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(2001) (Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith) (R)

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Comedy: After discovering that a movie is going to be made featuring their comic book counterparts, a verbose stoner and his mostly silent sidekick set out on a road trip across the country to stop the film from being made.
Usually content just to hang out near a Jersey convenience store, deal drugs and discuss any variety of issues, verbose and vulgar stoner, Jay (JASON MEWES), and his taciturn friend, Silent Bob (KEVIN SMITH), have a new beef. Upon visiting Brodie Bruce (JASON LEE), a local comic book maven, the two discover that their friends, Banky Edwards (also JASON LEE) and comic book artist Holden (BEN AFFLECK), have sold them out by selling the rights for a movie starring their comic book alter egos, Bluntman & Chronic.

After then learning that they're also being bad-mouthed on the Internet about supposedly selling out to Miramax who will produce the film, Jay and Silent Bob then decide they must stop the movie, lest their reputations be tarnished forever. Accordingly, they set out for Hollywood and in doing so, run into various interesting characters along the way.

Among them is a hitchhiker (GEORGE CARLIN) who shows the two a unique way to get rides, as well as a quartet of attractive young women -- Sissy (ELIZA DUSHKU), Chrissy (ALI LARTER), Missy (JENNIFER SCHWALBACH) and Justice (SHANNON ELIZABETH) - who want to use Jay and Silent Bob as their patsies for a diamond heist after their after fall guy, Brent (SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT), is jettisoned from both their van and plan.

That fiasco inevitably teams the two with an orangutan and sets them in the sights of Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly (WILL FERRELL) who will track them across the country to bring them to justice, especially after they're mistaken for being militant animal rights activists.

As the two eventually arrive in Hollywood and encounter both the famous - including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon - and others such as a security guard (DIEDRICH BADER) who joins in the pursuit of them, Jay and Silent Bob do what they can to find and stop the movie -- that's being directed by Chaka (CHRIS ROCK), an angry African-American filmmaker - before their lives are ruined forever.

If they're fans of the Jay and Silent Bob characters from several of writer/director Kevin Smith's previous films, those films, or anyone else in the picture, they just might want to see it.
For nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language, and drug content.
  • JASON MEWES plays a verbose stoner/pot dealer who uses a great deal of strong and vulgar profanity and sexual comments while railing about life and the movie that's being made about his and Silent Bob's comic book alter egos.
  • KEVIN SMITH plays his mostly taciturn friend who accompanies him on their cross-country journey.
  • BEN AFFLECK plays a number of characters, including himself, and uses strong profanity.
  • CHRIS ROCK plays the angry African-American director making the Miramax movie about Jay and Silent Bob. He uses strong profanity.
  • SHANNON ELIZABETH plays a sweet member of a quartet of female criminals who helps steal diamonds and falls for Jay.
  • ELIZA DUSHKU, ALI LARTER and JENNIFER SCHWALBACH play her criminal cohorts who set up Jay and Silent Bob as patsies for their diamond heist. Some of them smoke and/or use strong profanity.
  • WILL FERRELL plays a dimwitted but persistent Federal Wildlife Marshal who tracks down the two after mistakenly believing them to be militant animal rights activists.
  • JASON LEE plays both a comic book maven and a producer who's cashing in on Jay and Silent Bob's comic book alter ego characters without paying them.
  • GEORGE CARLIN plays a hitchhiker who teaches the guys how to use oral sex as an enticement for drivers to pick them up.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to nearly nonstop profanity that includes a minimum of 227 "f" words and scores of other expletives and colorful phrases. A great deal of sexually explicit dialogue is also present, while all sorts of sexually related material and jokes also occur (including, but not limited to, various bits about oral sex - some of it homosexual based; oral sex and humping gestures; visible erections; using female anatomy parts as acronyms for other things; and homosexual related jokes and material).

    Meanwhile, a man's bare rear end is seen in a nonsexual context (and another is seen on an Internet site), and several shapely women are seen in skintight, leather outfits. Several instances of crude humor are present, as are varying degrees of bad attitudes from various characters. Some of them smoke, drug related comments are made, and one fantasy scene has various characters smoking pot (the main characters are "stoners" who deal pot).

