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(2001) (Ben Foster, Kirsten Dunst) (PG-13)

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Comedy: After his girlfriend dumps him, a high school student's friends try to help him forget about her, not knowing that he's going to fall for one of their sisters.
Berke (BEN FOSTER) and Allison (MELISSA SAGEMILLER) were high school sweethearts until she realized the romantic sparks between them were gone and then decided to break up with him. He thought their love would last forever, is naturally devastated by this development, and can't accept being dumped, especially when he sees Allison moving on with her life and getting friendly with Striker (SHANE WEST), the handsome new student at their school who also just so happens to be a member of a popular boy band.

Berke's best friends, Felix (COLIN HANKS) and Dennis (SISQ), decide he needs to get over Allison and get on with his life, as do his parents Beverly (SWOOSIE KURTZ) and Frank (ED BEGLEY, JR.) who host a relationship TV talk show. Yet, Berke has decided he's not going to give up so easily and hopes to win Allison back.

He gets his chance when he learns that she and Striker are going to try out for the school's spring play, "A Midsummer Night's Rockin' Eve," a musical adaptation of one of Shakespeare's plays staged by Dr. Desmond Forrest-Oates (MARTIN SHORT), the school's pretentious and occasionally condescending drama teacher. Although he's not much of an actor or singer, Berke tries out for the play, receiving some coaching from Felix's sister, Kelly (KIRSTEN DUNST), an aspiring singer/songwriter who's also hoping to nab a part in the musical.

As Kelly helps Berke, and his friends try anything to get him over Allison, the student tries to juggle the demands of the play, being on the basketball team, and starting to fall for Kelly, all while dealing with Striker who obviously has it out for him.

Since it's aimed squarely at the teenage set, some of them will probably want to see it, especially if they're fans of someone in the cast.
For some crude/sexual humor, teen drinking and language. Previously rated (R).
  • BEN FOSTER plays a high school student who's dumped by his girlfriend, briefly gets drunk in response, and then refuses to accept her decision. He eventually falls, however, for Kelly. He also uses some profanity.
  • KIRSTEN DUNST plays the younger sister to one of his friends who befriends and eventually falls for Berke while trying to help him out. She also uses some profanity.
  • MELISSA SAGEMILLER plays Berke's former girlfriend who dumps him and then starts seeing Striker.
  • COLIN HANKS plays one of Berke's friends who tries various things to help Berke get over the breakup - including taking him to a strip club and throwing a huge party at his house - and uses some profanity.
  • SISQ plays their other friend who also tries to get Berke over Allison.
  • SHANE WEST plays the boy-band singer who starts dating Allison and has it out for Berke, and then cheats on Allison.
  • MARTIN SHORT plays the pretentious and occasionally condescending drama teacher who looks down on many of the students while trying to stage a musical version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." He also uses some profanity.


    Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit?
    Then read OUR TAKE of this film.

    (Note: The "Our Take" review of this title examines the film's artistic merits and does not take into account any of the possibly objectionable material listed below).

    The following is a summary of the content found in this PG-13 rated comedy. Various forms and instances of sexual material and humor are present throughout the film, including sexually related dialogue, views of high school students making out, husband and wife TV talk show hosts simulating a sexual position while clothed, and views of various high school students and strippers in revealing bikinis and other such attire. A young man's bare butt is briefly seen in a nonsexual scene, while a running gag has a "hormonally imbalanced" dog humping various objects.

    Profanity consists of various expletives (including at least 16 "s" words), while numerous colorful phrases are also uttered and a few songs have non-explicit, sexually related lyrics. Various high school students (and others) drink in several scenes, with the protagonist being drunk in one and another miscellaneous character vomiting into a punch bowl. Some other crude humor consists of a character nearly falling face first into a fresh pile of horse manure and then being urinated upon by that horse.

    Violence - mostly played for laughs - consists of a person being shot in the arm with a crossbow, a small explosion that knocks someone off a stage, some punching and other hitting, and various instances of people accidentally being hurt (including a dune buggy hitting a young woman and flipping her through the air). Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes and some very brief smoking also occurs.

    If you're still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for anyone in your home, you may want to take a closer look at our detailed content listings for more specific examples of what occurs and is present in the film.

    For those concerned with the repetitive flashing of bright lights, some full strobe-like moments of that occur in a club scene set early in the film.

