a building and then try to avoid various large trucks that nearly hit and/or run over them.
  • Explosives: Used to blow up parts of various buildings, killing several people.
  • Handgun: Used by a woman to shoot a man, briefly aimed by Carter at an informant (who has a gun in his wall safe) and used by others to threaten various people (including firing some shots).
  • Machine guns: Aimed by various villains at Carter and Lee.
  • Knife: Thrown by Hu Li into an apple that Isabella has just put into her mouth, and used by Ricky to stab a person to death (but nothing graphic).
  • Small grenade: Put by Hu Li into Lee's mouth with the threat of detonating it.
  • Sword/spear: Grabbed from a statue by Hu Li and used against Carter.
  • Phrases: "I'm sick of your bullsh*t," "Rat sh*t," an incomplete "Mother..." "Bitch slap" (what someone will do to another person), "Oh, hell no," "Who the hell is that?" "I don't give a damn," "Why the hell...?" "Where the hell are we at now?" "Get your little punk ass up," "Better get the hell out of here," "Stay the hell far away," "What the hell /is going on here/are we doing in Vegas/is that?" "Just shut up," "Damn, you're fine," "7-1l" (what someone calls Carter due to his mouth never closing), "I'll slap the hell out of you," "I'll bitch slap you back to Africa" (what Lee tells Carter, who's black, after he insults Lee first), "Bitch," "Let's get the hell out of here," "Egg roll" (penis), "You're one crazy ass bitch" and "Shoot his ass."
  • All of the martial arts (and regular) fighting, as well as the many stunts, may be enticing to some kids to imitate.
  • While imitating Michael Jackson on stage, Carter does a bit of the singer's pelvic thrusting.
  • Hu Li throws a knife that impales an apple that Isabella has just put into her mouth.
  • None.
  • A moderate amount of suspenseful and dramatic music plays during the film.
  • A song at the end of the film uses the term "Good God" several times.
  • At least 6 "s" words, 1 slang term for male genitals ("egg roll"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*t"), 22 hells, 14 asses, 10 damns, 1 crap, 2 uses each of "G-damn" and "Good God" and 1 use each of "Oh my Lord" and "Lord Have Mercy" as exclamations.
  • Lee tells Carter that the spoken Chinese he used in an attempt to pick up some local women translated to him asking them to get naked and sacrifice a small goat. Carter then states that he wants some "mu shu," but after Lee mistakenly believes that he means he's hungry (for food), Carter corrects him and restates the word with great emphasis (in what's supposed to be taken as a sexual remark).
  • We see a woman in a bikini that's covered with some sort of fishnet material, while others show some cleavage.
  • While on the case, Lee and Carter visit a massage parlor where they see a bevy of beautiful and buxom women ready to service them. Some of them are revealingly clothed and/or show cleavage (one even adjusts her clothed breasts to appear more enticing) and Carter becomes all excited when he's told that he can pick any of them for his massage. The owner then tells him to follow the women he choses to the "quiet room," but he jokes that it won't be quite anymore.
  • During a fight sequence, we see a man's bare butt in the foreground of a shot (briefly interrupted by a frontal view of him where he holds something small in front of his crotch). Spotting this, Carter comments, "No wonder you're mad" (referring to the size of the man's genitals that we don't see).
  • We see a long shot of a car stopping on the freeway and dropping off Carter and Lee, both of whom are completely naked. We then see them running along with their hands covering their crotches and see several long distance views of their bare butts. Moments later, we see a closer view of them as they enter the police station holding various items that cover their fronts and rears.
  • Carter sounds like he makes some sort of allusion to Lee's genitals when asking him when he last went on a date.
  • Isabella shows cleavage and Carter spots her and then tries to pick her up. Accordingly, he tells her that he's not going to play games with her, and that he wants to do the merengue with her in the shower in five minutes. Nothing happens, however, as she calls his bluff about being the owner of the yacht they're on.
  • While staking out a place via binoculars, Lee spots Isabella in Reign's place. After he leaves, she starts to undress (all while Lee watches and acts like nothing is happening when relaying info to Carter). Thus, we see her in her bra that shows cleavage and Lee breathily states, "Slow down, baby." After Lee gets more hot and bothered, Carter takes a look and sees her removing her skirt to reveal her in her small black panties (that show part of her bare butt and which Carter identifies by memory from a lingerie catalogue).