    Violence - all played for laughs - consists of a few shootouts (where a person is shot and apparently killed), hand-to-hand combat, people being pushed around or from vehicles, a van exploding, a three-way light saber duel and the protagonists beating up some kids (not realistically) for posting nasty comments about them on the Internet.

    If you're still concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may want to see it, you can always take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what's present in it.

  • Jay sings a song that includes lines about smoking joints (and other slang terms for pot), rolling joints, drinking beer, etc. and we hear that one of their comic book alter egos is named "Bluntman."
  • Jay and Silent Bob try to sell drugs in a parking lot.
  • We see marijuana smoke pouring out of a van on the road and then see Jay and Silent Bob smoking joints inside it (but all of that turns out to be just a fantasy).
  • One of the diamond robbers drinks champagne from the bottle.
  • Jay and Silent Bob meet some drug dealers in Hollywood and comments are made about crack, weed and getting high. They then pull out their union cards of being drug dealers and one of the dealers says that Miramax accounts for 75% of his business.
  • Jay inhales smoke from a light saber like device (from "Star Wars") that has "blunt" in its name.
  • We hear a farting sound from a man.
  • We see an Internet site called "PoopChute.com" (that shows a picture of a person's bare butt in its logo, but it's about information and not defecation).
  • We see a quick shot of one of the guys with a bag of something that's cut up (during talk of cutting out kidneys and selling them on the black market).
  • There's some talk between Chrissy and her friends about girls farting.
  • We see some bruises on a small angelic character over Jay's shoulder (suggesting that the devilish one over the other shoulder beat him up).
  • We hear a farting sound from an ape.
  • One of the female jewel robbers lets out a loud fart, setting off an alarm.
  • We see an imagined scene where a man's bloody brain is exposed and an ape is licking it.
  • We see Jay feeling his own butt in the background of a shot.
  • Matt Damon shoots a man with a prop gun while shooting a movie, knocking the man back against a wall (with some fake blood).
  • We hear the sounds of an orangutan beating up two actors (who we then see with some blood on their faces).
  • Some viewers may see much of the film as being in bad taste due to its vulgarity and sources of comedy.
  • Some parents leave their infants alone outside a convenience store while they go inside.
  • Jay refers to women as "bitches" and views them as sexual objects and has bad things to say about others.
  • Jay and Silent Bob learn that their former friend sold the rights to their comic book characters without their knowledge, permission or any compensation to them.
  • Justice and her companions plan to set up Jay and Silent Bob to take the fall for their criminal doings (which is mainly robbing a diamond exchange of its goods).
  • Jay repeatedly states, "F*ck the police."
  • A billboard reads "Moonraper" for the latest Ben Affleck movie.
  • Chaka has a bad/irritated attitude toward everyone and everything.
  • None.
  • Knife: Briefly pulled on Jay by Chrissy.
  • Tranquilizer gun: Seen in an animal research facility and later used to shoot someone.
  • Handguns: Used to threaten, fire at and accidentally kill someone.
  • Explosive: Used to blow up a van.
  • Prop gun/knife: Used during the shooting of a movie.
  • Light saber like prop: Used by characters to fight while making a movie.
  • Due to the rapid-fire delivery of dialogue, the following should be considered a minimum. "F*ck you," "You f*cking square," "F*cked up," "No f*cking way," "Why the f*ck /did you do a thing like that/are you with that little stoner?" "When the f*ck?" "F*cking dumb ass," "What the f*ck /is the Internet/are you waiting for/are you looking at/are you trying to say/is that?" "F*ck them up their stupid asses," "Who the f*ck /said that sh*t/are these guys/are you?" "What are you, f*cking retarded?" "You f*cking morons," "I'm so f*cking yours," "Sheep f*cker," "F*ck that fat f*ck," "F*ck off," "Little f*cks," "Holy f*ck," "Let's get the f*ck out of here," "You little monkey f*ck," "Are you f*cking crazy?" "Un-f*cking believable," "F*ck me," "You dumb f*ck," "Don't f*ck with the Jedi master," "Shut the f*ck up," "Little sh*t machine," "That sh*t was so gay," "Holy sh*t," "Sh*t yeah," "I can't believe this sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "I make that sh*t work," "Oh, sh*t," "Take a sh*t," "Sh*t no," "Piece of sh*t," "Sh*tload," "Your