  • Berke drinks from a brown paper bag (what's presumably liquor) and later acts drunk while trying to serenade Allison.
  • People drink in a strip club.
  • Many high school students drink at a party (and one vomits in the punch bowl).
  • As the intermission of the big play begins, Berke's mother states that she could use a drink.
  • Forrest-Oates drinks from a flask.
  • The two stagehands drink.
  • Berke has a tiny bit of blood on his nose and just below it after a basketball accidentally hits him in the face.
  • We hear some farting sounds from some high school students.
  • In an imagined scene, Berke nearly falls face-first into a pile of fresh horse manure. We then hear some farting sounds from the horse and then see copious amounts of its urine landing on Berke's face.
  • We see a tiny bit of blood around a crossbow arrow that's sticking out of Berke's arm.
  • A drunken student vomits in a punch bowl (we see and hear this) and other students later drink from that bowl not knowing what had earlier happened (although they comment on the beverage tasting funky and being chunky).
  • Berke reports to his parents that some girl just "took a dump" in their pool (not seen).
  • Striker has a bad attitude toward Berke, and despite seeing Allison, he tries putting the moves on Kelly and is later seen making out with her friend.
  • Some might see Berke as having such attitudes for not accepting Allison's decision that she wanted to break up with him.
  • Felix throws a large party at Berke's house (while his parents are away and without asking them or Berke if it's okay).
  • Striker bribes some stagehands to set off some sort of small explosive in hopes of harming Berke.
  • Forrest-Oates has a pretentious and occasionally condescending attitude toward some of the students.
  • None.
  • Machine guns: Seen in a music video featuring Striker and his band.
  • Swords: Used in an imagined scene between Berke and Striker (as in a sword fight).
  • Handguns: Held by some cops as they raid a strip club.
  • Nunchukas: Pulled out and flipped around by Striker (and accidentally let go, hitting someone and causing another person to drop a third person on a rope, injuring them).
  • Crossbow: Aimed by Kelly at Berke thinking it's just a prop, but she accidentally shoots him in the arm with it.
  • Small explosive: Used to blow a cast member off the stage.
  • Phrases: "You've gotta be sh*tting me," "Holy sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "Bad sh*t," "Burned the sh*t out of his face," "Boy, was I a dumb ass," "Candy ass," "Making you her bitch," "I've taken pisses longer than your last three relationships," "Your aim sucks," "That's gotta suck," "Turd," "You're screwed," "Backstreet Bitch" (referring to a man), "Screwed" (nonsexual), "Screw" (sexual), "You've got fairy dust coming out of your ass," "Suckers," "Time to kick some ass," "Chick" (woman), "Take a crap," "Pissed," "Polish the rocket" (masturbate), "Ass kissing," "Twit," "Sucks," "Idiot," "Wank," "What the hell is going on?" "Go to Hell," "Screw you," "What the hell has gotten into you?" "Screwed up," "D*ckweed" and "Balls" (testicles).
  • Dennis has dyed white hair and a stud in his ear.
  • Allison wears a midriff-barring top.
  • Berke gives "the finger" to Forrest-Oates behind his back.
  • None.
  • A bit of comically dramatic music plays in a few scenes.
  • In a song, there's a lyric that states, "Who will be turning you on? I will. I will. I will."
  • We hear several passages from Elvis Costello's "Alison" that goes, "You let that little friend of mine, take off your party dress."
  • At least 16 "s" words, 2 slang terms for/using male genitals ("d*ck" and "package"), 2 slang terms for breasts ("t*t" and "rack"), 1 slang term for sex ("screw"), 13 asses (3 used with "hole"), 4 hells, 1 crap, 6 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "For Christ's sakes," "For God's sakes," "God," "Oh God," "Oh my dear God" and "Jesus, mother of God" as exclamations.
  • In voice over narration, Berke states that Allison was the first girl to see him naked, but granted that was when they were seven-years-old. He then goes to state that she's the first girl he played doctor with, and then mentions something about a girl who saw "your package and didn't run away screaming."
  • We see various instances of Berke and Allison making out (at high school age) and hear him say (in more narration) that the coolest part is that they still play doctor.
  • We see Berke's talk show parents doing a relationship demonstration on their show (talking about "pleasure for both partners") where the mother is atop the father in a sexual position (with some simulated movement, but no apparent such contact and both are clothed). The father then says that Coolio (a guest) knows what they're talking about and asks if he wants to take the mother "for a spin."
  • The parents then ask Berke what the problem is between him and Allison, and after naming a few things, they both say "sex."
  • Kelley jokes with a girlfriend at a club that there's some guy there who will pierce their nipples for free.
  • There's talk that Striker is known as the "love scud."
  • We see Kelly and a friend of hers in some rather skimpy bikinis that show cleavage and part of the friend's bare butt in her high-cut bottom. We also see some other young women in bikinis.
  • As we see a small dog going through the motion of humping the base of a potted tree (but we don't see the actual contact), Felix tells Berke that he's watching the dog "screw the rubber tree" (stating that the dog has a hormonal balance).