  • Later, and after meeting the two of them, Isabella opens her robe and shows a great deal of cleavage in the above black bra. This causes Carter to say the word "t*tty" instead of "city" in a sentence.
  • During the outtakes, the actor playing a gay clothier (seen earlier in the film) ad-libs some lines and suggestively states that he could spank one of the male character's "little bottom" and that he could take both Lee and Carter home.
  • Reign smokes once, while a few miscellaneous characters are also seen smoking.
  • We're reminded that both Carter and Lee's fathers were killed in the line of duty several years ago.
  • All of the amazing stunts and fighting/action material that most kids probably shouldn't try to imitate.
  • The cultural differences & jokes on display.
  • Hu Li drops off a package that moments later explodes and destroys part of a building (we see the explosion from the outside and hear that two people were killed inside).
  • Lee chases various people up some bamboo-based scaffolding alongside a tall building. Part of the way up, he and others exchange martial arts-based punches and kicks and we then see several people falling from the scaffolding (but not being hurt by the fall). During this, he also kicks one person through a window of the building, but Hu Li knocks Lee and Carter (separately) out onto a bent bamboo pole that precariously hangs high above the street.
  • Carter grabs Ricky Tan's computer and throws it to the floor where it breaks.
  • Surrounded by Ricky Tan's men, Lee and Carter suddenly punch a few of them and then get into a big brawl with the rest. Many punches and kicks then follow, with Carter accidentally punching Lee during that and the two using a trashcan to hit various assailants.
  • Hu Li delivers another package to the police station and moments later a huge explosion rips through part of the building, knocking Lee to the floor.
  • Lee grabs a man and subdues him by putting a life preserver around his body/arms.
  • Hu Li shoots a man who falls off a boat into the surrounding water and is presumed dead (but he really isn't).
  • Lee then fights various people on a yacht (more punching and kicking). During this, Hu Li kicks Carter and then does so again.
  • Lee kicks open a door.
  • Carter pulls his gun on an informant who then has a brief martial arts exchange with Lee that ends with both of them having chokeholds on each other.
  • Various villains aim machine guns at Lee and Carter, and Hu Li then does the same with a handgun. She then hits Lee on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious, and backhands Carter who then gets a "karate" chop to the back of his neck that knocks him down.
  • Hu Li throws a knife that impales an apple that Isabella has just put into her mouth.
  • Lee and Carter hit two men as they come out of a truck and Lee then punches and kicks them and others (throwing two of them into a trash dumpster).
  • After being discovered snooping around, Lee knocks some guards aside, throws a big bag of change at others, and then uses various objects (doors, etc.) to hit others.
  • Hu Li kicks Lee in the face, tapes a small grenade into his mouth and then threatens to use the detonator to kill him.
  • Many people get into a fight while Lee still has that grenade in his mouth and his hands tied (behind his back and then in front). Meanwhile, Hu Li and Isabella also fight with punching and kicking and Lee then holds onto Hu Li so that she won't push the detonator.
  • Carter hits several people as Hu Li knocks Lee back through a window and to the casino floor.
  • Hu Li and Isabella fire shots at each other as they also struggle, with Hu Li eventually shooting and slightly injuring Isabella.
  • Hu Li detonates the grenade just as Lee spits it out, resulting in an explosion (but no one is harmed).
  • Hu Li throws a spear (from a statue) that nearly hits Carter. She then tries to hit him with other statue-based object (such as a sword) as he uses a roulette wheel to defend himself. Something eventually falls and hits Hu Li, knocking her out.
  • Ricky stabs a man to death with one jab (we don't see the actual penetration, but do later see the body with the knife sticking out).
  • Lee holds a gun to a villain's head before getting into a fight with him (with punches and kicks) after that man deflects the gun that fires and nearly hits Carter.
  • Lee kicks a man through a window of a high rise and that man then falls to his death (as he lands on top of a cab).
  • A person detonates a bomb just as Lee and Carter jump from a window. She's apparently killed as a huge explosion/fireball nearly hits the two men.
  • We see various people possibly being hurt during the outtakes that play at the end of the film (as stunts don't go right).

  • Reviewed July 25, 2001 / Posted August 3, 2001

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