sh*t is so tired," "What the hell /are you saying/are you talking about?" "Burn boy," "Sucked ass," "Bitch(es)" (women and men), "Shut up," "Ain't that a bitch?" "Hell yeah," "Chuckleheads," "Bastards," "Chick" (woman), "Jerk offs," "D*ckheads," "That sucks balls," "Give head" (oral sex), "Stupid ass," "(This place) Licks balls" (testicles), "Ball lickers," "You bet your ass I would," "Sucks ass," "Fine piece of ass," "You're such a bitch" (woman to woman), "Shut up," "You are so gay," "Move your ass," "Who the hell are you?" "Damn you all to hell," "Pissed," "Queer" (gay), "See you in Hell," "Ball lickers," "Shove it," "Go to hell," "Piss him off," "Nigger" (how a black director refers to himself), "Cracker" (white person), "Bad ass" and "Balls" and "Nuts" (testicles).
  • Jay and Silent Bob learn from a veteran male hitchhiker (George Carlin) that the way to get a ride is to give the driver a little incentive to pick them up (and that turns out to be oral sex which we see that man then preparing to do on a male truck driver).
  • A person gives another person "the finger" and Jay does the same to Brent.
  • Jay makes the female oral sex gesture (licking his tongue between his spread fingers) and exhibits other comical sexually related behavior/gestures.
  • Jay repeatedly states, "F*ck the police."
  • We see Jay feeling his own butt in the background of a shot.
  • Jay shakes his butt around.
  • None.
  • A minor amount of such music (played for comical effect) occurs in the film.
  • Some of the film's songs have lyrics that can't be understood, thus offering the possibility of containing further, potentially objectionable material.
  • Jay sings a song that includes a great deal of profanity and lines about drugs and beer.
  • Another song has the lyric, "How many people want to kick some ass?" (said several times)
  • Another song had at least 1 use each of the "f" and "s" words.
  • Due to the rapid-fire delivery of dialogue, the following should be considered a minimum (and some of what occurs is also seen as written words). At least 227 "f" words (25 used with "mother," 12 used sexually as are the terms "laid" and "boning"), 75 "s" words, 19 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck," "c*ck" and "trouser snake"), 3 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 3 slang terms for breasts (variations of "t*t" and "jugs"), 34 asses (2 used with "hole"), 13 hells, 7 damns, 4 S.O.B.s, 4 uses of "Oh my God," 3 of "Jesus" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "My God" and "Oh God" as exclamations.
  • Some of the "f" words are heard coming from toddlers (a joke about where the main characters learned how to cuss).
  • Due to the rapid-fire delivery of dialogue, the following should be considered a minimum.
  • We see Jay's bare butt in a nonsexual scene.
  • We see an Internet site called "PoopChute.com" (that shows a picture of a person's bare butt in its logo).
  • Jay says something about "macking" some women and then some comment about someone saying "I'm gonna suck your guys' d*cks off."
  • There's some comment about a guy who "can't get laid."
  • A veteran male hitchhiker (George Carlin) tells Jay and Silent Bob that they're going about hitchhiking the wrong way and that they have to give the driver a little incentive to pick them up. He then shows a sign that he uses that reads, "I'll give head for a ride" and then makes a comment that to get across the country he'll take "a shot in the mouth." He then says that being gay or straight is all the same now, causing Jay to state that he and Silent Bob aren't gay. A truck driver then picks up this hitchhiker, undoes his pants (we can't see anything explicit due to the angle and door, but there's no doubt what he's doing), and we then see the hitchhiker open his mouth wide and move his head down to this man's crotch (again, nothing explicit is seen).
  • A nun then picks up Jay and Silent Bob and the former mistakes what the nun says for meaning she's expecting oral sex for the ride (although that's not her intention, such as saying, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"). Although he's not overly eager to do so, Jay then moves down toward the nun's crotch to perform oral sex on her (we don't see anything explicit) and the next thing we see is her car abruptly stopping and the two of them being thrown out onto the road.
  • A young woman mentions something about wishing there were sexy girls, causing Jay to make the female oral sex gesture (licking his tongue between his spread fingers).
  • We see some young women dancing around in their bras.
  • While on a tirade, Jay mentions something about, "You are the ball lickers" and then "You f*ck your mothers while you watch…"