  • We see a young woman running in slow motion wearing a bikini top (that shows cleavage and her breasts slowly bouncing up and down) as Felix mentions her "rack" as we then see her in a very tight-fitting top. During this flashback and back to her original clothing, her bikini top falls off and we briefly see her standing there holding her hands over her bare breasts. She later shows a lot of cleavage while out on a date with Berke and some boy mentions seeing her "t*ts" during a quickly cut sequence of events where her top apparently came off (so fast that we didn't see anything, but it's possible a momentary flash of such related footage is there).
  • We see the above dog humping a basketball.
  • We (and others in the film) briefly see a male member of the stage crew holding one of the prop swords at his crotch and doing some pelvic thrusting with it.
  • Berke rips off his sweat pants to go out onto the basketball court, but we then see his bare butt (along with his jock strap straps) as he either forgot to put on his shorts or tore them off while taking off the pants.
  • Felix asks Berke how he feels about half-naked women as he and Dennis take Berke to a strip club to cheer him up. We then see various scantily clad strippers (who show cleavage as well as most of their bare butts in their thong/g-string bottoms) who take Berke up to the stage and dance and parade around him. One woman (played by Carmen Electra) then comes out in a dominatrix outfit (that shows part of her bare butt) and we see that Berke is attached to a harness on his back that lifts him off the stage. Nothing else happens, however, as the police raid the joint and everyone flees.
  • Berke's parents then drive him home and state that they're surprised by him (not in a mad way, but in a proud one that he's out getting on with his life). His mother then states that sexual curiosity is perfectly natural and his father then chimes in that they just didn't know he was so kinky. After his dad mentions something about getting some frozen yogurt, Berke's mother states that maybe he wants to go home and "polish the rocket" (masturbate). Burke, shocked at their behavior, states that the yogurt is fine.
  • When Kelly apologizes for being late to meet Berke, he says that it's no problem, as he was just getting lucky (referring to the above dog humping his leg, which we see).
  • We see a young woman at a party in a bikini.
  • We see Striker making out with Kelly's friend up against a wall at a party (her leg was up alongside his body, but both are clothed). This is after he was coming on to Kelly and suggestively telling her that she could take him upstairs and "edify" him.
  • Kelly jokes that she's going to tell her parents where Felix keeps his porn.
  • Kelly and Berke briefly kiss.
  • After Berke's parents discover an unannounced party at their house, his mother pulls out a packet of condoms for him.
  • In a dream/fantasy, Allison tells Berke that he was her first (presumably referring to sex of some sort).
  • On a clip from Berke's parents' show, we hear something about a blow-up doll.
  • Dennis makes out with Kelly's friend, while another woman suggestively sucks on Felix's finger when he tells her he'll be right back.
  • A woman shows cleavage in her revealing, bikini-like attire during the closing credits.
  • Forrest-Oates smokes once, while a stagehand also smokes.
  • None.
  • Berke's refusal to accept the fact that Allison didn't want to date him anymore.
  • The teens in the film drinking and going to a strip club.
  • Shakespeare's original version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
  • Berke drunkenly falls from a roof where he was trying to serenade Allison (we hear, but don't see the impact below).
  • A basketball accidentally hits Berke in the face when he's not looking and knocks him to the floor.
  • In an imagined scene, Berke and Striker briefly get into a sword fight. Berke then tries punching Striker who proceeds to punch Berke many times in the face and gut before throwing him to the ground.
  • In what's presumably a flashback that's played for laughs, we briefly see a dune buggy striking a woman on the beach and throwing her up into the air. Later, we see this woman accidentally catch someone on fire in shop/auto class with her blowtorch.
  • Berke then goes on a date with that woman where she accidentally hits a man in a wheelchair on the head, sending him flying into several people that then sets into a motion a series of events that eventually lead to the restaurant catching on fire.
  • Striker purposefully hits Berke on the head as he passes by during a rehearsal for the play, and Berke then apparently knocks Striker to the floor.
  • Striker pulls out some nunchukas and flips and spins them around, accidentally letting them go (they hit another person - who we later see holding an ice pack to her clothed crotch -- and cause another person to fall to the floor and be injured).
  • Kelly aims a crossbow at Berke, thinking it's a prop, but it accidentally fires, with the arrow hitting and then being lodged in his arm (we don't see the impact, but do later see the arrow sticking out of his arm).
  • Felix punches Berke for kissing his sister.
  • During a musical number, Berke backhands Striker in the face.
  • A rigged explosion knocks Striker off the stage and into the orchestra, thus sending a woman flying through the air (but she lands safely in Felix's arms).

  • Reviewed March 9, 2001 / Posted March 10, 2001

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