  • A buxom woman walks in (in slow motion with hair blowing around) acting all sensuous and suggestively sucking on her finger. Jay then does the same thing while she then runs her hands across her clothed breasts. We then see that Jay is imaging all of that, and then see him doing the same with some exaggerated French kissing with her and running his hand up to her clothed breast. We then see him doing some pelvic thrusting and then see an obvious erection in his pants (causing Silent Bob to put a cup over it to hide it from view in real life). Later, and after spotting some shapely ladies, Jay states, "Dude, I think I just filled the cup."
  • After Jay meets Justice, we hear the rhyme, "Jay and Justice sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k, I-n-g." We then see Justice's friends in their skintight, leather outfits that accentuate their shapely bodies.
  • Jay mentions to Brent something about "fine ass p*ssy" and then asks him whether he "f*cks" sheep (and that if someone were another sheep, wouldn't he f*ck another one).
  • Jay mentions something about Silent Bob "busting his cherry" (losing his virginity) back in Jersey and then something about "trouser snakes" to Justice (who wonders what that is).
  • Jay has a moment where he sees the devilish and angelic representations over each of his shoulders giving him advice about how to proceed with Justice. The devilish one states that right about here is where the angel shows up and "tells you not to pull your d*ck out." It then tells him to pull it out and there are more uses of the word "d*ck," including the devilish one telling Jay not to pull it out until she asks, or is sleeping.
  • We see Jay humping some glass at a convenience store.
  • There's talk of the male and female perspectives of the clitoris. Jay then announces, "I am the master of the clit!" "No one rules the clit like me" and "I am the clit commander." He then states that when it comes down to business, "here's what I do" (and he goes on to show that). He does all of this on videotape that's later found by law enforcement officials who mistakenly believe "clit" to be an acronym of a criminal organization (Coalition for Liberation of Itinerate Tree-dwellers) and Jay to be its leader (thus we hear more of the above).
  • Jay asks if he can get a kiss for good luck from Justice and then if he can get a "blow job" for the same.
  • Justice and her comrades come out wearing skintight, leather outfits and the camera pans up their shapely bodies (as one even bends over and shows off her rear end). One of them also shows some cleavage and later adjusts her clothed breasts before running and doing some summersaults.
  • Jay makes some comment about him and Justice later shooting themselves with a tranquilizer so that they can "f*ck" like stoned test dummies (or something like that).
  • Specialists comment on the "CLIT" organization (listed above), with one man saying it's a tiny offshoot of the "LABIA" (another acronym for a nonsexual organization). They then go on to say that one doesn't want to put this kind of pressure on the CLIT and that in a typical situation one doesn't want to rub the CLIT the wrong way and then there's talk of stimulation of it (not being recommended).
  • Justice shows cleavage.
  • One of the women mentions something about "boning" and one then says something about going for a quick Sicilian (a double entendre for food and a man).
  • To get away from the police, Jay and Silent Bob act like they're a gay couple and that an orangutan with them is their child. Willenholly then refers to them as a "butt f*cking Brady Bunch." Jay then tries to show that he's not "all the way gay" by saying he "knocked up" some woman he "f*cks on the side." Someone then says something about him being one hundred percent gay and that "he loves the c*ck."
  • A comment is made about being taken back to the station house where someone will "corn hole us."
  • Jay makes some comment about the woman he loves and something about "stuck my hand down her pants."
  • A comment is made about "ball lickers" and "f*ck your mother."
  • We see Jay come up from a woman's lap and wipe off his mouth (thus implying oral sex).
  • Jay and Silent Bob make a fake deal with a security guard where Silent Bob will perform oral sex on Jay while the guard watches. Silent Bob then reluctantly moves into place (no nudity) with Jay saying, "What the f*ck are you waiting for, bitch, start sucking." Jay then hits the guard over the head and then comments about taking a shot in the mouth and then adds, "You were really going to suck my d*ck." Silent Bob shakes his head "no" to Jay, but then turns to the camera and nods "yes."
  • After crashing and landing on the ground, Silent Bob lands in Jay's clothed crotch, causing the latter to say, "I f*cking knew it" (a homosexual reference).
  • Spotting actor Jason Biggs, Jay asks him, "Aren't you the guy who f*cked the pie?" (a reference to "American Pie"). Biggs then complains about being remembered for that scene and someone else reminds him, "You put your d*ck in a pie." Jay then asks, "Did you really get to third base with that Russian chick like in the movie?" Biggs says he didn't and so Jay then says if he were him "I would have been..." (and he then acts like he's making it with that girl - moving his hips, etc.). He then makes an oral sex gesture but then realizes it's the wrong thing (licking his finger to stimulate a woman). Later, Biggs says, "Look at me, I'm the pie f*cker," causing a security guard to say that in prison he'll be the pie.
  • A security guard makes an oral sex gesture.
  • Chaka says he'll go to his trailer where there are more white girls than on the first lifeboat on the Titanic.
  • A person says that the CLIT (see above) is real and that it's the female orgasm that's the myth.
  • Justice tells Jay that she loves him, causing him to ask if that means she's going to "f*ck" him. She replies, "Of course."
  • Two of the women get into the equivalent of a catfight with one tearing open the other's shirt, causing Jay to comment on the "f*cking t*tties" flopping around.
  • Jay asks Justice if they'll "f*ck" when she gets out of prison.
  • Jay, Silent Bob and Sissy smoke around 5 times each, while various other characters also smoke.
  • None.
  • The language and vulgarity that's used as a source for comedy in this film.
  • How movies are made in Hollywood.
  • Animals used for medical research (there's a brief bit about that).
  • All of the following is played for laughs and very little realism.
  • Jay grabs a young man and pushes him back against a wall.
  • Some cops push Jay and Silent Bob against a wall.
  • We see Jay and Silent Bob being thrown from a momentarily stopped car.
  • Chrissy briefly pulls a knife on Jay.
  • We see Brent being tossed out of a van.
  • We see some bruises on a small angelic character over Jay's shoulder (suggesting that the devilish one over the other shoulder beat him up).
  • One of the girls slaps Justice on the back of her head.
  • Jay and Silent Bob fire a Batman like hook device that crashes through a window.
  • Jay breaks some glass to get a tranquilizer gun.
  • One of the female diamond robbers breaks some glass to steal the stones.
  • A van explodes, knocking down Jay and Silent Bob.
  • Jay goes to attack an orangutan they've rescued (after imaging a "Planet of the Apes" scenario), but trips over a rock.
  • The police open fire on Jay and Silent Bob with handguns and shotguns as they flee.
  • A security guard knocks down a person while chasing Jay and Silent Bob who then run face-first into a wall (that's painted like a street).
  • Matt Damon shoots a man with a prop gun while shooting a movie, knocking the man back against a wall (with some fake blood).
  • An actress hits an attacker over the head with a lamp in the shooting of a film (after he came at her with a knife).
  • The guys crash through some glass.
  • We hear the sounds of an orangutan beating up two actors (who we then see with some blood on their faces).
  • While shooting a movie, an actor with an oversized hand hits Jay in the gut or crotch.
  • Silent Bob and another actor battle with light sabers while shooting a scene from a movie (reminiscent of scenes from "Star Wars"). During this, the other actor kicks Silent Bob backwards and Jay then shows up with a dual-edged light saber and he and the actor battle.
  • Willenholly fires a shot that hits a costumed character and evidently kills him (all played for laughs).
  • Three of the jewel thieves hold guns on others and a gun battle then breaks out after a gun is kicked away.
  • Two of the women get into a fight with punches and kicks being thrown.
  • More shots are fired between some of the women and Willenholly.
  • Justice kicks one of the women who then lands on the others and they're all knocked unconscious, while Willenholly is shot in the rear end with a tranquilizer gun.
  • Jay and Silent Bob go to various homes of people who wrote bad things about them on the Internet and proceed to beat and kick them one by one (we see several views of them - all played for laughs and not realistically portrayed -- beating up young boys, such as grabbing one and pulling him over a counter and then hitting a priest and stomping down on him, etc.).

  • Reviewed August 20, 2001 / Posted August 24, 2001

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